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Ain\'t It Funny How An Old Broken Bottle/ Looks Just Like A Diamond Ring - (found scrolling - Thornback (5 days ago)
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Calypsos Coffee
We were gonna wish John Prine a happy birthday on his birthday, but, the Marbin show had us busy. Happy birthday to - Calypsos Coffee (6 days ago)
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After tRUmp
Happy Birthday to the magical John Prine - After tRUmp (1 week ago)
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John Brashier
Again, Happy Birthday John Prine!! - John Brashier (1 week ago)
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Felony Provisions
Happy birthday to John Prine. Thank you for teaching me about love and helping me to figure out who I am. - Felony Provisions (1 week ago)
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Indie Brew
Happy Birthday John Prine: Live From Sessions At West 54th - Indie Brew (1 week ago)
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Amy Dee
Happy Birthday John Prine....I saw him perform live bout 8 yrs ago - Amy Dee (1 week ago)
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Robby Huttsell
Happy Belated Birthday John Prine. - Robby Huttsell (1 week ago)
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Chris Beck
Happy Birthday John Prine. Celebrating my son\'s Birthday today too. - Chris Beck (1 week ago)
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bob oaks
Happy Birthday to John Prine, Born October 10, 1946 - bob oaks (1 week ago)
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Arland Russell
Happy Birthday, John Prine!!! - Arland Russell (1 week ago)
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stacy king
Happy Birthday Mr. John Prine! Glad you were born. and thank you for sharing your music and talents - stacy king (1 week ago)
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Dave Nentarz
Happy Birthday John Prine!!! - Dave Nentarz (1 week ago)
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harris taback
Happy belated Birthday John Prine. Sounds like you had the perfect meal! Best wishes for a continued joyful celebration. - harris taback (1 week ago)
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Julie Marie Duke
Happy Birthday to my favorite songwriter - Julie Marie Duke (1 week ago)
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Dan Reiff
This world will make you crazy. Happy birthday to John Prine, born in 1946 in Maywood, Illinois. Coincidentall - Dan Reiff (1 week ago)
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Kenny Causey
John Prine...My hero. Happy birthday! - Kenny Causey (1 week ago)
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Caption Cunch
Happy birthday to one of my favorite songwriters/musicians/human beings, John Prine - Caption Cunch (1 week ago)
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Wishing a happy birthday to national treasure and prince among men John Prine - arch-normie (1 week ago)
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Mike Ethan Messick
Happy birthday to my most favorite songwriter, John Prine. I can t pick just one greatest ever by him but here s - Mike Ethan Messick (1 week ago)
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Hunter Felt
Happy birthday to John Prine and Thelonious Monk. It feels absolutely right that they share a birthday for reasons - Hunter Felt (1 week ago)
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Laicie Heeley
Happy birthday, John Prine. - Laicie Heeley (1 week ago)
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Irish Examiner USA
Happy Birthday to John Prine, Born October 10, 1946 - Irish Examiner USA (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday to John Prine and no one else - TGB (1 week ago)
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Sean Tobin
American treasure. Happy birthday, John prine. - Sean Tobin (1 week ago)
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Rich Zimmermann
Happy birthday John Prine seen here in 1974 at Summerfest! - Rich Zimmermann (1 week ago)
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Suzanne Noa
John Prine - Angel From Montgomery (with lyrics) - HD via Happy Birthday singer/ - Suzanne Noa (1 week ago)
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Pamela P RocknRollNurse
Happy Birthday John Prine: \'Live From Sessions At West 54th\' via - Pamela P RocknRollNurse (1 week ago)
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Cat Nelson
Happy Birthday, Thanks to my dad, I started listening to your music before I was old enough to r - Cat Nelson (1 week ago)
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spacewoman reporter
HAPPY 73rd BIRTHDAY to JOHN PRINE!! American country folk singer-songwriter. He has been active as a composer, reco - spacewoman reporter (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday to you John Prine. Thanks for everything. - SonofMambo (1 week ago)
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Poetry Alive!, Inc.
Happy Birthday to John Prine, Born October 10, 1946 - Poetry Alive!, Inc. (1 week ago)
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Harvey Weiss
And the road goes on forever! - Harvey Weiss (1 week ago)
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John Prine - s/t (1971). \'78 reissue. Happy birthday to a legend. - Kris (1 week ago)
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Brent Thomas
Oh, and Happy Birthday John Prine! - Brent Thomas (1 week ago)
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Siglov Freudivan
Happy Birthday John Prine: Live From Sessions At West 54th - Siglov Freudivan (1 week ago)
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Aaron Caleb Fishbein
Happy Birthday ! Here\'s a playlist I made of John Prine party jams, guaranteed to pick your - Aaron Caleb Fishbein (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday JOHN PRINE! Please join the Albumism team in celebrating John Prine s musical legacy and revisit au - RedDirt_Roots. (1 week ago)
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Hywel Arnold
c\'est la vie - Hywel Arnold (1 week ago)
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Goldmine magazine
Happy Birthday, John Prine! Here\'s a recommended Prine album: - Goldmine magazine (1 week ago)
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Here s to my favorite songwriter and number 1 Archie, John Prine. Happy birthday to him! What s your favorite Prine - teepee (1 week ago)
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Dave von Ebers
Where the air smelled like snakes and we d shoot with our pistols Happy Birthday John Prine, the poet laureate - Dave von Ebers (1 week ago)
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Illegal Smile, John Prine Live 2017 Happy Birthday smoke one - revraygreen (1 week ago)
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Pulse Lighting
Happy Birthday to the one and only John Prine! Here s a beautiful shot of John with his Tree of Forgiveness backdro - Pulse Lighting (1 week ago)
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Steve S.
From my fb memories.... Happy Birthday to John Prine. So Happy to see his name on the - Steve S. (1 week ago)
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Brian J Dunn
Happy birthday to John Prine! Takes a lickin\' keeps on tickin\' - Brian J Dunn (1 week ago)
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Marilyn Miller
Happy birthday to John prine!!! - Marilyn Miller (1 week ago)
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Jim McCollum
Happy Birthday! John Prine On Mountain Stage : NPR - Jim McCollum (1 week ago)
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Winter Village Music
Happy birthday to John Prine - Winter Village Music (1 week ago)
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Tara Miller
3 pictures, taken with my phone, of Mr. John Prine. - Happy birthday! We love you in Austin or Irel - Tara Miller (1 week ago)

73 years old (Born on October 10, 1946)

John Prine's Best Moments

Happy birthday, John Prine!
Happy birthday John Prine! See why he is one of the greatest country artists of all time
Happy 71st birthday to country/folk singer-songwriter John Prine, who was born today in 1946.
Happy birthday,
Got to sing Happy Birthday to John Prine tonight thanks to
Happy birthday John Prine! Thanks for the wonderful poetry & music.
Happy Birthday to John Prine!  Here\s one of my favorite \"Souvenirs\"!
Happy birthday John Prine, I love you
\"The worst thing you can have is a hit.\" Happy birthday to the one and only
Music Memories: Happy Birthday, John Prine!
Happy birthday John Prine One of the greatest of all time
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday John Prine
Happy Birthday to American singer songwriter John Prine, born on this day in Maywood, Illinois in 1946.
Happy 73rd birthday to John Prine who was born today in 1946.
Happy Birthday, John Prine!
Happy Birthday John Prine! Number 71! May there be many more my friend.
Happy Birthday John Prine: 2017 Live Collaborations
Happy Birthday John Prine: 2017 Live Collaborations
Happy birthday to John Prine 
72 today
  Happy Birthday to Mr. John Prine!! From Lynn Rose Light
October 10: Happy Birthday John Prine and Nora Roberts
Hey please give John Prine the Colbert Bump! Also a Happy Birthday !
Happy Birthday to American music icon, John Prine! What s your favorite John Prine song?
Happy Birthday John Prine
We are singing along tonight
October 10: Happy Birthday John Prine and Nora Roberts
New Blog Post:  Music Memories: Happy Birthday, John Prine!
Happy Birthday to Tanya Tucker & John Prine (John Prine tribute at Zoo Bar tonight at 6)
Happy Birthday John Prine: Live From Sessions At West 54th
John Prine - s/t (1971). \78 reissue. Happy birthday to a legend.
Happy Birthday John Prine: Live From Sessions At West 54th
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