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Not So Silent Bob
I must\'ve confused. I don\'t think he means happy birthday to this guy. - Not So Silent Bob (10 months ago)
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Jagjit Buttar
Happy Birthday Jerry Lawler have a great day with family & friends on your special day. - Jagjit Buttar (10 months ago)
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Jerry Lawler Triubte - Walking in Memphis via Happy birthday - JOHN MORRIS (10 months ago)
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Sky Scott
You learn something new every day! Not only is it Jerry Lawler\'s birthday, it\'s also the birthday of the WRESTLING - Sky Scott (10 months ago)
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Aaron Tyrone Tibbs
Happy Birthday Jerry Lawler aka The King. - Aaron Tyrone Tibbs (10 months ago)
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Jerel Minter
Happy Birthday to Jerry Lawler, the WWF/E wrestler and commentator also known as The King from Memphis. - Jerel Minter (10 months ago)
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Groovy History
Happy Birthday to professional wrestler Jerry Lawler who turns 71 today. - Groovy History (10 months ago)
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WWE News: Jerry Lawler Turns 71, Top 10 Triple H and Stephanie McMahon Moments: Happy birthday to WWE Hall of Famer - @easyworldnews (10 months ago)
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411 Wrestling
Happy birthday to WWE Hall of Famer who turns 71 years old today. - 411 Wrestling (10 months ago)
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⭐️PWM - WWE & AEW News & Rumors⭐️
Happy birthday - ⭐️PWM - WWE & AEW News & Rumors⭐️ (10 months ago)
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From one ohioan to another happy birthday good ol king jerry lawler - RoninGhost (10 months ago)
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Al \"I will NOT sing this song\" Creed
Happy Birthday to everyone born on November 29 except for Jerry Lawler. - Al \"I will NOT sing this song\" Creed (10 months ago)
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The Spotlight
Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross gather to celebrate the Jerry\'s Birthday Happy 71st Birthday to \"The King\" - The Spotlight (10 months ago)
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Buddy Burton(buddyburtonphotography)
Happy Birthday Here s a match for the ages. Jerry Lawler, Dusty Rhodes, Magnum TA vs Ole & Arn And - Buddy Burton(buddyburtonphotography) (10 months ago)
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Look at Jerry Lawler lmaoooo. Happy birthday to king - Chief (10 months ago)
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Happy birthday to JBL, Jerry Lawler, Dutch Mantel, and the Smarkbusters channel. - Jack (10 months ago)
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I met Jerry Lawler a few years back with his wife at my part time job here in - VegasMBK (10 months ago)
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Jimmy Benesh
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To You King Jerry Lawler!!! God Bless You!! - Jimmy Benesh (10 months ago)
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max chandler
Happy birthday Jerry Lawler. The greatest of all time - max chandler (10 months ago)
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peeniti jantean
Happy Birthday and Long Live The King Jerry Lawler! - peeniti jantean (10 months ago)
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Hiram Poole
The Fabulous Ones vs. Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee - Nashville, TN via The one match I missed - Hiram Poole (11 months ago)
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Michael Poore
I sure miss Macho Man Randy Savage. I grew up in the early 80\'s watching him in ICW and CWA with his feud - Michael Poore (11 months ago)
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Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabadoo
Happy birthday and a can of coke to the man who is officially a better wrestler than Jerry Lawler. - Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabadoo (1 year ago)
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Scott Hawkes
Happy Birthday! I got you this cathartic moment of Super-karma catching up with Jerry Lawler. - Scott Hawkes (1 year ago)
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dolores tafoya
Happy Birthday Jerry Lawler. - dolores tafoya (1 year ago)
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Greetings From Allentown Podcast
5. It was a happy accident that I did a Memphis show the week of Jerry Lawler\'s 70th birthday. - Greetings From Allentown Podcast (1 year ago)
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Nathan O\'Neill
Happy birthday to the king jerry Lawler and me xoxo - Nathan O\'Neill (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday Jerry lawler - marcos (1 year ago)
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Mark Sexton
Happy Birthday to who gave us one of the most surreal matches in wrestling history. Empty Arena Terry - Mark Sexton (1 year ago)
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Chris Muss
Happy birthday to you Dana, along with Jerry Lawler! - Chris Muss (1 year ago)
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Teewhy Nyema
And Happy Birthday to Sue Miller, Csaba Pleh, Brian Cadd, Suzy Chaffee, Silvio Rodriguez, Petra Kelly (d. 1992), Ro - Teewhy Nyema (1 year ago)
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Happy 70th Birthday Jerry Lawler Been piledriving Women Since 1984! [ - THE AUXGOD (1 year ago)
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Andy Wagner
Happy Birthday Jerry Lawler - Andy Wagner (1 year ago)
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Richard Land
Happy 70th Birthday today to both of these legends.... Jerry Lawler and Dirty Dutch Mantel! - Richard Land (1 year ago)
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happy birthday to the only KING Jerry Lawler. - richardwebb (1 year ago)
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Have wonderful blessing happy birthday Jerry.Lawler - Sylvie (1 year ago)
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Leo Conchola
happy birthday Jerry Lawler hope u continue on what you do - Leo Conchola (1 year ago)
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Jennifer Ward
Happy Birthday to the one and only King of Wrestling, Jerry Lawler! - Jennifer Ward (1 year ago)
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Jim Dupree
Being a huge wwe fan Happy 70th birthday jerry lawler Happy 53rd birthday jbl - Jim Dupree (1 year ago)
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Chris Mclaren
Jerry Lawler returns to Raw in 2001: Raw, November 19, 2001 via Happy birthday - Chris Mclaren (1 year ago)
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\" \" Jerry \"The King\" Lawler Happy Birthday Mr.Jerry Lawler. - \"FAT ASS\" MASA ❤️BEING THE ELITE ❤️AEW (1 year ago)
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Kracker Jones
Happy birthday Howie Mandel(64)Russell Wilson(31)Anna Faris(Mom)(43)Jerry Lawler(70)Gena Lee Nolan(48)John Mayall(8 - Kracker Jones (1 year ago)
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Todd Moore
Want to wish tHE King Jerry Lawler my child hood Saturday morning escape from reality a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! - Todd Moore (1 year ago)
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Chawan Bahd
Happy Birthday Jerry Lawler and great pictures yes - Chawan Bahd (1 year ago)
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GG Jenkem
I liked a video Vince McMahon sends Jerry Lawler a Happy Birthday text at 3 AM - GG Jenkem (2 years ago)
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Nick Duran
2 things haven\'t changed - Nick Duran (2 years ago)
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Avis Meszaros.
Happy Birthday to both of you. Jerry Lawler. You\'re an Awesome Guy and - Avis Meszaros. (2 years ago)
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Steven Rogers
Happy Birthday Mr. Jerry Lawler. I pray that you had a great day and many more to come. - Steven Rogers (2 years ago)
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Did That Guy Just Say?
Happy Birthday Jerry Lawler! - Did That Guy Just Say? (2 years ago)
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Ethan Cramer
Happy Birthday to the KING Jerry Lawler! Hope you enjoy the day!!! - Ethan Cramer (2 years ago)

71 years old (Born on November 29, 1949)

Commentator Of WWE Raw

Jerry Lawler's Best Moments

Happy Birthday Jerry Lawler!
Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross gather to celebrate the Jerry\s Birthday

Happy 71st Birthday to \"The King\"
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