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[email protected] rockonitalia Happy Birthday Frank Black: il cantante e chitarrista dei festeggia 56 anni - RockMyLife (3 days ago)
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Guilford Adams
Happy birthday Mr Frank Black! You have made my life a lot brighter with your music and I thank you for that! - Guilford Adams (4 days ago)
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Happy birthday Black Francis/Frank Black (56) - scubapoet (4 days ago)
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Brendan Kelly
Happy 56th Birthday to Pixies front man Frank Black. - Brendan Kelly (4 days ago)
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Happy Bday to the one and only Black Francis, Frank Black! - ShockedandPersuaded (4 days ago)
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Shift New Brunswick
Here\'s today\'s playlist! with If You Wanna Change My Mind. with Swimming Song. And - Shift New Brunswick (4 days ago)
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Peter Norris
Happy birthday Charles! - Peter Norris (4 days ago)
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Jeremy P. Goldstein
The releases of April 6 BRING THE NOISE. April 6 also brings the big birthday. Happy birthday to Pixies frontman Ch - Jeremy P. Goldstein (4 days ago)
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Black Francis/Frank Black (happy birthday!) and Bob Mould. - JennyB (4 days ago)
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The Dude
Happy Birthday Frank Black/Black Francis! (Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV) singer/songwriter/guitarist b - The Dude (4 days ago)
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Radio Doble Nueve
Happy Birthday Frank Black, guitarrista y cantante de la banda estadounidense de rock alternativo - Radio Doble Nueve (4 days ago)
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Happy Birthday, Frank Black! - Daggerboy (4 days ago)
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Do617 - Boston
Happy Birthday to Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV//Frank Black/ of Photos by - Do617 - Boston (4 days ago)
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Van Andel Arena
Happy birthday to Frank Black, singer & guitarist for The Pixies co-headlines with back in Marc - Van Andel Arena (4 days ago)
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john kenny
Happy birthday to Frank Black aka Black Francis of the Pixies so in his honour the featured classic album is \"dooli - john kenny (4 days ago)
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Bazooka Joe
Happy birthday to American singer, songwriter, and guitarist Black Francis / Frank Black, born April 6, 1965, solo - Bazooka Joe (4 days ago)
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Far Out Magazine
Happy birthday to Here are some of his best! - Far Out Magazine (4 days ago)
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Happy Birthday! Frank Black of / Frank Black & The Catholics / Grand Duchy, born on this day in 1965. - JΞFF Ҝ (4 days ago)
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Happy Birthday Frank Black! For one year I only listened to the Pixies and his solo records. It left me feeling cl - DouglasVonIrvinsCarnival (4 days ago)
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School of Rock Cleveland
Happy 56th birthday to Frank Black! As the frontman of he practically created the blueprint for modern alt - School of Rock Cleveland (4 days ago)
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Barney Simon
Tuesday 8 April. Happy birthday Frank Black. Legend! Respect! - Barney Simon (4 days ago)
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Jake Rudh (Your classic alternative tour guide)
Happy 56th birthday to frontman Charles Thompson IV aka Frank Black aka Black Francis. - Jake Rudh (Your classic alternative tour guide) (4 days ago)
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Lost Glasgow
April 6, 1965: Happy Birthday to singer Frank Black (Black Francis) of The Pixies. Here he is, busking in Glasgow\' - Lost Glasgow (4 days ago)
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Happy Birthday Frank Black: il cantante e chitarrista dei festeggia 56 anni - Rockon.it (4 days ago)
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Roberto Rico
Canción 96. 06/04/2021 Artista: Frank Black Tema: I Want to Live on an) Abstract Plain Álbum: Teenager of the ye - Roberto Rico (4 days ago)
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Ian McNabb
Happy 56th Birthday to Frank Black. - Ian McNabb (4 days ago)
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Sir Loin of Beef
I came to Amer-indie\'s Great White Hope too late but fortunately what I listened to was their best album. Happy bir - Sir Loin of Beef (4 days ago)
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Clint Irwin
Happy birthday to Frank Black! I\'ve always like the but kinda obsessed with them right now. Listening to as - Clint Irwin (4 days ago)
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Happy birthday Black Francis a.k.a. Frank Black - デリリウム淀川 (4 days ago)
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Happy birthday Frank Black ! - Surferrosa (4 days ago)
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Purple Beacon
Happy Birthday to The Pixies singer songwriter and guitarist Black Francis aka Frank Black, born on this day in Bos - Purple Beacon (4 days ago)
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JD Beauvallet
Happy birthday Frank Black! - JD Beauvallet (4 days ago)
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Outlandish Scotland
It is March 7th, 2021. During we post previous season meme reruns each Sunday--unless a Birthday or - Outlandish Scotland (1 month ago)
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Ashy Slashy
Happy 80th birthday to the fabulous What\'s your favourite roll of his? Mine is F. B. I profiler F - Ashy Slashy (11 months ago)
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Dale Matthew Hudson
Happy 80th birthday to the one and only Frank Black/Bishop/Detective Hal; the absolute legend that is - Dale Matthew Hudson (11 months ago)
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Cinephemeride [Fabrice]
Happy Birthday to mister forever Frank Black in one of the greatest series of all time: Millennium - Cinephemeride [Fabrice] (11 months ago)
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tim hinely
Happy Birthday Frank Black! - tim hinely (1 year ago)
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✯ ϝαყҽ ✯
Happy 55th birthday to Frank Black of the Pixies! 4-6-65 - ✯ ϝαყҽ ✯ (1 year ago)
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Brock Landers 41
Happy Birthday to one of my favorite musicians, the unique Black Francis formerly known as Frank Black. - Brock Landers 41 (1 year ago)
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Happy 54th birthday to Chester Thompson, better known as The Pixies Black Francis and solo artist Frank Black! - PopMarket (1 year ago)
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Troy Candy
Happy Birthday the legend that is Charles Thompson/ /Frank Black.!!!! Thank YOU for the gift of all - Troy Candy (1 year ago)
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Fat Possum
Happy Birthday Frank Black - Fat Possum (1 year ago)
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Tweets: Ohia
Happy birthday to Paul Rudd, Frank Black, my childhood crush Candice Cameron, and my nephew who is turning 12 today - Tweets: Ohia (1 year ago)
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Neville Bartos
Happy Birthday Frank Black.... Pixies - Gouge Away - Neville Bartos (1 year ago)
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Alexandre Coelho
Happy 55th birthday to Black Francis or Frank Black or Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV. Pixies, - Alexandre Coelho (1 year ago)
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HAPPY Louis Shelton (79), Tony Connor (73), Patrick Hernandez (71), Udo Dirkschneider (68), Warren Hayne - [email protected] (1 year ago)
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[HAPPY 55] Frank Black, alias co-fondateur et leader des fête aujourd hui ses 55 ans. Joy - Pixbear (1 year ago)
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What\'s KFAI Playing Now!?
I Switched You by Frank Black & The Catholics. AM Drive at 6:44am. Happy Birthday - What\'s KFAI Playing Now!? (1 year ago)
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Mic Wright
Happy birthday Here s the time I got to talk to Black Francis about his favourite records (at that particular mo - Mic Wright (1 year ago)
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Apr 6 NEW BEER S EVE shoutout to KELLY NATL STUDENT-ATHLETE DAY shoutout to all those kids missing team & individ - jparsio (1 year ago)

56 years old (Born on April 06, 1965)

Alternative rock musician; He is famous from frontman of The Pixies (as Black Francis).

Frank Black's Best Moments

Happy 56th birthday to frontman Charles Thompson IV aka Frank Black aka Black Francis.
Happy 56th Birthday to Frank Black.
Happy birthday Frank Black!
Happy Birthday Frank Black 

Pixies - Here Comes Your Man
Happy Birthday, Frank Black aka Black Francis aka Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV, born this day in 1965!
Happy birthday Frank Black!
Happy birthday Black Francis a.k.a. Frank Black
Happy birthday Frank Black   !
Happy 56th Birthday to Pixies front man Frank Black.
Happy Birthday Mr Frank Black
Tuesday 8 April. Happy birthday Frank Black. Legend! Respect!
frank black pixies 0
frank black album 1
frank black 2013 2
frank black 2013 3

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