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Happy Birthday, Gina Gershon! - RACC (2 years ago)
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✦Natalie Jane✦
Happy Birthday to the ever so talented and wickedly gorgeous, Gina Gershon!!! - ✦Natalie Jane✦ (2 years ago)
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spacewoman reporter
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GINA GERSHON - 10. June 1962. Los Angeles, California, USA - spacewoman reporter (2 years ago)
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Nikki Graham
OMG! I am a straight woman and I would turn for Gina Gershon! LOLOL. Happy Birthday! - Nikki Graham (2 years ago)
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Ciara Pitts
Happy Birthday to Gina Gershon, who gave one of my favorite performances of all time in BOUND. - Ciara Pitts (3 years ago)
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Happy Birthday to the one and only Gina Gershon!!! - Tony (3 years ago)
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North Trenton (Teewhy Nyema)
Happy Birthday to Joao Gilberto, Mickey Jones, Jurgen Prochnow, Shirley Owens, Chantal Goya, Rick Price, Robert Wri - North Trenton (Teewhy Nyema) (3 years ago)
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Hot Celebs
Happy birthday mature beauty Gina Gershon - Hot Celebs (3 years ago)
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Happy birthday to Gina Gershon! Now playing \"Cocaine Mutiny,\" her episode of Cop Rock! - ScarecrowVideo (3 years ago)
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Cinema Sanctum
Happy birthday to Gina Gershon! - Cinema Sanctum (3 years ago)
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Happy 56th Birthday Gina Gershon!! - JMars (3 years ago)
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Jonathan SlashFrance
Happy birthday to Gina Gershon, Elizabeth Hurley, Judy Garland, Kate Upton, Vincent Perez, Prince Philip, Bill B - Jonathan SlashFrance (3 years ago)
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Юлиян Динев
Happy birthday Gina Gershon(born 10.5.1962) - Юлиян Динев (3 years ago)
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FREE Poetry Festival
Happy Birthday: Gina Gershon - FREE Poetry Festival (3 years ago)
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WILDsound Festival Review
Happy Birthday: Gina Gershon - WILDsound Festival Review (3 years ago)
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What the Shot?
Born on this day, Gina Gershon turns 56. Happy Birthday! What movie is it? 5 min to answer! - What the Shot? (3 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Gina Gershon 5-17-91. - MYPORNSTARS111 (3 years ago)
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Birthdays Of Pornstar
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GINA GERSON 17 may 1991 Age: 27 Birthplace: Russia Years active: 2012-2018 Ethnicity: Caucasian - Birthdays Of Pornstar (3 years ago)
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Frank Garcia
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GINA GERSHON!!!! - Frank Garcia (4 years ago)
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North Trenton
Happy Birthday to Tony Mundine, Garry Hynes, Rich Hall, Andrew Stevens, Yu Suzuki, Carlo Ancelotti, Kelley Deal, Kim Deal and Gina Gershon. - North Trenton (4 years ago)
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Alan PrepZilla
Sydfalcorules : Happy Birthday Gina Gershon! (6/10) Generates more heat on screen than almost any actress. See BOUND for a great, w - Alan PrepZilla (4 years ago)
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Sid Falco
Happy Birthday Gina Gershon! (6/10) Generates more heat on screen than almost any actress. See BOUND for a great, w - Sid Falco (4 years ago)
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06/10 Happy Birthday : Gina Gershon - MajorVoyeur (4 years ago)
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IMDb. June 10th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Gina Gershon (55) Tristin Mays (27) Bill Burr (49) DJ Qualls (39) Shane West (39) - GSmith (4 years ago)
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Hot Sauce
Happy Birthday to Gina Gershon who turns 55 today! - Hot Sauce (4 years ago)
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Movie Star Birthdays
Happy 55th birthday to Gina Gershon (actress) - Movie Star Birthdays (4 years ago)
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Sony Movie Channel
I think smart is sexy. We agree! Happy birthday Gina Gershon, star of COCKTAIL, SHOWGIRLS, BOUND, FACE/OFF and ma - Sony Movie Channel (4 years ago)
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Hoje 10/06 a atriz Gina Gershon completa 55 anos Happy Birthday Gina Gershon - purycosta (4 years ago)
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Old School 80s
Happy Birthday to Robert Pine(76), \'Salami\' Tim Van Patten(58), Karate Kid\'s Randee Heller(70), Gina Gershon(55) & Dan Fouts(66) - Old School 80s (4 years ago)
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Happy birthday Gina Gershon! - sirxtoz (4 years ago)
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JC Allen
Happy 55th Birthday Gina Gershon~~~I Don\'t Believe in Age | People via - JC Allen (4 years ago)
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Jamie Roxx
Happy Birthday. Today, June 10, 1962 Gina Gershon, American actress was born.... - Jamie Roxx (4 years ago)
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Today In History
Happy bday: Prince Phillip 96, F Lee Bailey 83, Andrew Stevens 62, Gina Gershon 55, Elizabeth Hurley 52, Leelee Sobieski 34, Kate Upton 25 - Today In History (4 years ago)
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paul cook
Happy Birthday Gina Gershon! - paul cook (4 years ago)
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Richard Marshall
Happy 55th birthday Gina Gershon, Showgirls, The Insider and Face/Off acting person. - Richard Marshall (4 years ago)
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Who\'s Dated Who
Happy 55th Birthday, Gina Gershon! - Gina Gershon turns 55 today! Happy Birthday! - Who\'s Dated Who (4 years ago)
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Richard M
Happy birthday Gina Gershon - Richard M (4 years ago)
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Happy birthday Gina Gershon, Jeanne Tripplehorn, DJ Qualls, Tristin Mays, Shane West, Elizabeth Hurley, Ben Daniels & Jonathan Bennett! - Rinsessa (4 years ago)
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The Midwest Monsters
Happy Birthday Gina Gershon - The Midwest Monsters (4 years ago)
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Happy Birthday: Gina Gershon - Popculturemadness (4 years ago)
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WILDsound Review
Happy Birthday: Gina Gershon - WILDsound Review (4 years ago)
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Thorsten Alteholz
Sat, 10 Jun 2017, let us all send Gina Gershon the best Happy Birthday wishes today ( (55) - Thorsten Alteholz (4 years ago)
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Happy 55th Birthday to actress Gina Gershon! - TReese82 (4 years ago)

59 years old (Born on June 10, 1962)

Actress; She is famous from The Insider, Showgirls.

Appeared in the 1984 video for Hello Again by The Cars. Attended Beverly Hills High School; the same school as Angelina Jolie, Michael Klesic, Nicolas Cage, Lenny Kravitz, David Schwimmer, Jonathan Silverman, Rhonda Fleming, Jackie Cooper, Rob Reiner, Bahar Soomekh, Antonio Sabato Jr., Pauly Shore, Michael Tolkin, Betty White, Corbin Bernsen, Elizabeth Daily, Albert Brooks, and Crispin Glover. Her favorite movies that she`s been in are Bound (1996) and The Player (1992). Cousin of Alan Elliott. Sister of Dann Gershon.

Gina Gershon's Best Moments

Happy 59th birthday to Gina Gershon
Happy Birthday to the daring, and always intriguing, Gina Gershon!
 Happy Birthday Gina Gershon!
Happy Birthday Gina Gershon!
Happy Birthday to show favorite, Gina Gershon!
Happy birthday gina gershon thank u for being so hot
Leelee Sobieski (1983)
June Haver (1926 2005)
Gina Gershon (1962)
Sessue Hayakawa (1889 1973)
Hoy cumple años la actriz Gina Gershon (59) Happy birthday ! Aquí mi Ranking:
gina gershon donatella versace 0
gina gershon 2013 1
Gina Gershon body 2
Gina Gershon body 3
gina gershon 2013 4
Gina Gershon new pic 5
gina gershon now 6
Gina Gershon celebrity 7
Gina Gershon new pic 8
Gina Gershon sexy 9
gina gershon 2012 10
Gina Gershon full body 11

Fun Facts About Gina Gershon

BFA in Drama - New York University, Tisch School of the Arts (1983).
Has a medieval axe tattooed on her right shoulder.
Co-wrote songs with Linda Perry for Prey for Rock & Roll (2003).
She is a founding member of the New York based theatre group, Naked Angels.
Recently sang with ex-Guns N` Roses members Slash, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum at the Sundance Festival (Jan 21st 2003).
When she was a little girl, she almost drowned looking for starfish on the beach.
Was born on the same day as actor Vincent Perez.
Played Lenny Kravitz`s girlfriend in his video for "Again". [2001]
Her last name was misspelled as "Gersohn" on her birth certificate.
BFA in Drama - New York University, Tisch School of the Arts (1983)
Before transferring to NYU, she attended Emerson College in Boston, alma mater of Henry Winkler and Jay Leno.
Her ethnic background is French, Russian, and Dutch.
The look of Electra Ovilo, a character from Cowboy Bebop: Tengoku no tobira (2001) is based on her.
Niece of Jack Elliott.
Actress Helen Slater is one of her friends; she helped her found The Naked Angels.
Declined to recreate the Sharon Stone leg crossing scene for director Paul Verhoeven in the movie Showgirls (1995).
She is the youngest of 5 children.
She graduated Beverly Hills High School in 1980. While there, she starred in a production of "The Music Man".
Attended high school with Lenny Kravitz.
Sister of Tracy Gershon, who is a judge on "Nashville Star" (2003) on the USA Network.
Was a California Valley Girl, moved to New York and tried to change her image.
The look of Electra Ovilo, a character from Kaubôi bibappu: Tengoku no tobira (2001) is based on her.
Recently said that she would love to run Playboy Magazine. She had offered to do a pictoral for them, but was disappointed with how Playboy wanted her to pose and withdrew her offer. When asked what she`d like to see done differently, she said that the magazine should return to a "hip 70s style".

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