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ha your funny how bout no i will do it later
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Bridget Neval
- Bridget Neval (4 months ago)
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happy belated birthday. We share the same day. - Deb1Love (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Have An Awesome Day! - sjs59 (4 months ago)
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Melonie Carol Keith
Happy birthday from south carolina - Melonie Carol Keith (4 months ago)
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tilly nicolas
Happy birthday - tilly nicolas (4 months ago)
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Silvia Dowell
Happy Birthday!!! - Silvia Dowell (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday!!! - Phoebe (4 months ago)
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Star Moore
Happy Birthday - Star Moore (4 months ago)
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Karen Botha
happy belated bday!.. - Karen Botha (4 months ago)
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Katy Baker
Happy birthday Jesse! :) - Katy Baker (4 months ago)
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Mary Beth Walsh
Too many to pick one. Happy Birthday, Jesse - Mary Beth Walsh (4 months ago)
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Cindy Potestivo
Happy Birthday! - Cindy Potestivo (4 months ago)
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Happy birthday - Aileen (4 months ago)
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andrea dalbon
Happy birthday handsome Jesse - andrea dalbon (4 months ago)
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Lady Tramaine Green
Happy Birthday boo! - Lady Tramaine Green (4 months ago)
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melinda keedy
Happy Bday Jesse - melinda keedy (4 months ago)
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Should I wish you a second time .. Why not it is your special day.. Happy bday - Channon (4 months ago)
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Iolanda DM 읏읏
Happy Birthday Even the day after - Iolanda DM 읏읏 (4 months ago)
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amy turner
happy birthday jesse x - amy turner (4 months ago)
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Melissa Gabriel
Happy birthday!!! Please come save me - Melissa Gabriel (4 months ago)
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Nolan James Tierce
Happy birthday - Nolan James Tierce (4 months ago)
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Mitali Patel
Happy Birthday Jesse Spencer. - Mitali Patel (4 months ago)
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Kirk P Remmers
Happy Birthday! - Kirk P Remmers (4 months ago)
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Happy birthday - Sabrina (4 months ago)
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Teewhy Nyema
Happy Birthday to Jim Creeggan, Bryan Roy, Judd Winick, Scott Menville, Master Wong, Gianni Romme, Tara Strong, Nas - Teewhy Nyema (4 months ago)
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Sabrina D.
Happy Birthday Jesse - Sabrina D. (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Jesse! - ElizabethReneMom (4 months ago)
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Carson Cox
Happy Birthday Captain Matthew Casey - Carson Cox (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Hope it\'s wonderful! - KateLiteartha08 (4 months ago)
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Sherry Freeman
Happy birthday - Sherry Freeman (4 months ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSE!!!! - Noonie (4 months ago)
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natalie lakes.
Happy birthday to my favorite star, Thanks for bringing Matt Casey to life!!!! - natalie lakes. (4 months ago)
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Stephanie Lynn
happy birthday 41 never looked so good - Stephanie Lynn (4 months ago)
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Happy - Deh (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday - Dina_filla (4 months ago)
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Kat Williams
Happy Birthday Jesse - Kat Williams (4 months ago)
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Michael Territo
Don t forget to wish a happy birthday! - Michael Territo (4 months ago)
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Here s a little edit I made in honor of my faves birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSE! <3 ily! - maya (4 months ago)
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Brian Clarke
Happy birthday to jesse spencer one of my favorite actors - Brian Clarke (4 months ago)
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Queen Lloyd
happy birthday - Queen Lloyd (4 months ago)
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Letty Halpern
Happy Birthday Jesse - Letty Halpern (4 months ago)
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Jamielynn Walls
Happy birthday - Jamielynn Walls (4 months ago)
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Happy Day and Happy Birthday Best way to celebrate is by watching Captain Matthew Ca - Giselle (4 months ago)
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Emily Kirkpatrick
Happy Birthday - Emily Kirkpatrick (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday! - tmwhitmyer (4 months ago)
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Ellie :))
Happy Birthday to One of my fav dorks since day one :)) - Ellie :)) (4 months ago)
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Team Tommo-Louis T.
Happy Birthday - Team Tommo-Louis T. (4 months ago)
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Happy birthday - ♡ (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday - Kathy (4 months ago)
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∂αηιєℓℓє ✪
Happy Birthday Jesse! Here\'s one of my fave moments - ∂αηιєℓℓє ✪ (4 months ago)

41 years old (Born on February 12, 1979)

Australian actor; He is famous from House, M.D..

8/15/07: Engagement to Jennifer Morrison has been canceled. Has played the violin since the age of 10. Is fluent in French. Sang the song "Molly Smiles" on the Uptown Girls (2003) soundtrack. 2007: In People's 100 Most Beautiful People issue.

Jesse Spencer's Best Moments

Happy birthday to the most adventurous axe-slinging man i know
HAPPY 57th BIRTHDAY !!!  your pals and bandmates in
Happy birthday to the soul of firehouse 51 Your family wishing you an awesome day!
Today is the birthday of so we wish him a good and happy birthday.
Happy Birthday to I hope his days are Happy!
  Happy Birthday !!
Happy birthday to    Hope you have a good one!
 Happy Birthday Jesse! xx Enjoy your special day!
Happy Birthday !! Hope you have a amazing day
Happy birthday Thanks for Casey and the most
iconic couple! Enjoy your day, we love you
Happy birthday
Happy birthday  so glad i had the opportunity to meet you and i cant wait to meet you again
Happy Birthday !!   From Argentina!!
Happy birthday, buddy
 Happy Birthday to > Matthew Casey
Happy Birthday, Jesse Spencer!
 Happy birthday!!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday ! I hope this day is as lovely as you are!
 Happy Birthday Jesse!
 Happy Birthday Jesse !
Happy Birthday Jesse spencer i Love you so much
Happy birthday to the most wonderful man
Happy birthday to one of the most talented and handsome
Happy Birthday
 happy birthday  damage you do not come to convention in paris in may
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to the best Captain out there
Happy birthday X
Jesse is us. We are Jesse. Happy Birthday !
Happy Birthday best wishes to you
  Happy birthday
  Happy Birthday!
Happy 41st birthday to
Happy birthday i love u
  Happy Birthday.
  Happy birthday
Happy Birthday You wonderful, gorgeous human. I hope you are having a day to remember
Happy Birthday Jesse!!
Happy birthday
Happy bday to this sleeping beauty
 Happy birthday!!
Happy bday Jesse
T Happy Birthday Jesse and all the best in your life !! x
 \Happy birthday Jesse, wishing you happiness, love and heath, see more
Happy Birthday to this amazing actor
Happy birthday You are the best!
  Happy Birthday Jesse...I love you so much^^
Happy Birthday
Dear ! Happy birthday! Have a great day!
Happy Birthday Hermione Norris, Reece Topley, Lisa Hannigan, Jesse Spencer, Naseem Hamed
 Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday Jesse
 Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Dr. Chase Kiss from Brazil
We love you
Happy Birthday Best Wishes. I wish you the Best of the World.
 Happy Birthday Jesse! Have a brilliant day
 Happy Birthday! You\re as adorable as ever.
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSE i hope you\re having a wonderful day x
Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday Jesse Have a wonderful day :)
 Happy Birthday Jesse!
 Happy Birthday, Jesse!  I hope you have an absolutely fabulous day!
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Jesse spends a good day , love you so much
Happy Birthday    Hope you have a great day.
Happy birthday Lieutenant Casey!  Your day should be just as awesome as you are
 Happy Birthday Jesse Have a fabulous day!! :)
 Happy Birthday! xoxo
 Happy Birthday to you Jesse!! Have a great day!
Happy Birthday
Happy bday !!!
One more for     HaPpY  BiRtHdAy  xo
Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday!! Hope you\re having a super amazing day Jesse!
Happy Birthday February 12,1979
 Happy Birthday Jesse! Have an awesome time today!
  Happy Birthday .
Happy Birthday!  Cariño!
Happy Birthday to one of the best actors!
Happy Birthday Love you
Happy birthday to the sexy Hope you have a great day.
  Happy Birthday Jesse!
 Happy Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday Jesse Spencer
 Have a wonderful Happy Birthday Jesse
 Happy Birthday Jesse!
Happy Birthday :)  Have a wonderful wonderful day
  Happy Birthday Jesse!
 happy delayed birthday! Or...a very merry unbirthday!!
Happy birthday late       the holidays have me distracted I love you my favorite Chicago Fire
 Happy birthday Mate
Happy Birthday jesse  i Hope you have a Great Day
Happy 39th Birthday to Jesse Spencer from the Aussie fans!!
Happy birthday to my favorite human being. Wish you the best, love you loads!
 Happy Birthday from Germany
Happy Birthday Have a wonderful bday. 
Lots of love from Italy
Happy birthday, to this wonderful Guy.
Happy birthday
Jesse Spencer, Happy Birthday fromm Germany to You !!
Wishing a very Happy Birthday.
 happy birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday     I hope you have a great day with lots of cake, presents and love.
Happy birthday to my Handsome Smol Bean!
Happy birthday
 happy birthday babe
 39 and still looking fine, Happy Birthday Billy
  I wish all these happy birthday wishes come to him
  Happy birthday Jesse Spencer
Happy Birthday Look at this gorgeous face
Happy Birthday !
 Happy Birthday Jesse! Have a great day! xx
Happy Birthday
  Happy birthday
Wishing a very Happy Birthday from across the pond in the United Kingdom
 Happy Birthday Jesse!!! I hope you enjoy your special day!
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday
 happy Birthday
  Happy birthday,
 Happy birthday
Happy birthday from my heart .Very good actor .My favorite capitain in Chicago fire.
Happy Birthday, Jesse Spencer!
Happy Birthday from a big Fan
Happy Birthday  You are great actor!
Happy 40th Birthday
 Happy happy Birthday!!!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY I love you so much it is slightly problematic
Happy 40th birthday, You\re one of those men who gets hotter with every passing day
  Happy Birthday
  Happy Birthday from Louisiana!! Hope it s the best one yet!!
   Happy birthday
  Happy Birthday !!
Happy birthday
  Happy Birthday Jesse !!
Happy birthday to the loml
Happy Birthday to one of my favorite actors!
  A very happy birthday
  Happy Birthday Jesse!
  Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday
 happy birthday!!!!
Happy birthday ..Never forget that age is just a number
  Happy Birthday!
  Happy Birthday Jesse
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Hope you have a good one.
 Happy birthday
  Happy Birthday Have a great day!
 a very happy birthday    grtz from Belgium x
  Happy Birthday Jesse,;) you are number 5
Happy birthday Hope you have the very best day!
  HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jesse hope you have a great day
Heard it s your birthday !!! happy birthday
  Happy Birthday Jesse
  HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! Have fun to the fullest and be happy Many kisses
Happy birthday from North Bay, Ontario Canada
   Happy Birthday
  Happy Birthday Jesse! Here\s one of my fave moments
Happy Birthday to One of my fav dorks since day one :))
Happy birthday
Don t forget to wish a happy birthday!
Here s a little edit I made in honor of my faves birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSE! <3 ily!
Happy Birthday Hope it\s wonderful!
  Happy Birthday       Even the day after
  Happy Birthday Jesse
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Jesse Spencer young 2
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Fun Facts About Jesse Spencer

Has two older brothers and a younger sister
Unveiled an Uptown Girls (2003) window display in New York with co-stars Brittany Murphy and Dakota Fanning.
Plays the guitar, bass and the piano.
Just like his characters Billy Kennedy ("Neighbours" (1985)) and Robert Chase ("House M.D." (2004)), his real-life father and brothers are all doctors.
Former room-mate of James McAvoy when he lived in London. The latter invited him to the Los Angeles` premiere of The Last King of Scotland (2006).
He was in the Australian boys choir
Is engaged to "House M.D." (2004) co-star Jennifer Morrison.

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