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ha your funny how bout no i will do it later
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A very happy belated birthday to RUNAWAY will be available 9/1. - Ecco (9 months ago)
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Fritha Strand
Happy birthday! Cool picture of you. Always thought you looked cool. I know my father loved you. Cheers! - Fritha Strand (9 months ago)
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Poetry In America
Happy belated birthday, (just one day late)! Jorie (& others) helped guide us into the various dept - Poetry In America (9 months ago)
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aria aber
Happy Birthday, Poetry Hero! - aria aber (9 months ago)
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David Baker
Happy birthday (a little late), Jorie! - David Baker (9 months ago)
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Thrity Umrigar
Happy Birthday, timeless poet. - Thrity Umrigar (9 months ago)
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Leah Umansky
Happy birthday - Leah Umansky (9 months ago)
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Ilya Kaminsky
Happy birthday and thank you for your brilliant work that has changed (so many times! - Ilya Kaminsky (9 months ago)
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Woodberry Poetry Rm
Happy Birthday, Jorie Graham! Thank you for being such a friend to the Poetry Room---and for transforming the live - Woodberry Poetry Rm (9 months ago)
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Woodberry Poetry Room
Happy Birthday, Jorie Graham! Thank you for being such a friend to the Poetry Room---and for transforming the live - Woodberry Poetry Room (9 months ago)
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sophie klahr
Happy birthday to - one of my favorite poets of unfurling & risk & swiftness & space - (thank you) - sophie klahr (9 months ago)
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Christina Davis
Happy Birthday, ! Here\'s a 20th century pic---from the first time I ever heard you read. It was, in - Christina Davis (9 months ago)
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Wm Binuche, in Quarantine
Happy birthday, - Wm Binuche, in Quarantine (9 months ago)
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Jenna Goldsmith, PhD
When I need an ASMR moment, I watch videos on Youtube of Jorie reading. Happy birthday, - Jenna Goldsmith, PhD (9 months ago)
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Adrienne Raphel
what a day but o happy Dante birthday - Adrienne Raphel (9 months ago)
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Shane McCrae
Happy birthday and love to you, Jorie! - Shane McCrae (9 months ago)
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Paisley Rekdal
Yes: Happy birthday! Your work has been so deeply meaningful to me, and to my students. - Paisley Rekdal (9 months ago)
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regan good
Happy Birthday, RUNAWAY coming soon. - regan good (9 months ago)
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Carl Phillips
Also happy birthday! - Carl Phillips (9 months ago)
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Jason Tandon
I imagine you have met and read with Simic many times. Do you have a favorite moment you might share - Jason Tandon (9 months ago)
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Pamela Hart
Happy birthday and thank you for your poetry. Especially in these times. - Pamela Hart (9 months ago)
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Christopher Wilson
Happy Birthday and so excited for your book! - Christopher Wilson (9 months ago)
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Christopher Merrill
Happy birthday, Poem of the Day: The Visible World - - Christopher Merrill (9 months ago)
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Mary Durante
Happy Birthday! Your poems are a blessing, your messages insistent persistent truths. - Mary Durante (9 months ago)
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Blue Flower Arts
So many poets born today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Wowza! Who are we missing?! - Blue Flower Arts (9 months ago)
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Christopher Kondrich
Happy Birthday, Jorie! - Christopher Kondrich (9 months ago)
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Ben Zaidi
One of the written word\'s most masterful artists & one of the teachers that most profoundly changed my life. happy - Ben Zaidi (9 months ago)
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Amanda Auerbach
Happy birthday, Jorie! - Amanda Auerbach (9 months ago)
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Michael Tyrell
Happy birthday - Michael Tyrell (9 months ago)
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this is a Rihanna’s scent\'s fan account sir
Happy happy birthday what a phenomenol poet!!!!! - this is a Rihanna’s scent\'s fan account sir (9 months ago)
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elliott holt
Happy birthday to you and - elliott holt (9 months ago)
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Garth Greenwell
Today is the day of the poets.* Happy birthday Thank you so much for your poe - Garth Greenwell (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday! Have always loved your poetry and have followed your work for a long time. Thank you. - MeditationAsheville (9 months ago)
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Henri Cole
Happy birthday, is the new 40!!! - Henri Cole (9 months ago)
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Donna Masini
Happy Birthday. Thank you for every poem. - Donna Masini (10 months ago)
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Katharine Jane
Happy birthday! - Katharine Jane (10 months ago)
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Jeffrey Pethybridge
¡happy & more happy birthday / hope the day is a circuit of joy! - Jeffrey Pethybridge (1 year ago)
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Lost in Stars
Happy Birthday - Lost in Stars (1 year ago)
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Caleb Agnew
Happy birthday to the greatest (i.e. my favorite) living American poet, \"Is there an argument in all - Caleb Agnew (1 year ago)
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Walt Hunter
Happy birthday who saved my life more than once - Walt Hunter (1 year ago)
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Gary Counsil
Happy Birthday one and all. - Gary Counsil (1 year ago)
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D. A. Powell
Jorie, you are the moon and stars. There\'s not a day goes by without remembering - D. A. Powell (1 year ago)
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Joseph Massey
Happy birthday to one of my favorite poets. - Joseph Massey (1 year ago)
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My Tweets
Happy Birthday Jorie - My Tweets (1 year ago)
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We Want the Cup
Happy Birthday Jorie - We Want the Cup (1 year ago)
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Dana Levin
(Happy Birthday a day late, Dan!) - Dana Levin (2 years ago)
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The Paris Review
Happy birthday to Jorie Graham, who is sixty-eight today. Read her Art of Poetry interview here: - The Paris Review (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday to Jorie Graham (UND WC 1985)! - UNDWritersConference (2 years ago)
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Jorie graham
Happy birthday and ..... ! - Jorie graham (2 years ago)
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Dan Chiasson
Something about 5/9. Happy Birthday and and--some say--Dante! - Dan Chiasson (2 years ago)

70 years old (Born on May 09, 1950)

Poet who won the 1996 Pulitzer Prize for The Dream of the Unified Field: Selected Poems 1974-1994. Her other works include San Sepolcro, Salmon, and Spoken from the Hedgerows.

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