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Happy birthday to Georgia Moffett! - John Chadwick (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday to Georgia Moffett, born December 25, 1984. - Jim Kirkwood Jr (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to Georgia Moffett Tennant. (Jenny from The Doctor\'s Daughter, & she is David - Christine (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday  Georgia Moffett - Davide (2 years ago)

35 years old (Born on December 25, 1984)

English actress; She is famous from Guest starred in an episode of Doctor Who, Daughter of actor and Doctor Who star Peter Davison, Married to actor and Doctor Who star David Tennant.

She was born just nine months after Colin Baker took on role of the Sixth Doctor, replacing her father as the Doctor. (georgiamoffett.co.uk) She gave birth to a son, Ty Peter Moffett, in March 2002, when she was 17 years old. David and Georgia did not have a honeymoon because David went back to work right away after the wedding. Eight months after the wedding they went on vacation to Italy, with their children, David's best friend Jennie Fava, David's old friend Arabella Weir and her two children, and some of David's relatives. Georgia changed her name to Tennant after their wedding. She goes by Moffett for acting work but by Tennant for everything else. In November 2013 David revealed he had legally changed his name to Tennant. Has three children. Her eldest was originally listed as Ty Peter Martin-Moffett on his birth certificate, however Georgia had his name re-registered shortly after to remove Martin (the biological father's surname). After she got married she had Ty's surname changed for the second time (by deed poll) to Tennant. Her two youngest children Olive and Wilfred are also registered with the name Tennant. Georgia frequently makes mention of the fact she and they have taken his stage name, often referring to them as "the Tennants" and the children as 'Master Tennant' and 'Miss Tennant' rather than by their first names.

Georgia Moffett's Best Moments

Happy Birthday to Annie Lennox, CCH Pounder, Alannah Myles, Georgia Moffett, Shane MacGowan & Alastair Cook
Happy Birthday Georgia Moffett
Happy birthday to Georgia Moffett, born December 25, 1984.
Happy birthday to Georgia Moffett!
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Fun Facts About Georgia Moffett

She has a tattoo of a star on her left wrist.
In January 2014 Georgia revealed that she'd never watched an entire episode of Classic Doctor Who. (Source: "The Doctor - His Lives and Times".) (amazon.co.uk)
She undertook all the househunting and moving duties solo with the help of her parents, sending house details to Tennant online, as he was filming abroad between August-December. Tennant did not see the house in person until some time after the sale had gone through, but quickly fell in love with it.
David is very private and tries to keep the relationship and their children out of the press by not talking about it and trying to avoid being photographed together. However Georgia is more open about them and has talked about them at cons, and often posts about David and the children in public Facebook posts.
In August 2012 she posted several vacation snapshots of David and the children in swimming trunks on her public page, these photos are still (as of August 2013) public despite other things being removed from the page after causing a controversy online.
Georgia fell pregnant at 16, because she was on the Pill but didn't know that taking antibiotics could make the Pill not effective. She is now patron of a charity that supports teen mums.
When her son was born, she tried to keep in contact with his father, calling him every month to keep him updated. However he stopped contact with her after a few years.
Grew up in Oxford, then moved to London as a teenager where she first lived with her mother in Chiswick, then with her boyfriend Adam Harvey in Twickenham, then moved back to Chiswick with her then-boyfriend David Tennant. She's stated in interviews that as a child she was jealous of her father for living in London, and that in her early 20s one of her main goals in life was to have a big mansion in Chiswick, a goal she has now achieved.
Georgia quit acting after having her third child. She is interested in photography and interior design. David Tennant's friend, radio DJ Christian O'Connell revealed that their house has marble floors and that the living room carpet and furniture is covered in plastic to keep it stain-free.
She is the daughter of Peter Davison and Sandra Dickinson.
Georgia has two birthday parties every year, one on her real birthday (25 December) and the other on her half-birthday. In 2011 her half-birthday party fell on the day of the Wimbledon Final, her fiance David Tennant asked her permission to attend the Final as he had been given VIP tickets, but Georgia said he was not allowed to as he had too much to do for the party. His good friend Christian O'Connell revealed the story on his radio show.
When Georgia discovered she was pregnant at 16 she knew she didn't have the courage to tell her Father so she rang her stepmother Elizabeth Morton, and begged her to do it instead. (georgiamoffett.co.uk)
In January 2011, British tabloids reported that Moffett had recently moved in with actor David Tennant and that they were planning to marry in 2012. Two months later, Moffett gave birth to a daughter, Olive.
In 2009 Georgia's mother's third wedding took place on a reality TV show 'Four Weddings', where couples compete to have their wedding voted the best. Georgia and her son both appeared, and also participated in a spread in OK magazine. David Tennant did not attend the wedding (Georgia's date was her ex-partner, Adam Paul Harvey) because he wanted to avoid the cameras, though he went to the party afterwards. Photos of the couple at the party were later posted to Georgia's mother's public Facebook page.
In 2012 Georgia, David and Ty attended filming of the BBC's Sport Relief TV show, supporting David's close friend Arabella Weir who was participating. When they noticed they were visible on camera Georgia and Ty moved and sat several rows back, while David remained in the front row alone. When the presenter of the show decided to interview David, Georgia buried her head in her chest throughout the entirety of his interview so that only the top of her head would be visible, even though she was seated several rows back from the camera. This led to press speculation as to why the couple were still going to such extremes not to be seen together, as they were now married and had two children.
In 2010, she tried to make the BBC fire a studio technician for posting a photo of David Tennant recording a radio interview, where part of her hair was visible in the corner, on Twitter. She discovered this because she was searching his name on Twitter while he was recording the interview. The BBC investigated but didn't take action.
In 2013 she produced and acted (playing herself) in her father Peter Davison's Doctor Who 50th Anniversary video, which was broadcast online. In one scene she is heavily pregnant eating ice cream with a stick of celery which spoofs the accessory her father famously wore as the Fifth Doctor. Her 11-year-old son Ty and 2-year-old daughter Olive both appeared, as did her ex-partner Adam Harvey, her close friend Olivia Darnley, and her friend and writing partner Christian Brassington. David Tennant did a small cameo as himself in a scene spoofing his famous workaholism where he is so busy filming he forgets his wife is pregnant and in labour. (doctorwho.com)
Georgia's relationship with her Where the Heart is co-star Adam Paul Harvey ended in 2006, contrary to some rumours he is not the father of her son. (georgiamoffett.co.uk)
She was born the day before her parents' sixth wedding anniversary.
Georgia's son was fathered by a waiter in a restaurant who she dated briefly when she was 16. She has never named him publicly, nicknaming him 'JD' whenever she gave interviews about him. However Ty's birth certificate data available on Ancestry.Com gives his father's surname as Martin.
Georgia bought her first house, in Teddington outside of London, after she split with boyfriend Adam Paul Harvey. She shared the house with her son and his live-in nanny Victoria. The house was painted entirely pink inside, apart from her son's bedroom. (http:)
After David Troughton, she is the second child of an actor who played the Doctor (Peter Davison) to have a speaking role in "Doctor Who" (1963) and/or "Doctor Who" (2005). She, the Doctor's daughter, played the titular part in "Doctor Who: The Doctor's Daughter (#4.6)" (2008) with David Tennant.
Georgia gave birth at 17, and for the first few years of her son's life, lived with her mother and a live-in nanny. She then moved in with boyfriend Adam Paul Harvey, who became a father to her son, retaining joint custody of him after they split. (http:)
Georgia's first television role was at the age of 14 as Nicki Davey in Peak Practice. (georgiamoffett.co.uk)
Georgia Moffett has revealed that she was punched in the face for real during the filming of Spooks: Code 9 - and was "pleased" by the experience.

The young actress, who plays psychology student Kylie in the futuristic show, told Digital Spy: "I got punched in the face! It was my fault though, because I was getting all like 'I wonder what it's like to be punched in the face?'

"Then after about two hours of shooting this scene I forgot to make eye contact with the guy, which is disastrous, and we misjudged where each other was and he just went [bang] at full pelt in my face."

Moffett, who recently starred in Doctor Who episode 'The Doctor's Daughter', confirmed that the footage of the punch made the final cut, saying: "It's in it! You can see the aftermath of it, which is me staggering around not knowing what's going on.

"We carried on, we're professional. It was fine! It's an experience that I'm quite pleased I had, because I wasn't punched in the face in an aggressive situation." (georgiamoffett.co.uk)
Is a keen amateur photographer, especially black and white photos.
Georgia has two half-brothers, Louis and Joel.
In January 2014 Georgia revealed that her children sleep under Doctor Who duvet covers and that their bedrooms are crammed full of Doctor Who toys and merchandise. When her daughter Olive was six months old she used to carry a Tenth Doctor doll (the character played by her father) around with her everywhere, until she bit its head off. (amazon.co.uk)

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