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ha your funny how bout no i will do it later
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As passes it\'s 5th birthday, we look back on and ambitious teaser that - Respawning (4 days ago)
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Happy birthday Mikami-san the god of game industry - ALBERT WESKER (1 week ago)
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Happy 25th birthday to Policenauts! As the spiritual successor to Snatcher, Konami and Hideo Kojima would once aga - Allie-RX (2 weeks ago)
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My first game, with mouse looking. Happy Birthday - starswarschik (3 weeks ago)
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Richard Griffiths
\"Ladies and Gentlemen, It\'s the Payne in the butt.\" \"Payne - Richard Griffiths (3 weeks ago)
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Layna Lazar
Dear Mr. , it\'s one of your biggest fans birthday today- <3 Do you think you can give - Layna Lazar (11 months ago)
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Colin McNeil
my birthday is today and MGS5 just wished my happy birthday! I would be incredibly happy if I got - Colin McNeil (11 months ago)
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The Scheming Skeleton
Happy birthday fellow Sept.9th birthday fellow! - The Scheming Skeleton (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday from my cat who turn the box upside down alone. When I saw it, I thought of my fail - Gandolfo (11 months ago)
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Ω Garl
20 years ago, a man made a game. Probably the most important ever created. It changed the way I saw video games, an - Ω Garl (11 months ago)
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Kieran Jones
Songs my of life day 5/7. Another composer today, Tappi Iwasi, who composed for the greatest video producer ever - Kieran Jones (11 months ago)
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Happy birthday boss! - retro_geek_81 (11 months ago)
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Nick Sanders
Happy birthday! Love your games. Thank you! - Nick Sanders (11 months ago)
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One of my all time favourites and d - chaoswolf89 (11 months ago)
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Shady The Abysswalker
Happy birthday to Happy birthday to one of my favourite games of all time, and one of the best vide - Shady The Abysswalker (11 months ago)
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Edgar Velasco
Happy 20th Birthday .To celebrate this amazing series, here is a Retro VGM Revival Hour Episode ded - Edgar Velasco (11 months ago)
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The Phase of Ace
A day late but happy 20th birthday to one of the GOAT, Metal Gear Solid. A classic game that influenced gaming to t - The Phase of Ace (11 months ago)
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Not too late to snek it in. But 20 years ago my favorite game ever came out. Happy 20th Birthday To METAL GEAR SOLI - sas (11 months ago)
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The Masked Frank
Forgot to wish a happy birthday to a big part of me and who I am today... thank you for the gift - The Masked Frank (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Metal Gear Solid! I was eight when this game came out and I\'ve been a huge fan ever since. I specifi - LukerDuke (11 months ago)
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Eliot: A Feral Hipster
Happy 20th birthday MGS1 Thank you (and also for the dope shirt) - Eliot: A Feral Hipster (11 months ago)
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Aum Tobia
Thanks to 20 years ago I got to play what would become my favorite game of all time. Happy Birthd - Aum Tobia (11 months ago)
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TheRealA.T. l||l
Happy 20th birthday to one of the greatest video games of all time! - TheRealA.T. l||l (11 months ago)
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Happy 20th Birthday - FLU (11 months ago)
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On this day 20 years ago I was lucky enough to play what was to become a legendary franchise. Thanks to - lxSNAK3xI (11 months ago)
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Kenny Heard
Happy 20th Birthday, Metal Gear Solid! An incredible saga that holds a solid, well-deserved place in my heart. To - Kenny Heard (11 months ago)
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Uelelí Studio
The feelings, the characters, the plot, everything in this game created by was wonderful! Happy 20 - Uelelí Studio (11 months ago)
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HD ajmccoy
Happy 20th birthday to Metal gear solid and thank you for your work on the amazing ip. - HD ajmccoy (11 months ago)
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Thom Peart
Happy 20th birthday to one of the best games ever made. After all these years it still holds up! - Thom Peart (11 months ago)
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Leonardo Oliveira
Snake. What was she fighting for? What am I fighting for? What are YOU fighting for?? If we make it through thi - Leonardo Oliveira (11 months ago)
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B E A N Z | Living My Best Life Right Now!
Happy 20th birthday to one of the greatest games ever made Thank you for this gam - B E A N Z | Living My Best Life Right Now! (11 months ago)
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Pushale Start
Around 6 years ago, came to Mexico to give autographs. I was violently ill, but went anyway for th - Pushale Start (11 months ago)
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CJ Wang
1 Happy 20 years old birthday for Metal Gear Solid 1. - CJ Wang (11 months ago)
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David Pinyol
My 16 year old son made this video for you to congratulate the 20th MGS anniversary. Happy birthda - David Pinyol (11 months ago)
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Soko le Guerrier (634双5)
Tu. Tu. Tu. Tu-tu-tu. Tu. Tu. Tu. Tu-tu-tu. Happy 20th birthday MGS ! - Soko le Guerrier (634双5) (11 months ago)
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Happy 20th birthday to one of many masterworks: Metal Gear Solid, a title which inspired me to w - Schlock (11 months ago)
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Happy birthday master. Two days ahead will be my day too. =D - foguinho (11 months ago)
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Damoun Shabs
Flashback Friday and Happy belated Birthday to the one and only, Hope you had a great birthday week, - Damoun Shabs (11 months ago)
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Happy birthday konami - Bestgamer-1st (11 months ago)
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Happy birthday and many more! - TurboAngst (11 months ago)
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sarah capel
can I ask you to make a sign that says \"Happy Birthday Xopher\" and message it or send it to me pleas - sarah capel (11 months ago)
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Michael Demicoli
Happy birthday Hideo! - Michael Demicoli (11 months ago)
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haniche said
Happy birthday Boss! thanks for illuminating our life. - haniche said (11 months ago)
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Guido Russo Heck
Happy Birthday LEGEND !!! - Guido Russo Heck (11 months ago)
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Sam Bluehawk
Happy Birthday Hideo Kojima! - Sam Bluehawk (11 months ago)
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Jorge Huerta
You are an inspiration. Happy birthday, and thank you for sharing such incredible stories through your games. - Jorge Huerta (11 months ago)
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Happy birthday bro. - The-notorious-guy. (11 months ago)
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Never played any MGS before, i think it s finally time! happy late birthday - sloppypapa (11 months ago)
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Babylon Otaking
Kojima, I\'m a bit late on this, I didn\'t want to simply tell you happy birthday this year. Even if I\' - Babylon Otaking (11 months ago)
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Epic Gamers
Happy Birthday oldtimer! - Epic Gamers (11 months ago)

55 years old (Born on August 24, 1963)

A game director of Kojima Productions who has created games such as Zone of the Enders. He served as the VP of Konami Digital Entertainment in 2011.

Hideo Kojima's Best Moments

 Happy birthday Kojima-san! A special message from the smartest man in all the realms
Happy birthday BOSS! Thank you for all the greatness!
 Happy birthday my friend!
Happy birthday to May we all age as gracefully.
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday!
Kata Pucchi sih gini, happy bday HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN
Happy birthday !!!
Happy birthday,
Happy 54th Birthday, Hideo Kojima!
((Today is  54th birthday. Happy birthday Boss!))
 Happy Birthday Mr. Kojima!
A little drawing of ~ Happy Birthday , Boss. Thank you for being such an inspiration to us!
Make sure to wish a happy birthday! The visionary is now 54 years young!
Happy birthday hideo kojima! Thank you for creating some of the greatest video games of all time!!
Happy 54th birthday  HIDEO KOJIMA
  Happy birthday ! :3
                Happy birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday Big Boss!!
Happy 19th birthday to my favourite game of all time by
No de hoje.... Happy Birthday
  Happy birthday toooh\OE\ehoe youuu, happy birthday too\OE\hooe you, HAPPY BIRTH.....oh.
Happy birthday,  ! Meeting you was an absolute career highlight
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday,  Hideo Kojima  !
Happy 20th birthday MGS1  Thank you (and also for the dope shirt)
  Happy birthday Boss! 082463...062483...204863
 Happy Birthday BIG BOSS
 Happy birthday
Happy Birthday
From Córdoba Argentina, Happy Birthday to the one and only   !!!
Happy Birthday
How can we forget those numbers?
Happy Birthday Mr. !
 happy birthday dear from Saudi Arabia
Happy birthday, We\re all very excited to play Norman Reedus and the Funky Fetus.
Happy Birthday  from
Happy Birthday
 Genius are born 24th August. Happy birthday to us.
  Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to the amazing the lad doesn t look a day over 40. Must be Nanomachines.
Happy birthday!!
Happy birthday, Boss!
 Happy birthday BOSS!
Happy 54th anniversary to the Virtuous Mission and 55th birthday to today!
Happy Birthday Boss
Happy Birthday, Mr. Kojima!
Happy birthday to  ! Looking forward to the day that Death Stranding come out!
 happy birthday Mr.KOJIMA
Happy birthday Kojima-san.
 Happy birthday boss thank you for mgs series again and you carry on being creative!
 happy birthday for you and me (i born 24 august too) and in big boss memory at the cold war ^^
 Excellent Kojima, age hasn\t slowed you down one bit.

Happy Birthday to you Big Boss!
Happy Birthday and here\s to you Mister never stop making art
Happy birthday BOSS!
 Happy Birthday! Kojima-san
 Happy Birthday Boss!
Happy Birthday!
 Happy birthday Mr. Kojima
 Happy Birthday!!!
 Happy Birthday. You are inspiring a lot of People. Keep working hard at
 Happy birthday to the legend who made Metal Gear solid part of my childhood. Salute
 happy birthday
 Happy birthday and I already wish to welcome Brazil ahead of time.
 Happy Birthday Boss
Happy Birthday to one of my biggest influences
 Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday to Mr.
  Happy Birthday, Kojima-san!  You\re an inspiration for me.
 Happy birthday i tried packing you a present but it ran away.
 Happy bday  ....... or, Carl??
 Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Boss !!!
 Happy birthday Mr Kojima
Happy birthday to the legend himself:
 Happy birthday Hideo Kojima, thanks for the hours of fun and joy
  Happy birthday! Five years ago you signed this! It sits on my wall of inspiration!
 Happy birthday day Mr.kojima sir
 happy birthday !!!!
 Happy birthday Boss!!
 Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday Kojima san
  Happy birthday, Master
@ Happy birthday Hideo, thank you for all the memories.
Happy birthday to  Thanks for all the artwork since 1986.   greetings from Chile
Happy birthday and thank you for being one of my biggest influences.
Probably late but dont care happy birthday to the man behind the awesomeness game series thank you
 Boss, happy birthday
 Happy Birthday! You\re one of my biggest inspirations to develop my own games. Enjoy your day!
 happy bday!! Thanks for years of great games
 Happy birthday man!
 Happy birthday!
 Happy Birthday, Kojima!
 Happy birthday boss !
 Happy Birthday Boss
To the most creative mind in the gaming industry, happy birthday!
Happy Birthday!
 Happy birthday Boss!
Happy Birthday
To my biggest inspiration! Happy Birthday Boss! :)
Happy birthday before Metal Gear Solid I thought games made themselves somehow.
Happy Birthday Kojima-san Never stop making games, we will support you always
Happy Birthday !!
 Happy birthday :)
 Happy Birthday to the man who created my favorite game series of all time.
 Happy Birthday to you Mr. Kojima
 Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to Hideo Kojima! The director of my favorite video game franchise.
 Happy birthday Hideo! Thank you for your dedication <3
 Happy birthday Master Hideo Kojima !
Happy birthday, Maestro!
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Enjoy your Brírthday cake!
Join us in saying happy birthday to the BIG BOSS himself,
Happy Birthday ... the man who change my game experience with
  Happy Birthday Mr.Kojima!
 Happy birthday,may death stranding be a great success
 happy birthday :3
 Happy Birthday! / Tillykke med fødselsdagen!
 happy birthday boss
 Happy Birthday, Boss!
Happy birthday,  PS: Thanks for making Boktai !
Happy birthday to Kojima San // we all hype for Death standing
Happy Birthday !
 Happy Birthday!!
Wishing a Happy birthday to Hideo
 Happy Birthday Boss!!!
Happy birthday greetings from chile!
Happy Birthday Hideo Kojima!
 Happy birthday Master ! Keep being creative and life will be fine ! Make DS your masterpiece !
Happy birthday kojima
Happy Birthday Hideo Kojima! Have a grim cake!
Happy Birthday to Thank you for all the Metal Gear games can\t wait for Death Stranding!
 Happy Birthday!
   A happy birthday from Brazil!
Happy Birthday, Boss!
 Happy Birthday Big Boss!
Greetings from Kaz ;)
Happy birthday  !!!!
Happy Birthday Hideo Kojima! Have a grim cake!
Happy Birthday !!!!!
 happy birthday, master
 Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday my guy
Happy birthday
 Age hasn\t slowed you down one bit...
Happy Birthday
  Happy birthday!
 54 years of legendary vision and creativity. Here\s to 54 more!! Happy Birthday Kojima-sama!!
Happy birthday Boss!
 Happy birthday from big boss!
 Happy birthday boss!
Quick lil doodle - happy birthday!!
 Happy birthday Kojima-sensei. Genius
Happy birthday to   BirthdayBoy
 Happy Birthday Kojima San. You continue to inspire me every day!
Happy Birthday, Boss and thanks for all the awesome work you do.
Happy 54th Birthday to
Happy birthday to He is a huge hero of mine! Have an awesome day, my man!
 Happy Birthday, Mr. Kojima!!!
24/8 Happy Birthday -san!
 Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday Hideo Kojima! Have a grim cake!
Happy birthday, Boss
WOW just want to wish a very Happy Birthday to , , &
A hero, an inspiration, a nerdy fanboy and flat out dude! Happy Birthday
Happy birthday
  Happy bday my brother from the north.
( ! )

Happy Birthday thank you for the good memories. :)
 Happy Birthday! I\ll continue purchasing your videogames
Happy Birthday Hideo Kojima
I just want to wish my favorite game dev a very Happy 54th Birthday!
 Happy birthday!!
Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday Hideo. Hope you are having a great day.
 Happy birthday Big Boss kojima-san
 Happy birthday  M. Kojima As a gift my little collection of metal gear solid ^^
 happy birthday Mr. Kokjima
 Happy birthday to my source of inspiration
30 Minute Spitpaint - K9 Unit 
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday
Same birthday with Boss, Happy birthday to us !
Happy birthday Boss
Happy birthday  !!! 
Can t wait to discover !
 Happy birthday! I thought this was funny. Apparently you share a birthday with Hideo Kojima. :)
Happy birthday my sensual baby, you are my dream.
 Happy Birthday!
 Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to the main man
 Happy Birthday. Video by
 Happy birthday Hideo
 Happy birthday!
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