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Happy Dec. Birthday to Jean Luc. Godard. Turned 90 The photo by Richard Dumas from article about Godard\'s cont - RobertFredeKenter (1 month ago)
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3/12  = JEAN-LUC GODARD A 90 ANS - liste de lecture de Potemkine PARIS Happy Birthday M Godard! - llull (1 month ago)
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Jack Corey
Happy Birthday Jean Luc Godard. Band of Outsiders, Breathless and Contempt were excellent. - Jack Corey (1 month ago)
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It goes through the air, Bob
Once at the NY Film Festival, I went to see Jean Luc Godard speak. Afterwards, outside, I passed him as he waited f - It goes through the air, Bob (1 month ago)
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m. h. murray
Oh and happy birthday jean luc godard...... love you - m. h. murray (1 month ago)
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Happy birthday jean luc godard i have u have a nice evening - frankie (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday Jean Luc Godard, the silly French cigarette man oui oui - London (1 month ago)
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Michael Glover Smith
Happy 90th birthday to Jean-Luc Godard, the world s greatest living filmmaker. According to his DP Fabrice Aragno, - Michael Glover Smith (1 month ago)
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whit strub
Happy 90th birthday to the world\'s greatest living filmmaker, Jean-Luc Godard, problematic old crank that he is! - whit strub (1 month ago)
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Werewolf Bar Mitzvah
Happy bday Jean Luc Godard if I ever meet you I m gonna immediately beat your ass for standing up Agnes Varda and m - Werewolf Bar Mitzvah (1 month ago)
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Waldemar Feifer
\"Um einen Film zu drehen, brauchst du nur eine Frau mit einer Waffe\" Eigeninterpretation. Weil das auch stimmt. Or - Waldemar Feifer (1 month ago)
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Abed is sleeping
Happy bday jean luc Godard thank you for your films! - Abed is sleeping (1 month ago)
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Yannis Darmis
Happy Birthday Jean Luc Godard - Yannis Darmis (1 month ago)
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Ted Hope
Happy 90th Birthday, Jean Luc Godard. Thank you for all you have given to us! - Ted Hope (1 month ago)
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Martin Bandyke
Happy 90th birthday to Jean-Luc Godard! - Martin Bandyke (1 month ago)
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Adrian Martin
Happy 90th Birthday to Jean-Luc Godard! An audiovisual essay from 3 years ago by Cristina & me: - Adrian Martin (1 month ago)
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Tucker Teague
Happy 90th Birthday to Jean-Luc Godard. Godard is in my top 3 favorite filmmakers. He is an unusual genius and, pe - Tucker Teague (1 month ago)
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Watch Meet Make
Happy 9 th birthday to Jean-Luc Godard! \"Even today, he reminds us what\'s cool about film.\" - Watch Meet Make (1 month ago)
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Phil Brown
Happy birthday to Jean Luc Godard. He is living proof that with a big enough ego, even the most playful, talented, - Phil Brown (1 month ago)
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Happy birthday jean luc godard! - FLORENCE (1 month ago)
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Happy birthday Jean-Luc Godard! Revisit this supercut of the French New Wave director\'s best moments and learn m - NOWNESS (1 month ago)
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Happy birthday Jean Luc Godard !! - rice (1 month ago)
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Kino Lorber
Happy birthday Jean-Luc Godard! We\'re proud to have 13 (!) of his films in our library, from A MARRIED WOMAN (1964 - Kino Lorber (1 month ago)
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川上慶太 Keita Kawakami
Happy Birthday to JEAN-LUC GODARD! - 川上慶太 Keita Kawakami (1 month ago)
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Samsil Arefin
Happy birthday to Jean-Luc-Godard - Samsil Arefin (1 month ago)
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Happy 90th Birthday, Jean-Luc Godard! ICYMI, watch his Instagram Live masterclass from his home in Switzerland whi - Dazed (1 month ago)
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Film Dialogue
We wish you a very Happy 90th, Birthday Jean-Luc Godard! - Film Dialogue (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday, Jean-Luc Godard >> - DGMFS (1 month ago)
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eArtFilm.com: Original Movie Posters for Sale
Happy Birthday, Jean-Luc Godard! - eArtFilm.com: Original Movie Posters for Sale (1 month ago)
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International Film Festival of Kerala
Happy Birthday Jean Luc Godard turns 90 today. \"The more we talk, the less our words make sense - International Film Festival of Kerala (1 month ago)
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Blake Leyh
Happy birthday to Jean Luc Godard - Blake Leyh (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Jean Luc Godard! - jenniferrhm (1 year ago)
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Rus Khomutoff
Happy birthday to the great Jean Luc Godard! Here\'s my Godard poem - Rus Khomutoff (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday JLG! 89 and still going strong. Our bio: - NewWaveFilm (1 year ago)
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Music That\'s Grand
New Wave Party Happy birthday Jean Luc Godard. Viva Cin ma, Viva Nouvelle Vague - Music That\'s Grand (1 year ago)
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Göknur Satur
Happy birthday Jean Luc Godard. Viva Cin ma, Viva Nouvelle Vague - Göknur Satur (1 year ago)
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Hoy cumple años el gran Jean Luc Godard, happy bday genio! - R2-Data (1 year ago)
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দেবজিত বাগচি
Happy birthday Jean Luc Godard. - দেবজিত বাগচি (1 year ago)
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Ian Hartley ★
Jean Luc Godard - Patti Smith --Happy Birthday Neil Young . - Ian Hartley ★ (1 year ago)
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John Madera
Happy birthday, Jean Luc Godard! 88 today! - John Madera (2 years ago)
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Lola Rojo
Le Grand Maître. He tore cinema in two, extracting its mind and heart, and created a whole new language within a bo - Lola Rojo (2 years ago)
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Santa Fe Film
Happy Birthday Jean Luc Godard . . . . - Santa Fe Film (2 years ago)
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We Are Cult
Happy birthday Jean Luc Godard! - We Are Cult (2 years ago)
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He who jumps into the void owes no explanation to those who stand and watch. happy birthday to my absolute favorite - beril (2 years ago)
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Max Burns
Happy birthday Jean Luc Godard, I\'ve never seen any of your movies but I drop your name to sound erudite about film - Max Burns (2 years ago)
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Criterion Collection
\"I know nothing of life except through the cinema.\" Happy 88th birthday, Jean-Luc Godard! - Criterion Collection (2 years ago)
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Ermelinda Xheza
Happy birthday, Jean - Luc Godard. - Ermelinda Xheza (2 years ago)
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// happy birthday Jean Luc Godard - ... (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Jean Luc - #hash-thug (2 years ago)
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Bahruz Samadov
Jean Luc - 88! Happy birthday - Bahruz Samadov (2 years ago)

90 years old (Born on December 03, 1930)

Á bout de souffle

Jean Luc Godard's Best Moments

Happy birthday Jean Luc Godard !!
Happy birthday to Jean Luc Godard
Happy birthday to Jean luc godard   he is 87 years old and also
 my friend
Happy birthday, Jean - Luc Godard.
We wish you a very Happy 90th, Birthday Jean-Luc Godard!
Happy birthday jean luc godard!
Happy Birthday Jean Luc
Happy birthday Jean Luc Godard.
Happy birthday to Jean-Luc-Godard
Happy Birthday Jean Luc Godard
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young jean luc godard 1
jean luc godard anna karina 2
jean luc godard breathless 4

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