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Kimmy Nightingale
Happy Birthday - Kimmy Nightingale (2 days ago)
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Brenton Duvall
Happy birthday to the person Jason Mraz sang about in his smash 2002 hit The Remedy - Brenton Duvall (2 days ago)
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To whoever was singing about in the remedy, Happy Birthday. - яachelalin∀. (2 days ago)
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Happy Birthday, America! And happy birthday to that one dude in that Jason Mraz song! - Shane (2 days ago)
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Aida Tahir
Music Sundays on Happy Birthday Song request: - Aida Tahir (1 week ago)
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James D20
Happy 45th Birthday Jason Mraz - James D20 (1 week ago)
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Christopher Bligh
Happy Birthday to one of my favorite musicians who\'s music means a lot to me, the man who coined the phrase 40 ounc - Christopher Bligh (1 week ago)
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Lavender Jam with Anaïs Spin
BIG GAY THROWBACK: I m Yours from 2008 album We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. Happy birthday, Jason! - Lavender Jam with Anaïs Spin (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday ! From, CardSnacks - CardSnacks (1 week ago)
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Hamza Khan
Happy birthday - Hamza Khan (1 week ago)
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Jamie Brianna’s Legacy Fund
Happy Birthday We love you. - Jamie Brianna’s Legacy Fund (1 week ago)
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Rasheed Durowoju MD, MS
happy birthday Legend! - Rasheed Durowoju MD, MS (1 week ago)
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Jennifer Long ☮️
Happy Birthday to Frances McDormand, Billy Wirth, Ted Shackleford, - Jennifer Long ☮️ (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday - danny (1 week ago)
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PETA - #Save3000EnvigoBeagles
Happy Birthday! Wishing you a great day full of endless cat cuddles - PETA - #Save3000EnvigoBeagles (1 week ago)
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Max Tuber
Happy 45th Birthday Jason Mraz! - Max Tuber (1 week ago)
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Radio 100 pour 100 émotions
Happy birthday Jason Mraz :) Il souffle ses 45 bougies aujourd\'hui... - Radio 100 pour 100 émotions (1 week ago)
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Joe Owens
Super excited to get an invite to the party of the century, happy birthday to a couple of my hero s - Joe Owens (1 week ago)
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But I won\'t hesitate to say happy birthday to the amazing ! - HeadCount (1 week ago)
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David Taylor Waldorf
Happy Birthday, - David Taylor Waldorf (1 week ago)
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Jerry Lembo
Jason Mraz - I\'m Yours (Official Video) [4K] via Happy Birthday, Jason Mraz (6/23/77). - Jerry Lembo (1 week ago)
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Parsons MusicLibrary
Happy birthday to American guitarist, singer & songwriter Jason Mraz! Born in 1977, Mraz has released 7 albu - Parsons MusicLibrary (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday it s been 11 years since I know your music, so authentic and iconic . Thank you so much - escalordgames (1 week ago)
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Paul Varga
Happy Birthday to Jason Mraz, who for 45 years has been fighting with Gavin DeGraw for your soul. It\'s been a good fight. - Paul Varga (1 week ago)
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The Music Nation
Happy Birthday to Jason Mraz - - The Music Nation (1 week ago)
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Birthday Special
Wish you a very happy birthday Jason Thomas Mraz is an an - Birthday Special (2 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday to my most favorite musician ever You probably didn\'t know how your music inspired, c - alliesawrites (2 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday Jason Mraz, u absolute king - Quack (2 weeks ago)
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Affinity Magazine
Happy birthday to Jason Mraz! The singer and bisexual king turns 45 today. - Affinity Magazine (2 weeks ago)
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S a r a h
Just logged on to wish Happy Birthday - S a r a h (2 weeks ago)
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Fun Facts Factory
What kind of athletic training are you doing today? Or are you training your brain to become the - Fun Facts Factory (2 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday to: * Zinedine Zidane * KT Tunstall * * Jason Mraz * * - Avatar (2 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday - WarnerMusicID (2 weeks ago)
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Galway Boy {FZ\'D}
Happy Birthday - Galway Boy {FZ\'D} (2 weeks ago)
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レコード屋 だるまや
Happy birthday ! Jason Mraz , /CD - レコード屋 だるまや (2 weeks ago)
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TODAY\'S HAPPY BIRTHDAY 01. / B\'z 02. Have It All - Acoustic / JASON MRAZ 03. / - TAK_NABE (2 weeks ago)
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Enrico Robert Parmar
Happy birthday , I W G U | thank you. . - Enrico Robert Parmar (2 weeks ago)
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happy birthday sender! doanya dirangkum om jason mraz di sini yaa - sleepyhead⁷ (11 months ago)
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Scott Gaudion
Happy birthday to the girl from The Remedy by Jason Mraz - Scott Gaudion (1 year ago)
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Cappy -Pokemon Unite to Overthrow the government!
I hope he also wishes Jason Mraz a happy birthday - Cappy -Pokemon Unite to Overthrow the government! (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday to the girl from \"The Remedy\" by Jason Mraz - Rob (1 year ago)
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kathy lasiw
Happy Birthday Jason! I saw you in concert twice. Outstanding!!! - kathy lasiw (1 year ago)
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Jamie Cairney
I m pretty sure I m Yours has helped me seal the deal a few times..so thank you for sharing! Happy Birthday - Jamie Cairney (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday dear Jason - shabby (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday! I can\'t stop listening to your music. It\'s a beautiful and live. I wish you inspiration)) - Irene (1 year ago)
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A feel good, upbeat song for the weekend! Our previous guest released this brilliant collaboration on - TheGlobalClassroom (1 year ago)
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Susan Mester
Loved your intimate concert and haikus with in Red Bank NJ. Happy birthday - Susan Mester (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday, jason!! from Japan - Yassy (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday Jason! I\'m so happy to share a birthday with you! June 23 cancer babies are rare I gue - ilkapilka (1 year ago)
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Yolanda Madrid
Happy birthday!! Blessings!! - Yolanda Madrid (1 year ago)

45 years old (Born on June 23, 1977)

American, Musician; He is famous from Curbside Prophet.

Jason Mraz's Best Moments

Happy birthday to Jason Mraz! The singer and bisexual king turns 45 today.
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to Jason Mraz -
 But I won\t hesitate to say happy birthday to the amazing !
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday, Thanks for all you do for
 Happy Birthday Jason Mraz
Happy birthday
What an evening! Thank you so much for tonight and Happy birthday!!!!
Thank you for the wisdom, love, and positivity, and happy birthday!
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Jason Mraz.
 happy bday!
Happy birthday
Happy birthday, my dear I miss going to your live shows! 

(Hi,  )
Happy birthday to
A big happy birthday to the amazing songwriter and artist
 Happy Birthday Jason! Love from
 Ahh happy birthday youngster!
Just logged on to wish Happy Birthday
Happy 45th Birthday Jason Mraz!
Happy 45th Birthday Jason Mraz
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Jason Mraz celebrity 1
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