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Wendy Qualls
So if I were to spend my time productively by staying home and writing a smutty fanfic (thereby putti - Wendy Qualls (3 months ago)
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Dave Montenegro
Open-world Harry Potter game?! Happy birthday to me. - Dave Montenegro (3 months ago)
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bella ☁️
I remember when i was so obsessed with harry potter that when i wished ppl a happy birthday i would accidentally sa - bella ☁️ (3 months ago)
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bella ☁️ edtwt
I remember when i was so obsessed with harry potter that when i wished ppl a happy birthday i would accidentally sa - bella ☁️ edtwt (3 months ago)
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Those freaking Harry Potter readers! Happy birthday Joe Rogan - TheTwistedGrin (3 months ago)
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Nuno Neves
Happy Birthday Gin I hope Harry gives you a special day to you like usually does - Nuno Neves (3 months ago)
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Claudia Gschwendt
A very happy birthday to my favourite Harry Potter character! - Claudia Gschwendt (3 months ago)
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How\'s the leg?
Happy Birthday Ginny Weasley! I think what I didn\'t like about the Harry Potter films is that they didn\'t really do justice to Ginny. - How\'s the leg? (3 months ago)
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nina ‎⎊ || GINNY’S BDAY !! || hinny au!¡
______ ______ ______ ______ ______ Harry Potter happy birthday, to the on - nina ‎⎊ || GINNY’S BDAY !! || hinny au!¡ (3 months ago)
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nina ‎⎊ || GINNY’S BDAY !!
______ ______ ______ ______ ______ Harry Potter happy birthday, to the on - nina ‎⎊ || GINNY’S BDAY !! (3 months ago)
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______ ______ ______ ______ ______ Harry Potter happy birth - cah (3 months ago)
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cah | GINNY\'S BDAY !!!
______ ______ ______ ______ ______ Harry Potter happy birth - cah | GINNY\'S BDAY !!! (3 months ago)
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Mr. PoeticJoker
For my 30th birthday coming up, I did something I never thought I\'d do. I bought my first gaming pc, from NZXT. Got - Mr. PoeticJoker (3 months ago)
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Daniel Mc\'Conville
Happy 57th Birthday to J. K. Rowling. If it weren\'t for her, Harry Potter and the Wizarding World wouldn\'t exist. - Daniel Mc\'Conville (3 months ago)
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Single Dad’s Child
Love of my life s birthday is today. Fun fact her dog is my favorite human, she s obsessed with Harr - Single Dad’s Child (3 months ago)
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The Blender
Happy Birthday Harry Potter says a man to his partner - The Blender (3 months ago)
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Kim Iversen
That should have had a Harry Potter topper!! Happy birthday Robby!! - Kim Iversen (3 months ago)
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Harry Potter History - September 22nd (Happy Birthday Tom Felton) via - mintie (3 months ago)
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Spao x Harry Potter Happy Birthday Sweater * mention or dm * - ✿ིྀ (3 months ago)
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Chase Nghia Kelch
Happy Birthday Harry Potter. My birthday is fantasy movies and books. I don\'t like comedy movies. Anything? - Chase Nghia Kelch (3 months ago)
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Lisa Lee
Congratulations My daughter loves Harry Potter! She went with a friend in May and lo - Lisa Lee (3 months ago)
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Joseph Andrew Lyon
Happy Birthday best known as Cho Chang, that Beautiful Ravenclaw student and Harry Potter\'s love interest. - Joseph Andrew Lyon (3 months ago)
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Happy birthday to harry potter. love u - nour (3 months ago)
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kri is IA | XIAOJUN DAY ♡
Happiest birthday sa tatay ni bella, sa harry potter buddy ni ten, and the middle child, XIAOJUN! i love you!!!! - kri is IA | XIAOJUN DAY ♡ (3 months ago)
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Am not a pro at baking birthday cakes but think my granddaughter Amelia loved my attempt at Harry Potter theme lol - Dawn (3 months ago)
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Ken Sury
to see \"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1.\" Emboldened because it was my daughter\'s birthda - Ken Sury (3 months ago)
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I saw Harry Potter for the first time last year and became a big fan In fact, today i - AYANA (3 months ago)
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Ah Ah Stayin Alive
WTF HAPPY BIRTHDAY im acc so sad that universal here doesnt hve harry potter hogwarts - Ah Ah Stayin Alive (3 months ago)
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M. Jones
my birthday was the 31st. I went to borders books for a Harry Potter birthday celebration when I was 11 - M. Jones (3 months ago)
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Hogwarts Radio
Happy Birthday to our wonderful friends Celebrating 17 years of Harry Potter podcasting by raising a - Hogwarts Radio (3 months ago)
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At The Pier Arcade
Alejandro celebrated his birthday at our Carolina, PR location at Plaza Carolina! He chose a Harry Potter theme a - At The Pier Arcade (3 months ago)
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Dr Stuart Porter
How cool is this Harry Potter sorting hat cake? Happy birthday Jess and Alee - Dr Stuart Porter (3 months ago)
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Juli Grisel
HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU MARAUDERS/HARRY POTTER UNIVERSE EDITOR QUEEN! I hope you have an amazing day! - Juli Grisel (3 months ago)
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Juan :)
Dear , Hello, I\'m Juan :). I had recently discovered Harry Potter and I want to say you thanks. Also, - Juan :) (3 months ago)
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Happy birthday Harry Potter! We are waiting for a collaboratio - Klim (3 months ago)
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Kelly Parkinson
Wishing a Happy Birthday! While listening to a Harry Potter soundtrack, I wondered if the various song - Kelly Parkinson (3 months ago)
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Yeonhee from rocket punch wishing harry potter a happy birthday & spending her xmas watching it - linds (3 months ago)
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Happy birthday, Harry Potter!! - Veronica_123 (3 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Harry Potter - WAQAR.Q♥️ (3 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Harry Potter: Fans greet their favorite character on his 42nd birthday - BollyInside (3 months ago)
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David Quantick
And now a K Pop Harry Potter song - 9 And Three Quarters (Run Away) by TOMORROW X TOGETHER. Happy post-birthday - David Quantick (3 months ago)
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Kwanita Randle
Im a day late but happy belated birthday Harry Potter! - Kwanita Randle (4 months ago)
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Kennedy Middle School
Kennedy middle school wishes Harry Potter a very happy birthday!! Which house are you in? I m in Gryffindor House. - Kennedy Middle School (4 months ago)
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Happy birthday Harry Potter! - Nickolay (4 months ago)
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Екатерина Кернична
Happy birthday Harry Potter! I think maybe it would be better - Екатерина Кернична (4 months ago)
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Bruna Costa
Recently it was my best friend\'s birthday, Yan B. Happy Birthday to my great friend . Also, I do think that the - Bruna Costa (4 months ago)
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Rowena Darknight
\"Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.\" ~Albus Dumbled - Rowena Darknight (4 months ago)
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Hi I really like ur harry potter books i want to read it but its very expensive in india anyways happy birthday. - sachin (4 months ago)
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Junio Medeiros
Happy birthday, Harry Potter! - Junio Medeiros (4 months ago)
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Ishaan Tiwari
Happy 42nd Birthday to Harry Potter!! - Ishaan Tiwari (4 months ago)

42 years old (Born on July 28, 1980)

British, Magician; He is famous from All 7 book about Harry Potter..

Harry Potter's Best Moments

Happy birthday to the queen of spanish and all things harry potter. Happy Birthday Lauri!
Happy Birthday Harry Potter  Which of his years at Hogwarts is your favorite?
Happy birthday, Daniel Radcliffe. We hope it s magical!
Happy Birthday Harry Potter!
/wzd Happy Birthday, Harry Potter a.k.a \The Boy Who Lived\
Happy 33rd birthday to Harry Potter\s very own \Ron Weasley\, Rupert Grint.
 Happy birthday, Harry Potter! En colaboración con  y
Happy 7th birthday to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Diagon Alley!
Happy 10th Birthday to the beautiful, dark masterpiece that is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
HAPPY BIRTHDAY  Harry Potter & J.K.Rowling
  Harry James Potter nació el 31 de julio de 1980 en la ciudad de Godric\s Hollow !! Happy Birthday Harry Potter
Happy birthday Leigha! Love you lots  (ps, thanks for always fangirling over Harry Potter w me)
Happy Birthday Harry Potter July 31, 1980
 Happy birthday to Daniel Radcliffe  who portrayed Harry Potter himself in the films!
I m right we re i belong happy birthday to me i will always be a kid to Harry Potter.
Happy birthday to me! Sox trophies and Harry Potter at Fenway park!
Happy birthday Harry Potter, you made the world better when you came to be
Happy birthday ulit dodong ag Harry potter Ng flyer at ni meridil
Happy birthday!!!
       Harry Potter
Happy Birthday Harry Potter!(<   )
Happy Birthday to the man who made my childhood incredible Harry Potter
Happy Birthday dan 
Always my best actor  and harry Potter
Happy birthday to Harry Potter
Happy Birthday Harry Potter
How cool is this Harry Potter sorting hat cake? Happy birthday Jess and Alee
 then and now! Happy Birthday! Who is your favorite character in \"Harry Potter\"?
Small doodles for ^^ Happy birthday Harry Potter!
Happy 20th birthday to HARRY  POTTER ,
13 Harry Potter Quotes ~>
Happy 20th birthday harry potter and the chamber of secrets!!
Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliffe! No one can replace you as Harry potter
Happy 33rd Birthday to Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter.
Happy Harry Potter birthday to our wonderful team member Troy Gunter! really appreciates all you do.
 Happy birthday! Love the Harry Potter cake!!
Happy Happy Birthday harry potter.
   Happy birthday Mr. Harry Potter
Happy Birthday Harry Potter!

Artwork by
Happy 20th Birthday, Harry Potter!
Happy 7th birthday to our William. A day out in Harry Potter land awaits
Happy Birthday, Harry Potter! -
A Happy birthday to Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter).
Happy Birthday My \"Harry Potter\" 

Love Taylor Swift
Happy birthday to the boy ,who lived,our hero,Harry Potter!
Happy Birthday & Harry Potter!
Happy National Avocado Day / Harry Potter\s Birthday...
Happy Wednesday! Just a friendly reminder from JK Rowling of Harry Potter fame on her birthday.
Happy Birthday Harry Potter
Happy 12th birthday to my Harry Potter crazy Emma
Happy Birthday Harry Potter!!!   .
Thanks for making Harry Potter
Happy Birthday Katynne Summer!! I Enjoyed Parting With You Harry Potter Style This Evening Big Girl!!
Happy birthday to our Harry Potter! Enjoy a magical day!   :)
Happy birthday, Harry Potter!
Happy 41st birthday, Harry Potter!
Happy birthday to Harry Potter I can\t believe that this little shit with a scar defeated the Dark Lord.
Finally got to visit the new Harry Potter store in NYC. Happy Birthday weekend to Harry!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY    You are the perfect Luna in Harry Potter, you are Luna Have a great day
 Them pics give me old harry Potter vibes lol happy birthday scump!
Its my friends birthday they got Harry Potter wands there is Hermione\s and Ginny\s. Wish them a happy birthday!!!
 - when its your 8th birthday and all you want is Harry Potter. Happy birthday Arabella
Happy 33th Birthday the wizard  Daniel Radcliffe Harry Potter .
Harry Potter Family Birthday Fun!!! Sunday July 31st! Happy Birthday Harry!
               !!! Happy birthday, Harry Potter !!!
Happy (almost) Birthday Harry Potter!
Happy Birthday Harry Potter
 Happy Birthday Harry Potter
Wishing Harry Potter a very happy birthday from Keya
Happy birthday to Harry Potter
Got my crush to say happy bday to harry potter im happy
Happy birthday loml, harry potter
El niño que vivió.
Happy birthday Harry Potter
Ah crap, it\s already August 1st... Happy (late) birthday, Harry Potter!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRY POTTER!! Born on July 31! In honor of Harry\s birthday, invisibility cloaks are half off.
Happy 42nd Birthday to Harry Potter!!
Happy Birthday best known as Cho Chang, that Beautiful Ravenclaw student and Harry Potter\s love interest.
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