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Grace Alice
Happy birthday! - Grace Alice (6 months ago)
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Pink Plastic House
Happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday!!!!!! - Pink Plastic House (6 months ago)
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Happy Birthday,be Happy ^^ - GYNOID DOLLS (7 months ago)
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Bruh happy birthday - Eriksen (7 months ago)
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I m so hype that death stranding wished me happy birthday today - LordFalcon (7 months ago)
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Happy 22nd birthday to my favorite series Metal Gear Solid! - ИOVΛ (7 months ago)
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Happy 22nd birthday to Hideo Kojima\'s Tactical Espionage Action Metal Gear Solid game. The game was released on 3rd - jacxalz13 (7 months ago)
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Tarak Ch. / A Hideo Kojima Book
Happy 22th Birthday to best game ever created, Here is some cosplayers who took part of - Tarak Ch. / A Hideo Kojima Book (7 months ago)
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A strong man doesn t need to read the future. He makes his own. Happy Birthday - Willox2k3 (7 months ago)
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Dragon Whisker
Happy 5th Bday to V. 5 - Dragon Whisker (7 months ago)
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Marc Fierro
Five years have passed since this wonderfull game. Five years with one Snake and one Big Boss. Thanks to - Marc Fierro (7 months ago)
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Snake? Snake!? Snaaaake! Happy Birthday to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain 5 Years old today! A mon - MonthlyTeeClub (7 months ago)
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Much love Happy Birthday - Binnyboo (7 months ago)
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Jay Edsa
Happy birthday Hide-O KoJIM-A. Please make a realistic historical openworld NINJA game th - Jay Edsa (7 months ago)
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Asian Film Festivals
Happy Birthday to meeee... I am having a blast playing Thanks - Asian Film Festivals (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday you made my childhood growing up gaming worthwhile. - plastic (7 months ago)
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Michael Harwell
Happy belated birthday! - Michael Harwell (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday to the man who single handedly got me into video gaming. No game has affected me quite like Metal G - TheNorthernGrizzly (7 months ago)
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RagedTrucker- Cameron Vasiliou
I know i am late, but happy birthday! You\'re one of the best ones out there! - RagedTrucker- Cameron Vasiliou (7 months ago)
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Rod M
Happy Birthday my first game on the PS1 was Metal Gear Solid.. thank you for a great game and hav - Rod M (7 months ago)
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April C. Wallravin
Happy birthday - April C. Wallravin (7 months ago)
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Panos Chronohill
Happy birthday! Keep on keeping on! - Panos Chronohill (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday internet stranger. - DirtyFishy (7 months ago)
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Lauren Buchanan
Happy Birthday Hideo - Lauren Buchanan (7 months ago)
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happy birthday - Petrisooorrr (7 months ago)
birthday balloon

Cybit | BLM
Happy Birthday - Cybit | BLM (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday! - KillMArtist (7 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy late birthday to Hideo Kojima! - BoneMistress (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday!! Thanks for all that you\'ve given to the world! Hope you have an awesome day!! - MischiefMakers (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday - Yousef-hellsing (7 months ago)
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Late Happy Birthday to Hideo Kojima! Best Video Game Director - Yuzuu (7 months ago)
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Ryo 日本戻るまで後何月かな?
happy birthday mr kojima - Ryo 日本戻るまで後何月かな? (7 months ago)
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Tomaz C.D. Neto
Happy Birthday Sensei ! - Tomaz C.D. Neto (7 months ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to my hero, and idol, I hope you have a happy one, and here\'s to man - stapuft (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday daddy - Kylito (7 months ago)
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Get Crunk Gaming
happy birthday to one of the best creators and visionaries in our industry! - Get Crunk Gaming (7 months ago)
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Ahmed Nawaf
Happy Birthday! What took you so long!!? - Ahmed Nawaf (7 months ago)
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Giannis Saragas
Happy birthday Hideo wish you all the best!!!! - Giannis Saragas (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday the only good man x - ATLANTA (7 months ago)
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Jonathan Askenazi
Happy birthday! A Hideo Kojima birthday, A Hideo Kojima party, A Hideo Kojima day, A Hideo Kojima - Jonathan Askenazi (7 months ago)
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Geeky Freak
Cada cierto tiempo, nace una leyenda, en la música, en el arte, en el cine y los videojuegos no son la excepción... - Geeky Freak (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday, !!! - -FIRΞWΔVE- (7 months ago)
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Stephen Ford
Hideo Kojima has had such an immense influence on my career. Metal Gear Solid was the first game I ever played on - Stephen Ford (7 months ago)
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Shane Nicholson
happy birthday! - Shane Nicholson (7 months ago)
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Daniel Newman
Happy Birthday Hideo. Thank you for some of my favorite games of all time and countless childhood - Daniel Newman (7 months ago)
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Chris Ragan
Happy Birthday Kojima-San! Thank you for the best photobomb ever. - Chris Ragan (7 months ago)
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It is Hideo Kojima s birthday the man behind so many games I like Zone of the Enders, Metal Gear, Policenauts seems - Mecha (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday! Playing Death Stranding was the only bright part of my quara - Octoroboto (7 months ago)
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carol riedel
Happy Birthday Hideo Kojima!!! Thank you for making one of the coolest and most beautiful video ga - carol riedel (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday my guy - Mako (7 months ago)

57 years old (Born on August 24, 1963)

A game director of Kojima Productions who has created games such as Zone of the Enders. He served as the VP of Konami Digital Entertainment in 2011.

Hideo Kojima's Best Moments

Happy Birthday to the one and only
Happy birthday to May we all age as gracefully.
Happy birthday,
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Boss!
Happy 54th birthday  HIDEO KOJIMA
Happy birthday Big Boss!!
Happy 20th birthday MGS1  Thank you (and also for the dope shirt)
 Happy Birthday from Germany!
 Happy Birthday Big Boss
Happy birthday to
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday, Boss!
 Happy birthday BOSS!
Happy birthday Boss!
Happy Birthday, Big Boss
 Happy birthday daddy kojima
Happy Birthday Hideo Kojima!
Aww HEY! Happy birthday thank you for the memories      SERIOUSLY THO. THANK YOU.
 Happy birthday king 
I made you a dominos pizza
Happy 22nd birthday to my favorite series Metal Gear Solid!
Happy Birthday, Mr. Kojima!
Happy birthday to  ! Looking forward to the day that Death Stranding come out!
Happy birthday to Mr.
  Happy Birthday, Kojima-san!  You\re an inspiration for me.
 Happy birthday i tried packing you a present but it ran away.
 Happy bday  ....... or, Carl??
 Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Boss !!!
 Happy birthday Mr Kojima
Happy birthday to the legend himself:
 Happy birthday Hideo Kojima, thanks for the hours of fun and joy
 Happy birthday boss !
 Happy Birthday Boss
Happy Birthday!
 Happy birthday Boss!
Happy Birthday
To my biggest inspiration! Happy Birthday Boss! :)
Happy birthday before Metal Gear Solid I thought games made themselves somehow.
Happy Birthday Kojima-san Never stop making games, we will support you always
Happy Birthday !!
 Happy birthday :)
 Happy Birthday to the man who created my favorite game series of all time.
 Happy Birthday to you Mr. Kojima
24/8 Happy Birthday -san!
 Happy Birthday!!
  Happy Birthday Hideo Kojima, best boss!
 happy birthday! Hope you have a amazing day! Luvs
  Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday! you\re the Man
 Happy birthday Boss!
 Happy Birthday!
 Happy birthday Kojima!
Happy birthday boss!
 Happy birthday genius!!!!!1
 Happy Birthday Big Boss
 Happy birthday hideo Kojima I can\t wait for Death Stranding!
 Happy birthday, Boss Kojima.
Thank you for year of abstract fun and philisophical ideas. Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday!
 Happy Birthday
 Happy birthday
Happy birthday boss!
 Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday Big Boss
 Happy Birthday Boss
 happy birthday boss
 Happy Birthday, Boss!
Happy birthday bro
 Happy Birthday from Sam
  55 ?
I swear you look like 25
Happy birthday Boss!!
Happy Birthday to the great
  \" happy bday
Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday Kojima
 Happy birthday !!!
Happy birthday
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KOJIMA-SAN!!! Here\s wishing you many, many more on this wonderful world!
Happy birthday you are a living legend
 Happy birthday!
  Happy Birthday!!!
Happy birthday Sir
 Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday to my birthday brother!
Happy Birthday Have a wonderful day!
Happy birthday, Hideo Kojima!
 Keep creating. Keep evolving. Happy Birthday
Happy birthday boss!
 Happy birthday!
 Happy birthday, Boss!
 Happy Birthday!
 Happy birthday Boss!
Happy birthday from China!!!
 Happy Birthday Boss!!
 Happy birthday Mister Kojima. Keep creating, never aging!
  Happy birthday Alanah!
 Happy birthday!!!
 Happy Birthday! JUST DO IT!!!!
  Happy Birthday Boss!!!
  happy birthday
Happy birthday, Boss!!
 Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day! :)
    HaPpY BiRtHdAy .... ..StRaNdInG
  Mine is tomorrow! Happy to join as a late-August birthday!
  Happy birthday!!!!
 happy birthday uwu
Happy Birthday ! I hope you have a brilliant day
 Happy Birthday!!
Happy birthday genius!
 Happy birthday Kojima San
 Happy birthday
Happy Birthday Hideo Kojima!!!
 Happy Birthday
 Happy birthday, and thank you for the amazing games
 Happy birthday Kojima Sensi !!
 Happy birthday, Boss!
 Happy Birthday Kojima-san
 Happy birthday.
 Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to one Hideo Kojima one Hideo Kojima only. You re a true patriot.
 Happy birthday Hideo Kojima!  The true legend.
Happy birthday to Hope you can have a great Day.And to celebrate I will play MGS3 on the psvita
 Happy Birthday Kojima-san!
 Happy birthday Mr Kojima! Hope you have a beautiful one!
 Happy birthday!!
  Sending you my best and kindest wishes!! Have a happy birthday you mad man
  Happy Birthday!!!
Happy belated birthday Hideo!!!
 Happy Birthday Master
 Happy birthday legand
57.       ! 

Happy birthday Kojima-san
 Happy birthday!!!!!
Happy birthday to the video games\ Boss.
 Happy Birthday
Happy birthday my all time favorite genius in game industry Wish you all the best and blessings
 Happy Birthday
 Happy birthday Kojima-san
Happy Birthday to the greatest video game icon there is!
 Happy Birthday with salutations.
 Happy birthday Boss have a awesome day :)
 Happy Birthday sir
Happy birthday maestro
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!               !!!
  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Greetings from Mexico!!
Happy birthday boss!
  Happy birthday to both of you legends.
 Happy Birthday Kojima!
Nothing will ever be cooler than Metal Gear Solid

happy birthday
Happy Birthday Hideo Kojima and Mark Cerny, both born on this date, exactly one year apart
Happy birthday I hope one day you can answer if Raikov was bigger than Snake!
Happy birthday Hideo Kojima
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY , hope for good times for you today
Happy birthday to guy who taught us to shelter-in-place all the way back in November
   happy birthday kojima san.
Happy birthday to The man who create this game, the best game ever made !
Happy birthday
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