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ha your funny how bout no i will do it later
Today is the day! Welcome to Kasi Lemmons's Birthday Celebration Page
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Dave Hollingsworth
Happy Birthday to actress and director Kasi Lemmons, seen here on the set of EVE\'S BAYOU (1997). - Dave Hollingsworth (7 hours ago)
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Helen Shaver
Happy birthday - Helen Shaver (9 hours ago)
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Jason Adams
Happy birthday to the queen Kasi Lemmons - Jason Adams (11 hours ago)
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Feb 24 Happy Birthday part 1: Joanie Sommers, James Sloyan, Jenny O Hara, Barry Bostwick, Sheila L - WmsbgNostalgiaFest (12 hours ago)
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The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
Happy Birthday to Kasi Lemmons, here in THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS! - The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of (13 hours ago)
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Happy Birthday divine and special Kasi...abig kiss from Italy!!! - Bullonfire (15 hours ago)
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Happy birthday to Kasi Lemmons - randall (1 year ago)
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Kasi Lemmons - Happy Birthday Kasi !!! - buffydracfan (1 year ago)
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Edna Glenn Freeman
Happy Blessed Birthday Kasi Lemmons and have a blessed birthday and God Bless you !! - Edna Glenn Freeman (1 year ago)
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Sofia Rosinsky
Happy birthday beautiful Kasi Lemmons! - Sofia Rosinsky (1 year ago)
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Happy 59th birthday to Kasi Lemmons, star of CANDYMAN, THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, and more! - PopHorror (1 year ago)
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Black Girls Who Write
Happy birthday, Thank you for your contributions to Black cinema and inspiring more Black girls to - Black Girls Who Write (1 year ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2/24 ... - 映画『ハリエット』 (1 year ago)
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olivia michele king
in prosperity our friends know us. in adversity we know our friends. happy birthday Kasi!! - olivia michele king (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to the wonderful Kasi Lemmons. Would love to see more beautiful films from the director of \"Eve\'s Ba - FemFilmRogue (2 years ago)
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Black Women Horror Studies
Happy Birthday, Kasi Lemmons. - Black Women Horror Studies (2 years ago)
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What the Shot?
Happy Birthday to Kasi Lemmons who turns 58 today! Name the movie of this shot. 5 min to answer! - What the Shot? (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday wonderful and fantastic Kasi...kisses from Italy.. - Hurricane1990 (2 years ago)
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We Cut Heads: A Spike Lee Podcast
Happy Birthday Kasi Lemmons! - We Cut Heads: A Spike Lee Podcast (2 years ago)
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- モリロバート (2 years ago)
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Cynthia Bond
happy birthday my fellow standin in the background sister. (Re - Cynthia Bond (3 years ago)
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Kenneth Johnson
Feb 24 Happy Birthday part 2: Todd Field, Sherrie Rose, Jon - Kenneth Johnson (3 years ago)
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Happy February 24 folk - Starshine2020 (3 years ago)
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Happy Birthday wonderful Kasi... - SugarDaddy (3 years ago)
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Thorsten Alteholz
Sat, 24 Feb 2018, let us all send Kasi Lemmons the best Happy Birthday wishes today ( (57) - Thorsten Alteholz (3 years ago)
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Yo! Kasi Lemons is a Living legend.I love her film talk to me and the films s - MR,SHOES (3 years ago)
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Terilyn A.Shropshire
This I honor an amazingly fierce filmmaker, collaborator, and friend, who cel - Terilyn A.Shropshire (3 years ago)
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Justice C. Winter
Happy belated Bday. I was wondering why u went from Acting to Directing? U have done a lot of work? - Justice C. Winter (3 years ago)
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Ken Anderson
Happy Birthday to one of my favorite writer/directors Kasi Lemmons! - Ken Anderson (4 years ago)
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Stefan Prater
Happy Birthday! - Stefan Prater (4 years ago)
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BrownGirl Collective
Happy Birthday to film director and actress Kasi Lemmons! Kasi is most noted for her work on the films \"Eve\'s... - BrownGirl Collective (4 years ago)
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Dwayne Conyers
Happy Birthday May this birthday be the best ever. Your present some fun music videos... - Dwayne Conyers (4 years ago)
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IMDb. February 24th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Bas Rutten, Gillian Flynn, Laurie Kynaston, Dennis Waterman, Steve Jobs, Pete Duel, Kasi Lemmons. - GSmith (4 years ago)
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Griot To Go
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to and director - Griot To Go (4 years ago)
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happy birthday! - BattistiniLb (4 years ago)

60 years old (Born on February 24, 1961)

American, Director; She is famous from The Silence of the Lambs.

Kasi Lemmons's Best Moments

Happy Birthday, Kasi Lemmons.
Happy birthday to the queen Kasi Lemmons
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to and director
Happy Birthday to Kasi Lemmons who turns 58 today! Name the movie of this shot. 5 min to answer!
Happy Birthday to Kasi Lemmons, here in THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS!
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kasi lemmons candyman 1
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kasi lemmons candyman 4
Kasi Lemmons full body 5
Kasi Lemmons sexy 6
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