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Jacqueline Cussaac
John is My Favorite Ravens Coach. Happy Birthday and Many More - Jacqueline Cussaac (5 years ago)
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Gene Poole
Happy birthday Coach you are truly one of kind there is No Baltimore Ravens without John Harbaugh - Gene Poole (1 day ago)
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Former NFL Players
Happy 60th Birthday to Head Coach John Harbaugh - Former NFL Players (1 day ago)
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happy birthday to our incredible coach, John Harbaugh! - Auntjo47 (2 days ago)
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Happy 60th Birthday to the great coach, John Harbaugh. - seor (2 days ago)
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Bo Smolka
At the end of his news conference we wished John Harbaugh a happy birthday and asked if he had any birthday plans. - Bo Smolka (2 days ago)
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Buddyman Everybody\'s pal Adventures
Happy birthday John Harbaugh and many more today is my birthday month and yours too of September - Buddyman Everybody\'s pal Adventures (2 days ago)
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John Harbaugh and My Dad have the same birthdays !!! Happy Birthday to both great men - AB⚡️ (2 days ago)
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Helping Up Mission
Happy Birthday Coach Harbaugh, from your friends - Check out this video of one of Coach\'s visits! - Helping Up Mission (2 days ago)
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David A Fuller
Happy Birthday 60th Birthday to Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh - David A Fuller (2 days ago)
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Decyfr Sport
Happy birthday to the Super Bowl-winning head coach, John Harbaugh! - Decyfr Sport (2 days ago)
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Happy birthday Football Coach John Harbaugh! It s birthday time again, and wow! You re a whole year older now! So c - AllFamous.org (2 days ago)
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Happy Birthday John Harbaugh! - Cole (1 year ago)
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401k Averages Book
Happy Birthday John Harbaugh! - 401k Averages Book (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday John Harbaugh. - Culturisk (1 year ago)
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Wayne Thomas
Happy birthday to one of the best coaches in the NFL. John Harbaugh is one hell of a good guy and he makes me proud - Wayne Thomas (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to the Super Bowl winning. Coach of the year winning. Top 5 head coach in the league. John Harbaugh - RavensFlock20 (1 year ago)
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In my opinion, many excellent and accomplished coaches become so myopic. I get it. They put winning team - TimmAlb3rt (1 year ago)
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Claytrain Food Reviews!
Happy birthday to a future Hall of famer, John Harbaugh! - Claytrain Food Reviews! (1 year ago)
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Sarah Ellison
Happy birthday to future Hall of Fame coach John Harbaugh. - Sarah Ellison (1 year ago)
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Bobby Trosset
\"The days are long but the years are short.\" - a classic John Harbaugh quote as the head coach turns 59 tod - Bobby Trosset (1 year ago)
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HAPPY 5 9 TH BIRTHDAY Head Coach John Harbaugh!!!! Regular season 130 80 (.619) Postseason 11 8 (.579) NFL Coa - 1-1 (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to John Harbaugh! - mssomnio (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to the man himself John Harbaugh - Ramey (1 year ago)
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As someone who shares their birthday with John Harbaugh, Happy Birthday to us Best gift ever - Taylor (1 year ago)
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1. Happy Birthday 2. Here s John Harbaugh telling Ike he s wrong about Lamar Jackson before last season - SPORTSRADIO 94WIP (1 year ago)
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Downtown Diane
HAPPY BIRTHDAY COACH! | Gift Head Coach John Harbaugh Prank T-Shirt For Birthday - Downtown Diane (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday John Harbaugh - Bal2moreconnection5 (2 years ago)
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Shanaki (#BLM)
Happy Birthday to coach John Harbaugh and are ao lucky to have such a passionate coach. Thanks for being part of us. - Shanaki (#BLM) (2 years ago)
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Verdant Square Network DC-MD
HAPPY BIRTHDAY COACH! | Ravens Gift Head Coach John Harbaugh Prank T-Shirt For Birthday - Verdant Square Network DC-MD (2 years ago)
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The Athletic NFL
\"It is Harbaugh s heart that has won over many of his players.\" - on what makes John Harbaugh a special - The Athletic NFL (2 years ago)
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Holly Marie
Happy Birthday John Harbaugh! - Holly Marie (2 years ago)
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Did you tell John Harbaugh happy bday ? - Ravens_General (2 years ago)
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Happy 58th Birthday to the greatest Coach Ever John Harbaugh - Tieesha (2 years ago)
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Mike D.
Ravens Wish John Harbaugh a Happy Birthday With Screaming Head T-Shirts - Mike D. (2 years ago)
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Ravens France
Happy Birthday to our coach John Harbaugh En espérant aller au Super Bowl avec lui cette année - Ravens France (2 years ago)
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Ravens France (2-0)
Happy Birthday to our coach John Harbaugh En espérant aller au Super Bowl avec lui cette année - Ravens France (2-0) (2 years ago)
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FOX Baltimore
Happy Birthday to Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh! He turns 58 years young today! - FOX Baltimore (2 years ago)
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Adam Bonaccorsi
BIG Happy Birthday to No, I don t mean Springsteen. I mean Boss, John Harbaugh! - Adam Bonaccorsi (2 years ago)
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98 Rock
Happy Birthday today to Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh. - 98 Rock (2 years ago)
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Larry in Missouri
Happy Birthday John Harbaugh, out of Toledo, Ohio; Head Coach 2008-present; Super Bowl Champion, AP Co - Larry in Missouri (2 years ago)
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Thoughts of an Eagles Fan
23 September, Happy Birthday John Harbaugh- STC/DB Coach (98-07) Clarence Peaks- FB (57-63) - Thoughts of an Eagles Fan (2 years ago)
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Jamison Hensley
O.J. Brigance will be brought to field late in 2Q Sunday. The band will play Happy Birthday and crowd of 70,000 c - Jamison Hensley (2 years ago)
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Harold Schelling
Happy Birthday Coach John Harbaugh. - Harold Schelling (3 years ago)
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Christopher Crawford
Happy birthday to you John Harbaugh today and I hope you have a awesome birthday today - Christopher Crawford (3 years ago)
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Dependable Homebuyers Baltimore
Birthday Wishes Happy Birthday to Ravens coach John Harbaugh! - Dependable Homebuyers Baltimore (3 years ago)
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Justin Cordero
Happy Birthday to Ray Charles, Jason Alexander, Marvin Lewis, John Harbaugh, Bruce Springsteen and ME. Not bad comp - Justin Cordero (3 years ago)
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Mark Viviano
Happy Birthday John Harbaugh! His bio says he s 57 today but the analytics say 55. Stay young, coach! - Mark Viviano (3 years ago)
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Tate Quinton
Happy 70th-and mine and John Harbaugh\'s 57th and Augustus Caesar\'s 2082nd. Bruce celebrated hi - Tate Quinton (3 years ago)
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60 years old (Born on September 23, 1962)

NFL head coach who led the Baltimore Ravens to victory in Super Bowl XLVII. He worked as a defensive backs coach for more than a decade before earning a head coaching position with the Ravens in 2008.

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Happy birthday to the man himself  John Harbaugh

Happy birthday to the Super Bowl winning. Coach of the year winning. Top 5 head coach in the league. John Harbaugh
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