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Eat Dorset Mick Nosh
Happy birthday Jon. I believe next Wednesday is the day crucial original documents arrive that wil - Eat Dorset Mick Nosh (5 months ago)
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virginia morado
As a belated happy birthday surprise to me...Jared Kushner, Steve Bannon,Steve Miller Last but not le - virginia morado (5 months ago)
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no mean mo
Happy belated birthday Jared Kushner love you guys - no mean mo (5 months ago)
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Jamie Schler
Happy Birthday! Mine is Monday, my fellow Aquarian! And I see that you got a Roger S - Jamie Schler (5 months ago)
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Tina Crumpacker
Happy birthday, you grifting POS! Can you tell us why you re in charge of the President\'s Middle Eastern peace plan - Tina Crumpacker (6 months ago)
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Very happy sweet wishes to Mrs Jared kushner&ivanka Mam on Jared birthday oh billions greets hugs kisses to all fml - VikasGupta(Editor) (6 months ago)
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Just saw that I missed Jared Kushner\'s birthday. Happy Birthday boy, and please remember to update your Federal fin - RedStormHoopsFan (6 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Jared Kushner - BirthdayDr.com (6 months ago)
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A very happy birthday to Mr Jared kushner. - Alwalaharshithreddy (6 months ago)
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Helena bernadette hoban
Happy birthday Mr. Jared Kushner. Always happy your marriage. Both of you are my fans. - Helena bernadette hoban (6 months ago)
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INQUISITR Entertainment
Ivanka Trump Wishes Jared Kushner Happy Birthday On Instagram, But Gets Unexpected Reactions and Prison Jokes. What - INQUISITR Entertainment (6 months ago)
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Scott Mair
Happy birthday to Jared Kushner. I hope you have a wonderful day and many more wonderful years. You d - Scott Mair (6 months ago)
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Reading the messages under greeting to has been amusing! - Amy (6 months ago)
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Ivanka Trump Wishes Jared Kushner Happy Birthday On Instagram, But Gets Unexpected Reactions & Prison Jokes - - Viral2wild (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday to my friend jared kushner you re with five head girl - spqr (6 months ago)
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Patrice Broderick
Happy Birthday Jared Kushner. - Patrice Broderick (6 months ago)
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Pamala Fox
Happy Birthday Mr Jared Kushner! - Pamala Fox (6 months ago)
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Rochelle A Miller
Hello Ivanka, sanding wishes of Happy Birthday to your husband Jared Kushner. Many blessings to both of you. - Rochelle A Miller (6 months ago)
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#BOOM! #BOOM! #BOOM⭐️⭐️⭐️
Happy Birthday Jared Kushner and God bless you and your family. - #BOOM! #BOOM! #BOOM⭐️⭐️⭐️ (6 months ago)
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Romona ⭐⭐⭐
Beautiful couple. Happy Birthday Jared Kushner - Romona ⭐⭐⭐ (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday to you Jared kushner - IS DAVINA BRIJMOHAN (6 months ago)
birthday balloon

I am Trumps Army
Happy Birthday Jared Kushner. - I am Trumps Army (6 months ago)
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Michael Cleary
You share a birthday with Jared Kushner and Rod Stewart this is my version of telling you happy birthday - Michael Cleary (6 months ago)
birthday balloon

Jonathan Goldman
Hey, it s Jared Kushner s birthday today so let s all do our part to wish him a happy last birthday of freedom you fucking traitor. - Jonathan Goldman (6 months ago)
birthday balloon

Paul Lander
Happy 38th Birthday Jared Kushner. Looking forward to your autobiography The Son In Law Also Rises. - Paul Lander (6 months ago)
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Kim Wexler\'s Ponytail
Happy birthday, you\'re both going to jail. - Kim Wexler\'s Ponytail (6 months ago)
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Leila Dastmalchi
My family and I wish dear Mr. Jared Kushner a very Happy Birthday. - Leila Dastmalchi (6 months ago)
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Jamie Zillmer
Happy Birthday Jared Kushner pray your day is safe and blessed - Jamie Zillmer (6 months ago)
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saumen ray
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday to Jared Kushner. May your all wishes will be actualized now and nea - saumen ray (6 months ago)
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Citizens for Ethics
Happy birthday, Jared Kushner! Can you tell us why you re in charge of the President\'s Middle Eastern peace plan wh - Citizens for Ethics (6 months ago)
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Barbara Ann
Happy Birthday Jared Kushner, love the picture, such a beautiful couple, you both have honored America as the entir - Barbara Ann (6 months ago)
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J C Foster
Outstanding couple! Happy Birthday, Jared Kushner! - J C Foster (6 months ago)
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Inocent Igiri
Happy birthday we can do this. Let\'s continue to support the President of the United States - Inocent Igiri (6 months ago)
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Heidi Merrill
birthday balloon

שמעון ארן شمعون آران
\' -38. \' , !! Wishing Jared kus - שמעון ארן شمعون آران (6 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Jared Kushner! May Jesus bless you! - JackieFuller (6 months ago)
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Chris Page
Happy Birthday Jared Kushner!!! - Chris Page (6 months ago)
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Tom Johnson
Happy Birthday Jared Kushner - Tom Johnson (6 months ago)
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Gabe Crognale
Let\'s wish this former slumlord a happy bday - - Gabe Crognale (6 months ago)
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Adam McMahon
Happy birthday Jared Kushner!!! - Adam McMahon (6 months ago)
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Stephan Dreyse
Happy Birthday, Jared Kushner - Stephan Dreyse (6 months ago)
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Happy Birthday, Jared Kushner - klatsch-tratsch.de (6 months ago)
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Happy Birthday, Jared Kushner! - RACC (6 months ago)
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You ll know I m president when the psychopaths who don t join in singing Happy Birthday with the waitstaff at a r - BehemothBullTerrier (1 year ago)
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Johny Huber
Looks like you\'re singing happy birthday. Hardly at work. And how does Jared Kushner still have security clearance? - Johny Huber (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Jared Kushner Hope you have a wonderful birthday. Thanks for all that your family does to help to - Jan (1 year ago)
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Slàinte ☘️
Ivanka Trump slammed for message about Jared Kushner Ivanka messageed Happy birthday, Jared! Thank you for being the m - Slàinte ☘️ (1 year ago)
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Sd, Sdat
Ivanka Trump wishes Jared Kushner a happy birthday as he faces possible federal charges in Mueller probe - Sd, Sdat (1 year ago)
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. daughter has some serious pipes! Watch her sing Happy Birthday to papa - HELLO! US (1 year ago)
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Shahzad Lashari
Ivanka wishes Jared Kushner happy birthday with their kids: via - Shahzad Lashari (1 year ago)

38 years old (Born on January 10, 1981)

American businessman; He is famous from son of Charles Kushner.

Kushner is the son of the New Jersey real estate developer Charles Kushner.[1] The younger Kushner graduated from the Frisch School, a private, coed yeshiva high school in Paramus, New Jersey. He graduated from Harvard College in 2003. Prior to his admission, his father had donated $2.5 million to the university.[2] In 2007, Kushner graduated from the New York University Stern School of Business and the New York University School of Law where he pursued a joint program receiving both his JD and MBA degrees.[3] Notably, the Kushner family donated money to create NYU`s Seryl Kushner Deanship, which is named for Jared Kushner`s mother.[4] As of October 2008, Kushner was engaged to Ivanka Trump, who was in the midst of her preparations to convert to Judaism before the wedding.[5] Kushner is an Orthodox Jew.[6] (wikipedia.org)

Jared Kushner's Best Moments

Happy Birthday, Jared Kushner! let\s make him a pie!
Happy Birthday to Trump s Fratsputin, Jared Kushner
Here s the truth behind that Ivanka Trump pregnancy rumor
 Happy Birthday Jared Kushner
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jared kushner family 1
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jared kushner beach 3

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