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amanda ☽ || slash lover
happy birthday, izzy stradlin - amanda ☽ || slash lover (1 week ago)
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Buttered Pop Culture
Happy 59th birthday to Izzy Stradlin - Buttered Pop Culture (1 week ago)
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Lisa-Marie Plewe
Happy Birthday Mr. Izzy Stradlin I hope you have the greatest Birthday ever!! You are the best! - Lisa-Marie Plewe (1 week ago)
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The Duck Loves Rock
Happy 59th Birthday Izzy Stradlin! Here s a song for you Paradise City by Guns N\' Roses - The Duck Loves Rock (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday Izzy Stradlin - 木澤英孝 (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday 59 Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds Somebody Knockin - たいらあ (1 week ago)
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Carmen Madridista2
Happy birthday IZZY STRADLIN! (April 8, 1962) - Carmen Madridista2 (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday on April 8th to Izzy Stradlin, former guitarist of and co-composer of \"Don\'t cry\", \"You - LifechangerBand (1 week ago)
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Iqbal AR
Happy Birthday, Izzy Stradlin! Uncool! - Iqbal AR (1 week ago)
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Mercury - Izzy [email protected]
Happy 59th birthday to the former rhythm guitarist of Guns N\' Roses, Izzy Stradlin - Mercury - Izzy [email protected] (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday to my fav musician, Izzy Stradlin! Hope you\'re doing well! Thanks for your music and everything, it\'s helped me a lot. - sunflower (1 week ago)
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gunsnroses (eterno)
It\'s so Izzy!! Happy Birthday Izzy Stradlin créditos ao dono - gunsnroses (eterno) (1 week ago)
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The Power Of Rock Ballad
Today we remember the birthday of Izzy Stradlin, guitar of Hollywood Rose, London and Guns N\' Roses. Happy Birthda - The Power Of Rock Ballad (1 week ago)
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Ozzy (Osnat) Vollach
Happy 59th Birthday Izzy Stradlin\'! - Ozzy (Osnat) Vollach (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday Mr. Izzy Stradlin, I wish you good health and a happy life, I will be 25 years old - σταυρός (1 week ago)
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Alejandra Martínez
Happy Birthday Izzy Stradlin - Alejandra Martínez (1 week ago)
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Central de Fãs Axl Rose
Happy birthday Izzy Stradlin! - Central de Fãs Axl Rose (1 week ago)
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jannie m
Happy birthday Mr Izzy Stradlin - jannie m (1 week ago)
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Moe Zavala
Happy birthday Mr izzy stradlin - Moe Zavala (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday Mr.Izzy Stradlin\' l always love your rock\'n\'roll. - ベルベット (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday, Izzy Stradlin !! - Soboro (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday Izzy Stradlin - MishXS (1 week ago)
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レコード屋 だるまや
Happy birthday ! Izzy Stradlin , /CD - レコード屋 だるまや (1 week ago)
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David Klement (a.k.a. Dave Metal)
Happy Birthday Izzy Stradlin (Born 8 April, 1962) - David Klement (a.k.a. Dave Metal) (1 week ago)
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jess | IZZY DAY !! ♊︎
Happy 59th birthday to the one and only, izzy stradlin!! my ultimate fave, my biggest inspiration, the man who make - jess | IZZY DAY !! ♊︎ (1 week ago)
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all hail jani lane
Happy birthday izzy stradlin you are one fine mf - all hail jani lane (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday Legendary Guitarists Guns N\' Roses,Izzy Stradlin - Emon12 (1 week ago)
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Barry Kowal
April 8:Happy 59th birthday to singer Izzy Stradlin (\"Sweet Child O\' Mine\") - Barry Kowal (1 week ago)
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Shera Starr Oliveria
So I ordered a Where\'s Izzy t-shirt, and it arrived today, on Izzy Stradlin\'s birthday. Happy birthday Izzy. Please - Shera Starr Oliveria (1 year ago)
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Nichols Heinrich
Happy Birthday Izzy Stradlin - Nichols Heinrich (1 year ago)
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Orwin Ramawan
Happy birthday izzy stradlin! - Orwin Ramawan (1 year ago)
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Geo Rodriguez
Happy birthday to the one and only original rhythm guitarist of GNR Izzy Stradlin - Geo Rodriguez (1 year ago)
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Célio Begalli
Happy bday to the best composer that I ever seen, Mr. Izzy Stradlin <3 - Célio Begalli (1 year ago)
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Frecuencia Rock
Happy Birthday Izzy Stradlin! - Frecuencia Rock (1 year ago)
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Dulcy Mustaine ✨
Happy Birthday Izzy Stradlin - Dulcy Mustaine ✨ (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to izzy stradlin!! one of the most talented rhythm guitarists/songwriters out there, and an underrat - harley (1 year ago)
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harley | izzy day!!
Happy birthday to izzy stradlin!! one of the most talented rhythm guitarists/songwriters out there, and an underrat - harley | izzy day!! (1 year ago)
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Axl Rose [Fan Page]
Happy birthday Izzy Stradlin - Axl Rose [Fan Page] (1 year ago)
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Pero han sido 14 años de silencio Han sido 14 años de dolor Han sido 14 años que se han ido para siempre Y nunca te - Rene (1 year ago)
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Música Retro
FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS - HAPPY BIRTHDAY: \'\' IZZY STRADLIN \'\' (58) - Música Retro (1 year ago)
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Brityn Stump
Happy birthday to the legend that is Izzy Stradlin. - Brityn Stump (1 year ago)
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@henry nicodelanoP#
happy birthday...izzy Stradlin God bless... and not virus... - @henry nicodelanoP# (1 year ago)
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Today 8aprile Is the birthday of my wonderful IZZY STRADLIN!!! Happy birthday Izzy!you are in my Heart Fo - Ro (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Izzy Stradlin born on April 8, 1962. He is an American guitarist, singer and songwri - JeffJ (1 year ago)
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Awesome Albums would like to wish Izzy Stradlin a happy 58th birthday today. Jeffrey Isbell is an American guitaris - Awesome_Albums (1 year ago)
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Daniel Ward
Happy birthday to the great Izzy Stradlin! - Daniel Ward (1 year ago)
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Jerry Dennis
Happy Birthday Izzy Stradlin! - Jerry Dennis (1 year ago)
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Elizabeth López García
Happy birthday Izzy Stradlin!!! - Elizabeth López García (1 year ago)
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Be Happy
Happy birthday to Izzy Stradlin who is 58 today! - Be Happy (1 year ago)

59 years old (Born on April 08, 1962)

American rock musician; He is famous from Guns N` Roses.

He wrote “Patience” after Angela Nicoletti left him. The five records that marked his career are Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd, Toys In The Attic by Aerosmith, Never Mind The Bollocks by Sex Pistols, Road To Ruin by Ramones y Exile On Main Street by Rolling Stones. Arrested in August 1989 for causing public disturbance during a U.S. Air flight, which involved urinating on the floor, verbally abusing a stewardess, and smoking in the non-smoking section. Former guitarist for Guns N`Roses. He refused to join Velvet Revolver in 2004, because he was reluctant to work with a singer.

Izzy Stradlin's Best Moments

Happy 59th Birthday Izzy Stradlin
  happy birthday, izzy stradlin
Happy Birthday Izzy Stradlin (58) April 8th, 1962.
Happy Birthday, Izzy Stradlin !!
It s Izzy Stradlin s day! Happy fuckin Birthday!
Happy Birthday Izzy Stradlin !!
Happy 59th birthday to Izzy Stradlin
Happy birthday IZZY STRADLIN!
(April 8, 1962)
 happy birthday to the coolest mf, IZZY STRADLIN!
Welcome To The Jungle by Guns N\ Roses Happy Birthday, Izzy Stradlin!
Happy birthday Izzy Stradlin
 Welcome To The Jungle
from Appetite For Destruction
by Guns N\ Roses

Happy Birthday, Izzy Stradlin!
Happy Birthday to Izzy Stradlin former member of LONDON and G&R born today in 1962.
Happy birthday izzy stradlin i m free tonight if u wanna do something
 Happy Birthday 08/04/62 Izzy Stradlin (ex-guitarrista do Guns n Roses)
Izzy Stradlin (Jeffrey Dean Isbell / ex.Guns N\ Roses)
Birth 1962.4.8 Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday, Izzy Stradlin. My forever favourite.
Happy Birthday Izzy Stradlin.~
Happy 72. birthday Eric Clapton!   clapton stradlin rock
    Happy birthday Izzy Stradlin!
Happy Birthday Izzy Stradlin
 Feliz Cumpleaños   Happy Birthday IZZY STRADLIN    I love you izzy
Happy Birthday \Izzy Stradlin\
Band: Guns N\ Roses
Age: 57
Happy Birthday to Izzy Stradlin, best known for his time in
Feliz Cumpleaños Izzy Stradlin! Happy BDay Izzy Stradlin!
Happy birthday to GNR Izzy Stradlin!
Happy birthday, Izzy Stradlin.
Happy birthday   Izzy Stradlin !!!
Happy birthday to Izzy Stradlin who is 58 today!
Happy birthday Izzy Stradlin
April 8:Happy 59th birthday to singer Izzy Stradlin (\"Sweet Child O\ Mine\")
Happy 59th birthday to the former rhythm guitarist of Guns N\ Roses, Izzy Stradlin
Happy birthday to the legendary Guns N Roses guitarist Izzy Stradlin!
Happy Birthday to former Guns N\ Roses rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin. He turns 59 today.
Happy birthday Izzy Stradlin
Happy bday Izzy Stradlin!
  Happy Birthday Izzy Stradlin
Happy Birthday Izzy Stradlin
izzy stradlin 2013 0
izzy stradlin 2012 1
izzy stradlin guns n roses 2
Izzy Stradlin new pic 3

Fun Facts About Izzy Stradlin

As of 2004, has released five albums after Guns n' Roses: "Izzy Stradlin' and the Ju Ju Hounds", "117u00b0", "Ride On", "River", and "On Down the Road". Only the first two were released in the U.S. "Ride on" was only released in Japan, and the latter two were only released in Europe.
He was the first Guns N’ Roses member to get a tatoo.
Attended high school with former longtime bandmate W. Axl Rose.
Is also a college graduate.
He usually wears a cap on stage.
Duff McKagan played the bass guitar on his latter four solo albums "117u00b0", "Ride on", "River", and "On Down the Road".
-Is the only member of Guns N Roses to have graduated High School.
Hollywood Rose, the band that he had with Axl in the early 80s, was the first one in wich he played the guitar.
Played a couple of shows with Axl Rose`s new Guns N` Roses in May 2006 including the songs "Think About You" and "Patience".
Left Guns `N Roses soon after a massive drug overdose in New York City in 1991.
He is the author or co-author of most of the themes of the band.
He likes books on philosophy.
Recorded "Memphis", one of Chuck Berry`s biggest success, on his second album
Left Guns N`Roses in November 1991 due to "creative differences" with longtime bandmate Axl Rose.
After Guns N Roses won Best Hard Rock video at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sept 11, 1989, Izzy was s*cker punched by Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil. Suffered a cut lip from Vince`s ring but was otherwise unhurt.
His third solo album, "Ride On", was released in Japan in December 1999, but never officially released in the U.S.
Despite quitting Guns N Roses in 1991, stepped in to play five shows with his former band in late April/early May 1993. Replacement Gilby Clarke was too sick to play those shows, so Axl Rose called Izzy and asked him to step in and play.

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