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102.9 WMGK
Happy Birthday to vocal powerhouse, Janis Joplin, on what would ve been her 79th birthday. Photo by John Byrne C - 102.9 WMGK (3 months ago)
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Moe Rocksmoore
Happy Birthday Maestro! John Byrne - Moe Rocksmoore (4 months ago)
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Glasgow Print Studio
Happy birthday John Byrne (pictured here with GPS Director John Mackechnie - Glasgow Print Studio (4 months ago)
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Alasdair Richmond
Happy 82nd birthday to John Byrne, artist and playwright. Here\'s a song about him: - Alasdair Richmond (4 months ago)
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Olga Wojtas
Happy Birthday to the beautiful King\'s Theatre with its John Byrne artwork! - Olga Wojtas (5 months ago)
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York City FC
Happy Birthday to City legend John Byrne who turns 60 today! - York City FC (1 year ago)
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Can\'t believe it\'s almost three years that I interviewed for Happy birthday, John!! - Roy (1 year ago)
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Big Al
What a superb goal from John Byrne......Happy birthday , mate.. - Big Al (1 year ago)
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The 1888 Letter
Happy 60th Birthday to John Byrne, in 1961 Republic of Ireland striker at York, QPR, Brighton, Sunderland, - The 1888 Letter (1 year ago)
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SAFC North Yorkshire
Happy birthday Top Ten John Byrne goals for Sunderland. - SAFC North Yorkshire (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday to John Byrne! Who remembers this rascal kit? - BHAseagulls_com (1 year ago)
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Bruce McCorkindale
Happy Birthday to Frank was one of the 1st pros I saw at SDCC 1982. He was looking for a place to - Bruce McCorkindale (1 year ago)
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Marcello Bonetto
Un mito della mia infanzia ed un grande disegnatore, in questa tavola sono i suoi inchiostri su matite di John Byrn - Marcello Bonetto (1 year ago)
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Godzilla vs. KONGOS
Happy birthday, Klaus Janson! Here s Klaus lending his inking gifts to the pencils of Gil Kane, Keith Giffen, John - Godzilla vs. KONGOS (1 year ago)
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An Emotional Labor Fish
Happy birthday, Klaus Janson! Here s Klaus lending his inking gifts to the pencils of Gil Kane, Keith Giffen, John - An Emotional Labor Fish (1 year ago)
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Provost Cameron
Happy birthday to the braw John Byrne, one of Paisleys much loved sons. He should ve been presented with the Freed - Provost Cameron (1 year ago)
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Catriona MacDonald
Happy birthday to Scotland\'s most stylish man, John Byrne! Good memories of writing a play for him when me & my bes - Catriona MacDonald (1 year ago)
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Jen Harper
Just scrolling and saw these Birthday wishes for you John Byrne. So I must send you a sincere HAPPY - Jen Harper (1 year ago)
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Janis Joplin
It was a lot of fun, it was [a] very beautiful, exciting time full of a lot of possibility. - Sam Andrew on his t - Janis Joplin (1 year ago)
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Юлиян Динев
Happy birthday John Byrne(born 1.2.1961) - Юлиян Динев (2 years ago)
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On This Day - #QPR
Many happy returns to John Byrne 59 01.02.1961 126 30 - On This Day - #QPR (2 years ago)
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Happy 80th Birthday John Byrne - Kenny (2 years ago)
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Dan Robbins
Happy 80th birthday to the fabulous painter (and writer) John Byrne - Dan Robbins (2 years ago)
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Kolin Chimp (Peter Pinkney)
Happy 80th Birthday to John Byrne. Scotland\'s great playwright, artist and legendary smoker - Kolin Chimp (Peter Pinkney) (2 years ago)
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Gavin Mitchell
Happy 80th Birthday to Scotland s greatest polymath, gentleman and living work of art...Mr John Byrne - Gavin Mitchell (2 years ago)
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hugh hood
John Byrne\'s Mural Boy on Dog in Glasgow 1974. Happy birthday John. - hugh hood (2 years ago)
birthday balloon

Elizabeth Newman
Happy birthday to one of the most glorious humans. John Byrne - a total legend & good pal indeed - Elizabeth Newman (2 years ago)
birthday balloon

Kathleen Wilson
Happy birthday John Byrne, genius and the epitome of cool! - Kathleen Wilson (2 years ago)
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James McG
The tinsel may be coming down tonight, but before it does, Happy Birthday to on his 80th Edinburgh, H - James McG (2 years ago)
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Dr Bendor Grosvenor
One of the most extraordinary artistic talents this country has ever produced - John Byrne - is 80 today. Happy bir - Dr Bendor Grosvenor (2 years ago)
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John Fulton
winner posted on FB today A huge 80th birthday shout out to my pal, artistic godfat - John Fulton (2 years ago)
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Paisley is
A very happy 80th birthday to Paisley artist and playwright John Byrne! We can\'t wait to celebrate with John at - Paisley is (2 years ago)
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Happy 80th birthday to artist and writer John Byrne, former Patron of the George Street Book Sale - ChristianAidScotland (2 years ago)
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The John Byrne Award
Wishing a very happy 80th birthday to John Byrne, our wonderful patron and a true icon - thank you for everything! - The John Byrne Award (2 years ago)
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Paisley Museum
And very Happy 80th Birthday to Paisley\'s own John Byrne - playwright, artist, set designer & more. Seen here at th - Paisley Museum (2 years ago)
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Laura Keenan
Happy 80th Birthday to the sublime human that is John Byrne! I\'ve so many cherished memories of all the time, the - Laura Keenan (2 years ago)
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Vince Madden
Happy 80th Birthday to Paisley artist John Byrne. - Vince Madden (2 years ago)
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We are looking forward to this coming up in 2020! Happy birthday John Byrne! - TRON THEATRE (2 years ago)
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Imogen Gibbon
Happy 80th Birthday John Byrne on display Scottish National Portrait Gallery - Imogen Gibbon (2 years ago)
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Paisley Arts Centre
John Byrne\'s \'Underwood Lane\' 25 - 28 June // Book now: Happy Birthday to celebrated artis - Paisley Arts Centre (2 years ago)
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Christopher Bing
Happy 80th Birthday John Byrne! Love having your work on my wall and my coffee in your mug - Christopher Bing (2 years ago)
birthday balloon

Happy 80th Birthday to the legendary John Byrne! Looking forward to celebrating with you here in Paisley - PaisleyBookFest (2 years ago)
birthday balloon

Pauline McLean
Happy birthday to the mighty John Byrne! Celebrations in his birthplace of Paisley to come! - Pauline McLean (2 years ago)
birthday balloon

Charlotte Cailliez
Happy 80th birthday to the great & wonderful John Byrne! - Charlotte Cailliez (2 years ago)
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edi stark
Happy Birthday, John Byrne. Artist, playwright, national treasure and genius. - edi stark (3 years ago)
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Capital Theatres, Edinburgh
Happy 79th Birthday to Scottish artist John Byrne What better way to celebrate his birthday than by exploring - Capital Theatres, Edinburgh (3 years ago)
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Y Front
Happy Birthday John Byrne - Y Front (4 years ago)
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Happy Birthday to two former Number 10s turning 57 and turning 59 - QPR REPORT (4 years ago)
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Seagulls Stats
Happy Birthday to former striker John Byrne, a £120,000 signing in Sep 1990, who formed a lethal partnership - Seagulls Stats (4 years ago)
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Douglas Griffin
Spotted this serf-portrait sketch of John Byrne (77 years old today - Happy Birthday!) in an Aberdeen hotel back in - Douglas Griffin (4 years ago)

82 years old (Born on January 06, 1940)

John Byrne's Best Moments

Happy Birthday Maestro! John Byrne
Happy birthday John Byrne (pictured here with GPS Director John Mackechnie
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john byrne playwright 1
john byrne tilda 2
john byrne she hulk 3

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