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Victor Caldwell
Hey Happy Belated Birthday ! I saw you in New York City A Long time, Doing on stage in New York. So did you have fun on your belated birthday ? Well I hope you have fun. - Victor Caldwell (6 years ago)
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That s cool t - Tyler (3 months ago)
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Philip Gipson
Wishing a happy birthday to who played Debbie Smith in last year\'s movie - Philip Gipson (3 months ago)
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Dennis Webster
Now that\'s a sweetheart! Finally, something on message that makes me happy! Very pretty. HAPPY BI - Dennis Webster (4 months ago)
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dina buno
Happy belated birthday beautiful Kellie - dina buno (4 months ago)
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Jill Sachs
Happy birthday! - Jill Sachs (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday great present - LindaBonsignore (4 months ago)
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Eric R. Eaton
Belated Happy Birthday, Kellie! - Eric R. Eaton (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday, Kellie! I recently started listening to The Big Break podcast and have loved every m - Terri (4 months ago)
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Franz Dages
Happy Birthday - Franz Dages (4 months ago)
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Brutus A Harris
Happy birthday - Brutus A Harris (4 months ago)
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How cute! Happy birthday - Susan☮ (4 months ago)
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Linda Burus
Happy \"Belated\" Birthday! Love your present, sooo cute - Linda Burus (4 months ago)
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OMG I have always wanted a goat! So jealous! Happy Birthday! - LG (4 months ago)
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Keri A
What a present! Happy Birthday! - Keri A (4 months ago)
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Happy birthday!!! Greetings from Switzerland - LinuxWindowsMacHilfe (4 months ago)
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Emma Jane
Aww, that s a great birthday present!!! Happy birthday - Emma Jane (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Kellie! You share a birthday with my hubby (though he didn t get an adorable goat as a present)! - lauren (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday! - bewflyboy (4 months ago)
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J Anthony
What a great gift! Happy Birthday Kellie!!! - J Anthony (4 months ago)
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Michelle Bradshaw
Awwww Adorable. Happy Birthday - Michelle Bradshaw (4 months ago)
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Jenny Dela Cruz
Happy Birthday!! - Jenny Dela Cruz (4 months ago)
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Anne Marino
What a sweet present. Happy birthday! - Anne Marino (4 months ago)
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Rajat Malhotra
Happy Birthday and many more to come. - Rajat Malhotra (4 months ago)
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Craig Smith
Happy Birthday - Craig Smith (4 months ago)
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Cherie Galgiani
Happy Birthday - Cherie Galgiani (4 months ago)
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Herman Manzanares
Happy birthday - Herman Manzanares (4 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday. - Doctor_David (4 months ago)
birthday balloon

Hope you have a happy birthday and good fencing - Gigi62 (4 months ago)
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Nanci Campbell
Happy Birthday! I want a baby goat, too! - Nanci Campbell (4 months ago)
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Dan M
Happy Birthday Kellie! - Dan M (4 months ago)
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Lewis Llewellyn
Happy birthday Kellie !!! - Lewis Llewellyn (4 months ago)
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Juan Rosario
Happy birthday to you! - Juan Rosario (4 months ago)
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Valora Baker
Happy Birthday Kellie. - Valora Baker (4 months ago)
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Baz Murphy
Thats the weirdest looking dog I\'ve ever seen. Happy Birthday. - Baz Murphy (4 months ago)
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Kevin R. Callahan
You are looking great, Kellie. Happy Birthday. - Kevin R. Callahan (4 months ago)
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Be honest, of all the birthday gifts you\'ve ever been given, is this goat the G.O.A.T? Happy Birthday! - SCREAMPlaya (4 months ago)
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Barbara Scott
Happy Birthday. Very cute Goat - Barbara Scott (4 months ago)
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Laura Holt
Happy birthday! Pumpkin Is a nice name - Laura Holt (4 months ago)
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Gwen Marie Squire
Happy Birthday Kellie! Pumpkin is Adorable - Gwen Marie Squire (4 months ago)
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Lee Chapa
Happy Birthday Kellie Martin. You got a goat. hmmmm. - Lee Chapa (4 months ago)
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Veronica Nistor
Happy Birthday! from Romania - Veronica Nistor (4 months ago)
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Kathy Jeffries
Happy Birthday Kellie! What a Beautiful Pumpkin! - Kathy Jeffries (4 months ago)
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Midmarket Green
Happy Birthday to You Happy Birthday to You Happy Birthday Dearest Kellie Happy Birthday to You - Midmarket Green (4 months ago)
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Temo Sefiashvili
wow who is this cute creature what is his name??It\'s a very cool gift, happy birthday. I wish you all the best, - Temo Sefiashvili (4 months ago)
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That s WAY awesome! My friend in Richmond (next to Kings Dominion) has THREE goats, three horses, tw - SeanR64 (4 months ago)
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Andrew Davis
Happy Happy birthday - Andrew Davis (4 months ago)
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Ali Raza
Happy Birthday - Ali Raza (4 months ago)
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Matt Hagenhoff
Happy belated birthday. That\'s one very lucky goat, - Matt Hagenhoff (4 months ago)
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Carolyn Sexton
Happy Birthday! So cute! - Carolyn Sexton (4 months ago)

48 years old (Born on October 16, 1975)

American, Actress; She is famous from Life Goes On.

Husband Keith Christian is attending law school. [1999] Studied acting with Diane Hardin, Melora Hardin`s mother. Announced she`s leaving "ER" (1994) to finish her studies at Yale. [January 2000] When she was a child actress, she would always be cast as the best friend instead of the lead. Loves Ballet and Photography, and is accomplished at both.

Kellie Martin's Best Moments

Happy Birthday to Kellie Martin, who played Daphne in A Pup Named Scooby-Doo!
 Happy belated birthday to Roxanne s voice actor Kellie Martin     !
 help us wish from a very happy birthday today!
 happy happy bday buddy! hope u like the cake lol
Happy birthday to both and Randall Batinkoff! Watch them both on Christy Wednesdays at 5 & 6 ET!
Happy Birthday to the lovely actress I hope she has a fantastic day!
ER Lovers! Send some love to Happy birthday Kellie! We love you lots! xo
10/16: Happy 40th Birthday 2 actress Kellie Martin! Film+TV! Fave=Christy+many more!
  Absolutely!  Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to  .
Happy Birthday Kellie Martin
Happy Birthday !!!
 Happy Birthday my dear!
 Happy Birthday!!!
Wishing a very Happy Birthday to    (Enjoy her series any time on SC on Demand!)
Happy Birthday I became a fan way back when... : Christy Facebook page
  Happy Birthday . I hope it was a good one
Happy Birthday to one of the most amazing actresses i am a fan of Best wishes for the year ahead xx
Happy Birthday to October 16,1975
 Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday x
Happy Birthday to Kellie Martin (40)
Happy Birthday part 2: Martha Daniel
Happy Birthday to the talented who portrayed the determined Christy Huddelston back in the 90s!
 Happy Birthday    I\m writing \" Happy birthday, hope you have an amazing year ahead\" in Japanese.
 A Big Happy Birthday to you Kellie hope you Great one
Happy Birthday October 16,1975
 Happy Birthday! Xoxo, Thelma & Louise. Our Mama loves you on
  She is AWESOME as Hailey Dean. Happy Birthday to you Kellie!
Happy Birthday to one of the queens of Hallmark Kellie Martin
Happy Birthday to actress Kellie Martin born on October 16, 1975
Happy birthday Kellie!!
Happy Birthday actress Kellie Martin
Happy birthday, Hope it\s a rager! *<8D
Happy Birthday to american actress and producer.
 Happy birthday! I hope your day is special!!
 Happy Birthday Kellie, have a fabulous day.
  Happy birthday Kellie!
 Happy birthday, I hope you like my artwork.
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday !!!
  Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday
  HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kellie..  hope you have a wonderful-filled day
 Happy Happy Birthday!!
 Happy Birthday Kellie
 Happy birthday!
 Happy (very belated) Birthday!
  Happy Birthday                                Lauren
Happy Birthday Tim Robbins, Suzanne Somers, Kellie Martin, Kaylin Hayman, Caterina Scorsone, and Eileen Ryan
 Hi! Just wanna wish you a very very happy birthday, you have a great one!
  Happy Birthday!
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Fun Facts About Kellie Martin

At age 31, she gave birth to her first child, Margaret Heather Christian, who was born on Sunday, November 5, 2006, at 12:21 p.m. She weighed 8 lbs and was 21 inches long. Kellie and her husband Keith Christian plan to call their little girl Maggie.
Was a contestant on the game show "Card Sharks" (1978), hosted by Bob Eubanks, during youth week when she was 11 years old. In her introduction of herself, she said she wanted "be a film director" when she grows up. She won $2,600 and almost won the trip to Hawaii but missed it by one card.
Former girlfriend of Scott Weinger (1994).
Met her husband, Keith Christian, at Yale University where both were students.
Daughter of Doug Martin and Debbie Martin. They divorced in 1992.
Friend of Robin Shorr and Allyson Knapp.
Younger sister Heather died of lupus in 1998.
She got her start in acting when her aunt, a nanny for Michael Landon`s children, showed Kellie`s picture to Landon. He asked her to audition, she won a guest spot on Landon`s "Father Murphy" (1981), and thus began her acting career.
She is the national spokesperson for Lupus, since her sister died of the disease at age 19.
Spouse: Keith Christian (15 May 1999 - present) 1 child
Dated Joseph Lawrence.
Friend of Diane Baker ever since they made the movie About Sarah (1998) (TV) together.
Graduated from Yale with a degree in art history
When she was cast in "Life Goes On" (1989), she developed an eating disorder. She was convinced by Tracey Gold, who had her own battles with anorexia, to seek help.
Kellie`s Internet Fans at the Kellie Martin Listserv sent a $635.00 donation to one of Kellie`s favorite charities, the Pediatric AIDS foundation, on October 1, 1996, as a birthday gift to Kellie on her 21st birthday on October 16th.
Started work on "ER" (1994) shortly after her sister died suddenly of lupus. She eventually left the show, partly because it was too hard for her to be in a pretend hospital after what happened.

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