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Dr. Kyle Changsta
Happy birthday to Fabio, Eva Longoria, Kellan Lutz and Jai Courtney - Dr. Kyle Changsta (4 months ago)
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Photo Image Press
Happy Birthday Wishes to Kellan Lutz! Here is Kellan looking sharp back in 2009 at the LA Premiere of \'The Twilight - Photo Image Press (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Kellan Lutz! - ✝ (4 months ago)
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Daily Grindhouse
Happy birthday to Renny Harlin, the director of THE LEGEND OF HERCULES (2014), and happy birthday to Kellan Lutz, t - Daily Grindhouse (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday ! ...... Repost from using repostregramapp - Happy birthday to our very own - twilightswanhouse (4 months ago)
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Jamie Knuckles
Happy birthday to Harold Baines, Mary Carillo, Fabio, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Judd Hirsch, Eva Longoria, Mike Love, Ke - Jamie Knuckles (4 months ago)
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WILDsound Festival Review
Happy Birthday: Kellan Lutz - WILDsound Festival Review (4 months ago)
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Star 102.5 Buffalo
Happy 34th Birthday Kellan Lutz! - Star 102.5 Buffalo (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday, Kellan Lutz! - RACC (4 months ago)
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Brenda Billy
Happy birthday Kellan Lutz, hope you had an awesome day. - Brenda Billy (1 year ago)
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Maddison Quinn
Happy Birthday 2 (Twilight\'s) Kellan Lutz who turned 33 on Thursday. - Maddison Quinn (1 year ago)
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I also add those birthdays:Sabrina S - Juanra (1 year ago)
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Scott Mair
Happy birthday to Kellan Lutz. I hope you have a wonderful day and many more wonderful years. Thanks for reading,SM - Scott Mair (1 year ago)
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Did That Guy Just Say?
Happy Birthday Kellan Lutz! - Did That Guy Just Say? (1 year ago)
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Men in Vogue
Happy 33rd Birthday to Kellan Lutz! - Men in Vogue (1 year ago)
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Eu tenho a honra de dividir o dia do meu aniversário com o eterno Emmett, Happy Birthday Kellan Lutz! - Michelle (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday! Born March 15, 2018 Eva Longoria born, 1975 born, 1975 Kellan Lutz born, - Andre (1 year ago)
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HAPPY 33rd BIRTHDAY to KELLAN LUTZ!! Gained fame as the vampire Emmett Cullen in the Twilight Saga movies. He also - Madhotcomicsplus (1 year ago)
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Soap Dude 2
Happy birthday Kellan Lutz - Soap Dude 2 (1 year ago)
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Movierola Hollywood
Happy Birthday to Hollywood Actor - Movierola Hollywood (1 year ago)
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What the Shot?
Kellan Lutz is now 33 years old, happy birthday! Do you know this movie? 5 min to answer! - What the Shot? (1 year ago)
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Josh Romm
brandan happy soul day to a amazing friend of your tomorrow a very inspiiring and motivating like y - Josh Romm (1 year ago)
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Kellan Lutz March 15 Sending Very Happy Birthday Wishes! All the Best! - ELIOT RAFFIT (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday to Kellan Lutz, and his very thin shorts. - PoisonParadise.com (2 years ago)
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Martin Thompson
Kellan Lutz turns 32: The Twilight star s hottest ever moments - Martin Thompson (2 years ago)
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Teresa Warren
Happy birthday Kellan Lutz! - Teresa Warren (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday Kellan Lutz! - ultimatemiley23 (2 years ago)
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North Trenton
And Happy Birthday to Will I Am, Young Buck, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Kellan Lutz, Jai Courtney, Lil Dicky and Olamide. - North Trenton (2 years ago)
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MissAshley Greene
HAPPY 32nd BIRTHDAY KELLAN LUTZ! Thanks for everything. Thanks for being a great friend to Ashley and to stay... - MissAshley Greene (2 years ago)
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Hollywood Dogs
Happy birthday to Twilight star/animal advocate Here he is in 2013 helping homeless dogs in Bulgaria - Hollywood Dogs (2 years ago)
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Autograph Dealer
We would like to wish a Happy Birthday to Kellan Lutz! Are you a Fan? Click Share and comment to also wish them... - Autograph Dealer (2 years ago)
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IMDb. March 15th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Pollyanna McIntosh (38) Jai Courtney (31) Eva Amurri Martino (32) Kellan Lutz (32) Eva Longoria (42) - GSmith (2 years ago)
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Twilight Dom Rep
Happy Birthday Kellan Lutz - Twilight Dom Rep (2 years ago)
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Celebrity Birthdays
Happy Birthday Kellan Lutz - Celebrity Birthdays (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday Kellan Lutz! The star\'s hottest ever moments: - Attitude (2 years ago)
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Who\'s Dated Who
Happy 32nd Birthday, Kellan Lutz! - Happy Birthday to Kellan Lutz, who turns 32 today! - Who\'s Dated Who (2 years ago)
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ryan fonz
Tarzan 3D Offcl Fll Length Trailer 2013 Kellan Lutz Movie HD cut via Happy Birthday to Kellan Lutz, Tarzan. - ryan fonz (2 years ago)
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Chase\'s Calendar
Happy Birthday! Alan Bean, Mary Carillo, Fabio, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Judd Hirsch, Eva Longoria, Mike Love, Kellan Lutz, and . . . - Chase\'s Calendar (2 years ago)
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Deng Gardner
Happy birthday to the forgettable movie beefcakes Jai Courtney and Kellan Lutz, who may or may not be the same person. - Deng Gardner (2 years ago)
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Hoje 15/03 o ator Kellan Lutz completa 32 anos Happy Birthday Kellan Lutz - purycosta (2 years ago)
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Janke Lutz
Happy Birthday Kellan Lutz hope you have a wonderful day and may God be with you for the next 32 years and more. - Janke Lutz (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday Jai Courtney, Kellan Lutz, Eva Longoria, Eva Amurri Martino, Kim Raver, Sean Biggerstaff, Joaquim de Almeida & Brian Tee! - Rinsessa (2 years ago)
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Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Wish a happy birthday to own Ruth Bader Ginsburg and more! - Brooklyn Daily Eagle (2 years ago)
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Jamie Roxx
Happy Birthday. Today, Mar 15, 1985 Kellan Lutz, American model and actor was born.... - Jamie Roxx (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday to Kellan Lutz - ~♡Ѧιcнɛℓℓɛ (2 years ago)
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sandra t jones
Happy birthday Kellan Lutz! - sandra t jones (2 years ago)
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Troy Nathaniel Hardw
Happ Birthday, Mr. Kellan Lutz! My you have a Great Birthday!! Many Happy Returns. All My best to you, man. Troy. - Troy Nathaniel Hardw (2 years ago)
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Matthew Toffolo
Happy Birthday: Kellan Lutz - Matthew Toffolo (2 years ago)
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FREE Poetry Festival
Happy Birthday: Kellan Lutz - FREE Poetry Festival (2 years ago)
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Kellan Lutz Born: March 15, 1985 in Dickinson, North Dakota, USA I love life way too much and find fun in almost... - Popculturemadness (2 years ago)

34 years old (Born on March 15, 1985)

Actor, model; He is famous from Emmett Cullen on The Twilight Saga Movies..

He is real life friends with Twilight co-stars Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene, Jackson Rathbone, Taylor Lautner, and Robert Pattinson. (tv.com) Kellan's guilty pleasure is anything with strawberries or strawberry flavor. (tv.com) Kellan's nickname is 'Krazy Kellan', given to him by his family. (tv.com) Kellan intended on keeping his natural curly hair for the role of Emmett Cullen in the film, Twilight, however, he had recently had a buzz cut for a different film and his hair didn't grow fast enough for the filming of Twilight. (tv.com) Kellan can speak fluent Spanish. (tv.com)

Kellan Lutz's Best Moments

Happy birthday to Kellan Lutz, and his very thin shorts.
Happy birthday Kellan Lutz! The star\s hottest ever moments:
Happy 34th Birthday Kellan Lutz!
Happy Birthday to Kellan Lutz
Happy Birthday Kellan Lutz hope you have a wonderful day and may God be with you for the next 32 years and more.
Happy Birthday Kellan Lutz
Happy Birthday Kellan Lutz
Kellan Lutz is now 33 years old, happy birthday! Do you know this movie? 5 min to answer!
Happy 33rd Birthday to Kellan Lutz!
Happy Birthday Kellan Lutz!
Happy Birthday, Kellan Lutz!
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Fun Facts About Kellan Lutz

Kellan was featured in People magazine's "Summer's Hottest Bachelors" 2009. (tv.com)
The biggest lie he has ever read about himself was that he was dating Paris Hilton. (tv.com)
Lutz speaks fluent Spanish
His favorite place is South Africa
he has six brothers and one siste (mostbeautifulman.com)
Kellan was in the Diet Mountain Dew "Ferret" commercial. (tv.com)
Kellan became a fan of John Grisham while filming Generation Kill in Africa. (tv.com)
Kellan has six brothers and one sister, he's in the middle according to birth order. (tv.com)
The most embarrassing place his phone ever began ringing was during a church baptism. His ring-tone was Sir Mix-A Lot's 'Baby Got Back'. The volume was on high and it took him at least 15 seconds to turn the ringer off. (tv.com)
Kellan has a dog named Kola. (tv.com)
Kellan loves the Nintendo Wii. He once played a two-hour tennis game against his brother on "Wii Sports". (tv.com)
Kellan attended the 2009 Comic-Con convention in San Diego, California with The Twilight Saga: New Moon cast. (tv.com)
If Kellan had to choose between a Blackberry, Sidekick, or Treo, he would choose a Treo. (tv.com)
Kellan wears size 12 in shoes. (tv.com)
Kellan's favorite place is South Africa. (tv.com)
Kellan says he was a 'mamma's boy' growing up. (tv.com)
Kellan's favorite designer is James Perse. (tv.com)
Kellan is 6'1" (1.85 m) tall. (tv.com)
According to Kellan, his worst quality is his competitiveness and his best quality is how easy going and fun loving he is. (tv.com)
Kellan has been modeling since he was 13 or 14 (tv.com)
According to Kellan, he wants a good girl with a little bit of a bad side. (tv.com)
Kellan's eyes are blue. (tv.com)
If Kellan were stranded on an island and he was able to have one gadget, he would have to have his Microsoft Zune. (tv.com)
Some of Kellan's favorite musical acts are Modest Mouse, Citizen Cope, 2-pac, Blue Man Group, Blue October, Chevelle, Coheed and Cambria, Damian Marley, Dilated Peoples, God Lives Underwater, Incubus, Jack Johnson, Lupe Fiasco, Matisyahu, Nickelback, OneRepublic, Orgy, A Perfect Circle, The Postal Service, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and Until June. (tv.com)
To "buff up" for Twilight, Kellan ate a lot of protein. He actually eats sixteen eggs for breakfast. (tv.com)
Kellan's role models are his mom, Robert Redford, and Leonardo DiCaprio. (tv.com)
According to Kellan, he and Peter Facinelli would play pranks on the Twilight cast and crew. (tv.com)
Kellan is very athletic, he loves football and boxing. (tv.com)
Kellan's favorite book is "Wild at Heart". He is also a fan of John Grisham's books. (tv.com)
Kellan is a fan of the Phoenix Suns. (tv.com)
Kellan lives in California with his four roommates. (tv.com)
Before breaking in to acting, Kellan was to attend Orange County's Chapman University for chemical engineering. (tv.com)
Kellan was in the Elizabeth Arden Fragrance commercial, starring Hilary Duff. (tv.com)
Kellan appeared in Hilary Duff's music video of her single With Love. (tv.com)

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