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Joyeux 40 ans happy 40th je le connais a traver the TV mais il parti de mes catcheurs favorite je pense à toi Jeff comme un fan - Nicky (1 year ago)
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Happy August it s my grandmas birth month also my friends moms birth month also Jeff Hardy s birth month and this o - samuelgordon (3 weeks ago)
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Chris Barraclough
Happy birthday Jeff hardy - Chris Barraclough (11 months ago)
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Paul White
Nice paint face and happy belated birthday to Jeff Hardy just two days ago. - Paul White (11 months ago)
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Otto Birss
Happy Birthday Jeff Hardy!!!!!!!!! My Favorite Pro Wrestler growing up as a kid. - Otto Birss (11 months ago)
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Happy birthday to my 2nd favorite wrestler ever Jeff Hardy - RomeAlone2 (11 months ago)
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Happy birthday to the TOP 1 OF ALL TIME JEFF HARDY - ricky (11 months ago)
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Iza Krzemińska
Happy birthday Jeff Hardy!! - Iza Krzemińska (11 months ago)
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Kevin Onglyeheng
Happy birthday Jeff Hardy - Kevin Onglyeheng (11 months ago)
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Leonel Cano Gómez™✌
Happy Birthday to the Charismatic Enigma, the man of multiple personalities, to one of the greatest fighters of - Leonel Cano Gómez™✌ (11 months ago)
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Happy birthday jeff hardy - munday (11 months ago)
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Bobby Schaumburg
I met jeff hardy and have pics w him but just wishin a happy bday to one of my fave superstars ever is enough... - Bobby Schaumburg (11 months ago)
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North Trenton (Teewhy Nyema)
And Happy Birthday to Shar Jackson, Vincent Delerm, Jeff Hardy, Ian Harte, Craig Nicholls, Philippe Christanval, Id - North Trenton (Teewhy Nyema) (11 months ago)
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Paiya Surya
Happy Birthday My Jeff Hardy ,Love U always . U is One Of My Inspiration for Me . Live Lo - Paiya Surya (11 months ago)
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George Fakhouri
Happy Birthday to The Thrill Seeker Jeff Hardy - George Fakhouri (11 months ago)
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Bill & Jan Collins
Happy Birthday Jeff Hardy - Bill & Jan Collins (11 months ago)
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James Curry
Happy birthday to my haole cousin Jeff Hardy. Oh and happy birthday to my sister that is all. Carry on. - James Curry (11 months ago)
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OWS™ Wrestling.
Happy birthday to OWS Superstars Mickie James Jeff Hardy and Ember Moon - OWS™ Wrestling. (11 months ago)
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ramen on the chain with the v cut
Happy birthday Jeff hardy - ramen on the chain with the v cut (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Jeff Hardy you are my hero and you inspired me have a WONDERFUL birthday - Aliviabyrne (11 months ago)
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Spencer Wood
Happy birthday to Jeff hardy - Spencer Wood (11 months ago)
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Pro Wrestling Roundup
Happy Birthday to Smackdown Live\'s Jeff Hardy who turns 41 today! - Pro Wrestling Roundup (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to my fellow Virgos Jeff Hardy, Mickie James-Aldis and Ember Moon! ~ThePeoplesChampion - BackstageBrawl (11 months ago)
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Angela Wolf
Happy Birthday Jeff Hardy enjoy ur day - Angela Wolf (11 months ago)
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Lee Dickson
Happy birthday Jeff hardy - Lee Dickson (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Jeff Hardy - WWE2420 (11 months ago)
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Vegeta Solo
Happy Birthday Jeff Hardy PLEASE BRING BACK \"NO MORE WORDS\" - Vegeta Solo (11 months ago)
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cindy blackmon
Happy bday jeff hardy - cindy blackmon (11 months ago)
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Khalil Brathwaite
Happy Birthday to Former Tag-Team Champ, World Champ, and US Champ, Brother Nero Jeff Hardy !!! - Khalil Brathwaite (11 months ago)
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Did That Guy Just Say?
Happy Birthday Jeff Hardy! - Did That Guy Just Say? (11 months ago)
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Happy birthday Jeff Hardy man the realest guy out here - 7 (11 months ago)
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Here s a song for you 1 or 100 by Jeff Hardy Happy Birthday - AuraLawanda (11 months ago)
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Mar Gutierrez
happy birthday Jeff Hardy - Mar Gutierrez (11 months ago)
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Scott Mair
Happy birthday to the great wrestler Jeff Hardy. I hope you have a wonderful day and many more wond - Scott Mair (11 months ago)
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Happy birthday Jeff Hardy - alex (11 months ago)
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BOK Center
Happy birthday to wrestler Jeff Hardy! We can\'t wait to see him in the ring on September 18! - BOK Center (11 months ago)
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Zackary simpson
Happy birthday to you jeff hardy im a super fan hope you give randy orton what he deserves at wwe hell in a cell good luck hardy - Zackary simpson (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Jeff Hardy!!! - Dorathea (11 months ago)
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Pro Wrestling Database
Happy 41th Birthday to my childhood favorite wrestler Jeff Hardy i literally loved him so much that i stopped watch - Pro Wrestling Database (11 months ago)
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Carlo Bravo
Happy Birthday Jeff Hardy - Carlo Bravo (11 months ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY AMAZING HERO . Thank you for your creativity, your passion. Thank you to be Je - Marie CHARLEBOIS (11 months ago)
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Aujourd\'hui c\'est l\'anniversaire de mon idole d\'enfance, Happy Birthday Jeff Hardy - EL FICELLO (11 months ago)
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Celebrity Birthdays
Happy Birthday Jeff Hardy - Celebrity Birthdays (11 months ago)
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Zee Masamune
Happy Birthday Jeff Hardy - Zee Masamune (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Jeff Hardy - ₴₳₮ɄⱤ₦ (11 months ago)
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₴₳₮ɄⱤ₦ ₥₳₴₳₥Ʉ₦Ɇ
Happy Birthday Jeff Hardy - ₴₳₮ɄⱤ₦ ₥₳₴₳₥Ʉ₦Ɇ (11 months ago)
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Zee Saturn
Happy Birthday Jeff Hardy - Zee Saturn (11 months ago)
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Cynthia Michelle Martin
Aww happy birthday to the charisma Jeff hardy! I absolutely love this guy! He\'s just a - Cynthia Michelle Martin (11 months ago)

41 years old (Born on August 31, 1977)

professional wrestler and musician; artist; He is famous from WWE.

Has also held the European title, won from William Regal on an episode of Raw. On July 22, 2001 at WWF Invasion, Jeff Hardy lost the WWF Hardcore Championship to ECW Star Rob Van Dam when he attempted to use his finishing move, the "Swanton Bomb". He missed his intended target, allowing "Mr. Monday Night" to hit him with the "Van Daminator" to get the pin and the victory over Jeff Hardy. He has his own band with fellow wrestler Shannon Moore called Peroxwhy?gen. His mother died when he was 9 years old, Matt was 12. Has been suspended from WWE twice because of substance abuse. First time he went to TNA and to work on his band Peroxwhy?gen, which means Pure Oxygen.

Jeff Hardy's Best Moments

Happy birthday to:
Ember Moon (29 years)
Jeff Hardy (40 years)
Mickie James (38 years)
Happy Birthday Jeff Hardy!
Happy Birthday to RAW star Jeff Hardy who turns 40 today!
Happy Birthday Jeff Hardy!!
On the new Fueled By Death Cast, we wish wrestler Jeff Hardy a Happy Birthday today:
Happy Birthday JEFF HARDY!!
Happy 40th Birthday To The Greatest Of All Time And One Of My Favorite Wrestlers Jeff Hardy
Happy Birthday to The Charismatic Enigma Jeff Hardy!
Happy Birthday Shop Jeff Hardy Figures at
Matt & Jeff Hardy at Happy birthday Matt!
Happy Birthday to the Charismatic Enigma , My role model the one and  only Jeff Hardy !!
 Anniversaire Jeff Hardy fête aujourd\hui ses 40 ans ! Happy birthday !
Happy birthday to one half of team extreme Jeff Hardy. AKA BROTHER NERO
Happy birthday jeff hardy
Happy 30th Birthday to Ember Moon 
Happy 39th Birthday to Mickie James
Happy 41th Birthday to Jeff Hardy
Happy 41st birthday to Jeff Hardy!
Happy birthday to BROTHER NERO aka JEFF HARDY
Happy Birthday Jeff Hardy
 Happy Birthday. Jeff hardy
Happy birthday Jeff Hardy. Next Intercontinental Champion!
Happy birthday to my idol Jeff Hardy    He\s gonna be the new Intercontinental Champ Monday!
Happy birthday to WWE Wrestler Jeff Hardy!
The AMP Crew would like to wish a Happy 41st Birthday to \"The Enigma\" Jeff Hardy!
Happy birthday to wrestler Jeff Hardy! We can\t wait to see him in the ring on September 18!
Happy Birthday to Smackdown Live\s Jeff Hardy who turns 41 today!
 Happy birthday Jeff Hardy. All the best for you.( Jeff Hardy\s fan)
Happy Birthday Jeff Hardy 40 Never Look So Good
Happy birthday to one of the best wrestlers ever.  The charismatic jeff hardy
Happy Birthday To Jeff Hardy!!
Happy Birthday, Jeff Hardy!
No one could entertain me on the same level as this man. Happy birthday to my all-time favourite, Jeff Hardy.
Happy Birthday to the Charismatic Enigma JEFF HARDY..
Happy Birthday Jeff Hardy!
Happy 40th Birthday Jeff Hardy
How is Jeff Hardy 40 years old already?! Happy birthday, thanks for making my childhood.
Happy birthday to this hard working man have a good day Jeff Hardy all your fans and family love ya
Happy birthday to the best wrestler & singer jeff hardy
 happy birthday jeff hardy
Happy birthday to my all-time favourite, the Charismatic Enigma Jeff Hardy.
Happy 40th Years Birthday to Jeff Hardy
Happy Birthday!!  to the Charismatic Enigma,  Jeff Hardy!!!
Happy birthday to the LEGEND Jeff Hardy.
Happy Birthday to my favorite wrestlers of all time Jeff Hardy
Happy birthday to Jeff Hardy, who turns 41 years old today!
Jeff Hardy Happy Birthday you rock man. Hope i cya one day back again in the ring
Happy birthday jeff hardy
 Happy Birthday Jeff Hardy. Hope you re having a great day!
Happy Birthday to my favourite ever superstar to step foot on this planet, Jeff Hardy!!!
Happy birthday to the charismatic Enigma the legend Jeff Hardy
 Happy birthday Jeff Hardy
  Happy Birthday Jeff Hardy.....
Happy birthday Jeff Hardy!!! The Charismatic Enigma, One of the best high flying wrestler.
Happy birthday to the Charismatic enigma JEFF HARDY !!!!!
Aujourd\hui c\est l\anniversaire de mon idole d\enfance, Happy Birthday Jeff Hardy
Happy Birthday Jeff Hardy
Happy 41st Birthday to one of my childhood Loves Jeff Hardy!! Have a great day Handsome xoxo
    Happy  Birthday       Jeff Hardy
Happy Birthday Jeff Hardy!
Happy Birthday Jeff Hardy
   Happy Birthday Jeff Hardy enjoy ur day
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Jeff Hardy sexy 1
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jeff hardy and matt hardy 3

Fun Facts About Jeff Hardy

Shares the same three initials as Crossing Jordan star Jill Hennessy, formerly of Law & Order (1993-1996 as ADA Claire Kincaid).
He has held the following titles: WWF Intercontinental title, WWF Hardcore title, WWF Tag title, WWF Light Heavyweight title. With 4 of the 6 possible WWF titles to him, he is on the way to WWF`s highest prize, the High 5 title.
Had a dog named Liger, a South American raccoon named Imagi and a prairie dog named Whitty. Liger died on August 18, 2004. Imagi died on August 21, 2004.
He is the youngest WWF Intercontinental champion at 23.
Dated 'Marcella Chasez' [2001]
The Hardy Boys had their start in OMEGA, a wrestling organization, Matt owned a large portion of it & did 75% of the booking. OMEGA stands for - Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts
Designs his own ring outfits with brother Matt.
Brother and tag team partner of Matt Hardy
Has a 70 foot aluminiummy in his back yard (an alien statue made of tin foil), and has made his entire back yard into something like the grand canyon
Has a man made volcano in his front yard, which he sets on fire and uses as a motocross ring
His Dog Liger fathered 3 puppies and he kept them all: Little Man, Whitey and Brownie
Did You Know??

Jeff uses Manic Panic hair dye.

Jeff wants a tiger.

Matt and Jeff trained Amy Dumas (Lita) to wrestle.

Matt and Jeff started training on a trampoline their Dad got them for Christmas 1987.

It takes Jeff about 30 minutes to shave.

Matt was approximately 2 years, 11 months, and 8 days old when Jeff was born.

Jeff and Matt started training on a trampoline their Dad got them for Christmas 1987.

Jeff was a good student, but not straight A's.

On February 27, 1999, Jeff and Matt competed in the 3rd Annual ECWA Super 8 Tournament.

Shannon Moore (of WCW's 3-Count) is a childhood friend of Jeff.

Jeff lives out in the country.

Jeff won the tag team belts, with Matt, on June 29, 1999, in Fayetteville, North Carolina

Jeff gets his outfits from Kikwear and T. Reilly.

Jeff also owns a dirtbike and 2 high performance motorcycles.

He has since moved out of his father's house and into his own but is still living in Cameron

After WWE severed ties with Jeff Hardy, he was signed to up and coming organization, TNA (Total Nonstop Action) Wrestling. He was later resigned to WWE to become of the biggest rising stars in WWE history.
Previous Managers: Michael Hayes, Lita, Terri, Gangrel.
Along with Matt Hardy, ranked number 9 in a poll of the 10 most humble people in wrestling.
Faced the The Dudley Boyz in the first ever WWF Tag Team Table Match at Royal Rumble 2000.

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