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Vox Noctis
You better wish Chisato from a happy birthday, sir! - Vox Noctis (4 months ago)
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- Sorren (4 months ago)
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- a1 (4 months ago)
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Sick Dodge Happy Bday again brodinsky! - Jav (4 months ago)
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Jacob Hughes
Can I get a happy birthday from one of my all time favorite game directors? - Jacob Hughes (4 months ago)
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Happy 24th birthday, Metal Gear Solid. Thank you for creating such a badass manly character I coul - jcxcollection (4 months ago)
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Roberto Cuenda
Metal Gear Solid was my first game for adults, translate perfectly in spanish. Honestly is the bes - Roberto Cuenda (4 months ago)
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Happy birthday to the stealth action masterpiece Metal Gear Solid, which launched exclusively to the original PlayS - PSXC (4 months ago)
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José Mellinas ❗
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, METAL GEAR SOLID! - José Mellinas ❗ (4 months ago)
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Javin Mather
Happy 25th birthday to kne of the greatest of all time. Thank you, :-) - Javin Mather (4 months ago)
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Mike Lopriore
24 years ago my father took me to toys r us and said, pick a game, happy birthday . Little did I know I would pick - Mike Lopriore (4 months ago)
birthday balloon

Flesh Kraken
Yoo happy birthday to hideo kojima - Flesh Kraken (4 months ago)
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Tony Lee
Happy Birthday to the GoW Hideo Kojima. There is no higher honour I could bestow. - Tony Lee (5 months ago)
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Gamer man
Aw damn, ya had the chance to put that birthday music in the background of this photo - Gamer man (5 months ago)
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La Séptima Guarida
Happy Birthday 7 years in our life! - La Séptima Guarida (5 months ago)
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Carlos Chávez
Happy birthday to me! - Carlos Chávez (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday legend - sotirismav (5 months ago)
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Gsama O
Happy birthday - Gsama O (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday big boss - knater (5 months ago)
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Emily loves and adores Norman Reedus ❤️
Happy Birthday Hideo Happy Friday Norman Reedus babe - Emily loves and adores Norman Reedus ❤️ (5 months ago)
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Haydn Blower
Happy birthday Keep bringing us gold like this - Haydn Blower (5 months ago)
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Yeah ya and I wished you a happy birthday yesterday and even made a story on Instagram - Rodrigo (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday you are my inspiration - nicolas (5 months ago)
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Busted Router
Very cool and happy birthday!! - Busted Router (5 months ago)
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Alberto Noseda
Happy bday!!! - Alberto Noseda (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Hideo! Welcome to your surrender and give up year. Time to cleans and reset. End t - DaddyTheStallion (5 months ago)
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Ted Porter Bridges
I have to stop and just reflect on the 3 decades of art and videogames that has created for humans - Ted Porter Bridges (5 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday! - RetroGameDude (5 months ago)
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Filippone Davide
Happy birthday! | cc: - Filippone Davide (5 months ago)
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jeff hunter
Happy birthday to you - jeff hunter (5 months ago)
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Thank you for sharing your imagination with us, Kojima Happy Birthday - aFriendlyPest (5 months ago)
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NoT Me
Happy 95th Birthday!!.. oops I meant 59 - NoT Me (5 months ago)
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Temmy Spark
Happy Birthday Literally all your games are spectacular and superb Really waiting for a Metal - Temmy Spark (5 months ago)
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It was yesterday, but happy birthday . A toast to you, boss! - Zarkeimort03 (5 months ago)
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Belated happy birthday sir. - Rawb (5 months ago)
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dBsystem AudioPost
9GAG: Them Happy birthday - dBsystem AudioPost (5 months ago)
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Snake... snake... You hear me ??.. Snnnaakkkeee... Happy birthday old san - Belkawired (5 months ago)
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vaughn suezo
Happy birthday, back when we were teenagers playing metal gear with my best friends it blew our minds we love you man! - vaughn suezo (5 months ago)
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[BTS] twlch63
Happy birthday and welcome to the 59 club - [BTS] twlch63 (5 months ago)
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mr insane 999
Happy birthday for yesterday hideo kojima - mr insane 999 (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Master of the Universe!!! - ChaoS-Scourge (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday, Kojima - Komanda (5 months ago)
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Ismail Salah
Happy birthday - Ismail Salah (5 months ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! - AlexanderChin (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday to Hideo Kojima! Your birthday is a day before mine! Lol! Here\'s an MGS tribute for ya. - COBΛLT ROGUΞ X (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday - Skelly_The_Skeleton (5 months ago)
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Chowkidar Amar Arun Naik
Happy Birthday Hideo Kojima. Keep making High Quality games for us. - Chowkidar Amar Arun Naik (5 months ago)
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Brandon E Bolhuis
belated happy birthday - Brandon E Bolhuis (5 months ago)
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Kommander Kraken || Vs. Kai Demo Coming Soon!
Happy birthday! Thanks for all the countless hours of amazing entertainment you\'ve provided - Kommander Kraken || Vs. Kai Demo Coming Soon! (5 months ago)
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Estef 709
Happy Birthday! - Estef 709 (5 months ago)

59 years old (Born on August 24, 1963)

A game director of Kojima Productions who has created games such as Zone of the Enders. He served as the VP of Konami Digital Entertainment in 2011.

Hideo Kojima's Best Moments

Hideo Kojima today Happy birthday BOSS
Them  Happy birthday
            Happy 23th birthday 1!
Happy Birthday Boss!
  Happy Birthday Hideo   Happy Friday Norman Reedus babe
 Happy birthday, Hideo-sama!
Happy 57th birthday Kojima san
Happy Birthday Kojima San!
 Happy birthday! I hope you listen to your favourite music today
Happy Birthday to legendary games creator and one of the coolest AFOLs around
Happy Birthday to Hideo Kojima!      Hope you have a wonderful birthday!
Happy birthday Mister
Happy birthday the one and only (ya es 24 en Japón)
Tomorrow is in your hands. Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Mr.
  Happy birthday boss
We keep waiting for news
Thanks and wish you best
  Happy Birthday Kojima-san, you keep inspiring me and many many others everyday <3
 A salute for a gaming legend! Happy birthday, Kojima!
Happy birthday Hideo Kojima
 Happy birthday
Happy Birthday
   Happy Birthday  I hope you enjoy it.
Happy Birthday    The Sun is in Your Hand!
Happy birthday,  So blessed to see you in flesh and take a picture with you!
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday 7 years in our life!
Happy birthday Boss!
Happy Birthday, Big Boss
Happy 58th Birthday Legend
Happy Birthday to the absolute LEGEND
Happy Birthday King
Happy birthday hideo Kojima
Happy birthday and thank you
Happy birthday San, looking forward for many more masterpieces from you Big Boss!
  Happy Birthday Homie!
 happy birthday king!
Cliff Unger is wishing you a Happy Birthday!!
 Happy Birthday Kojima-san , you are one legendary guy
  Happy birthday!
 I m so happy with it, Happy Birthday Boss
 Happy birthday daddy
 Happy Birthday Boss and remember You\re Pretty Good
Happy Birthday, Boss.
It was yesterday, but happy birthday . 
A toast to you, boss!
Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday to me!
  Happy Birthday Hideo Kojima, best boss!
 happy birthday! Hope you have a amazing day! Luvs
  Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday from Sam
  55 ?
I swear you look like 25
Happy birthday Boss!!
 Happy birthday!
  Happy Birthday!!!
Happy birthday Sir
 Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday to my birthday brother!
Happy Birthday Have a wonderful day!
Happy birthday, Hideo Kojima!
 Keep creating. Keep evolving. Happy Birthday
Happy birthday boss!
 Happy birthday, Boss!
 Happy Birthday!
 Happy birthday Boss!
Happy birthday from China!!!
 Happy Birthday Boss!!
 Happy birthday Mister Kojima. Keep creating, never aging!
Happy birthday my all time favorite genius in game industry Wish you all the best and blessings
 Happy Birthday
 Happy birthday Kojima-san
Happy Birthday to the greatest video game icon there is!
 Happy Birthday with salutations.
 Happy birthday Boss have a awesome day :)
 Happy Birthday sir
  yo say happy birthday to my cat grizzly
  happy birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday Hideo Kojima!! You made my childhood awesome!
 Happy Birthday Mr. Kojima!
 Happy Birthday Boss!
 I ll never forget the experience MGS 3 gave me. Happy Bday legend
 Happy birthday Mr Hideo Kojima! You look like you re turning 38 though.
Happy Birthday San
  Happy Birthday Hideo from France !!!
Happy Birthday,
Happy birthday king
  Happy Birthday!!!
 Happy birthday!!
 Happy birthday genius
 Happy Birthday, Big Boss
 Happy Belated Birthday Mr.Kojima thank you for all you do
In Italy we call you Maestro ... so happy birthday Maestro!
Happy birthday for yesterday
Dear  Happy birthday! Where were we if not you?
  Happy birthday Kojima-san
Happy Birthday to Hideo Kojima!
 Happy birthday  hideo Kojima
Happy Birthday Mr.   Boldog Születésnapot
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday Hideo Kojima!
 happy Birthday       Mr. Kojima, you are a legend
 Happy Birthday boss!
 Happy Birthday Kojima-san   you\re only as old as you feel.
--another sacrifice for the mad god--

Happy birthday
 Happy birthday boss
  Happy birthday!   and nice day Norman!
 Happy birthday to gaming industry icon
  Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday Kojima san
Thank you for giving us so much of your talent
Happy Birthday
 Happy bday Mr. Kojima!
 Happy Birthday Big Boss \"Kept You waiting Huh?\"
Happy 28th birthday to this amazing game and amazing soundtrack thank you
 I can confirm that the Steam Deck can give me happy birthday!
 Happy birthday !
 Kojima, you look 40 and I\m being completely honest. Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday mr.genius    huge thanks for giving us Death Stranding
 Happy birthday, King
 Happy Birthday & much...
 Happy Birthday good sir! Keep On keeping On!
 Happy Birthday my Lord!!
 Happy Birthday King I love you
 Happy Birthday!
 Happy Birthday and thanks for all the amazing work you ve done
 Happy Birthday Boss
 in style and a Happy birthday to
 Happy Birthday Kojima-san!
 Happy Birthday Mr. Kojima!
 Happy birthday dude may your day and night be great
Happy Birthday Boss
 Happy birthday you legend
 Happy birthday
 Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday Nathan Kun and also Kojima Kun
 Happy birthday boss
 Happy birthday, Boss!              !
Happy Birthday to one of the greatest Video game designers in the world
 Happy birthday, Boss!
   Yeyeyeyeyeyeeee Happy birthday!!!
Happy Birthday to one of my biggest idols,
Happy birthday Hideo Kojima!
 Happy Birthday, Boss!
 Happy birthday Mr. Kojima
Happy birthday to our Big boss
Happy Birthday DIAMOND DOGS! Ahhhh
 You\re pretty good, Boss! Happy Birthday!
 Happy birthday Kojima!
 Happy Birthday
 Happy birthday, Mr Kojima
 Happy birthday!!!
 Happy Birthday Hideo!!!
 Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday you don\t look 59 to me you just look 45-50 .
 happy birthday boss
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to Hideo Kojima!  Your birthday is a day before mine!  Lol!

Here\s an MGS tribute for ya.
Happy birthday! | cc:
Happy birthday Keep bringing us gold like this
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Hideo Kojima new pic 1
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Hideo Kojima body 3

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