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ha your funny how bout no i will do it later
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Happy birthday, sir p.s. kamukha mo po si Jordan Fisher - لويز (2 weeks ago)
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Jordan fisher might not have wished me a happy birthday but its fine im still happy about today - ` (2 weeks ago)
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ᵓᶣᵄᵙ ⍤
Jordan fisher might not have wished me a happy birthday but its fine im still happy about today - ᵓᶣᵄᵙ ⍤ (2 weeks ago)
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Brad Cross
What an amazing event! The moment Delirious starting playing, I was pumped! Thank you - Brad Cross (3 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday !! Can t wait to see the castle! Fortday will forever be one of my favorite memorie - WhoisJake (3 weeks ago)
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Tony Hale
Happy Birthday Julian! - Tony Hale (4 weeks ago)
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my daughter s bday is this Sunday May 10 and she s turning 4 she will not let me song t - Christine_Alicea (1 month ago)
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Hilary Johnson
My daughter Paisleys 10th birthday is coming up and she is a huge fan. I am having people make her a - Hilary Johnson (1 month ago)
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That looks rubbish. P.S Happy Birthday for last week Mr Fisher ! - Tom (1 month ago)
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All I want for my birthday this year is my boi singing me happy birthday with his beautiful voice!! happy birthday me - tristan (1 month ago)
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Vanessa Quibot
Belated happy birthday to you! You\'re such an amazing person! Thanks for always making me smi - Vanessa Quibot (1 month ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY you are such an amazing person, i absolutely love how sweet you are. you\'re so fre - nani (1 month ago)
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nani was gwsbae
HAPPY BIRTHDAY you are such an amazing person, i absolutely love how sweet you are. you\'re so fre - nani was gwsbae (1 month ago)
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† Desiree †
Happy belated birthday ! Hope you had a fantastic day!! - † Desiree † (1 month ago)
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Jenny Han Feels
Happy birthday to our John Ambrose - Jenny Han Feels (1 month ago)
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Lyndz Love
Happy birthday - Lyndz Love (1 month ago)
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ɑɳɗʀɛw ʝɑcѳɓi ʝɛtɛʀ
Happy Birthday and many more! - ɑɳɗʀɛw ʝɑcѳɓi ʝɛtɛʀ (1 month ago)
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maicol bliss
happy birthday I wish you well with your family and friends doing their best as a pop singer singles - maicol bliss (1 month ago)
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Happy birthday to mah bb jordan fisher - borikat (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday - JGunville (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday Jordan!!! - Turn_dat_Paige (1 month ago)
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Happy birthday - Mirado (1 month ago)
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Ryan Minslow
Happy birthday the most talent dude on this planet - Ryan Minslow (1 month ago)
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Happy birthday - Propertiesmadeeasy (1 month ago)
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Cal Turner
Crazy on the keys, happy birthday bro have a good one - Cal Turner (1 month ago)
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Laescha ~*Queen of Madness*~
Happy Birthday Jordan! - Laescha ~*Queen of Madness*~ (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday, Jordan or John Ambrose? - yulia (1 month ago)
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Babe i know i m late but happy birthday i love you so much i hope you had an amazing day - marisa (1 month ago)
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marisa JAS DAY
Babe i know i m late but happy birthday i love you so much i hope you had an amazing day - marisa JAS DAY (1 month ago)
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Justin Kats
Happy birthday brother! <3 - Justin Kats (1 month ago)
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Sara Chustz
Happy Birthday to this ICONIC Triple Threat King - Sara Chustz (1 month ago)
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A little late, but Happy Birthday Jordan! - Mirojacko (1 month ago)
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Happy late bday . you keep being you with your amazing voicals - AimeeG (1 month ago)
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AppLe ^_^
No longer the day but happy birthday ggs - AppLe ^_^ (1 month ago)
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Emmy Jenkins
! Happy birthday Jordan! ! - Emmy Jenkins (1 month ago)
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jo-anne ‎ᗢ
Goodnight and happy birthday to jordan fisher and ONLY jordan fisher - jo-anne ‎ᗢ (1 month ago)
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Richard Lewis / RLewis+ (Sir Graft-A-Lot)
It must be so sweet & the best present you could possibly wish for, getting a \'Happy B - Richard Lewis / RLewis+ (Sir Graft-A-Lot) (1 month ago)
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Ako \'to si Niña
happy birthday Jordan! - Ako \'to si Niña (1 month ago)
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ᥒᥲtყ #2gether ⚽️
happy birthday, baby - ᥒᥲtყ #2gether ⚽️ (1 month ago)
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multi fandom
Happy birthday Jordan!!! - multi fandom (1 month ago)
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Fan art Shadowhunters
Happy bday - Fan art Shadowhunters (1 month ago)
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happy birthday - chasingsync (1 month ago)
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Happy birthday Jesica - haxuaxki^_^_^ (1 month ago)
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Happy birthday!! - SLY CUDi (1 month ago)
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Lynn Ngo
Happy Birthday Jordan!! Your the best winner - Lynn Ngo (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday to one of my favorite streamers who happens to be the amazing John Ambrose - Mel (1 month ago)
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Ashley Han
Happy Birthday Jordan!! Hope you had a good one - Ashley Han (1 month ago)
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Kendra ♡
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORDAN!!! I CAN NOT believe this picture was taken exactly 4 years ago (in 4 days)!! (I look so di - Kendra ♡ (1 month ago)
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Rachel E.
Happy Birthday!!! - Rachel E. (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday Jordan Fisher. You are an amazing talent and person please never change - DanL_gg (1 month ago)

26 years old (Born on April 24, 1994)

Actor who played the role of Jacob in the ABC Family television series, The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Jordan Fisher's Best Moments

Wishing a Happy 23rd Birthday to
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BIRTHDAY TWIN!!! Hope it\s amazing for you!!!
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday to the man in the middle. He may be Fish, but he smells great. Enjoy your special day
Happy Birthday You\ll always be my debut buddy. Love and miss you   Also, come back!
Happy birthday I have some birthday messages for you from some of your friends and family.
Happy birthday,
Happy birthday
This Squad enters your lobby, WYD??

Yo happy birthday you beautiful mofo
Anyways everyone say happy birthday jordan fisher
Happy 26th Birthday   ///
Happy freakin birthday to such a talented and genuine soul. come back to the bay soon.
I love it when two great hair styles come together. Happy birthday
Happy Birthday,  |
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday Love ya buddy!
I m a day late on this but HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY to   Hope you ve had a great day!!
Happy birthday!!!
 Happy bday brotha!
Happy 2nd birthday to Happily Ever After
Happy birthday to one of the most genuine humans out there,
These two \s have birthdays back to back? Dammn happy birthday
Happy birthday ilysm!!
Happy birthday to our John Ambrose
Happy Belated Birthday !!!
Happy Birthday  Hope it is as special as you are. I  u so much.
Happy Birthday I hope you have an amazing day! Hope it s the best birthday yet
Happy birthday to our \"Holden\"!!    have a great day!
 Happy birthday to the amazing  Feel free to stop by and serenade us ANYTIME
Happy birthday to my favorite human cc: me 
ac: me I love you :)
Wishing a very happy birthday!

Hope you have an amazing day!
All things considering.... Today is going to be a good day. Happy Birthday to of
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday   i hope you re having a great day and i hope we get to meet soon!! Love you
 Happy birthday
      Happy Birthday Julian!
 happy birthday!!!!!! miss you so so so much. have a great day, love! xox
 Happy birthday
Happy birthday I hope I get to see you again soon
Happy birthday I hope you have a wonderful day it was an honor & a dream come true to meet you!
Happy birthday to the loml
HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!  I love you so much
Happy birthday champ
Happy Birthday, !
Happy birthday Jordan Fisher  [via
Happy birthday to the homie
Happy birthday
Yeeeesssss happy birthday
 Happy Birthday! You\re killing it.
Happy birthday !!!
Happy Birthday
 Hope you have an amazing day! Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday thanks for the good streams and of course the wonderful music
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday !
Happy birthday
Happy birthday champ
Happy Birthday to this ICONIC Triple Threat King
 It\s already your birthday in Japan! Happy birthday.
 Happy Happy Birthday Jordan
i\m looking forward to see you again someday
have a nice year
Happy birthday!
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY:)   We always love you      DAISUKI!
 Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday Jordan I love you!
from Japanese fishfam to you!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY have an amazing day Love you lots you are my inspiration
Hoy cumple años Bae   Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday . Have as Great Day
It\s AND birthdays?!?! what a day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FAVES!!!
Happy birthday muffin  you deserve the most amazing birthday i love you so much
 happy birthday!! wishin you all the love
 happy birthday! Hope you have am amazing day and enjoy it! Love you so much I miss you tons
Happy birthday ilysm!!!
Happy Birthday to my bae   we\re getting married he just doesn\t know yet
Happy birthday and Have a great day
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday bae
 happy birthday my love   i miss you so much
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOOD! It\s Wild how much you\ve accomplished since this day. <3
Happy birthday hope you have a wonderful day! Love you
 Japan loves you!!!     HAPPY BIRTHDAY
 wishing you a happy birthday today
HAPPY BIRTHDAY       I hope you have an awesome day! I love you!
Screaming Happy birthday to you!!  miss you so much
Happy Birthday JFish!
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday You are such a sweet and talented soul. I love you so much.
I can\t stop smiling for he\s amazing,happy bday to him
Happy birthday
Happy birthday  I miss you lots and will never forget you talking to me I the crowd love you
Happy Birthday to actor/singer
Happy Birthday to hope you have a great  and awsome day
Happy birthday to one of my favorite guys on the entire earth !!! I adore you soooo much
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday   Hope you have a great year!! Sending lots of love from Japan    Daisuki
Happy birthday man I wish i could meet you again i hope you had an amazing birthday
Happy birthday to my baby
 Happy Birthday handsome! Hope you had a great day!
Wishing you a happy happy happy birthday
Throwback to the days. Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday, Jordan Japan needs you!!!  We miss you
 randomly came to your page from another page and balloons zoomed out at me - so, happy birthday!
Happy late birthday (my internet was acting up) love u
Happy Happy Birthday     I hope you have the most special day! Missing you and your hugs
 happy birthday jordan love from heather a guge fan love u
 HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY!!! I love you so much...G night
Happy birthday!!
Come to Japan soon
 wishing you a very happy golden birthday!!!
Happy Birthday !!
Happy birthday from your fan Allison.....
Happy birthday handsome
Happy Birthday Enjoy your special day!
Happy golden birthday to the loml!!!
Happy birthday, Thankful I get to hear your voice accompany my favorite show almost every night
Happy birthday to one of my fav celebrities there is enjoy your day !!
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY BB I LOVE U!! have the best day ever cause you deserve it <33
Happy golden birthday !! 2  4
Happy birthday
  Happy birthday Jordan.
Happy birthday
Happy birthday  forever
Happy Birthday   love your music and wish you the best
  Happy birthday
 happy birthday!!!! Love you so much!
Happy Birthday !!!!
Happy birthday to
Happy birthday
 I found this on iTunes today!!! One of my favorites! Also happy belated birthday!!
 and Happy birthday  one day late
 Happy Birthday sunshine. I love you with all my heart.
Happy birthday to the best!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Jordan Fisher
Happy 25th Birthday
Happy Birthday
 Happy birthday
 Happy birthday Jordan!
 Happy bday brother
Happy Birthday to the wonderfully talented
 Happy Birthday Jordan!
 Happy Birthday
 Happy birthday
Happy Birthday
 Happy birthday!
Happy birthday
Just gotta say Happy Birthday to and post a little HEA
 Happy 25th birthday  Enjoy young man!
Happy Birthday to my dude
 Happy Birthday, Jordan!!!! Hugs & Love from Vegas
 happy birthday (from australia) honey !!!!!! love you always. hope to see you one day soon
Happy birthday Watching this absolutely made my day! Hope tomorrow is amazing for you!
When you go before the one and only in a Happy Birthday video
Happy birthday this video should be illegal
Happy birthday
 happy birthday! here s to an amazing 26th ms petty
Happy birthday my bb sending love, hugs and kisses all the way from manila
  happy birthday!!!!!
Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday John Ambrose McClaren!     You\re so talented Jordan!
 Happy Birthday !
 Happy Birthday Man!
Happy birthday to and two incredible people!
 Happy Birthday love. We need to celebrate you again when this is over.
 happy  birthday  Jordan  love  you  buddy  have  a great  awesome  fantastic  birthday  my dude
 wishes (Finly) a happy birthday! Send him some love today!
 Happy birthday all the best bro
Happy birthday. I hope you have the absolute best birthday ever! You deserve it and so much more!
Happy birthday you star
Hey Happy birthday dude! Wishing you a day full of good vibes brother.
Happy Birthday ...hope you have a wonderful day and much love!
  Happy birthday
Happy birthday
HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! I hope your day is as incredible as you! I love you
Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Happy birthday <3
 Happy birthday, Jordan!
New glasses inspired by also, happy birthday!
  Happy Birthday Jordan!! Your the best winner
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