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ha your funny how bout no i will do it later
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- TheProwlerXl™️ (7 months ago)
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I GOT VERY SCARED FOR A SECOND THERE Also, happy birthday to Jeffrey Combs. One of the best parts of the Star Tre - Seven (8 months ago)
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Dan Whitehead
Happy birthday to Jeffrey Combs, the modern day Vincent Price: an excellent actor with a unique delivery who elevat - Dan Whitehead (8 months ago)
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Kelly Marie Bradley
Happy Birthday, Jeffrey Combs! - Kelly Marie Bradley (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday jeffrey combs. you\'re a man with direction - callum (8 months ago)
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Jillian hermittime
Happy birthday to a fantastic actor jeffrey combs. - Jillian hermittime (8 months ago)
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Arbie Webb,Jr.
Happy Birthday Jeffrey Combs! I liked Jeffrey as a vorta in Deep Space Nine. - Arbie Webb,Jr. (8 months ago)
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Ian McIntosh
Happy birthday to horror icon, voice actor and Star Trek legend Jeffrey Combs - Ian McIntosh (8 months ago)
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Fright Mic Podcast
Happy birthday to Jeffrey Combs who turns 65 today!!! - Fright Mic Podcast (8 months ago)
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Today is Jeffrey Combs birthday! Jeffrey has brought so much to the world of and the world is better for - trekreexamined (8 months ago)
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Tomas Jason Roberts
Happy birthday to Jeffrey Combs. Many happy returns. - Tomas Jason Roberts (8 months ago)
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House harker
Happy Birthday to Jeffrey Combs! - House harker (8 months ago)
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Garrick Dion
the Dream Team!! Happy Birthday, Jeffrey Combs - Garrick Dion (8 months ago)
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Joe Lloyd
Happy birthday Jeffrey Combs - Joe Lloyd (8 months ago)
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Week in Horror
Happy Birthday, Jeffrey Combs! - Week in Horror (8 months ago)
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Monica Brown
Happy Birthday to the amazing actor Jeffrey Combs stay safe - Monica Brown (8 months ago)
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Horror Art Paranormal Photography News Weird
Today\'s movie photo or gif train is JEFFREY COMBS. Because it\'s his birthday. Share any GIF OR PHOTO that - Horror Art Paranormal Photography News Weird (8 months ago)
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USS King Edward
Happy Birthday to Jeffrey Combs, who has played multiple characters, from to to and others ac - USS King Edward (8 months ago)
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Death By Video
Happy Birthday Jeffrey Combs! Best known for his portrayal of Herbert West in Re-Animator, he s also known for port - Death By Video (8 months ago)
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Jayne Wee Wee
Happy birthday Jeffrey Combs, absolute king - Jayne Wee Wee (8 months ago)
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What was that? Bread
Happy birthday today to everyone. Because everyone is Jeffrey Combs - What was that? Bread (8 months ago)
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Julian Stockinger
Happy Birthday Jeffrey Combs! Anlässlich des Screenings am habe ich ein paar Zeilen über einen mein - Julian Stockinger (8 months ago)
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Rue Morgue
Happy Birthday Jeffrey Combs, born September 9, 1954! Which of his many horror roles is your favourite? We\'re parti - Rue Morgue (8 months ago)
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The App for Horror Fans & Pros
Wishing Jeffrey Combs a very happy birthday today!! . . . . . - The App for Horror Fans & Pros (8 months ago)
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Danny Martinez
At least you also share a birthday with Jeffrey Combs (who turns 66). He\'s known for roles like Scarecrow - Danny Martinez (8 months ago)
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Gringo Fantastico
Happy Birthday to Jeffrey Combs! - Gringo Fantastico (8 months ago)
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Erebus Horror
Happy Birthday to Jeffrey Combs. Born on this day in 1954, Combs is best known as Herbert West in Re-animator but - Erebus Horror (8 months ago)
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George Schmidt (G)
Happy 66th Birthday to JEFFREY COMBS - George Schmidt (G) (8 months ago)
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The Losman
Happy Birthday to American actor Jeffrey Combs Best known for his role in Re-Animator & Star Trek, what other rol - The Losman (8 months ago)
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Don\'t forget the one and only definitive Question. If you did - Kelsey (8 months ago)
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Patrick Lacey
Happy Birthday to Jeffrey Combs, whose ability to emote is so impressive, I do wonder if his face is made of silly - Patrick Lacey (1 year ago)
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Scott Lesperance (on hiatus)
Happy Birthday to Jeffrey Combs who will always be Dr. West to me. - Scott Lesperance (on hiatus) (1 year ago)
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Anthony Ogozalek
Jeffrey Co - Anthony Ogozalek (1 year ago)
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Mat Smith
Happy Birthday to - you are my Captain. [GIF: Jeffrey Combs as Andorian Commander Shran raises his g - Mat Smith (1 year ago)
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What Jeffrey Combs clone are we on now? Happy Birthday! - A.Z. (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to Jeffrey Combs, from Worf. - Joseph (1 year ago)
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Doctor What
happy birthday Jeffrey Combs. - Doctor What (1 year ago)
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Timothy Thelen
The many faces of Jeffrey Combs Happy Birthday, gentlemen. - Timothy Thelen (1 year ago)
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Kristian Fry
Happy Birthday Jeffrey Combs. One of the best Villains ever. - Kristian Fry (1 year ago)
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Music Box Theatre
Happy Birthday to the RE-ANIMATOR himself, Jeffrey Combs! - Music Box Theatre (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Family of Fear
Happy birthday to actor Jeffrey Combs! Wishing him a happy 65th! - Family of Fear (1 year ago)
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The Zombie Mandalorian\'s Leaky Basement of Horrors
Happy Birthday to Jeffrey Combs! - The Zombie Mandalorian\'s Leaky Basement of Horrors (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to the amazing Jeffrey Combs~~ The Weyouns he played on DS9 were incredible. - Abbey (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Brian Yount
Happy Birthday to one of the best. Jeffrey Combs. - Brian Yount (1 year ago)
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Kelly Barrios
Happy Birthday Jeffrey Combs!! The Scarecrow that DOES make me face my fears!! - Kelly Barrios (1 year ago)
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Giant Freakin Robot
Happy birthday to the great Jeffrey Combs! He played eight different characters on including most notably - Giant Freakin Robot (1 year ago)
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Daily Grindhouse
A very happy birthday to the beloved Jeffrey Combs! - Daily Grindhouse (1 year ago)
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Again Happy Birthday Jeffrey Combs - Horrormom (1 year ago)
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Famous Monsters
Happy birthday to actor Jeffrey Combs Aside from the fan favorite rendition of H.P. Lovecraft\'s Re-Animator, Comb - Famous Monsters (1 year ago)
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Armin Shimerman
To all friends, Ferengi, and Vortas, today is my old nemesis and good friend, Jeffrey Combs\' birthday. Send him you - Armin Shimerman (1 year ago)

66 years old (Born on September 09, 1954)

The Re-animator. The Tomb of Terror

Jeffrey Combs's Best Moments

Happy birthday to Jeffrey Combs!
   We wish a very happy birthday to the iconic Jeffrey Combs! ¡Feliz cumpleaños
Happy 64th birthday to our friend and former SFOTR6 guest; Jeffrey Combs!
Happy birthday Jeffrey combs
Happy birthday to Jeffrey Combs who turns 65 today!!!
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jeffrey combs star trek 1
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Jeffrey Combs exclusive hot pic 3

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