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Paul Perdue
I wish whenever I get sick I would have you as my Doctor. Happy Birthday Gates McFadden (Beverly). - Paul Perdue (6 years ago)
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Clint Cardoza
Happy Birthday! - Clint Cardoza (8 months ago)
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christine turner
Happy birthday marina - christine turner (8 months ago)
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Elisabeth Westner
Love Marina!!!! Can\'t wait to see her in Picard tomorrow. Happy Birthday, lovely lady! - Elisabeth Westner (8 months ago)
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Cassie Fehrman
Happy Birthday Marina Sirtis - Cassie Fehrman (8 months ago)
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Jason T. Williams
Happy belated birthday! My husband has stage 4 lung cancer. Season 3 is fantastic it\'s like a rea - Jason T. Williams (8 months ago)
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William Dunbar Dicks
OMG! Happy birthday! - William Dunbar Dicks (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday Mike. I\'m just one of many who appreciates your amazing work. Thank you for creating - Vicki_Nunn (8 months ago)
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Deezell Vox - Role Play Character.
- Deezell Vox - Role Play Character. (8 months ago)
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Ms. Catherine
Happy Birthday to you! - Ms. Catherine (8 months ago)
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Brian Shaw
Happy Birthday, Sonequa Martin-Green! - Brian Shaw (8 months ago)
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- ⭐️Sav⭐️ (8 months ago)
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tini / elnor BIRTHDAY
It s my sweet 16th bday and would appreciate if some actors would greet me a happy birthday! - tini / elnor BIRTHDAY (8 months ago)
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John Rugel
Happy Birthday Mam. - John Rugel (8 months ago)
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Nancy Beigel
Happy belated birthday. I hope it was a good one. - Nancy Beigel (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday - Colin (8 months ago)
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Candy Johansen
Happy Birthday! - Candy Johansen (8 months ago)
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Daryl S Ifill
Happy Birthday Thank you - Daryl S Ifill (8 months ago)
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The CloneStar Podcast
Happy Birthday to the excellent Don\'t forget to check out the new later with - The CloneStar Podcast (8 months ago)
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Lou Johnson
Happy birthday, Doc! - Lou Johnson (8 months ago)
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Christopher Cotton
Happy Birthday!! - Christopher Cotton (8 months ago)
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Jean Pierre Hatte
Happy Birthday - Jean Pierre Hatte (8 months ago)
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Tiffany Jones
Happy birthday - Tiffany Jones (8 months ago)
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Eugene Zigler
Happy birthday!!! - Eugene Zigler (8 months ago)
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You\'re amazing in this great season, your relation with Jack is very emotional, especially in EP 5. - WyldKard (8 months ago)
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Just wanted to say that you truly have such an incredibly bad ass name! Props to your parents! And happy birthday to you! - Jennie (8 months ago)
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Anita Seedorff
Happy Birthday! - Anita Seedorff (8 months ago)
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Richard Kloc
Happy birthday - Richard Kloc (8 months ago)
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Pandora Boxx
Happy Belated Birthday!! - Pandora Boxx (8 months ago)
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Jeri Ryan
Happy Birthday, beauty!! - Jeri Ryan (8 months ago)
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Phineas, the Beard of Amazing
Many, many years ago, you gave me a kiss on my cheek for my birthday (March 11) while I was in Hung - Phineas, the Beard of Amazing (8 months ago)
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Chris Lane - VX Dynamics
Happy Birthday to the timeless Gates McFadden! - Chris Lane - VX Dynamics (8 months ago)
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Allan Clifford
Happy birthday to my favourite doctor! - Allan Clifford (8 months ago)
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Enrique A. Vaca
Happy Birthday, Gates! - Enrique A. Vaca (8 months ago)
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KISS Forever
Happy Birthday Gates! - KISS Forever (8 months ago)
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RufusTJustice - A Dog\'s Parody
Happy Birthday, most beautiful lady ever in space, love watching you in P3~ - RufusTJustice - A Dog\'s Parody (8 months ago)
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Julie K☮️
Happy birthday and holy cow you all are blowing this out of the water. incredible Season so far!! - Julie K☮️ (8 months ago)
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Barry Taylor
Happy Birthday. Just watched Picard s3 episode 5, it\'s so good. Penblwydd hapus i chi (Welsh) x - Barry Taylor (8 months ago)
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Yes! It s my birthday weekend. I can t wait to see to say how happy I am to see her back on my TV! - Gaymer (8 months ago)
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Really enjoying the show! Happy bday! - Foxter55 (8 months ago)
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Patrick Cox
Happy Birthday! - Patrick Cox (8 months ago)
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Richard Padilla
Happy Birthday! - Richard Padilla (8 months ago)
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curtis bernard
Still too young. Happy birthday GM. - curtis bernard (8 months ago)
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♥ Classic TV of the 60s/70s ♥
Wishing Gates McFadden a very Happy 74th Birthday. - ♥ Classic TV of the 60s/70s ♥ (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday!!! Xoxo - Noahtheactor (8 months ago)
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Russell Olson
Happy birthday. Also, recently watched Center Seat. Loved it. - Russell Olson (8 months ago)
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cliff morgan
Hi happy belated birthday hope you had great day xxx - cliff morgan (8 months ago)
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happy belated birthday, Doctor. You look more beautiful now, than ever before. - STARFLEET REPLICATOR UNIT (PARODY) (8 months ago)
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Neon Rider Zero
Happy belated birthday! Thank you for everything! - Neon Rider Zero (8 months ago)
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lifetime treasurer
Happy Birthday to chief medical officer of my heart - lifetime treasurer (8 months ago)

74 years old (Born on March 02, 1949)

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Gates Mcfadden's Best Moments

Have a happy BDay
Happy Birthday to a brilliant actress, therapist, space mom, and dear friend. We love you
And a very happy birthday to from all of us here at
Happy Birthday to Gates McFadden - Beverly Crusher from Learn more at:
Happy Birthday if you think she is awesome we should be friends
Happy Belated Birthday to beautiful My brother and I were happy to have met you!
Happy Birthday, to our favorite dancing doctor,
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to the fabulous
Happy birthday  and continued good things with !
Happy Birthday Gates Who portrayed Dr. Beverly Crusher.
  Happy Birthday Gates!
 Happy Belated Birthday!!
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday Gates McFadden *02.03.1949
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the incredible
Happy birthday to Gates McFadden (pictured here dealing with a Tribble invasion on the Enterprise)
Happy Birthday Majel Barrett
Happy Birthday to
Happy Birthday !!! Come back and see us again soon, we miss you !!!
Happy birthday gates mcfadden
Happy Birthday to the wonderful
Happy birthday to Born: March 2, 1949
Wishing TNG\s a very happy birthday!
Happy 71st birthday to STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION alum Gates McFadden!
Happy Birthday Beverly (Gates McFadden).
Happy Birthday From one \"doctor\" to another ;)
Happy birthday ! We hope you CRUSH your birthday celebrations!
Happy birthday Thank you for this wonderful moment last December. <3
Happy birthday to Gates McFadden, who played Beverly Crusher in six seasons of The Next Generation.
       Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday to the amazing
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday !
 Happy birthday! Here is a pic of you and Eris- I\m thinking 2014-ish?
Happy Birthday to the dancing doctor Gates McFadden
This Day in Trek - March 2, 2015 Happy Birthday !!!
 Fans please wish Happy Birthday to
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to who fearlessly held my hand. Nobody ever touches my hands! She s wonderful.
Happy birthday to Gates McFadden!
Happy Birthday to my first crush
Happy birthday
    The stars were aligned! 
Happy birthday!
  Happy Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday to my favourite Trek Dr Always engaging and sweet.
Happy birthday I\ve lit a candle just for you
A very happy 66th to Gates McFadden! (
A very Happy Birthday to ~ Dr Beverly Crusher from  ~ one of my all time favs!
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to the amazingly talented Kitty (Kaya) also sends her birthday love.
Happy birthday Gates McFadden!
Happy Birthday to the wonderful One of my favorite Trek cast to work with.
Happy Birthday, !
Happy birthday to Star Trek: The Next Generation\s Commander Crusher aka
Happy birthday,
 Happy Birthday
 Happy birthday Miss McFadden, hope you have a great day!
 Happy Birthday, Gates! Have a great day!
Happy Birthday to Gates McFadden who turns 70 today!
Happy Birthday
  Happy Birthday Gates.have a wonderful day
Happy birthday to not just one but TWO icons! Have a great day &
  Happy birthday
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite doctor
 March 2nd!  Happy Birthday to all!
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to the one and only Doctor Crusher,
  Happy birthday     Gates
Happy birthday, Gates McFadden!
   happy birthday Bev . who s favourite doctor    .
 Oh oh I forgot... Happy birthday.
 A very Happy Birthday to a lovely lady!
Happy Birthday (seen here with our Co-Host )
 Happy Birthday!
 Happy Birthday
  Dear  happy birthday
Happy Birthday !!!
  Happy Birthday Gates!
Happy TOSS Crossover Birthday to Gates McFadden!
  Happy birthday, Gates...
An intense moment between these two amazing people. 
Also, Happy Birthday
  Happy Birthday to Gates Mc Fadden
Happy birthday !
Wishing a very happy birthday to the amazingly talented, tap dancing, cat loving, unicycling
Fans please wish a Happy Birthday to the wonderful
 Happy Birthday Miss Gates!  Loved meeting you and love sharing a bday with you!
 Happy Birthday, Ms. G! Party on!
Happy Birthday to the ever lovely, kind & talented
Happy Birthday to YOU! have a relaxing day
   Happy Birthday Gates!!!
Happy birthday to Have a wonderful day!
 Happy birthday, lovely lady! Have a sleepy cat to make you smile :)
    *´¨` ¸. *´ ¸
( * Happy Birthday Gates!  
´` .¸¸¸. °´ ¸. *´ ¸. *´
Still gorgeous as ever. Happy birthday, Thx for pic.
Happy Birthday
 - Happy Birthday!! I hope it\s a great one!
 Happy Birthday!
 Happy birthday and all the best from Germany!
Happy Birthday to  She\s the beautiful redhead behind the head of
 Happy birthday from all of us!
Happy birthday to ! I hope I look half as good when I\m her age
Happy Birthday to the actress who played Dr. Beverly Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation
   Have a wonderful happy, healthy birthday and many more to come.
 Spock - Fascinating, Happy birthday Gates I did also sent this picture to Patrick and William
 Menorah & Dreidel say happy belated birthday!!!!! (Menorah wants a tummy rub too! LOL)
Happy Birthday Gates
Happy Birthday to Gates McFadden
Happy birthday,
 happy birthday kitten for you. Emmett just wanted to pose for you
3-02 Happy birthday to Gates McFadden.
Help us wish a very happy birthday to   who played Dr Beverly Crusher!
Happy birthday Dr. Crusher! Live long and prosper
 Happy Birthday!
 Happy birthday from Cinder and me!
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to delightful !
All best wishes!!!
  happy birthday.
 Happy Birthday, Gates!  Hope you\re having a wonderful day.
 Happy Birthday!
 happy Birthday you were lovely.
 happy birthday wonderful Gates!  God bless you!  Mini roses for you!
 my baby cat Garrus wishes you a happy birthday!
  Happy birthday lovely lady! Have a great one!
 Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday
 Happy birthday to an actress that is out of this world!
We love you deeply Happy birthday...Keep those smiles coming....
Happy birthday to you !!!
 Happy Birthday Gates! Oh yeah, my Siamese  Ohana and Snowfire want to chime in.
 Happy birthday, Gates! May it be filled with fun friends, and family.
 Milo and Otis want to wish you a very Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday!
 - Guess I\m kinda late, huh? Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday, Gates
Happy Happy Birthday!
Happy belated birthday to
Happy birthday to the charming talented and beautiful
Happy Birthday to EST/LA member & shout out to her
Happy Birthday !    It was such a joy to meet you at the last year! Enjoy your day!
  Happy Birthday!
  Happy Birthday Gates!!!
Happy birthday, miss Live long and prosper.
 Happy Birthday to you, hope it s a great day,
Love Cheddar and I
  Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to the one and only Gates McFadden!!!
 Happy Birthday Gates! Enjoy your day!
Happy 70th Birthday,
Happy birthday . We love you :)
Happy birthday, !!
Happy birthday to
 Happy Birthday....!!!!
 happy birthday!
Happy Birthday to Gates McFadden!
Happy birthday
 Heya!! Have yourself a very happy birthday!! Cheers from Montreal, QC!!!
 Happy Birthday Cheerful lady! Have a glorious weekend
 Happy birthday!
 Here is Nutmeg to wish you a happy birthday!
 Happy Birthday, Gates!!!
   Happy birthday  why am I not invited
  Happy Birthday to my very reason to become Star Trek addicted in the first place!
I like to wish Gates McFadden a very happy birthday     !!
Happy birthday !!!
  and I wish you a very Happy Birthday!
  Happy Birthday Gates. I wish you a well Happy Birthday. Hugs and God Bless
 Happy birthday Gates, have a lovely day!
 Happy Birthday, Gates! You played my favorite doctor. Aside from House, but he wasn\t Star Trek. =)
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY  May your day be fabulous.
Happy birthday!!!!
 this image has been on my phone lock screen since you posted it here Happy birthday!
 Happy Birthday!
 Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday to the Enterprise s finest physician!
 Happy Birthday!
 Happy Birthday! 
Hope you have a great day!
 wishing you a very happy birthday!
 You\re amazing! Happy Birthday!!!!
 Happy birthday!
 Happy Birthday from a fellow Ohioan and cat lover!  Hope it s a great one!!
 Happy Birthday! Time to Dance Magic Dance!
 happy birthday! 
Hope you had an awesome day!
 Happy belated birthday from Australia
 Happy belated birthday
 P.S.: Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to
 Happy Birthday and have a wonderful celebration!
Oh it\s Happy Birthday, Doctor! Wishing you good luck and good fortune.
Happy Birthday to the lovely All my best. Will see you in Dortmund.
Happy Birthday Hope this day is a great one!
Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to the amazing
Happy Birthday hope you have an out of this world birthday.
Happy birthday !! Time to get this party started !!
Happy Birthday ! Hope you have a fantastic day!
  Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to you
 Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday to Hope to see you on S2 of :) (cc:
  Happy Birthday to me...
Happy birthday always thinking about this iconic look
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday dear Gates McFadden!
 Happy Birthday!
 Happy Birthday Tracee and Gates   LLAP
 Happy birthday hope it\s great
 Happy Birthday! (it\s mine also)
  Happy Birthday!
  Happy birthday
 Oh Hey Gates!... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!...
 Have a very Happy Birthday
 Happy birthday
 happy birthday lady!
 Happy birthday! I am thinking a lot about that beautiful time we had a year ago.
A very happy birthday to
Happy Birthday to Gates McFadden (72)
  Happy birthday
 Happy birthday also give us Dr.Beverly Crusher !!!!
 Happy birthday
 Forgive me for being late.....Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday, Gates McFadden and have a blessed birthday and have a blessed day!!
 Happy 29th Birthday
  Happy birthday Brent
Happy birthday Enjoy your day.
Happy Birthday to and Coincidence? 

Happy Birthday Queen!!!
  Happy birthday
Happy 73rd Birthday Gates McFadden - Dr. Beverly Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation
 Happy Birthday Gates
 Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday !
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE ONE, THE ONLY, !!!! Have an amazing day, captain\s orders!!
  Happy Birthday to the dancing doctor.
 Very happy birthday. And especially so, since we know how much you like candles.
 Happy birthday to you!!
   Happy birthday!
 Happy Birthday I got you a cake!
  Happy Birthday
 happy birthday Blazin Bev, Trek is lucky to have you.
   One of these days, Captain, I m gonna strangle you with this. Happy Birthday Gates!
  Happy birthday
  Happy Birthday
 Happy birthday!
  Happy birthday
Happy birthday Dr. Crusher
 Happy Birthday! May you always live long and prosper.
   happy birthday 73rd
 Happy Birthday, Gates!
 Happy Birthday
 Happy birthday!
 Happy birthday
 Happy birthday, Gates.
 Happy birthday.
 Happy birthday
Happy birthday      Gates McFadden
Happy Birthday wishes to Gates McFadden, born March 2nd, 1949.
Happy birthday to the amazingly talented - i can\t wait to meet you in may
Happy birthday !
Wishing a very happy birthday to icon !! Have a great day!
Happy and Delightful Birthday to You, Ma\am! Live long,
  Happy Happy Happy Birthday to the best looking Doctor I know
 Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day!
Happy birthday
  Happy Birthday! And welcome home.
 Happy birthday!!
 Happy birthday
Happy Birthday Space Mommy
 Happy Birthday!
 Definite happy birthday
Happy Birthday   Not only have I loved Dr. Crusher since 1987 but she is crushing it on Picard.
 Happy Birthday from Star Trek fan from the Montreal area. See our Tuvok & Neelix!
Happy, happy, happy birthday our eternal space doctor
 happy birthday!!!
  Happy birthday star trek lady. Many more to come. I hope for you.
 Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
  Happy Birthday to you...
 Happy birthday Gates, love from me and the diva x
 Happy Birthday, Gates. Aka Dr. B.C
 Happy Birthday!
 I am loving Picard S3! Our universe is back! And happy birthday!
 happy birthday
Happy Birthday
 Happy birthday to you. Have a beautiful day with your family and friends.
 Go treat yourself! Happy Birthday!
 Happy Birthday Dr Crusher
 Happy Birthday from my secret spot on Maui! Aloha!
  Happy  Birthday.
Happy birthday to my favourite doctor!
 Happy Birthday 
Thank you
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