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YESSSSS. Just drifting off and then Remember that time at Harry Potter world where one of the host - Hollie (6 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to one of my favorite character in Harry Potter and also known as Luna Lovegood .Happy Birthday Evan - pocahontas (6 months ago)
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Erin Bussey
Come home from a bday party at 8 pm on this lovely cool fall feeling Saturday and max and Zack are snuggled up snoo - Erin Bussey (6 months ago)
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Nazmul Islam Lizan
Happy Birthday Evanna Lynch You are always an inspiration to me from the very beginning of Luna Lovegood [Harry P - Nazmul Islam Lizan (6 months ago)
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Al Sussman
Happy 85th Birthday to actor/singer/Harry Potter narrator Jim Dale: - Al Sussman (6 months ago)
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GANHEI UM BOLO IGUAL DO HARRY POTTER, to feliz Happy Birthday to me - Samshine (6 months ago)
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How to be a dad
This will be truer and truer as time passes. Happy Birthday, Harry Potter! - How to be a dad (6 months ago)
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Elena Gilbert stan
slayer-the: He couldn t know that at this very moment, people meeting in secret all over the country were holding - Elena Gilbert stan (6 months ago)
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Jack Rice
Happy birthday my man, dont forget to do you yearly pvp quota with the birthday bear downs. Any - Jack Rice (6 months ago)
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Mr Mason (JP)
The most important question though... if Carlsberg did Harry Potter? Happy birthday - Mr Mason (JP) (6 months ago)
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The Resident Rulebreakers Podcast
During this week s podcast, we discuss one of our favorite Bell scenes, the end of 2.16 when he cleans the OR. It b - The Resident Rulebreakers Podcast (6 months ago)
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Middlebrow Fuck-Up
Got the Harry Potter books bc my girlfriend has been begging me to read them for years but also got three more book - Middlebrow Fuck-Up (6 months ago)
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Wasn t happy birthday Harry potters? But no not the Harry Potter one. The one with the monster mash in it - DominiqueM (6 months ago)
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Finn Finn
I remember my first read through Harry Potter. I was so in love with Ginny\'s character. Little 11 y - Finn Finn (6 months ago)
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As I recall, Harry Potter is a muggle. I am a muggle, too. 12 Harry Potter facts you probably didn\'t know, for Po - Marleen (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday i love you and i miss you and i cant wait to rewatch harry potter with you - sm (6 months ago)
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Princess Consuela
Si o si vieron en redes sociales Happy birthday Harry Potter y pensaron en el libro y no en el personaje - Princess Consuela (6 months ago)
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The Harry Potter Alliance
Happy birthday to our fave rebellion-leading Quidditch queen, Ginny Weasley! In honor of her birthday, we\'re taki - The Harry Potter Alliance (6 months ago)
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You don t understand how fucking happy I am tbat my sister bought me a Harry Potter charm for bracelet for my birthday - Maya (6 months ago)
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It was wonderful to see some happy faces in the Forum this weekend for a magical Harry Potter themed birthday party - [email protected] (6 months ago)
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Medical Marijuana Program Connection
Billy changed law to legalise medical cannabis NHS still won\'t let give him it As Harr - Medical Marijuana Program Connection (6 months ago)
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Happy Birthday DJ XIAO!! aaaaa semoga kita bisa nobar harry potter bareng *maap halu* suksess terus di WayV - araa (6 months ago)
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Global Initiative for Boys and Men
Millions of boys and girls enjoy reading because of your books. When I taught English, Harry Potter re - Global Initiative for Boys and Men (6 months ago)
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Yena $
HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIYYYYYY Semogaaaaaaa selalu sukses untuk unni ya!! Terima kasi - Yena $ (6 months ago)
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Hiat$u Yena
HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIYYYYYY Semogaaaaaaa selalu sukses untuk unni ya!! Terima kasi - Hiat$u Yena (6 months ago)
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Harry potter HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRENTON - gabi (6 months ago)
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The Medical Marijuana Blog
Billy changed law to legalise medical cannabis NHS still won\'t let give him it As Harr - The Medical Marijuana Blog (6 months ago)
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josie\'s property?¿
Happy birthday to the best harry potter out there. ur great, bell. never forget it - josie\'s property?¿ (6 months ago)
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wells ?¿
Happy birthday to the best harry potter out there. ur great, bell. never forget it - wells ?¿ (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday to my Leo sister & Harry Potter partner in crime ! enjoy your day babe! - A. (6 months ago)
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Wizard_Woman 06
Happy birthday little man. You\'ll defeat Harry Potter one day lol - Wizard_Woman 06 (6 months ago)
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Happy bday to my little muffin, well now u are a big man, but happy bday to my favorite fan of harry potter ilysm a - ˣⁱᵐᵉ (6 months ago)
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Hoje é dia do nenê mais fofo desse mundo! Feliz aniversário para o maior fã de Harry Potter, cantor, compositor e i - raquel (6 months ago)
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⟭⟬ ChiminBiased ⁷ ⟭⟬
HAPPY BIRTHDAY I still don t think ur 22 and are using some Harry Potter magic shit to just not age but - ⟭⟬ ChiminBiased ⁷ ⟭⟬ (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday to the idiot who said out of all the things hes done in life he would forget the harry potter books - cait (6 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Katie Leung She played Cho Chang in the Harry Potter film series. - Nafa (6 months ago)
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Dramione & Feltson Enthusiast
Happy Birthday to our beautiful Katie Leung (she played Cho Chang in Harry potter) - Dramione & Feltson Enthusiast (6 months ago)
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Harry Potter singing happy birthday to himself in the cabin with the Dursley s - land_is_bright (6 months ago)
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Alexis West
I\'ve just thought it\'s the Harry Potter game with the really terrible \"music\" on the handheld I sent. Again Happy Birthday! - Alexis West (6 months ago)
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Deepanjan Sengupta
Never been a fan of Harry Potter series. Happy Birthday wishes by the way! - Deepanjan Sengupta (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday to our dyno It\'s always refreshing to see him. The Harry Potter parody is forever ic - Emm (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday to my harry potter. stay healthy and i love u <3 - maalll (6 months ago)
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Brandon Katz
Happy birthday to Michael Shannon, a chameleonic performer that can tackle psychotically intense villains, loving f - Brandon Katz (6 months ago)
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Kris Stafford
Happy Birthday Reby!!! (She said Harry Potter. ) - Kris Stafford (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday, I will always support u. Thanks for Harry Potter, it really changed my generation in Ch - 念情 (6 months ago)
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Science Faction Pod
Ben\'s mom shares a birthday with Harry Potter, so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN\'S MOM! Share with your friend - Science Faction Pod (6 months ago)
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Gregory Thomas
Happy birthday If it wasn\'t for your awesome Harry Potter books, I wouldn\'t be an author to - Gregory Thomas (6 months ago)

40 years old (Born on July 28, 1980)

British, Magician; He is famous from All 7 book about Harry Potter..

Harry Potter's Best Moments

Happy birthday, Harry Potter! Here 10 of the Most Heartwarming Moments from the Series
Happy birthday, Daniel Radcliffe. We hope it s magical!
Happy Birthday to Predrag Bjelac! He played Igor Karkaroff in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Film.
Happy birthday Harry Potter, the boy who lived
Happy 40th birthday to Harry Potter the boy who lived!
Happy Birthday to Harry Potter himself, mister Daniel Radcliffe! You\re a wizard, Harry!
Happy Birthday to Mr. Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe!
Happy birthday to Daniel Radcliffe. 

Seen here as Harry Potter in and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.
Happy Birthday to star Daniel Radcliffe!

Which Harry Potter film is your favorite?
Happy Book Birthday to CHANGES IN LATITUDES by - sharing it at Harry Potter World for its release!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOJO JOJO!!! Hope you have a great day full of Harry Potter, Coffee, and Veggie Straws! Love you
Happy Birthday To The Legendary and Talented Daniel Radcliffe The King of Harry Potter
Happy Birthday HARRY POTTER
Happy birthday to Caps/LoL/Harry Potter superfan and Onslaught s own
Everyone using Disney gifs and Harry Potter gifs to wish me a happy birthday
Happy 9th Birthday to my little Harry Potter fan!
Happy birthday Leigha! Love you lots  (ps, thanks for always fangirling over Harry Potter w me)
Happy birthday to my ski hating, Harry Potter loving, most handsome love
Happy birthday to my Harry Potter loving and one of the most funny people I ve ever met!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY I love you more than Troy Bolton dressed as Harry Potter watching The Office
Happy Birthday
Harry Potter
Hedwigs Theme
Miss you
Happy birthday to one of the most underrated actors (even tho he was literally harry potter) ilysm king
Happy Birthday you Harry Potter-loving psychopatch
   Happy Birthday to Harry Potter!
I m right we re i belong happy birthday to me i will always be a kid to Harry Potter.
Anw happy birthday grandma (oofff look at those harry potter vans   ) i l*ve you
Happy birthday to meeeeeeee. Harry Potter tour.
Happy 55th Birthday to David Heyman! He produced all the eight Harry Potter films.
Happy birthday ulit dodong ag Harry potter Ng flyer at ni meridil
Happy 31st Birthday to Daniel Radcliffe, for me \"Harry Potter\".
Happy 4th birthday Jensen Having fun with cousin Tenzin potter
Harry Potter made me believe that grp of three frnd can change d world.. Happy bday miss julio
My yearly tradition a little late. happy birthday harry potter
Happy birthday to the biggest Harry Potter fan I know   Hope you\re having a fabulous day
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my fav Harry Potter look a like!!!! Hope it\s good, love ya
Happy Birthday to Mr. Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe!
Happy birthday to the most underrated & under appreciated character on Harry Potter.
Happy Birthday to my Harry Potter, cat, and music loving girl!
Happy birthday Daniel Radcliffe! you\ll always be our HARRY POTTER
 Happy birthday Harry Potter
Happy Birthday to Harry Potter!
Happy Birthday, Harry Potter Who else is a big fan?
Happy birthday to our very own Harry Potter
Small doodles for ^^ Happy birthday Harry Potter!
Happy 20th birthday to HARRY  POTTER ,
Happy bday to my fellow Harry Potter fan Hope you had a great day!!
Happy belated birthday to the Harry Potter series btw
Happy bday to this crazy Harry Potter lovin chick!  ps I\m older than you
 happy birthday!!! Harry Potter is the shit  and will always be
Happy birthday to my favorite Harry Potter loving Murderino, I love you beyond words.
Happy bday to the best gay harry potter impersonator i\ve met!!!
Happy early birthday Harry Potter !! Best movies and books ever!!!
Happy birthday J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter by buying a 20 years of Harry Potter.
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY FT. THE MOST ICONIC VIDEO EVER ( i\m on this harry potter book now pray for me)
13 Harry Potter Quotes ~>
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SETH ily and promise we will finish Harry Potter this semester have a fantastic day
Happy 20th birthday harry potter and the chamber of secrets!!
Mi Harry Potter hoy cumple 29 años! ¡Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliffe!
JK Rowling\s 13 Snarkiest messages: From Trump Burns to a Fan Clapback (Photos)
Happy Birthday Harry Potter! I will be Celebrating at Midnight, watching SyFy Channel.
24-Stunden-Marathon im Mathser: Happy Birthday: Harry Potter wird 20!
Happy birthday Daniel Radcliffe, our one and only Harry Potter
Happy birthday Harry Potter!
Happy 39th birthday to The Boy Who Lived!
Happy Birthday to Harry potter
Happy Birthday Daniel
 Our Harry Potter
Happy Birthday Harry potter  Childhood hero
Happy Birthday!! Daniel Radcliffe   thanks for playing Harry Potter!  love you so much!!
Happy birthday, (Photo: Harry Potter World Record Attempt at
Man, I almost forgot to wish Harry Potter a happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday, Harry.
Happy BIRTHDAY to JK Rowling and Harry Potter
Happy Birthday Harry Potter up to 40 years old        !!
This will be truer and truer as time passes. Happy Birthday, Harry Potter!
Happy 20th Birthday, Harry Potter!
 Happy Birthday Dobby! 
Heres a gift!
Happy birthday, Harry!! Famished for Fiction Harry Potter day!!
Happy Birthday Harry Potter beyyyy
 Happy birthday from Harry Potter
Happy Birthday (aka Harry Potter) >
Happy birthday Tom!!    wouldn\t want to send Harry Potter messages back and forth with anyone else
Happy Birthday to the one and only Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter
Happy (Late) Birthday Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe)!. :)
TWEEN TIME | Happy Birthday Harry Potter! July 27 at 1 PM
Happy birthday Scarlett! The Harry Potter sorting hat!    # Harry Potter Hat
Happy 7th birthday to our William. A day out in Harry Potter land awaits
Omg Harry Potter doormat on daily deals! Happy (early) birthday to meeeeee!
Happy birthday to the wonderful and our favorite sorcerer, Harry Potter
The boy who lived...will live forever.Happy Birthday Harry Potter.
Happy (Belated) Birthday, Harry Potter
Happy belated Birthday to my favourite Harry Potter character Ginny Weasley
Happy Birthday, Harry Potter! -
Happy Birthday to aka Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter franchise!
Wishing a very happy birthday today! Time for Harry Potter themed cake!
Happy Birthday Harry Potter
Happy birthday to such an amazing actor 
Harry Potter
Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliffe! Thank you for being our Harry Potter!
Happy birthday HArrY POtTer
Happy Birthday (best known as in the Harry Potter films.
Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliffe. Thank you for making my childhood awesome by bringing Harry Potter to life
JK Rowling s 13 Snarkiest messages: From Trump Burns to Fan Clapback (Photos)
20 amazing years of Harry Potter. Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday Harry Potter
 A Very Happy Birthday To Harry Potter - The Boy Who Lived and The Chosen One!!!
Happy Birthday, Harry Potter Always miss you
Happy Belated Birthday to Harry Potter. Sincerely, a distracted Ravenclaw
Happy Birthday to Harry Potter and JK Rowling
Happy 26th birthday my Harry Potter loving nerd. I love you so much thanks for being my husband
Happy Birthday to me! In England til Saturday. Harry Potter Studio tour
Happy 20th Birthday to my favourite Harry Potter book, PoA
Happy 20th birthday to the best harry potter
It\s Potter Time! Check out Harry\s Birthday Events!
Happy Birthday sa nag-iisang ala Harry Potter ni Maymay...
Happy birthday Harry Potter.He was born as the Chosen One today
A Happy birthday to Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter).
Happy Birthday My \"Harry Potter\" 

Love Taylor Swift
And Happy Birthday Harry Potter
Happy birthday to Harry Potter
Happy birthday Harry Potter
Happy birthday to the boy ,who lived,our hero,Harry Potter!
Happy Birthday & Harry Potter!
Happy National Avocado Day / Harry Potter\s Birthday...
Happy Wednesday! Just a friendly reminder from JK Rowling of Harry Potter fame on her birthday.
Happy Birthday Harry Potter
 my childhood, happy birthday best wizard harry potter /*
Happy birthday Harry Potter
Happy birthday Harry Potter and
We\re, like, soooo Ravenclaw. Happy birthday, Harry Potter!
Happy birthday harry potter
Happy birthday ya filthy muggle Harry Potter greetings card
 Happy Birthday from Germany & many Thanks for your Art in Harry Potter
 Happy Birthday Harry Potter
Meh ...uhm I drew me and Harry Potter huh this Sunday is her birthday ! Happy Birthday Harry Potter!
Happy Birthday to one of our favorite clients, Harry Potter.
I feel so old. happy birthday harry potter, my childhood crush!
Happy birthday Harry Potter
Amamos Harry Potter Happy Birthday
Happy 40th birthday to Harry Potter.
Belated happy birthday, Harry Potter
Happy birthday Harry Potter!
I missed Harry Potter s 40th birthday. 

Happy birthday, Harry!
Happy birthday percy,,
percy jackson>> harry potter
You ever been so high you wished someone HARRY POTTER!!! instead of HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ??? No? Me either.
harry potter world 0
harry potter books 1
harry potter logo 2
harry potter logo 3

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