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ha your funny how bout no i will do it later
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Paul Perdue
I wish whenever I get sick I would have you as my Doctor. Happy Birthday Gates McFadden (Beverly). - Paul Perdue (2 years ago)
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Narda #Trek #Respect
Bill should only be the name of a friend..:) Sadly, mine usually come in a windowed envelope...Oh, - Narda #Trek #Respect (6 months ago)
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Wendy Roy
happy belated birthday Gates! - Wendy Roy (6 months ago)
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Mark Maas
Happy birthday!! - Mark Maas (7 months ago)
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Temporal Paradox
Wow! I have been a fan of Levar most my life and I never recalled his birthday being o - Temporal Paradox (7 months ago)
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Theo Manos
Happy birthday Gates!!! - Theo Manos (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday! - ManNcape (7 months ago)
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Bill Hall
Happy Birthday! - Bill Hall (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday of course but more than that, thank you for such a good job playing Dr. Cr - JimKeller (7 months ago)
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Kyle Ruggles
OMG! I missed it! Happy belated birthday!!! - Kyle Ruggles (7 months ago)
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Jason L. Przybycien
Happy birthday. STTNG was one of our family favorites when I was little. Now I have collected multi - Jason L. Przybycien (7 months ago)
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Kindred Paws
Sorry I\'m late, but Happy Birthday! - Kindred Paws (7 months ago)
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Lloyd Simmons
Happy belated Birthday! - Lloyd Simmons (7 months ago)
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Happy Belated Birthday! You are amazing for staying up and enjoying your special day! - Phoenix (7 months ago)
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Greg Baughman
Happy Birthday, Gates! Now that you\'re finally legal drinking age, are you going bar-hopping? :) - Greg Baughman (7 months ago)
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Lynn Dougherty Quin
Happy Birthday, Dr. Crusher! - Lynn Dougherty Quin (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to my favorite ST doctor. - M.T. (7 months ago)
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Terry Floyd
Happy Birthday hope it s a great one so happy I got to meet you last year I vegas - Terry Floyd (7 months ago)
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Jeanie Wallenstein
Happy birthday to my favorite carpenter s mom and space doctor! - Jeanie Wallenstein (7 months ago)
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P.S.: Happy birthday! - Headlong (7 months ago)
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oldschoolsciencefiction: Happy birthday to Gates McFadden, Star Trek s Dr. Beverly Crusher. - #Dreadwing (7 months ago)
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Jason St. George
Happy Birthday Gates! Have you made it up to Westfield MA recently? All the best Sincerely Jason St. George - Jason St. George (7 months ago)
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حسين مطبقاني
Happy birthday doctor - حسين مطبقاني (7 months ago)
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Awww that\'s beautiful Happy Birthday - Rachel (7 months ago)
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Josephine Williams
happy birthday from sunny England xx - Josephine Williams (7 months ago)
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paulie mac
Happy birthday gates from on Celtic to another - paulie mac (7 months ago)
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Enrico Billi
Happy Birthday from an Italian fan - Enrico Billi (7 months ago)
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Jordan Currier
Oh my, what I wouldn t have given to be a part of that. Happy Birthday, space goddess! - Jordan Currier (7 months ago)
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Emily malmstrom
Happy Birthday, Gates. I hope you have another fantastic trip around the sun. - Emily malmstrom (7 months ago)
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I missed wishing you a happy birthday after all you and the crew of Enterprise D meant to me . Happy birthday - Julian (7 months ago)
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I hope I\'m as beautiful and graceful as when I grow up (whenever that\'ll be). Happy Birthday, doc! - Milo (7 months ago)
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That\'s one hell of a party! My all nighters usually include bad food or hot flashes! Lol! Happy Birthday! - TrekIsRex (7 months ago)
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Olga M. Gonzalez
Wishing a very happy birthday to !! - Olga M. Gonzalez (7 months ago)
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lorri anne
Sounds wonderful. Happy birthday! - lorri anne (7 months ago)
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Christopher McQuade
Why wasn\'t the dancing doctor on I\'m sure Sheldon would have loved that! Happy birthday!!! :-) - Christopher McQuade (7 months ago)
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George B
Happy happy birthday - George B (7 months ago)
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Tara Brooks
Happy belated birthday Gates! Hope enjoyed your birthday. - Tara Brooks (7 months ago)
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Edward Thomas
Happy birthday. - Edward Thomas (7 months ago)
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Sarah Lowrance
I m a bit late but happy birthday! - Sarah Lowrance (7 months ago)
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James Nicholls
Happy belated birthday - James Nicholls (7 months ago)
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Gunnar Williams
We have the same birthday.... happy birthday! - Gunnar Williams (7 months ago)
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Rebecca Hindle
Happy birthday xxxx - Rebecca Hindle (7 months ago)
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James thentir
Happy Birthday Gates McFadden hope u had a very lovely Happy Awesome Birthday with - James thentir (7 months ago)
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Larry Roberts jr
Happy birthday to a fantastic actress! - Larry Roberts jr (7 months ago)
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Earnst Stavro Blowfish
Happy Birthday from one of the folks back here in NE Ohio! - Earnst Stavro Blowfish (7 months ago)
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James Ellis
Sounds great. Happy birthday. - James Ellis (7 months ago)
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Adam J. Yeend
What a party! Happy Birthday!! xo - Adam J. Yeend (7 months ago)
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Lorinda Donovan
Happy Birthday! - Lorinda Donovan (7 months ago)
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Jeremy Humphrey
Happy belated birthday to my favorite dancing doctor! - Jeremy Humphrey (7 months ago)
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Luis Rodriguez
Happy birthday!!! - Luis Rodriguez (7 months ago)

70 years old (Born on March 02, 1949)

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Gates Mcfadden's Best Moments

Happy Birthday, to our favorite dancing doctor,
Happy Birthday !!! I hope you\re having a beautiful day Lady!!!
Happy birthday  and continued good things with !
Happy birthday aka Dr Beverly Crusher
Happy Birthday to
Happy Birthday !!! Come back and see us again soon, we miss you !!!
Happy birthday ! We hope you CRUSH your birthday celebrations!
Happy birthday Thank you for this wonderful moment last December. <3
Happy Birthday to hero  I humbly share my official portrait issued by royal decree
Happy Birthday . I hope I will see you soon this year! Have a wonderful day
Happy birthday to Gates McFadden, who played Beverly Crusher in six seasons of The Next Generation.
 Happy birthday! Here is a pic of you and Eris- I\m thinking 2014-ish?
Happy 68th Birthday Gates McFadden
 Fans please wish Happy Birthday to
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to who fearlessly held my hand. Nobody ever touches my hands! She s wonderful.
A very happy birthday to the eternal Dr. Beverly Crusher, the awesome
Happy birthday to the amazingly talented Kitty (Kaya) also sends her birthday love.
Happy birthday Gates McFadden!
Happy Birthday to the wonderful One of my favorite Trek cast to work with.
Happy birthday May your day be at least this happy.
Happy Birthday, !
Happy birthday to Star Trek: The Next Generation\s Commander Crusher aka
Happy birthday,
 Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to Gates McFadden and to Bryce Dallas Howard, who some think look alike.
 Happy birthday Miss McFadden, hope you have a great day!
 Happy Birthday, Gates! Have a great day!
Happy Birthday to Gates McFadden who turns 70 today!
Happy Birthday Gates
Happy Birthday to Gates McFadden
Happy Birthday, Dr. Beverly Crusher turns 68 today.
Happy birthday,
 happy birthday kitten for you. Emmett just wanted to pose for you
 Happy Birthday! Here\s to many more!! Cheers!
3-02 Happy birthday to Gates McFadden.
 Happy birthday. Enjoy your day.
Help us wish a very happy birthday to   who played Dr Beverly Crusher!
Happy birthday to the lovely Hope you\re having a wonderful day!
Happy birthday Dr. Crusher! Live long and prosper
 Happy Birthday!
 Happy birthday from Cinder and me!
Happy birthday
Wishing a wildly exciting happy birthday to Here\s to letting loose and eating lots of cake!
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to delightful !
All best wishes!!!
  happy birthday.
 Happy Birthday, Gates!  Hope you\re having a wonderful day.
 Happy Birthday!
 happy Birthday you were lovely.
 happy birthday wonderful Gates!  God bless you!  Mini roses for you!
  Happy birthday lovely lady! Have a great one!
Happy birthday to Not afraid to ask the hard questions!
 Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday
 Happy birthday to an actress that is out of this world!
 all of my kitties wish you a happy birthday.
We love you deeply Happy birthday...Keep those smiles coming....
  Happy Birthday! Make it so!
Happy birthday to you !!!
 Happy Birthday Gates! Oh yeah, my Siamese  Ohana and Snowfire want to chime in.
 Happy Birthday, Gates!
 Happy birthday, Gates! May it be filled with fun friends, and family.
Even on her birthday can\t stay out of sickbay... Happy birthday!
 Milo and Otis want to wish you a very Happy Birthday
 - Guess I\m kinda late, huh? Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday, Gates
Happy Happy Birthday!
Happy belated birthday to
  happy birthday Marina! Hope you have a nice cake
Happy Birthday to EST/LA member & shout out to her
Happy Birthday !    It was such a joy to meet you at the last year! Enjoy your day!
  Happy birthday,
  Happy Birthday!
  Happy Birthday Gates!!!
 Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday, miss Live long and prosper.
 Happy Birthday to you, hope it s a great day,
Love Cheddar and I
  Happy birthday ! Dr. Crusher
  Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to the one and only Gates McFadden!!!
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Doctor!!! / P
Happy Birthday, I hope your day was wonderful.
 Happy Birthday Gates! Enjoy your day!
Happy 70th Birthday,
Happy Birthday live long and prosper
Happy birthday . We love you :)
Happy birthday, !!
Happy birthday to
 Happy Birthday....!!!!
 happy birthday!
Happy Birthday to Gates McFadden!
Happy birthday
 Heya!! Have yourself a very happy birthday!! Cheers from Montreal, QC!!!
 Happy Birthday Cheerful lady! Have a glorious weekend
 Happy birthday!
 Here is Nutmeg to wish you a happy birthday!
 Happy Birthday, Gates!!!
   Happy birthday  why am I not invited
  Happy Birthday to my very reason to become Star Trek addicted in the first place!
I like to wish Gates McFadden a very happy birthday     !!
Happy birthday !!!
  and I wish you a very Happy Birthday!
  Happy Birthday Gates. I wish you a well Happy Birthday. Hugs and God Bless
 Happy birthday Gates, have a lovely day!
 Happy Birthday, Gates! You played my favorite doctor. Aside from House, but he wasn\t Star Trek. =)
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY  May your day be fabulous.
Happy birthday!!!!
 this image has been on my phone lock screen since you posted it here Happy birthday!
 Happy Birthday!
 Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday to the Enterprise s finest physician!
 Happy Birthday!
Happiest of Happy Birthday\s to my all time favorite doctor and fellow Buckeye !!!!!
 Happy Birthday!!
If you didn t have a huge celebration yet then please...
 Happy Birthday! 
Hope you have a great day!
 wishing you a very happy birthday!
 Happy birthday Gates.
 You\re amazing! Happy Birthday!!!!
 Happy birthday!
 Happy Birthday! Mine\s coming up in a couple of weeks. We are of an age.
 happy birthday gorgeous lady xoxo
 Happy Birthday from a fellow Ohioan and cat lover!  Hope it s a great one!!
Happy birthday gates McFadden!! ILYSM!!!
   Happy Birthday on me harmonica gorgeous star trek y Crush On  major..
 Happy Birthday! Time to Dance Magic Dance!
 happy birthday! 
Hope you had an awesome day!
 Happy belated birthday from Australia
 Happy belated birthday
 P.S.: Happy birthday!
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