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Kathleen Wynne just turned 70. Happy birthday. - Dean (12 months ago)
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Leonardo Zuniga
Happy Belated Birthday, Thank you for your service. - Leonardo Zuniga (12 months ago)
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Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a great day! Cheers! - Digiography (1 year ago)
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Bob Richardson
Happy bday Kathleen! Cheers - Bob Richardson (1 year ago)
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Scottish Satwant
You may not agree with Ms Wynne s politics, but personal attacks are unaccepta - Scottish Satwant (1 year ago)
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Gutter Baby
Happy birthday ! - Gutter Baby (1 year ago)
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Tony Discenza
The platform can be used to educate and promote elevated and cogent discourse - Tony Discenza (6 hours ago)
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Happy birthday to the worst premier Ontario has ever had. She earned the title - @BOOMER (7 hours ago)
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Sal Spadafora
How very sad for us all. I simply responded Happy birthday and never rea - Sal Spadafora (7 hours ago)
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Something needs to be done news media go way to far. They are to present not - moore (7 hours ago)
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David H Wohlfahrt
Happy Birthday, Kathleen - David H Wohlfahrt (1 day ago)
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Maighread MacKay
Happy birthday, Kathleen. I wish you well. - Maighread MacKay (1 day ago)
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Plexus FASD
Happy Birthday! - Plexus FASD (2 days ago)
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Happy birthday - Sandra (2 days ago)
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Andrew Cardozo
Happy birthday Mme Premier. - Andrew Cardozo (2 days ago)
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Inte - Unleashed (2 days ago)
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Marcel Roy
Happy 70th birthday Kathleen. - Marcel Roy (2 days ago)
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Mamdouh Shoukri
Happy Birthday Premier. - Mamdouh Shoukri (2 days ago)
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catherine dickson
Happy birthday Ms Wynne. Ontario misses you. A wonderful new decade awakes. - catherine dickson (2 days ago)
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Linda Scott Barber
Happy Belated Birthday! Husband and I turned 70 last month, and we are going to first time grandpa - Linda Scott Barber (2 days ago)
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Dean Camron
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. I hope you are surrounded by loved ones. It makes me sad you ret - Dean Camron (2 days ago)
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Richard Moosant
15 years of McGuinty - Richard Moosant (2 days ago)
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Nicole Fournier
You re 1 yr before and one day before me. I m 69 today! Happy belated birthday! - Nicole Fournier (2 days ago)
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John McKay
Happy birthday!!! hope you enjoyed your day - John McKay (2 days ago)
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Happy Belated Birthday - JMA (2 days ago)
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Happy birthday failed premier - WeTheCanucks (2 days ago)
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Patty Prete
Happy Birthday Ms Wynne. Miss you - Patty Prete (2 days ago)
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Happy birthday Orvill - William (3 days ago)
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Beverly Ann Dillon Byrne
Happy Birthday Kathleen. Hope you re enjoying the Lake. - Beverly Ann Dillon Byrne (3 days ago)
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Charlie Lyons
Happy birthday! I hope you ve had a GREAT day and that your loved ones spoiled you recklessly! - Charlie Lyons (3 days ago)
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Norm Miller
Happy Birthday Kathleen! - Norm Miller (3 days ago)
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Brian Potts
Happy Birthday, Ms. Wynne! - Brian Potts (3 days ago)
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WHITBY Liberal
Happy birthday - WHITBY Liberal (3 days ago)
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Peter Gin
Happy birthday! 70 is hard but once you turn 71 you get over it! - Peter Gin (3 days ago)
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janet gardiner
Happy Birthday !!! Another beautiful year!!! - janet gardiner (3 days ago)
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Happy Birthday, - ProudMom321 (3 days ago)
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That s right 70 is only a number. Your energy and liveliness is what makes you young. Happy birthday ! - Iute (3 days ago)
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Happy birthday Kathleen - Spicermommy (3 days ago)
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Jane Mitchell (she/her)
Happy Birthday - Jane Mitchell (she/her) (3 days ago)
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Lorne Kenney
Happy Birthday and Best Wishes, Kathleen - Lorne Kenney (3 days ago)
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Happy birthday - Tim (3 days ago)
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Reality Hits hard- alone time=my sanity
Happy Birthday - Reality Hits hard- alone time=my sanity (3 days ago)
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Dell Morris
Happy birthday Premie - Dell Morris (3 days ago)
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Happy Birthday Orville - JT. (3 days ago)
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J. Lane
Happy Birthday- enjoy - J. Lane (3 days ago)
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Robert boileau
Happy birthday - Robert boileau (3 days ago)
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Lefties, the only people in their right minds!
Happy Birthday, Kathleen. - Lefties, the only people in their right minds! (3 days ago)
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Mr. Twit
Happy Birthday - Mr. Twit (3 days ago)
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Yaman Amin
My generation\'s student debt helped finance the biggest corporate tax cuts in Ontario\'s history. Al - Yaman Amin (3 days ago)
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Brandon Russell
Happy birthday to an ICON - Brandon Russell (3 days ago)

71 years old (Born on May 21, 1953)

Canadian politician who became the 25th Premier of Ontario in 2013. She is the first premier in Canada to be openly gay as well as the first female premier of Ontario.

Kathleen Wynne's Best Moments

Happy birthday to Premier
Happy 2nd bday Premier party for a Premier guest w/ - shaping cities across nations
 happy 2 share pic of my new born son Alessandro born yesterday shares bday w/Premier
Government members of the Select Committee on Sexual Violence and Harassment wish a happy birthday!
 Year ago celebrated her birthday on campaign bus. Happy birthday Premier.
Happy Birthday
 Happy birthday to your granddaughter.
A happy 70th birthday to A couple of photos of mine.
Want to wish my good friend a big happy birthday today  enjoy your day!
 Happy Birthday - to the most dishonest, despicable, despised person in ONTARIO!
And finally, a happy birthday cupcake for Scrum is next.
Happy birthday Who doesn\t love a cupcake?
Happy (surprise) birthday
Happy Birthday Premier
Happy birthday Premier !
A special message for We\re HERE for you and Happy Birthday from your team
 Happy Birthday, Premier Kathleen Wynne All the best to you. Your G&M horoscope:
Today in Canada s Political History: Happy Birthday Kathleen Wynne! | National Newswatch
Wishing one of my favourite Premier of a Very Happy 70th Birthday
 Happy Belated Birthday, Thank you for your service.
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