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ha your funny how bout no i will do it later
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Kayla Ferrie
happy Birthday!!!! - Kayla Ferrie (1 day ago)
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Sheila Leverenz
Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great Birthday Weekend!! - Sheila Leverenz (1 day ago)
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Mark Tribue
Happy Birthday Fergie - Mark Tribue (1 day ago)
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Brooke Mason
Happy birthday to you you were the first woman who was famous that I ever looked up to and who was an idol - Brooke Mason (1 day ago)
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yellow peril
happy bday to u n fergilicious - yellow peril (1 day ago)
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Happy bday I m happy we share a bday love u - iv (1 day ago)
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Happy Birthday - Chapel2009 (1 day ago)
birthday balloon

- Delo033 (1 day ago)
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Sebastián Reyes
Happy birthday my queen - Sebastián Reyes (1 day ago)
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Jose Luis Silvestre
Happy birthday princess - Jose Luis Silvestre (1 day ago)
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Shavoree Buffington
Happy Birthday - Shavoree Buffington (1 day ago)
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J Reysoul
Happy happy Birthday @ Los Angeles, California - J Reysoul (1 day ago)
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Valdemar Barajas
happy bday to my one and only dutchess! I love u so much! Thanks for yr music and for give us ur heart in e - Valdemar Barajas (1 day ago)
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PRE-ORDER CHROMATICA!♥・ 。 ☆∴。* ・゚*。★・
Happy birthday Fergie Ferg! When are you gonna go on tour? - PRE-ORDER CHROMATICA!♥・ 。 ☆∴。* ・゚*。★・ (1 day ago)
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Cardi B México - Fan Account
Happy birthday to one of my favorite artists of all time I love you so much, Fergie, thanks for being par - Cardi B México - Fan Account (1 day ago)
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Allie (#1 Bigger Stan)
Happy birthday queen! - Allie (#1 Bigger Stan) (1 day ago)
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mo bounce, bounce, bounce
Happy birthday - mo bounce, bounce, bounce (1 day ago)
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Sal the 4th
Happy birthday moms !!! - Sal the 4th (1 day ago)
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Venus Johnson
Happy birthday fergie.. Yaaas - Venus Johnson (1 day ago)
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Happy birthday to the baddie - Diana (1 day ago)
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Also, happy birthday to the GOAT - Codyop (1 day ago)
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Ban Ban
Happy birthday Queen I miss you so much, still got Double Dutchess on repeat, TE AMO - Ban Ban (1 day ago)
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Cleiton Portilla ⊗
Happy Birthday - Cleiton Portilla ⊗ (1 day ago)
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Bushido Evil Ninja
Happy Birthday - Bushido Evil Ninja (1 day ago)
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Happy bday, queen! Love u and miss u - alanvito (1 day ago)
birthday balloon

Juana Peterson
Happy birthday - Juana Peterson (1 day ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday ! - Yumi (1 day ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday! Stacy Ann Ferguson Mar27,1975 Age45 Instruments: Vocal Fergie Professional career 1995 Wild Or - jan_bakkarman (1 day ago)
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stephen hosmer
happy birthday hope you have a fabulous birthday today fergie - stephen hosmer (1 day ago)
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Steve Cocozza
Happy Birthday!!! - Steve Cocozza (1 day ago)
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Happy birthday to a fellow Aries babe my girl I hope you have the best day ever with Axl Jack. - ♡OliviaNotBenson (1 day ago)
birthday balloon

James Michael McKay
Happy Birthday stay safe Miss Fergie! - James Michael McKay (1 day ago)
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Chad Crum
Happy Birthday!! - Chad Crum (1 day ago)
birthday balloon

Bob Walker
Have a very very happy birthday!!! - Bob Walker (1 day ago)
birthday balloon

dewayne burf
Happy birthday - dewayne burf (1 day ago)
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Yo Girl Fergie
\"Pose for the camera, daddy, I\'m vogueing\" Happy birthday to her singer and model in her spare time, our girl - Yo Girl Fergie (1 day ago)
birthday balloon

Kayleigh Woltring
Happy Birthday!!! - Kayleigh Woltring (1 day ago)
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Felipe Gomes
Parece que todo mundo tem uma foto com ela, menos eu. Happy Birthday - Felipe Gomes (1 day ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday!! Love you - marc.santtos (1 day ago)
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Dylan of Finland
Happy Birthday lets hang again soon - Dylan of Finland (1 day ago)
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Eric Peyton
Happy Birthday Lady, have a Fergilicious day, xx. - Eric Peyton (1 day ago)
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Happy birthday Queen - betin1 (1 day ago)
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Happy birthday - Cassandra (1 day ago)
birthday balloon

Happy bday to you Please stay healthy love you - Léo (1 day ago)
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irving billy
Wishing you a very happy birthday - irving billy (1 day ago)
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Amo a Sil Escudero
Happy Birthday! I love you very much! I follow you forever! My name is Brenda, I\'m from Buenos Aires, - Amo a Sil Escudero (1 day ago)
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Happy birthday - Bernaola (1 day ago)
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happy birthday my dear, hope you re enjoying your day and I hope you know your fans can t wait for more music, love u - mateus (1 day ago)
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kim wilz
Happy birthday young lady - kim wilz (1 day ago)
birthday balloon

Patrick Sheridan
Happy birthday - Patrick Sheridan (1 day ago)

45 years old (Born on March 27, 1975)

American singer; She is famous from Black Eyed Peas.

Fergie's Best Moments

Happy Birthday to The Duchess. Wish our sister a good one!
Happy birthday to my sister a
Watch Josh Duhamel and son Axl sing Fergie happy birthday in an adorable video
Love you madly,
JD, Axl and Company
Happy birthday  We\re going to watch \"Fergalicious\" on loop to celebrate.
I love you so much thank you for being my bestest priend ever
Happy birthday to the forever sister
We hope your birthday is as Glamorous as you, Happy birthday! Via
Happy Birthday to my husband, the light of my life!
Here s wishing a very happy birthday! Tune in at 1 PM for
Happy Birthday to our head grounds keeper, Don \"Fergie\" Ferguson!
Happy Birthday to  and
Happy Birthday  lets hang again soon
Happy birthday to the queen  We want to be like you when we grow up!
Happy birthday,
  singing \"Happy Birthday\" to Paris Jackson
Happy Birthday      ¿Ya felicitaste a la intérprete de M.I.L.F. $?
Happy birthday  We hope your day is as fergalicious as you are!
Happy Birthday little sis     Sending you love from Tennessee
Happy Birthday to
Happy birthday
Happy birthday fergie, love you an awfy lot xoxo
Happy birthday to one of our favorite mexicanas, Enjoy your special day.
Happy birthday
Have a happy and an amazing birthday, lover    love ya!
 Happy Happy Birthday Moses with love from 13 yr old Fergie
Happy birthday Fergie mate x
Happy birthday Have a great day
Happy birthday Miss jammin to Fergie and riding with you, it\s been WAAYY too long
Happy birthday to the nicest young man to come out of chatham kent since fergie jenkins
 Maybe Fergie will drop by to sing him happy birthday
Happy Birthday to former member of Fergie.  Live Long and Prosper.....
Happy Birthday
Here s a great throwback! Happy birthday to I miss you! Catch up soon!
I know it\s not you birthday anymore but happy birthday young ferg
Happy birthday, with , !
Yang ini juga si Fergie Atthariq bntr lagi pala 2, happy 19th birthday bro
Happy 45th birthday to Fergie
Make sure to tell Fergie Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Fergie
Fergie had the best surprise for birthday girl Paris Jackson
Happy birthday to my girl fergie!!! you re  one of the best people ever, love you bunches sista
 Happy Birthday!    Brazil misses you
SAUDADES  Happy bday I miss you every single day!! I love you forever and ever
Happy birthday to the G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S
Happy Birthday to my favorite singer who is alawys kiling it on stage ! Love you
Wooooh it just got all kinds of hot in here!!! Happy birthday to the FABULOUS
Happy Birthday  &
Happy birthday
Happy birthday bruh
Happy Birthday Fergie Ferg!
Wishing a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our         x
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy bday fergie love ya brothaa
Happy Birthday fergie hope the day treats you well lad sir man
Happy happy happy birthday fergie thanks for always making me laugh Ilysm    manaelson112
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BREN!!!!   don\t wreck fergie
Happy birthday to my bep bro
Happy Birthday you are my queen.
Happy birthday
 Happy birthday, gurl!             My present to you is that I won\t ask about      Lol
Happy Birthday Girls!
Happy Birthday we love u! Thanks for supporting
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday fergie!! love you sm
 happy birthday fergie!! Have a fabulous day
F to the E, R, G the I the E! Happy Birthday Fergie Ferg!!    Love, 
The one who feeds you.
Happy birthday fergie!!
 happy bday nae  so glad we re better singers than fergie, thanks for making bvp fun
Happy Birthday  Who can name the first NOW album Fergie featured on?
Happy Birthday to our girl
Happy Bday Honey!    Have an unforgettable day! Miss you!
Happy Birthday Babe!!
Happy Birthday to The Dutchess herself,
Happy birthday, Fergie!
Happy birthday to my queen thanks for being my inspiration  I love you
Happy birthday,
Happy birthday Fergie Love you it s been a pleasure serving with you in the back corner
 Happy Happy twenty-fun Birthday Fergie!!! Wish I could be there to celebrate! Love you hunny
 Happy Birthday Ferg, hope you have a quality night and I\ll cya soon x
 Happy birthday bro
Happy birthday fergooose
 is 39 today! Happy Birthday   (45) x (32) x (74)
Happy birthday,
Happy Birthday, Fergie! to vote if you agree \"The Dutchess\" was an iconic album that deserved better!
My partner is over the moon with his Birthday present Happy Birthday
 happy bday mate !!!! Hope you\ve had a sweeet day n can\t wait to join u on ur travels xxxx
Happy birthday hope you\re having a good time and see you in a few days x
Happy birthday miss chem w you!! thanks for treating fergie right, have a great day
Happy birthday fergie . Hope it\s good one gonna miss you in metals next year
Happy birthday Cade Lat !! your voice is like a mixture of Fergie and Jesus !! I hope u have a good day
EM MCG happy birthday love, i already miss your fergie lovin self, love you & hang soon
Happy birthday my Fergie Ferg
 Happy Birthday
Happy BDay Fergie
RICHIE: Happy Birthday &
Happy Bday, our Dutchess
Happy Birthday Fergie. Release soon.
FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS - HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Stacy Ann Ferguson \\ \\ (42)
Happy Birthday March 27,1975
 Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday to the one and only
 Happy birthday babe
Happy 42nd Birthday Fergie Duhamel!
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday,
Happy birthday love you lots and have a lovely day gorgeous
  Happy Birthday Dray --- By the way, Fergie sang a song for you  
: )
 Happy birthday skinny legend!!
may Fergie sell 24 million in F3\s first week
Happy bday to my fellow fergie lover thanks for taking me to ball and having a great dad and dog
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday Fergie
 I love you Happy birthday
Happy birthday,    Let\s celebrate, style! CC: (THREAD)
Happy birthday to both and R&B wouldn\t be the same with ya.
From to you, we want to wish and an Adventurous Happy Birthday!!!
Happy birthday to
Happy birthday
Happy Bday to the most lovely person in the whole world   Love you
Happy birthday I love you so much
Happy birthday I love you so much      u are the best, the Dutchess   thank u for everything
Happy birthday to
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to the one and only Ferg
Happy Birthday to Fergie, it was such a treat to do this interview with you back in the day.
Happy birthday ferg! Much love from Paraguay!
Happy birthday to this icon
Happy birthday Ferg!
Happy birthday Sending love & positive vibes!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to my sweet petunia
 Happy Birthday Terri! May you have good health, wealth & endless happiness in life.
Ok, I may have gotten my days messed up so lets try this again. AHEM!!! Happy Birthday Fergie
Happy Birthday to our dutchess ! May this year bring you everything you wish for
Happy bday to our queen, We love you <3
Happy birthday my idol
Happy Bday to The Dutchess   We wish you all the best!
  Happy Birthday hope u had a great day
  And Happy birthday and
 happy birthday fergie love u lil cuz
 Fergie says Happy Birthday Rosie!
Happy Birthday to the one and only
Happy birthday
 Tonight\s gonna be a good night!
Happy Birthday,
Wishing a happy birthday to these two birthday buddies, & .
. :
Happy bday        love you
Happy Birthday Fergie ,
One year ago, right around 11pm Fergie joined our family! Happy 1st Birthday to Fergie and
Fergie is so gorgeous   Happy Birthday sweetie  hope you had a fantastic birthday T
Happy Birthday to my sweet girl, Fergie! 1-year old today!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY  TERRI Happy Birthday Mommy
A very Happy Birthday to Fergie <3
Happy Birthday Fergie! age 41
Happy birthday, Fergie!
Happy Birthday Fergie & Mariah Carey.
Who run the world? Girls.
 happy birthday my crush
Happy birthday to
Happy Birthday  y
Happy birthday       .
Happy Birthday to Mariah Carey, Fergie, and Jessy J (JAZZ SAXOPHONIST) From KBBP Radio.
Happy Birthday to Fergie, who turns 42 today!
 to this hot thaang who still rockin\ in her 40s! Happy birthday Fergie!
Happy Birthday to Fergie!!!
Happy Birthday 42 47!!!!
. Happy Birthday, Fergie! A Little Party Never Killed Nobody, so celebrate BIG!
Happy Birthday
Today we are wishing Happy Birthday to Fergie! Let\s sing Fergie\s song:
HAPPY PA2 ... Mariah Carey (47), Brendan Hill (47), Fergie (42), Jessie J (29), Kimbra (27)
HAPPY BDAY to the one and only    Diga AMÉM FERGIE pra chegar aos 42 anos com essa beleza toda.
Happy Birthday 47 42 48 47 and 48 Enjoy your Special Day!
Happy 42nd birthday to
Happy birthday to the duchess herself,
Happy birthday to
Happy birthday eating some black eyed peas in your honor
Happy Birthday to 3 Female Artists today: (29) (47) (42)
42 has never look so beautiful  Happy bday
Happy Birthday Fergie & Mariah
 Happy Birthday hope your day is fabulous because you are
Happy birthday
You will always be beautiful! Happy Bday!!
Happy Birthday To she\s celebrating her 42nd Birthday Today
Happy bday  42 años chicos
 ON WITH Wishes: A Happy Birthday!
 Happy Birthday, G.L.A.M.O.R.O.U.S. grrrl! My best wishes for you, now and ever. Lots of love...
Happy 42nd Birthday to the beautiful
Happy birthday from your friends in
Happy birthday to my queen I love you!!!!
 Happy Birthday To You
 Happy Birthday Dutchess! Have a blessed day!
Happy Birthday 42 and 47 Turn Up It\s Ya BDay
 Happy Birthday
Happy birthday xoxo
Happy birthday,
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