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TO THE ONE AND ONLY LEGENDARY MAN IN BLACK. Happy birthday JR. God bless Johnny. Dean - D E A N (2 years ago)
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Richard Nunnally
It\'s Karaoke, Good Food, & Great Fun for HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bobby Budro aka Slim Shaky & James Jr. Groome aka Johnny C - Richard Nunnally (6 months ago)
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Patrick Earley
Happy 73rd birthday to Nick Lowe. Fun Fact: In 1979 Lowe married Carlene Carter, who is the daughter-in-law of Joh - Patrick Earley (6 months ago)
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Mike Alvarez
He s a bum oh I m so smart and charming and a good guy and and and, perhaps I have t - Mike Alvarez (6 months ago)
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Justin E. Joseph
Happy Birthday to the late Sister Rosetta Tharpe! She is credited as the Godmother of Rock N Roll. Before Elvis, - Justin E. Joseph (6 months ago)
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Gail Picco
The Godmother of rock and roll Sister Rosetta Tharpe influenced early rock-and-roll musicians including Little Rich - Gail Picco (6 months ago)
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Kirsty Delane
We sing folsom prison blues by Johnny Cash instead of Happy Birthday with my autistic sons cake because - Kirsty Delane (6 months ago)
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Reposted from Reposted from Happy Birthday, Rick Rubin, who produced Joe and John - FINGERSJOHN✌ (6 months ago)
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Happy Birthday, Rick Rubin, who produced Joe and Johnny Cash s duet of Bob Marley s Redemption Song and the versi - JoeStrummer (6 months ago)
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Huckster Finn
Happy birthday to Norman Blake, guitarist, mandolin, fiddle, and banjo player, born March 10, 1938 in Chattanooga, - Huckster Finn (6 months ago)
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Besides Beastie Boys, the fact that he was able to help support Johnny Cash into making some beaut - MikeT33 (6 months ago)
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Rock And Roll Garage
Happy 59 birthday to the amazing producer Rick Rubin (Black Sabbath, Slayer, RHCP, Johnny Cash, The Cult and more) - Rock And Roll Garage (6 months ago)
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Johnny Cash, Carnegie Hall 1994. My friend and I were broke but tried for tickets anyway. Three days - datchmo (6 months ago)
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Urban Gypsy
Happy 23rd birthday to my son! Love you to the moon and back! Johnny Cash- 4 Classic Sun Records via - Urban Gypsy (6 months ago)
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Song of the Day: Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash *Happy Birthday Pop! We miss you!* - mylifeofcrime (6 months ago)
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Motorcyco Beau©
Met Johnny Cash & June Carter in the 80\'s @ the Lone Star Cafe NYC Carlene Carter was promoting an album She had a - Motorcyco Beau© (7 months ago)
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Gone But Not Forgotten happy birthday Johnny cash RIP - MrOBwon35 (7 months ago)
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Jeff M.
Today would have been the 90th birthday of Johnny Cash. One of my most prized possessions is this original watercol - Jeff M. (7 months ago)
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Jeanette Sizzle
HAPPY BIRTHDAY PISCES >> Feb 19 - March 20 Water sign that is intuitive, imaginative & romantic. Pisces make outsta - Jeanette Sizzle (7 months ago)
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Happy late birthday Johnny cash and happy normal birthday to my sister - Treemancer (7 months ago)
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Maricela Espinoza
Happy Heavenly Birthday to your dad!!! We love Johnny Cash in Texas!!! - Maricela Espinoza (7 months ago)
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Jim Carey
According to Johnny Cash\'s daughter, Roseanne, Elizabeth Taylor always sent Johnny roses on his birthday to remind - Jim Carey (7 months ago)
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Brian McCormick
Yesterday would have been a very special day for the world of country music. Happy belated 90th birthday to Johnny - Brian McCormick (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday, Johnny Cash. Wish I could have seen you live in person. Can Liz Taylor send me flowers too for my b - wendyjensenmusic (7 months ago)
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We lost my grandpa 2 years ago at 87. He LOVED your dad. I can t remember a family function without Jo - Lysssssssssssss_k (7 months ago)
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Heather Curtis
Happy belated birthday to the late Johnny Cash. Nobody tells a story like he did. - Heather Curtis (7 months ago)
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Andrew Lorimer
\"Happy Birthday Johnny Cash\" - Andrew Lorimer (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Johnny Cash <3 - Loly (7 months ago)
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marty wombacher
Today s post features highlights of the career of Johny Cash who s birthday was yesterday. Plus there s the MBIP Co - marty wombacher (7 months ago)
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Mimi Chen
His birthday was yesterday so happy late bday! Johnny Cash s A Boy Named Sue : The Story Behind the Song - Mimi Chen (7 months ago)
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Arlene L Isenberg
Happy Heavenly Birthday Johnny Cash - Arlene L Isenberg (7 months ago)
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Katy Friedman Miller
Happy birthday, Johnny Cash - Katy Friedman Miller (7 months ago)
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ABD GallomirGirl
Sunday morning coming down? (Happy belated birthday to the late, great Johnny Cash!) - ABD GallomirGirl (7 months ago)
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Opinionated Dad
Johnny Cash - We\'ll Meet Again via Happy birthday - Opinionated Dad (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday in heaven, Johnny Cash. - LORA PERKINS (7 months ago)
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Rita Cook
How cute Happy Birthday Johnny Cash - Rita Cook (7 months ago)
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Joy Cerda
Happy Birthday Johnny Cash. You will always be a symbol of love and peace. Priceless - Joy Cerda (7 months ago)
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Kevin Avery
Happy belated birthday, Johnny Cash. - Kevin Avery (7 months ago)
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Charu Suri - “Jazz Waltzes” out in 2022
Happy birthday to Johnny Cash! How awesome. - Charu Suri - “Jazz Waltzes” out in 2022 (7 months ago)
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Rose Lovejoy @SuperSuspicious
Happy birthday Johnny Cash Resharing a cover I did a few years ago in honor of him: - Rose Lovejoy @SuperSuspicious (7 months ago)
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melanie aiken
I love u2!! You seem a modern more rock couple of Johnny Cash and June Carter happy birthday - melanie aiken (7 months ago)
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Andrew McIntosh
Happy heavenly birthday Johnny Cash, b. 1932. - Andrew McIntosh (7 months ago)
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Henk Debusschere
We know that nothin\' ever lasts, So we cry when we hear Johnny Cash, Its all I want, is to fall apart with you. - Henk Debusschere (7 months ago)
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Christian O\'Connell
Happy Birthday Johnny Cash x - Christian O\'Connell (7 months ago)
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that girl
Wow. We were just talking about him today. Our 16 year old granddaughter plays guitar and sings. And s - that girl (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to Johnny Cash! His legacy will live on forever! - CAGrant (7 months ago)
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Laura Levine
Happy Birthday, Johnny Cash. You are missed. Painting by Laura Levine. - Laura Levine (7 months ago)
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Lucifer VanDevender
Happy Birthday Johnny Cash. Rest in Peace. - Lucifer VanDevender (7 months ago)
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Author Josie Garrett
Sounds like her. Every time I hear the lyrics of MAN IN BLACK, it moves me to tears. Happy Birthday J - Author Josie Garrett (7 months ago)
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Dayton Baylor
\"Well, I\'d love to wear a rainbow everyday / and tell the world that everything\'s okay / but I\'ll try - Dayton Baylor (7 months ago)

90 years old (Born on February 26, 1932)

The Man in Black

Johnny Cash's Best Moments

Happy 59 birthday to the amazing producer Rick Rubin (Black Sabbath, Slayer, RHCP, Johnny Cash, The Cult and more)
Johnny Cash would\ve turned 89 years old today

Happy birthday, Johnny Cash
Happy Birthday Johnny Cash! Do you remember the song he sang? It was called The General Lee.
Happy Birthday to the Man in Black. Johnny Cash would have been 87 years old today.
Happy Johnny Cash\s birthday, everyone. This is one of the High Holy Days on my calendar.
Happy birthday, Johnny Cash! Do you have a favorite song by the Man in Black?
Happy Birthday Hannah!! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with sweet tea and Johnny Cash music
Happy birthday to my guy, one of the greatest to ever do it Rest in piece J.R. Ladies and Gentleman Mr. Johnny Cash
Happy Birthday to Johnny Cash. Would of been 86 today.
Happy birthday to the legendary Johnny Cash! One of the greatest to ever live and make music
Happy birthday, Johnny Cash
Happy birthday Johnny Cash
Happy Birthday Johnny Cash!
Happy birthday to the man in black, Johnny Cash!
Happy Birthday Johnny Cash
Happy Birthday up there to one of my all time favourites, Johnny Cash! E
Happy Birthday Johnny Cash
Happy Birthday to Mr. Johnny Cash.
Happy birthday to a legend, mr johnny cash
Happy birthday to Johnny Cash!!
Happy Birthday to the legendary Johnny Cash. Because you re mine.....I walk the line
Happy Birthday Johnny Cash.
And happy birthday to the late and great Johnny Cash.  Have always loved this portrait by Mark Seliger (I think).
Happy Birthday Johnny Cash. Born February 26th 1932. Died September 12 2003.
Happy 90th Birthday to the Man in Black, Johnny Cash. ( Credit: Dan Poush/AP Photo)
Happy heavenly birthday Johnny Cash, b. 1932.
  Gone But Not Forgotten happy birthday Johnny cash      RIP
Happy Birthday Johnny Cash!
Happy Birthday to The Man in Black, Johnny Cash, who would\ve been 85 years today. I wish I could have met him.
Happy Birthday, Johnny Cash
Happy Birthday to the legend himself Johnny Cash
Happy Johnny Cash\s birthday day
We wish you a wonderful and Happy Birthday to Johnny Cash!!
Happy Birthday to Johnny Cash, Patsy s touring partner and now museum neighbor!
Happy Birthday to the great Johnny Cash!
Haven\t seen a single person wish Johnny Cash happy birthday, so I\ll start. Happy Birthday JC.
Happy Birthday to this fabulous singer.  Happy Birthday to Johnny Cash
Happy 90th Birthday Johnny Cash, here s all the drawings I ve done of him since 2015
Happy Birthday Johnny Cash !!!!
Happy birthday Johnny Cash!
Happy Birthday to the late Johnny Cash who would\ve turned 90 today.
Happy Birthday to one of my fav artist\s ever, the one and only Johnny Cash Rest in peace
Happy birthday, Johnny Cash
Happy Birthday Johnny Cash
Happy birthday Johnny Cash!
Happy Birthday, Johnny Cash!
Happy birthday Johnny Cash, born on this day in 1932. This picture: oil and ink on acrylic paper, 21cm x 30cm.
Happy birthday Johnny Cash
Happy Birthday Johnny Cash
A very happy birthday to the late, great Johnny Cash!  What\s your favorite Johnny Cash song?
Happy Birthday Johnny Cash. February 26th 1932-September 12th 2003
Happy birthday, Johnny Cash!
Happy birthday to the late Johnny Cash, born February 26th 1932.
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