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benoit Lambert
saw him in movies during eighties, Virile male - benoit Lambert (1 year ago)
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Гаврило Принцип.
Happy Birthday to Fred Ward who turns 78 today! Pictured here with Kevin Bacon in Tremors (1990). - Гаврило Принцип. (9 months ago)
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Comic Book Cinephile
Happy birthday to Fred Ward, who made appearances in both \'The Crow: Salvation\' and \'2 Guns.\' - Comic Book Cinephile (9 months ago)
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Mark Magowan
Happy birthday to so many champs out there today: Lebron, Tiger, Carson, Jameis, Tyrese, Ellie Goulding, Eliza Dus - Mark Magowan (9 months ago)
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Al Tran
Happy birthday to Fred Ward! - Al Tran (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to Lloyd Kaufman, Tracey Ullman, and Fred Ward - Happy Birthday (9 months ago)
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90\'s Flicks
Happy 78th birthday to graboid slayer extraordinaire, Fred Ward. Earl\'s the man. Tremors (1990) - 90\'s Flicks (9 months ago)
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Tremors. Happy birthday Fred Ward! - Bim (9 months ago)
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Dec 30 Happy Birthday part 1: James Burrows, Fred Ward, Michael Nesmith, Michael Burns, - WmsbgNostalgiaFest (9 months ago)
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New Beverly Cinema
Happy birthday, Fred Ward! - New Beverly Cinema (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Fred Ward - WeFishReviews (9 months ago)
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(Papa Stro Maestro) Rob Kellum
Happy birthday, Fred Ward! - (Papa Stro Maestro) Rob Kellum (9 months ago)
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J. D. Jorissen
Happy Birthday to Fred Ward! The owner of some of the greatest names in movie history. Seriously, check out his IMD - J. D. Jorissen (9 months ago)
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Antifa Mama
Happy 78th Birthday to Fred Ward star of favorite movie Tremors. - Antifa Mama (9 months ago)
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Chris White
Happy birthday to Fred Ward, aka Remo Williams!! - Chris White (9 months ago)
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REMO WILLIAMS 35th Ann. Podcast: or Happy 78th Birthday to American - RetroZest (9 months ago)
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Casey Seiler
Happy 78th birthday to Fred Ward, who is great in a lot of movies ( The Right Stuff, Southern Comfort ) but subli - Casey Seiler (9 months ago)
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Clint Eastwood Forever
Happy Birthday to actor Fred Ward 1942. Amongst his many screen credits he played John Anglin in the movie Es - Clint Eastwood Forever (9 months ago)
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George Schmidt (G)
Happy 78th Birthday to FRED WARD - George Schmidt (G) (9 months ago)
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Suzanne Noa
Happy Birthday /Birthday Remembrances, December 30: Erica Garner,LeBron James,Tiger Woods,Meredith Vieira,Eliza - Suzanne Noa (1 year ago)
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Mitch Lovell
Happy birthday to Fred Ward. It is a testament to his versatility that he played not one but two of my literary her - Mitch Lovell (1 year ago)
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The Allied Invasion
Happy birthday to Fred Ward. Played father to Freddie Prinze Jr in 2001 s summer box office monster Summer Catch. ^L - The Allied Invasion (1 year ago)
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Juan Hernández
Happy birthday Fred Ward, whom I first saw in Big business. - Juan Hernández (1 year ago)
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spacewoman reporter Happy New Year 2020
Happy Birthday actor, film producer and model Fred Ward Born: December 30, 1942 (age 77 years), San Diego, Califo - spacewoman reporter Happy New Year 2020 (1 year ago)
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Dave Elkodsi
Happy birthday to Sandy Koufax, 84; TV director James Burrows, 79; Actor Fred Ward, 77; Michael Nesmith, 77; Patti - Dave Elkodsi (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Fred Ward :) - virgiliocorrado (1 year ago)
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Michael Kronenberg
Happy Birthday Fred Ward. My favorite Ward role is in the highly underrated MIAMI BLUES. Charles Willeford s book i - Michael Kronenberg (2 years ago)
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HAPPY 76th BIRTHDAY to FRED WARD!! American character actor, producer and model, who began his film career in 1979 - Madhotcomicsplus (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday to Fred Ward who turns 76 today! Photo by Dan Winters. - SYED AMMAR ALAVI (2 years ago)
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spacewoman reporter
HAPPY 76th BIRTHDAY to FRED WARD!! American character actor, producer and model, who began his film career in 1 - spacewoman reporter (2 years ago)
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Dr. Buzz aka J. Buzz Von Ornsteiner
The actor Fred Ward was His notable roles include Williams, - Dr. Buzz aka J. Buzz Von Ornsteiner (2 years ago)
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Alfred Grossenbacher
Happy 76th Birthday to Amazing Actor Fred Ward aka Remo Williams - Alfred Grossenbacher (2 years ago)
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Kevin J Loria
Happy 76th shout-out to Fred Ward! Birthday - Kevin J Loria (2 years ago)
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The Trilogy Podcast
Happy Birthday Fred Ward! This trilogy actor (Naked Gun) and worm wrangler (Tremors) turns 76 today. - The Trilogy Podcast (2 years ago)
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WILDsound Festival Review
Happy Birthday: Fred Ward - WILDsound Festival Review (2 years ago)
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Melanie VaughanSmith
Happy birthday today to Russ Tamblyn (84), Gordon Banks (81), Fred Ward (76), Mike Nesmith (76), Jeff Lynne (71), T - Melanie VaughanSmith (2 years ago)
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The Zombie Mandalorian\'s Leaky Basement of Horrors
Happy Birthday to Fred Ward! - The Zombie Mandalorian\'s Leaky Basement of Horrors (2 years ago)
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North Trenton
Happy Birthday to James Burrows, Mel Renfro, Vladimir Bukovsky, Guy Edwards, Michael Nesmith, Janko Prunk, Robert Q - North Trenton (3 years ago)
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HAPPY 75th BIRTHDAY TO FRED WARD! Thanks, and best wishes for many more. - MediaSniperNest (3 years ago)
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Happy Birthday to the one and only Fred Ward!!! - Tony (3 years ago)
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Dale Jason Armstrong
Happy birthday Fred Ward shout out to Fred Ward - Dale Jason Armstrong (3 years ago)
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Happy birthday Sandy Koufax! happy birthday Fred Ward! Happy birthday PATTI SMITH !!! - ORANGE LAZARUS BIRD (3 years ago)
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Tremors Guide
Happy 74th Birthday to Fred Ward, fingers crossed if pilot goes to series we\'ll see the retu - Tremors Guide (3 years ago)
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Jennifer Long
Happy Birthday to Fred Ward, Tyrese Gibson, Tracey Ullm - Jennifer Long (3 years ago)
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Dave Hollingsworth
Happy Birthday to character actor Fred Ward, seen here with Brion James and the late Powers Boothe in SOUTHERN COMF - Dave Hollingsworth (3 years ago)
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Broke Horror Fan
Happy 75th Birthday to Fred Ward (Tremors, Escape from Alcatraz, Southern Comfort, 2 Guns): - Broke Horror Fan (3 years ago)
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The Midwest Monsters
Happy Birthday Fred Ward - The Midwest Monsters (3 years ago)
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Sony Movie Channel
\"My career has been a bit strange. I don\'t think it took the normal route.\" - Fred Ward Happy 75th birthday to the - Sony Movie Channel (3 years ago)
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Happy birthday Fred Ward, Eliza Dushku, Faye Marsay, Lucy Punch, Caity Lotz, Kristin Kreuk, George Newbern, Russ Ta - Rinsessa (3 years ago)
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would like to wish American actor, Fred Ward a very Happy Birthday!!! - houseoftorturedsouls (3 years ago)

78 years old (Born on December 30, 1942)

John Anglin in Escape from Alcatraz; Roone Dimmick in Big Business; Rocco Dillon in Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult

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