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Welcome to Empress Michiko's Birthday Celebration Page
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Happy 85th Birthday Empress Michiko @ Wrexham - Shannon (7 months ago)
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Royal Ladies
Happy 85th Birthday Empress Michiko! - Royal Ladies (7 months ago)
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Jan Gaj
Happy Birthday Empress Michiko - Jan Gaj (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday To Ex -Empress Michiko on October 20. - Mas (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Empress Michiko Of Japan - McChaz_{[D.A]} (1 year ago)
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Kenji 近澤
Thanks for the greetings! Happy birthday to your son! And Empress Michiko s is the same! - Kenji 近澤 (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Empress Michiko of Japan via - Elma (1 year ago)
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H.S.H. Archduke
Wishing Her Imperial Majesty Empress Michiko of Japan a very happy 84th birthday. She is the wife of Emperor Akihit - H.S.H. Archduke (1 year ago)
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UK music and Japan trivia?! : Gary Jarman, Ryan Jarman, Nick J.D. Hodgson, and Her Imperial Majesty Empress Michiko - mÅch↑ (1 year ago)
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JenSen Yermi
Happy birthday, Your Majesty.. - JenSen Yermi (1 year ago)
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Happy 84th Birthday To Her Majesty! - keiko (1 year ago)
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Surrender Saturday
Happy 83rd Birthday to Empress Michiko of the Royal Imperial House of Japan wife & consort of Emperor Akihito, the Current Monarch of Japan. - Surrender Saturday (2 years ago)
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Uli Schaefer
Happy 83rd birthday to Empress Michiko of Japan!(20.10.1934) - Uli Schaefer (2 years ago)
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Happy 83rd birthday H.M Michiko Sh da ( ,May God bless you with good health,love and longevity - BaliPromotionCenter (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday to Empress Michiko! - HAMADA (2 years ago)
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Coryne Hall
Happy Birthday to the Empress Michiko of Japan, who is 83 today. - Coryne Hall (2 years ago)
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Mr.tsuo Servant
Happy birthday Empress Michiko! real Queen of Japan. - Mr.tsuo Servant (2 years ago)
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Royal Highness
Happy Birthday Empress Michiko of Japan! - Royal Highness (2 years ago)
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yoshitada okada
HIM Empress Michiko turns 83, says Award to meaningful Hap - yoshitada okada (2 years ago)
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The Royal Watcher
Happy 83rd Birthday to Empress Michiko of Japan! - The Royal Watcher (2 years ago)
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Unofficial Royalty
Happy 83rd birthday to Empress Michiko of Japan! - Unofficial Royalty (2 years ago)

85 years old (Born on October 20, 1934)

Born into a family of Japanese academics, she joined the Japanese Imperial Family upon her 1959 marriage to Crown Prince Akihito. Upon the death of his father, Akihito became Emperor of Japan and Michiko received the title of Empress Consort.

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Happy Birthday Empress Michiko of Japan!
Happy 85th Birthday Empress Michiko!
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