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Vermeersch Heidi
Happy Birthday Jesse from Belgium - Vermeersch Heidi (2 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday - M.V.J.S.72 (2 weeks ago)
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Happy BIRTHDAY! - Eydie (2 weeks ago)
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tee lacy hegwood
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSE - tee lacy hegwood (2 weeks ago)
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jo welsh
Happy birthday for yesterday love you in Chicago from me & your biggest fan my daughter - jo welsh (2 weeks ago)
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VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY U Had An AMAZING - Janet.R.Trisciuzzi (2 weeks ago)
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VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY U Had An AMAZING - Janet.R.Trisciuzzi (2 weeks ago)
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I m late but happy birthday to Jesse spencer - KeirahB25 (2 weeks ago)
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Romaine Cockrell
Happy Birthday - Romaine Cockrell (2 weeks ago)
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Arlo Astri
Happy birthday - Arlo Astri (2 weeks ago)
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Chloe Fan Yes
Enjoy and Highly Recommend the Series Roswell New Mexico! Give it a try and be rewarded! - Chloe Fan Yes (2 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday Jesse - Amara (2 weeks ago)
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Victoria Vella
Happy birthday dear Jesse!xx - Victoria Vella (2 weeks ago)
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Gia Parker 123
I want to post this picture of the first time that Me my sister Gianna met for the first time. He wa - Gia Parker 123 (2 weeks ago)
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happy birthday - Katharine (2 weeks ago)
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Mish lou
Big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most beautiful human ever hope your day has been filled with happiness - Mish lou (2 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday - Fernanda (2 weeks ago)
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Kathi Mccarthy
Happy Birthday Jesse Spencer hope you are having an awesome day - Kathi Mccarthy (2 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday to this absolute gem much love hope you re having a wonderful day - Sav❤️ (2 weeks ago)
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Russell Graves Jr
Born February 12, 1979 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - Happy Birthday to Jesse Spencer, television actor and st - Russell Graves Jr (2 weeks ago)
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Dany Baumert
Happy birthday Jesse - Dany Baumert (2 weeks ago)
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Amy Hendrickson
Happy birthday jesse - Amy Hendrickson (2 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday Jesse Spencer - Erivandadasilva (2 weeks ago)
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Hamza Khan
Happy birthday - Hamza Khan (2 weeks ago)
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Mozart’s Dee
Happy Birthday Wishing you a wonderful day and a fantastic year ahead. - Mozart’s Dee (2 weeks ago)
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loves 5sos and destination fear a lot
Happy birthday - loves 5sos and destination fear a lot (2 weeks ago)
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Jennifer Long ☮️
Happy Birthday to Josh Brolin, Christina Ricci, Michael Ironside, Jesse Spencer, Joh - Jennifer Long ☮️ (2 weeks ago)
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Lore Havilliard✨
Happy birthday to my favorite person <3 - Lore Havilliard✨ (2 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday Jesse! - Ilena (2 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday from this Irish Chihard and Billy Kennedy fan. - JoannaDoyle (2 weeks ago)
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Come back on Chicago Fire. Happy Birthday - basketballs (2 weeks ago)
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carrieann griffin
Happy birthday have an awesome day - carrieann griffin (2 weeks ago)
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Carol Coleman
Happy birthday! - Carol Coleman (2 weeks ago)
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Carla Elaine Lehman
Happy birthday matt casey. Miss you on Chicago fire - Carla Elaine Lehman (2 weeks ago)
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Therese Anne
Happy birthday - Therese Anne (2 weeks ago)
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Amanda Barbee
Happy birthday - Amanda Barbee (2 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday - Mernia (2 weeks ago)
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Carla Wagner
Happy birthday Jesse have a great one!! - Carla Wagner (2 weeks ago)
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Sian Fanderlinden
Happy birthday to Jesse Spencer or as everyone knows him as captain Matthew Casey on Chicago fire I hope you have a - Sian Fanderlinden (2 weeks ago)
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Romeo Yankee Zulu
Happy Birthday! - Romeo Yankee Zulu (2 weeks ago)
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Sherry Gunter
Happy happy Birthday! - Sherry Gunter (2 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday hope u have the best day - Aubrey (2 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday we miss you, have a beautiful birthday!!! - Margab28 (2 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday to Arsenio Hall, Christina Ricci, Darren Aronofsky, Gucci Mane, Jennifer Stone, Jesse Spencer, Jonna - NotYourAverageMovieBuff (2 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday to Jesse Spencer! It\'s thanks to a visit to the Wikifeet Men homepage I noticed it\'s today. These - BarefootMales (2 weeks ago)
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Debbie #BrettseyStrong
Happy Birthday, Jesse! Have a great day, with your family and friends. - Debbie #BrettseyStrong (2 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday - Ritti456 (2 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday - Elisabetta (2 weeks ago)
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BSMT Universe
Check out my new item on OpenSea! via ! Happy birthday to Jesse S - BSMT Universe (2 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday Jesse Spencer! - unicronicron (2 weeks ago)

45 years old (Born on February 12, 1979)

Australian actor; He is famous from House, M.D..

8/15/07: Engagement to Jennifer Morrison has been canceled. Has played the violin since the age of 10. Is fluent in French. Sang the song "Molly Smiles" on the Uptown Girls (2003) soundtrack. 2007: In People's 100 Most Beautiful People issue.

Jesse Spencer's Best Moments

Happy birthday to the most adventurous axe-slinging man i know
Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Happy birthday my partner
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to the awesome and amazing    The talent this man has is endless!!!
Happy birthday eternally our matt casey.
Happy Bday to the coolest aussie
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday, jesse!
HAPPY 57th BIRTHDAY !!!  your pals and bandmates in
Happy Birthday, We love and miss you.
Happy birthday to the soul of firehouse 51 Your family wishing you an awesome day!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday,  Para comemorar, confira curiosidades da carreira do ator:
Today is the birthday of so we wish him a good and happy birthday.
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to the most beautiful human in the world  I love you to the moon and back
Happy Birthday to Jesse Spencer
Wishing a very Happy Birthday to my favorite goofball, Hope it\s the best one yet!
Happy belated birthday to this grubby little surf-rat /fireman/dr/muso/talented overachiever xox
Wishing Jesse Spencer a very happy birthday !!
     birthday\s cake Happy birthday sister
Happy Birthday to I hope his days are Happy!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday This jacket has history, right?
Happy Birthday
  Happy Birthday !!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to the cutest and bravest fireman of Chicago!
Happy Birthday  send lots of love from Italy
 Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a fantastic and very blessed day!!! =)
Happy Birthday to this handsome Aussie! Hope you have   an amazing day!
Happy birthday to    Hope you have a good one!
 Happy Birthday Jesse! xx Enjoy your special day!
Happy birthday Thanks for Casey and the most
iconic couple! Enjoy your day, we love you
Happy birthday
Happy birthday  so glad i had the opportunity to meet you and i cant wait to meet you again
 Happy Birthday to > Matthew Casey
Happy bday I love you so much Thanks for everything and for giving us Matt Casey
Happy birthday to one of the greatest actors
Happy Birthday I hope that your birthday is as much fun as you are, but that sets a very high standard
Happy Birthday from  and we hope you have a beyond amazing day!
Happy birthday Love this face so much
Happy birthday
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSE SPENCER hope you have a great and fantastic birthday!
Happy birthday hope u have a very good day+!
Happy birthday to wonderful !! to when I got to be on tv with you.
Happy Birthday, Jesse Spencer!
 Happy birthday!!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday ! I hope this day is as lovely as you are!
 Happy Birthday Jesse! Have a great day
 Happy Birthday Jesse!
 Happy Birthday Jesse !
Happy Birthday Jesse spencer i Love you so much
Happy birthday to the most wonderful man
Happy birthday to one of the most talented and handsome
Happy Birthday
 happy birthday  damage you do not come to convention in paris in may
  Happy Birthday to my favourite Captain!
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to the best Captain out there
Happy 40th birthday!!
Jesse is us. We are Jesse. Happy Birthday !
Happy Birthday best wishes to you
  Happy birthday
 Happy birthday from your geordie mate
  Happy Birthday!
Happy 41st birthday to
  Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday You wonderful, gorgeous human. I hope you are having a day to remember
Happy Birthday Jesse!!
Happy birthday
Happy birthday for me it is technically your birthday so happy birthday
Happy Birthday !!! Wish you the best because it s what you deserve !!!
Happy birthday
Happy birthday   Jesse Spencer hope you have a great day
Happy birthday to our captain
Happy birthday
Happy BirthDay Jesse Spencer We Hope You Have A Wonderful BirthDay! And Keep Working On Chicago Fire Episodes!
Happy 42 nd birthday
Happy birthday to my hero   lots of love x
Roi happy birthday darling. thank u for all and PLEASE CREATE AN INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT FOR GOD\S SAKE
  Happy Birthday Jesse Enjoy your day
Happy Birthday
  Happy Birthday Jesse
Happy birthday to this absolute gem much love hope you re having a wonderful day
Hoi We wish you with all my heart happy birthday with your family and friends
 Happy birthday gorgeous!
Happy Birthday to Australia\s own doctor and fire fighter
 happy birthday jesse, you are the best actor ever.  Thank you for all.
Happy birthday to this beautiful man
Happy Birthday to the gorgeous
Happy Birthday my Beautiful Man I Love you, kisses from Argentina
 Happy Birthday!
 happy bday, sweetie we\ll always remember you like this. From me +
Happy Birthday !!!! I hope it\s a wonderful day! <3
 happy birthday from italy
 Happy Birthday Jesse
Happy Birthday dear ! Keep being so awesome and have an amazing day !!
Happy birthday :* love and so many wonderful things, today and your whole life.
 Happy Birthday from Italy
 Happy Birthday Jesse! xx
My Screen my phone! Happy Birthday Jesse !! Enjoy Your Day! Have fun! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE YOU !!
 happy Birthday   I love you
Happy birthday to the ever handsome aka my favorite doctor ever
 Happy Birthday Jesse! Have a great day
Happy birthday to of We love watching you play Matthew Casey every week!
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to the one & only May all your dreams & wishes come true!!
 Happy Birthday!
   Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday  !!!
Happy Birthday!!! and
 Happy Birthday Jesse!
Happy Birthday Sexay
Happy birthday handsome!
Happy birthday BAE
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to this handsome man! Have a great day
 Happy birthday!!! 
PD: volvé con Dawson
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday sexy    have a good day
 Happy Birthday Jesse, and please know i don\t think any less of you for staying in the closet.
  THANKYOU everyone for my lovely birthday wishes. Hip hip hooray     Happy happy birthday!
Happy Birthday!!!
Happy birthday
Happy bday to this sleeping beauty
Happy bday Jesse
T Happy Birthday Jesse and all the best in your life !! x
 \Happy birthday Jesse, wishing you happiness, love and heath, see more
Happy Birthday to this amazing actor
Happy birthday You are the best!
  Happy Birthday Jesse...I love you so much^^
Happy Birthday
Dear ! Happy birthday! Have a great day!
Happy Birthday Hermione Norris, Reece Topley, Lisa Hannigan, Jesse Spencer, Naseem Hamed
 Happy Birthday Jesse
 Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Dr. Chase Kiss from Brazil
We love you
Happy Birthday Best Wishes. I wish you the Best of the World.
 Happy Birthday Jesse! Have a brilliant day
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSE i hope you\re having a wonderful day x
Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday Jesse Have a wonderful day :)
 Happy Birthday Jesse!
Happy Birthday !!
 Happy Birthday, Jesse!  I hope you have an absolutely fabulous day!
Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday Jesse!!!
Happy Birthday    Hope you have a great day.
 Happy Birthday Jesse Have a fabulous day!! :)
 Happy Birthday! xoxo
 Happy Birthday to you Jesse!! Have a great day!
Happy Birthday
Happy bday !!!
One more for     HaPpY  BiRtHdAy  xo
Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday!! Hope you\re having a super amazing day Jesse!
 Happy Birthday Jesse
Happy Birthday Jesse!!! Have an amazing day!!!
 Have a Happy Birthday Jesse!
Joyeux anniversaire  Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday Jesse May your day be blessed and filled with happiness
Happy Birthday February 12,1979
 Happy Birthday Jesse! Have an awesome time today!
  Happy Birthday .
Happy Birthday!  Cariño!
Happy Birthday to one of the best actors!
Happy Birthday Love you
Happy birthday to the sexy Hope you have a great day.
  Happy Birthday Jesse!
 Happy Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday Jesse Spencer
 Have a wonderful Happy Birthday Jesse
 Happy Birthday Jesse!
 happy birthday
Happy Birthday :)  Have a wonderful wonderful day
  Happy Birthday Jesse!
 happy delayed birthday! Or...a very merry unbirthday!!
Happy birthday late       the holidays have me distracted I love you my favorite Chicago Fire
 Happy birthday Mate
Happy birthday to my favorite human being. Wish you the best, love you loads!
 Happy Birthday from Germany
Happy Birthday Have a wonderful bday. 
Lots of love from Italy
Happy birthday, to this wonderful Guy.
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Jesse Spencer young 2
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Fun Facts About Jesse Spencer

Has two older brothers and a younger sister
Unveiled an Uptown Girls (2003) window display in New York with co-stars Brittany Murphy and Dakota Fanning.
Plays the guitar, bass and the piano.
Just like his characters Billy Kennedy ("Neighbours" (1985)) and Robert Chase ("House M.D." (2004)), his real-life father and brothers are all doctors.
Former room-mate of James McAvoy when he lived in London. The latter invited him to the Los Angeles` premiere of The Last King of Scotland (2006).
He was in the Australian boys choir
Is engaged to "House M.D." (2004) co-star Jennifer Morrison.

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