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DFW Private Edu
Happy belated birthday Mr. Gregory Hines! Thank you for tap dancing your way into our and homes! - DFW Private Edu (7 months ago)
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Teewhy Nyema
And Happy Birthday to Hans-Adam II A.K.A. Prince of Liechtenstein, Rod Masterson (d. 2013), Bernard Dowiyogo (d. 20 - Teewhy Nyema (7 months ago)
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Rebel Love
Happy Bday to the amazing late Great Gregory Hines amazing dancer and actor S.I.P - Rebel Love (7 months ago)
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NYPL Dance Division
Happy Birthday Gregory Hines! Photo: Martha Swope - NYPL Dance Division (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Gregory Hines! - EOSOD (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday & Rest In Heaven Gregory Hines. - Rude89 (7 months ago)
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Hansom Ransom
Happy birthday Gregory Hines. - Hansom Ransom (7 months ago)
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Miss Rosen
Happy Birthday Gregory Hines ~*~ Photo: Gregory Hines in The Cotton Club, 1884. Might be an Adger Cowans photo .. - Miss Rosen (7 months ago)
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Brennan Parker
What s Valentine s Day? As far as I m concerned it is ValenHines Day. Happy Birthday Gregory Hines! - Brennan Parker (7 months ago)
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Turn Out Radio
Happy Birthday Gregory Hines! This week s Guest Hosts and Juliana Kelly discussed their love of Gr - Turn Out Radio (7 months ago)
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Ray Samuel Jr
Happy Valentines to all, glad to be celebrating it as it is my birthday. It\'s also a day I share with greats like - Ray Samuel Jr (7 months ago)
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The Musical Theater Project
Wishing the tap-dancing legend Gregory Hines a happy birthday! In 1992 he won the Tony Award for Best Actor in a Mu - The Musical Theater Project (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday Gregory Hines - J-CLICK吉野寧浩 (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday to tap dancer Gregory Hines! He was an honored guest at the 1996 Ruth Page Awards; we hear he treate - ChicagoDanceHistory (7 months ago)
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Leon Gaines
Happy birthday to the late great Gregory Hines... - Leon Gaines (7 months ago)
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Phil Dyess-Nugent
Happy birthday, Gregory Hines - Phil Dyess-Nugent (7 months ago)
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Alec Behan
Happy birthday to Simon Pegg, Freddie Highmore, Danai Gurira, Madison Iseman, Jake Weary, and the late Gregory Hine - Alec Behan (7 months ago)
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Kenneth Hanson
Happy Birthday Gregory Hines - Kenneth Hanson (7 months ago)
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Janine Bennett
Gregory Hines - That Girl Wants To Dance With Me via Happy 74th Birthday in Heaven - Janine Bennett (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday Gregory Hines - みすみ”Smilie”ゆきこ (7 months ago)
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Happy Belated Heavenly Birthday Gregory Hines. Continue to rest in eternal power. - PANTHER NEWSLETTER (1 year ago)
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Linda Sabatelli
February 14th, . Happy Birthday in Gregory Hines. You were all about and I miss - Linda Sabatelli (1 year ago)
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Despondent Knicks Fan
Happy 73rd bday to Gregory Hines... - Despondent Knicks Fan (1 year ago)
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Rap A Tap
Happy Birthday Gregory Hines! Celebrating a Tap Legend on this Valentine\'s Day with an iconic Gregory Riff! @ Rap A - Rap A Tap (1 year ago)
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Pamela Yasutake
Celebrating love, but more importantly celebrating Gregory Hines and Black History Month! Happy birthday G Hines! G - Pamela Yasutake (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday, Gregory Hines! - 細川慶太良 (1 year ago)
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Maurice Hines: Bring Them Back (movie)
Happy birthday to the late great Gregory Hines, your brother Maurice misses you dearly. [clip: The Hines Brothers p - Maurice Hines: Bring Them Back (movie) (1 year ago)
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While everyone is celebrating Valentines Day, we re celebrating Gregory Hines! Happy Birthday to the man who inspir - NCYTE (1 year ago)
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VNA Philly
Happy Valentine s Day! Black History Birthday Roll Frederick Douglass (1817) Abolitionist & writer Gre - VNA Philly (1 year ago)
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Lisa Bee
It is Valentines Day, but also... Gregory Hines birthday. You might say it is a... Happy Valen-Hines!! - Lisa Bee (1 year ago)
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Photo Larry ®
Happy Birthday RIP \"Jack Benny\"(Benjamin Kubelsky 1894 1974) Edward Platt(1916 1974) Victor Morrow(Morozoff 1929 19 - Photo Larry ® (1 year ago)
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Bushida Brown⛩
Happy Heavenly Birthday to this super talented man Gregory Hines - Bushida Brown⛩ (1 year ago)
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Tsunades Tiddies
Happy Heavenly Birthday to this super talented man Gregory Hines - Tsunades Tiddies (1 year ago)
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Tatianna Sims
Happy birthday to the one and only Gregory Hines! You are so dearly missed. - Tatianna Sims (1 year ago)
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Flow 40 Dance
Happy birthday to one of the greatest of all time...the late great Gregory Hines. @ New York, New York - Flow 40 Dance (1 year ago)
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Black Larry King
Roses are red Violets are blue Happy birthday Gregory Hines Running Scared is terrific! - Black Larry King (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to the legendary Gregory Hines !!! R.I.P. !!! - spexboogz (1 year ago)
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Orbit P.A. Academy
Happy Birthday to the Great Gregory Hines! - Orbit P.A. Academy (1 year ago)
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Bando O’York
Happy Birthday, Gregory Hines - Bando O’York (1 year ago)
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Perfect Pointe Springfield
Happy Birthday to the amazing Gregory Hines! - Perfect Pointe Springfield (1 year ago)
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Scott Owens
Happy Birthday to: Hugh Downs, 1921; Murray \"the K\" Kaufman, 1922 (d. 1982); Vic Morrow, 1929 (d. 1982); Florence H - Scott Owens (1 year ago)
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HAPPY BiRTHDAY Today & everyday February 14, 1946 Gregory Hines, American actor, singer, and dancer. - Lnego (1 year ago)
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Theatre Tap London
Happy Birthday to the one and only Gregory Hines!!!! And YES, we re doing a Gregory inspired class today!!! An incr - Theatre Tap London (1 year ago)
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Kracker Jones
Happy birthday Jack Benny(1894-1974)Gregory Hines(1946-2003)Meg Tilly(59)Florence Henderson(Brady Bunch)(1934-2016) - Kracker Jones (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday to Gregory Hines!!!! - KAZ TAP STUDIO (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday, Gregory Hines! - RACC (1 year ago)
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Danni Gee
This film is a forever favorite!!! Happy Birthday Misha and don\'t forget fam! The US Postal Service is releasing th - Danni Gee (1 year ago)
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DC Tap Fest
A BIG happy belated-birthday to the man himself: Gregory Hines If you don\'t know about him and his in - DC Tap Fest (2 years ago)

74 years old (Born on February 14, 1946)

The Cotton Club

Gregory Hines's Best Moments

Happy birthday, Gregory Hines (February 14, 1946 - August 9, 2003).

Here with Herbie Hancock in 1979.
Happy birthday, Gregory Hines. You are missed every day.
Happy birthday to Gregory Hines who guest starred as Ben Dusett on
Happy birthday GREGORY HINES!!
Happy Birthday to the late, great Gregory Hines!
Happy Birthday Gregory Hines.
Happy Birthday to my favorite tap dancer of all time, Gregory Hines!!
Happy Birthday to Gregory Hines!!!!
Happy birthday Gregory Hines.
Happy Birthday Gregory Hines! Photo: Martha Swope
Happy Birthday to Gregory Hines, who would have turned 71 today!

Gregory Hines 2/14/1945 - 8/9/2003
Happy Birthday Gregory Hines
Happy Birthday Jack Benny, Florence Henderson, Gregory Hines, and
One day late...Happy Tappy Birthdayyyyy!Gregory Hines!XD
Throwback - my mother & I circa 1998
Happy Birthday Gregory Hines!
Happy birthday Gregory Hines (214/46-8/3/9/03)
Happy birthday, gregory hines. you are a legend & still inspire us
Happy Birthday, Gregory Hines!
Happy birthday to the one and only Gregory Hines! You are so dearly missed.
Happy Heavenly Birthday to this super talented man Gregory Hines
Happy birthday, Gregory Hines
Happy Birthday Gregory Hines ~*~

Photo: Gregory Hines in The Cotton Club, 1884. Might be an Adger Cowans photo ..
Happy birthday  Gregory Hines
Happy Birthday Gregory Hines!
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