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Robert P Coronado
Happy Birthday to Hunter Tylo - Robert P Coronado (1 month ago)
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Becky Mullen
HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUNTER TYLO - Becky Mullen (1 month ago)
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Earl Fleming
Happy Birthday Hunter Tylo - Earl Fleming (1 month ago)
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Moda na sukces
Hunter Tylo ko czy dzi 60 lat yczymy jej wszystkiego, co najlepsze Happy Birthday Hunter! - Moda na sukces (1 month ago)
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Kersha Beaver
Happy birthday hunter tylo - Kersha Beaver (1 month ago)
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Jennifer Long ☮️
Happy Birthday to Tom Cruise, Patrick Wilson, Jan Smithers, Thomas Gibson, - Jennifer Long ☮️ (1 month ago)
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Teal says stan Mabel Mora for clear skin
Happy Birthday to Queen Hunter Tylo who put so much thought, care, and soul into the iconic Taylor Hayes. She gave - Teal says stan Mabel Mora for clear skin (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday HUNTER TYLO - FAMOUS WOMEN (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday Hunter Tylo ..Always Great Actress .. - char (1 month ago)
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Happy birthday Soap Opera Actress Hunter Tylo! Happy Birthday to a great buddy! I hope you have a good one. - AllFamous.org (1 month ago)
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Queen Taylor Hayes
Happy Birthday to Hunter Tylo (first Dr. Taylor Hayes) Regardless of what you do and what is happening to you, I wi - Queen Taylor Hayes (1 month ago)
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Diane Warthin
Happy Birthday Hunter Tylo - - Diane Warthin (1 month ago)
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brianna kiser
Happy birthday queen hunter Tylo - brianna kiser (1 year ago)
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P. The Huntress
Birthday Spotlight July 3th Happy & blessed Birthday wishes goes to Hunter Tylo. , may it be fi - P. The Huntress (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Hunter Tylo - Patreon.com/Wamtec (1 year ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hunter Tylo is an American actress, author and former model. She is best known for her role as Taylo - Space-reporter-news (1 year ago)
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July 3 Happy Birthday part 1: Michael Cole, Jay Tarses, Gary Waldhorn, Jan Smithers, - WmsbgNostalgiaFest (1 year ago)
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Soap Hub wishes the actress a very happy birthday and many more. - SoapHub (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Hunter Tylo - rmdinkins (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Hunter Tylo!!! - Steffy4EVA (2 years ago)
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Are y\'all going to wish Hunter Tylo happy birthday or nah? - Zachary (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday Hunter Tylo! Bold and the Beautiful actress is turning 58! - Fame10 (2 years ago)
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spacewoman reporter
Happy Birthday Hunter Tylo is an American actress, author and former model. She is best known for her role as Tayl - spacewoman reporter (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday to Hunter Tylo wishing her great health, success and happiness. I hope U are happy wherever U are - Mimi (2 years ago)
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Todd D. Joyner
Happy Bold and Beautiful birthday to Hunter Tylo. - Todd D. Joyner (3 years ago)
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Clara Mcmeans
Happy birthday Hunter Tylo and many blessed b\'day to come beautiful - Clara Mcmeans (3 years ago)
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Tawanda Hill
Happy Blessed Birthday beautiful Hunter Tylo. - Tawanda Hill (3 years ago)
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Dr Kapil Kapadia 孔快拜 / 孔医生
Happy Birthday Hunter May you continue with your acting career for many more years to come and keep breaking th - Dr Kapil Kapadia 孔快拜 / 孔医生 (3 years ago)
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Christine Morehouse
Happy Birthday Hunter Tylo, aka Robin McCall I Loved your years on All My Children, but I hope that this is the b - Christine Morehouse (3 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Have a wonderful day. via - yunglato (3 years ago)
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Soap Opera News
Happy birthday - have a good one! - Soap Opera News (3 years ago)
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Barry Kowal
July 02:Happy 78th birthday to attorney,Gloria Allred (\"represented Melrose Place actress Hunter Tylo\") - Barry Kowal (3 years ago)
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mary magri
Happy Birthday Hunter Tylo, all the best, have a great day. - mary magri (4 years ago)
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Veneice Kennedy
Happy Birthday to Hunter Tylo! - Veneice Kennedy (4 years ago)
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Take 2 Radio Network
On July 3rd - We would like to wish the lovely Hunter Tylo a very happy birthday! - Take 2 Radio Network (4 years ago)
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Lisa Thompson
Happy Birthday Have a wonderful day. via - Lisa Thompson (4 years ago)
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Soap Opera Digest
Happy Birthday To Hunter Tylo! - Soap Opera Digest (4 years ago)
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JaRell Rayshawn Collins
Happy Birthday Deborah Jo Hunter Tylo - JaRell Rayshawn Collins (4 years ago)
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Dolores Bulles
Happy Birthday Have a wonderful day. via - Dolores Bulles (4 years ago)
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Jennifer Long
Happy Birthday to Patrick Wilson, Jan Smithers, Thomas Gibson, - Jennifer Long (4 years ago)
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P. C. CtheHuntress
Happy Birthday Hunter Tylo \"3 John 1:2 - Beloved, I wish above all things that thou - P. C. CtheHuntress (4 years ago)
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7/3 Happy Birthday to: Hunter Tylo, Gloria Allred, Jan Smithers, Rae Allen - FlamingNoseTVBlog (5 years ago)
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Movie Star Birthdays
Happy 55th birthday to Hunter Tylo (actress) - Movie Star Birthdays (5 years ago)
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Happy birthday to the infamous beautiful Hunter Tylo ! you are so missed! - Cj (5 years ago)
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Kim Huck
Wishing the gorgeous Hunter Tylo a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I miss seeing your beautiful face on my TV everyday!! - Kim Huck (5 years ago)
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So y\'all not gonna wish Hunter Tylo a happy birthday?Y\'all are f*cking trash and don\'t deserve her or Taylor! - Zach (5 years ago)
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IMDb. July 3rd. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Nathalia Ramos, Hunter Tylo, Bruce Altman, Susan Penhaligon, Gedeon Burkhard, Ken Russell, Tim O\'Connor. - GSmith (5 years ago)
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07/03 Happy Birthday : Hunter Tylo - MajorVoyeur (5 years ago)
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Soap Dude 2
Happy birthday Hunter Tylo Archila - Soap Dude 2 (5 years ago)
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Deleesa Carr
Hunter Tylo wherever u r Happy Birthday 2 you and pray that ur day will be a blessed 1 nd know that God love u and so doIgot2b2obedient2God. - Deleesa Carr (5 years ago)

60 years old (Born on July 03, 1962)

American actor; She is famous from All My Children, Days of Our Lives, The Bold and the Beautiful.

She attended Springtown High where she graduated in 1980 (same year her first son Christopher was born) and studied a medical degree at New York's Fordham University. Hunter loves reptiles, she adores snakes and owns a boa constrictor named BJ. She has a collection of exotic and unusual pets. She has launched her own cosmetics line. She is on the board of Retinoblastoma International and started her own charity "Hunter's Chosen Child". She has written her auto-biography, "Making a Miracle".

Hunter Tylo's Best Moments

Happy Birthday  HUNTER TYLO
Happy Birthday to Hunter Tylo
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Fun Facts About Hunter Tylo

Katya was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma, a rare form of eye cancer, which implied an eye removal and chemotherapy for the remaining eye.
Hunter was fired from "Melrose Place" (1992) for being pregnant. She had daughter, Izabella Gabrielle, in November of that year. She sued Aaron Spelling for wrongful dismissal and pregnancy discrimination, winning $4.89 million dollars. (1997) Spelling is appealing the suit. [1996]
Born at 7:47am-CDT
Daughter Katya Ariel was born on January 15th, 1998.
Chosen by People Magazine as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world. [1998]
Broke her collarbone while filming the movie "The Maharaja's Daughter" (1994) (mini).
She entered beauty contests such as 'Miss Springtown' and 'Miss Teenage Fort Worth'.
Her return to "The Bold and the Beautiful" (1987) in 2005 as a series regular was a heavily guarded secret by the show. They disguised her and sneaked her on and off the set for nearly two months so that word of her return didn't leak.
Son, Michael "Mickey" Tylo, Jr., passed away 18 October 2007, due to accidental drowning.
Has a older sister Elizabeth
Legally changed her name to Hunter Tylo when she wed Michael Tylo.
Has four children: son Christopher 'Chris' Morehart (born 22 January 1980) from her first marriage to Tim Moreheart; son Michael 'Mickey' Tylo Jr. (born 24 April 1988); daughter Izabella Gabrielle Tylo (born 12 November 1996); and Katya Ariel Tylo (born 15 January 1998) all with Michael Tylo.
Has an older brother named Jay.
her son died tragicly.
Her son, Michael Tylo Jr, drowned in the pool at the family home in Henderson, Nevada on October 18, 2007. The drowning was due to a seizure disorder.
Daughter, Izabella Gabrielle, born. [11/12/1996]
She grew up in Springtown, Texas.
She is an accomplished equestrian bareback rider.
Was born on the same day as actor Tom Cruise and Thomas Gibson, July 3, 1962.
Has a younger brother Cliff
About 45% Cherokee Indian (Mother's side)

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