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Alex Lynford
Meant to do this the other day happy birthday to Johnny Yong Bosch a.k.a. adam Park second black ranger zeo Ranger - Alex Lynford (4 months ago)
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Either way, Happy Birthday Johnny Yong Bosch!! - ジスワPROJECT (4 months ago)
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Henry Martinez FTW New York 2020
Happy Birthday to Johnny Yong Bosch, the actor known for playing black and green ranger from Power Rangers and voic - Henry Martinez FTW New York 2020 (4 months ago)
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Cameron Stubblefield
Happy birthday to the man the myth and the legend Johnny Yong Bosch - Cameron Stubblefield (4 months ago)
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Jacob 
Happy Birthday to Johnny Yong Bosch!! - Jacob  (4 months ago)
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Sasuke Uchiha female
Happy Birthday, Johnny Yong Bosch! He s voiced so many popular characters we couldn t possibly fit them all into a - Sasuke Uchiha female (4 months ago)
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Right Stuf Anime
Happy Birthday, Johnny Yong Bosch! He s voiced so many popular characters we couldn t possibly fit them all into a - Right Stuf Anime (4 months ago)
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Anime Club After Dark
Happy 46th birthday to one of ACAD\'s favorite English dub voice actors Johnny Yong Bosch! - Anime Club After Dark (4 months ago)
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Philip Gipson
Happy birthday to Johnny Yong Bosch! - Philip Gipson (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to Johnny Yong Bosch - topstarbirthdays (4 months ago)
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Ian Matthias Kong
Happy birthday to one of the legendary voice actor, Johnny yong Bosch! - Ian Matthias Kong (4 months ago)
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Happy birthday TV Actor Johnny Yong Bosch! I hope you have a fantastic day and a fantastic year to come! - AllFamous.org (4 months ago)
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April Carpenter
Happy birthday to Johnny yong Bosch I still remember the time I met him back in 2013 in Chattanoog - April Carpenter (4 months ago)
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林 \"Yoko·Lin\" 冠宇
Happy Birthday Johnny Yong Bosch A.K.A. Yu Narukami&Tohru Adachi - 林 \"Yoko·Lin\" 冠宇 (4 months ago)
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All i want is for johnny yong bosch to wish me a happy birthday - avi (4 months ago)
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Anime Corner
Happy Birthday to the man who enjoys pranks but aspires to become a true Magic Knight, the Cool Mask Guy, Zora Idea - Anime Corner (4 months ago)
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Jason Fleming
Happy Belated birthday Johnny Yong Bosch - Jason Fleming (1 year ago)
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Looks like the other day was Johnny Yong Bosch (the voice of Yu Narukami and Tohru Adachi) s birthday. Happy birth - Austin\'sStuff (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Johnny Yong Bosch! Hope you had a wonderful one! - ShadowWolfPrime (1 year ago)
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The Duke of Artz
Happy Birthday Johnny Yong Bosch As \"The Duke of Artz\" I hope you will have a Triple grea - The Duke of Artz (1 year ago)
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North Trenton
Happy Birthday to Gabrielle Reece, Greg Lauren, Julie Chen, Radoslav Latal, Karin Slaughter, Edoardo Ponti, Scott F - North Trenton (1 year ago)
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Darryl Hilmy
Happy birthday to my favorite Ranger Johnny Yong Bosch - Darryl Hilmy (1 year ago)
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Oh my god, I did not even know that it\'s Johnny Yong Bosch\'s birthday, but seriously, if you are reading this, you - Nomicon (1 year ago)
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Darryl De Leon
Only famous people born today. Happy birthday, Johnny Yong Bosch, second black ranger from MMPR series. - Darryl De Leon (1 year ago)
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Robert Adams
Happy Birthday to myself and one of my favorite VA Johnny Yong Bosch. He voices many of my favorite characters incl - Robert Adams (1 year ago)
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Sci-Fi Fantasy Fans
Happy Birthday Johnny Yong Bosch, who played Adam Park / The Black Ranger in Mighty Mo - Sci-Fi Fantasy Fans (1 year ago)
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Monica Merino
Happy Birthday Johnny Yong Bosch!!! & Happy 18th Anniversary to Wolf s Rain!!!!! - Monica Merino (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday of actor, musician, singer and martial artist Johnny Yong Bosch, born today in 1976. His first major - Vault0 (1 year ago)
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Ruben Rada
Happy birthday Johnny Yong Bosch - Ruben Rada (1 year ago)
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Mitch Germain (Sandal Serenity)
Happy Birthday Johnny Yong Bosch - Mitch Germain (Sandal Serenity) (1 year ago)
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and Happy Birthday to Jo - Carlos (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to the motherfucking goat, Johnny Yong Bosch - Matt (1 year ago)
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LR4: Legend Rangers 4ever
LR4 would like to wish Johnny Yong Bosch a Happy Birthday! - LR4: Legend Rangers 4ever (1 year ago)
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A belated B-day gift to the voice actor, who I got the honor of meeting at 2020 last month thanks to my c - ZeroR102 (2 years ago)
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Richard Huang
Happy birthday, anime and video game voice actor, Johnny Yong Bosch - Richard Huang (2 years ago)
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Cassandra Johnson
Happy birthday johnny yong bosch!! - Cassandra Johnson (2 years ago)
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Can we get a big happy bday to one of the most talented voice actors out there? this guys played tons of amazing ch - liquid (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday to Johnny Yong Bosch ( the voice of Takeru \"T.K.\" Takaishi in - Wikimon (2 years ago)
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Zero Slashes Into Smash
Happy Birthday to Johnny Yong Bosch, the current English voice of the one and only Maverick Hunter Zero since Marve - Zero Slashes Into Smash (2 years ago)
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Regan Wilks Autism Productions
Happy Birthday Johnny Yong Bosch as Adam from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Power Rang - Regan Wilks Autism Productions (2 years ago)
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Leo With Rice
My sister informed me it s Johnny Yong Bosch s birthday so 1) happy birthday Johnny! (I really hope I can meet you - Leo With Rice (2 years ago)
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Hathorn Jordan (Part 2)
There s Lio Fotia! Happy birthday Johnny Yong Bosch! - Hathorn Jordan (Part 2) (2 years ago)
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Roderick Cummings
happy birthday Johnny Yong Bosch you are my favorite of everything that s in my childhood - Roderick Cummings (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday to my favourite VA, Johnny Yong Bosch - Castrophony (2 years ago)
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Janae A.
(3/3) My gift to him was going to have wish him an Happy Birthday on Instagram because my brother - Janae A. (2 years ago)
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Cha Kyu-ok
Happy Birthday!! happy birthday to you! Happy birthday day to you! Happy birthday d - Cha Kyu-ok (3 years ago)
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Scott Mair
Happy birthday to Johnny Yong Bosch aka Adam Park the Black Ranger and the Green Zeo Ranger. I hop - Scott Mair (3 years ago)
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Happy Birthday to Johnny Yong Bosch the GOAT - TimeFire (3 years ago)
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Happy birthday for my baby voice actor Johnny Yong Bosch - 魂キング (3 years ago)

46 years old (Born on January 06, 1976)

American, Actor; He is famous from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

He is half Korean on his mother's side and half American on his father's side. Raised in Garland, Texas with his three siblings, Cindy, Michael, and Diana. For his voicework, he is best known as voicing older teenage boys in animes and video games. Is the first and only former Power Ranger TV series star to do voiceovers for animes and video games. He studied Shaolin Kung Fu in Texas under Master James Clark. Master James Clark showed him an advert in the newspaper about an audition for Power Rangers, where he subsequently got his start in film.

Johnny Yong Bosch's Best Moments

Happy birthday to one of the legendary voice actor, Johnny yong Bosch!
 Happy Birthday to Johnny Yong Bosch!!
johnny yong bosch black ranger 0
johnny yong bosch power rangers 1
johnny yong bosch ichigo 2
johnny yong bosch black ranger 3

Fun Facts About Johnny Yong Bosch

Has partnered with Carlucci Weyant to form Double Helix Entertainment.
He has an alternative rock band called Eyeshine.
Graduated from Garland High School in Garland, Texas.

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