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ha your funny how bout no i will do it later
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hi are you going to make new songs - danieldheeran (2 years ago)
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happy 24th birthday Justin love you so much and also come back to Oklahoma at the bok center love you - breanna (3 years ago)
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ertrgtrgthgytrhy oshse thrzsahtsx feh4g4u4gu4g4ru6tc76t7efd - HAhh (4 years ago)
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why she wish justin bieber happy birthday but not.....ok girl - ashton (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday Justin Bieber! - BLACKPINK PAVED THEIR OWN FUCKING WAY (7 months ago)
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i can\'t be myself by justin bieber HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA - R_L (7 months ago)
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And finally Lisa and Justin Bieber appeared together in China Happy Birthday Lisa - 小莎 (7 months ago)
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ʟɪʟɪᴇ ✪ #lisaday
Beyonce-Halo Zayn- Dusk till dawn ft. Sia Tori Kelly- Paper hearts Ariana grande- Stuck with u ft. Just - ʟɪʟɪᴇ ✪ #lisaday (7 months ago)
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ʟɪʟɪᴇ ✪
Beyonce-Halo Zayn- Dusk till dawn ft. Sia Tori Kelly- Paper hearts Ariana grande- Stuck with u ft. Just - ʟɪʟɪᴇ ✪ (7 months ago)
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happy birthday justin bieber ng pasig city sana hindi ka mamatay - aira (7 months ago)
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joxer ngantuk
. hayiiii ! happy birthday sayangkuuuu :p lisaa yg paling bawelll se gdm yang katanya sih adeknya justin bieber - joxer ngantuk (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to the Justin Bieber of Disception - Snoid (7 months ago)
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jaliyah ♡
I just joined my class to justin bieber singing happy birthday - jaliyah ♡ (7 months ago)
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Putangina naman nagpapatugtog ako ng 1hr loop ng peaches ni justin bieber sabay sisingitan niyo ng happy birthday l - cho (7 months ago)
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When it s my birthday, instead of the Happy Birthday song, you will sing the Justin Bieber verse from Maria I m Drunk and like it - Jamesie (7 months ago)
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Monika Dopieralska
Happy birthday !!! Hope your day is filled with Justin Bieber pictures enjoy your day! - Monika Dopieralska (7 months ago)
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it s so scary and even my mom would be like justin bieber wished you a happy birthday on facebook? - nikki (7 months ago)
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Hey my girlfriend Julia is really huge fan of Justin Bieber her birthday is on March 26 can you pleas - tysonshreefabdwahed (7 months ago)
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Oshom Bob
Thought it was Justin Bieber for a sec! Happy birthday Stretchy! - Oshom Bob (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday me! Listened to the Justin Bieber album at least 3 times today already and we only 24 min into the day - malak (7 months ago)
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sam connors
Dana Marie just offered me her extra Justin Bieber poster to hang on my empty wall so I can take the happy birthday - sam connors (7 months ago)
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i remember making a box cake for justin bieber\'s bday when i used to stan him like 10 years ago i ev - aldy (7 months ago)
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bad ass bitch
hi! It\'s my sister\'s birthday and she\'s currently listening to your radio. She\'s a belieber and I wan - bad ass bitch (7 months ago)
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Im Clubs
- Im Clubs (7 months ago)
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Yeah yeah.. Happy Birthday to you.. No go off.. Please I need Justin Bieber. Enough of their crap! - Abhay (7 months ago)
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YOUR HAIR happy birthday hyunjin justin bieber david dobrik lil pump lana del rey - @hollandrobs (7 months ago)
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A Justin Bieber stan talking about Taylor?? Lmaoo I have to laugh. Taylor and Bey were friends before your fave has - Ed (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday justin bieber - soapy (7 months ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. to celebrate my birthday I m giving out 50k to 5 people. All you have to do is remessage and - Jowizaza (7 months ago)
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CBCInc Hypes
Happy Birthday Pastor We celebrate you . . . . . . OUT NOW - CBCInc Hypes (7 months ago)
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Clement Afreh
Happy Birthday Pastor God bless you bountifully . . . . . - Clement Afreh (7 months ago)
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HAHAHAHAHA silappp happy birthday justin bieber s *forever girlfriend - miwa (7 months ago)
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Remember when Justin Bieber told Jungkook happy birthday and said they ain t ready because I have not forgotten. Still holding on to that. - GOT7 FOREVER (7 months ago)
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Justin Bieber ! And Happy Birthday Bro - Bosh (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday diría justin bieber - ayison (7 months ago)
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ash。 ༅
dude it s obvious it s blingee Justin Bieber wishing u a happy birthday what else - ash。 ༅ (7 months ago)
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♡(^._.^)ノ ♡
I spent March 1-15 in hell so I haven\'t been able to enjoy as much as I would like but lmao what\'s good happy birth - ♡(^._.^)ノ ♡ (7 months ago)
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Black Celebrity Birthdays
Happy 46th Birthday to As a music producer, has produced with other artists in - Black Celebrity Birthdays (7 months ago)
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MAS United Team
Justin Bieber, Shaquille O Neal, and these 113 great team members all have one thing in common! They were all bor - MAS United Team (7 months ago)
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Sal⁷ is tired of waiting for JJK1
Why did we collectively forget that Justin Bieber said \"happy birthday jungkook. They ain\'t ready :)\" ???? JB on JJK1 confirmed - Sal⁷ is tired of waiting for JJK1 (7 months ago)
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HELP THE PLAYLIST Happy 2NE1 Any Song ZICO Genie Girl\'s Generation Make A Wish ( Birthday Song ) N - Rädiö RPW SUB ( OFF AIR ) AUTOBASE ON (7 months ago)
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HELP THE PLAYLIST Happy 2NE1 Any Song ZICO Genie Girl\'s Generation Make A Wish ( Birthday Song ) N - Rädiö RPW ( HIRING DJ ) AUTOBASE ON (7 months ago)
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HELP THE PLAYLIST Happy 2NE1 Any Song ZICO Genie Girl\'s Generation Make A Wish ( Birthday Song ) N - Rädiö RPW (OFF AIR) AUTOBASE ON (7 months ago)
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HELP THE PLAYLIST Happy 2NE1 Any Song ZICO Genie Girl\'s Generation Make A Wish ( Birthday Song ) N - Rädiö RPW ( OFF AIR ) AUTOBASE ON (7 months ago)
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Cia Open Request☆ ON AIR 19.30
HELP THE PLAYLIST Happy 2NE1 Any Song ZICO Genie Girl\'s Generation Make A Wish ( Birthday Song ) N - Cia Open Request☆ ON AIR 19.30 (7 months ago)
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Laina ²⁸
So... Justin Bieber... who had a tantrum bc a song w the lyrical complexity of happy birthday was nominated for a G - Laina ²⁸ (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday justin bieber brother - KLVFN (7 months ago)
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Justin Bieber Spain
Justin Bieber vía instagram: Happy Birthday Ryan! - Justin Bieber Spain (7 months ago)
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Ivory Sauce Samuri
Happy birthday to Eamon, spencer, Omar, Justin Bieber, and jack Harlow - Ivory Sauce Samuri (7 months ago)
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where the hell have u been, loca????
Remembering when i went on the morning school announcements in the 8th grade to wish justin bieber a happy birthday - where the hell have u been, loca???? (7 months ago)

27 years old (Born on March 01, 1994)

Canadian singer; He is famous from Song: Baby.

His favorite number is 6 He takes the time to sing to a crowd outside his gig who couldn`t get in. He likes to sniff pizza. Justin Bieber is so talented boy (google.md) He likes sporty, active, nice, down to earth girls.

Justin Bieber's Best Moments

Happy Birthday Justin Bieber
Happy Birthday Justin Bieber
Happy birthday to Justin Bieber  Love from your number 1 belieber
Happy birthday to the prince, justin bieber! wishing u all the best in the world
Happy Birthday Justin Bieber
Happy Birthday, Justin Bieber!
Happy birthday how does it feel to be birthday twins with justin bieber
Happy 27th Birthday to the one and only Justin Bieber ily
Happy 27th Birthday to the one & only Justin Bieber
 Happy birthday Justin Bieber

Berat Esen 68
Happy 27th birthday to fucking young legend \"Justin Bieber\"
Happy Birthday !!  (    )
Justin Bieber
Happy birthday my justin bieber
I love you!!!
Happy Birthday  I Love You For Ever     Bieber
 Justin Bieber Happy Birthday     Bieber
¡¡Happy birthday, Justin Bieber (    !!
 Yes! I love Justin Bieber s version of the song, Happy Birthday
Happy birthday justin bieber ng pinas
Happy Birthday, Justin Bieber Achieve greater heights Your Belibery love you, and our best
Happy Birthday to you  Justin Bieber 23 year old 
I love you so much
Happy birthday to you bieber
00:00 meet Justin Bieber 
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Day Justin Bieber
Happy birthday justin bieber 24th
Happy Birthday Justin Bieber   . I Like You Very Very Much. From Your Love Erika....
Happy birthday to Justin Bieber & Kesha!
Happy Birthday to You Justin Bieber!      1.märz
Happy birthday    Justin Bieber... 
Many returns of the day ...
 Happy Birthday Justin Bieber!!
?? a quien le importa el cumpleaños de justin bieber si es el cumpleaños de ron weasley

Ew. but happy birthday justin bieber and jensen ackles
My god Justin Bieber a happy birthday, always love you love you love you, love you Belieber
Happy 23rd Birthday Justin Bieber!
Justin Bieber Happy birthday
Have a happy birthday Justin Bieber.
I love you so much.
A great birthday filled with wonderful surprises.
Happy birthday to me      I love Justin Bieber    23-17 ord
 Happy Birthday to my favourite singer Justin Bieber!!
Happy Birthday justin bieber 23 years old baby I love you
 wish you happy birthday Justin Bieber.
Agora começou esses happy birthday pro justin bieber
Happy birthday
Teambieber on \"Timeline of Justin Bieber\s record-brea...\"
Wishing u a very happy birthday ! Justin Bieber!!!!!
Happy birthday my dear Justin Bieber!! I think today is your birthday. I hope it s your birthday
Happy birthday JUSTIN BIEBER
Happy birthday to my baby Justin Bieber
Happy birthday My Hero  ------JUSTIN BIEBER--------
Today is the day to do Amazing!!
Justin Bieber 
happy birthday
Happy Justin Bieber\s birthday to you
Happy Birthday Justin Bieber
Selena Gomez Wishes Justin Bieber Happy Birthday With Sweet Photo
Happy Birthday to my beautiful kind Bieber love you white boy
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JUSTIN BIEBER no matter what he does I will always be a fan
 Happy Birthday Justin Bieber
Thursday March 1, 1994. 
       Happy Birthday 

              Justin Bieber
 Happy Birthday Bieber love JB
 Happy birthday Justin Bieber always make Jesus number one!
Happy birthday justin bieber  (24th)
Selena Gomez wishes Justin Bieber happy birthday via cryptic message
Happy birthday  Justin Bieber
Wait, omg it s Justin Bieber s bday today!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE FIRST MALE ARTIST I EVER LOVED
Happy birthday Justin Bieber
Happy birthday justin bieber
 Justin Bieber  Happy birthday
Happy birthday justin bieber
Happy birthday to Hailey s husband, Justin Bieber
 wish you a happy birthday Justin Bieber
Justin bieber = my forever boyfriend 

happy birthday <3 !!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN BIEBER!! You are the most beautiful man to ever exist.
Happy Birthday Justin! You made a Belieber out of all of us!

Justin Bieber
Happy 27th birthday to the talented Justin Bieber!
Happy birthday Justin Bieber. I will always be with you!

I as Favorite Male Artist at the
Happy Birthday Justin Bieber
Happy 27 birthday to Justin Bieber . Hope that he has a wonderful birthday.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JUSTIN BIEBER    Thank for everything   Te amo baby
Happy Birthday Justin Bieber
Hoje é niver dele!! Hoje o Justin Bieber completa 27 anos, Happy Birthday
I think it was light s birthday today so ig happy birthday justin bieber head ass
Justin Bieber exclusive 0
Justin Bieber exclusive 1
justin bieber beached whale 2
Justin Bieber exclusive 3

Fun Facts About Justin Bieber

He is left handed.
Justin is so cute and he is so sweet but Selena is not for JUstin (google.md)
He wants to buy a house for his mom when he has $1,000,000.
He has been playing interments since he was 2 years old.
Kenny the security guard wakes up him in the morning.
He once asked out Rihanna Demi Lavato and Alexa Chung (got rejected) LOL.
Hie favorite video game is nba 2k.
He knows how to beat box.
He hates it when girls wear way too much make-up and prefers natural-looking women.
He is dating Caitlin Beadles again. (allieiswired.com)
He likes sour patch kids.
He can make a half-court basketball shot.
His shoe size is 7 and a half.
He had first kiss was when he was 13.
His Favorite subjects are Algebra, History and Biology, but he takes the time to learn about the places he travels to.
He can count to ten in German
He once dated Caitlin Beadles (Christians Beadles sister.)
His favorite colors are blue and purple.
He is not into blink-blink.
His favorite TV show is Smallville
His favorite food is spaghetti
He is very protective for her little sister.
He wears shorts.
He only watches rated R movies.
He started dating when he was 13.
JB is on a mission to thank all of his fans for making his ride a reality
His favorite slang word is “shawty”
It baffles him when he sees girls crying for him.
justin bieber is no longer a kid ... hes gotten a boner ! (plixi.com)
He is claustrophobic – fear of being in narrow or enclosed spaces, eg: closet, elevators.
He Loves French Woman
He is close friends with Marisa Douglas and Madison Pettis.
He hates liars.
He speaks fluent French.

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