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I know you because I watch your movies - Jeremiah (1 year ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANUARY 31; Actress Tallulah Bankhead(1902-1968)\"120\"; Actress Jean Speegle Howard(1927-2000)\"95\"; A - BRONX POET (5 months ago)
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Mike Henderson
Happy Birthday to Golden Valley, MN born actress Kelly Lynch. - Mike Henderson (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday. Kelly Lynch. January 31st 1959, (63) - Space-reporter-news (5 months ago)
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Cult Film Companion Podcast
Happy birthday to Kelly Lynch, Anthony LaPlaglia, Minnie Driver & Jonathan Banks! Favorite performances from these - Cult Film Companion Podcast (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday Movie Actress Kelly Lynch! Happy birthday just isn\'t enough for you. So I wish you a breathtakingly - AllFamous.org (5 months ago)
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Jose Sin Fin
Kelly Lynch Happy birthday Aunque no tuviera la relevancia de otras compañeras de oficio, fue parte de los 80, y - Jose Sin Fin (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday to kelly lynch an actress and model . Starring in road house . Cocktail - G-MAN2326 (5 months ago)
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Nicole Grant
Happy Birthday Vernon Davis, Jackie Robinson, Justin Timberlake, Kerry Washington, Minnie Driver, Portia de Rossi, - Nicole Grant (5 months ago)
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Steve Villanueva
Happy Birthday Kelly Lynch! You re 62 Years Old Now! - Steve Villanueva (1 year ago)
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Walter McBride
Happy 62nd Birthday Born: January 31, 1959, Golden Valley, MN Kelly Lynch attending the \"PASSION PLA - Walter McBride (1 year ago)
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Mateus Honrado
Happy birthday to Justin Timberlake, Kerry Washington, Portia de Rossi, Amy Jackson, John Lydon, Minnie Driver, Dan - Mateus Honrado (1 year ago)
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Cristian Milla
Happy Birthday to Kelly Lynch who turns 62 today! - Cristian Milla (1 year ago)
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Vano Klertiashvili
She looked really hot in \"Road House,\" Happy Birthday to Kelly Lynch, here with Patrick Swayze & Sam Elliott in \"Ro - Vano Klertiashvili (1 year ago)
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Dvd Daddy
Happy Birthday to the beautiful & talented Kelly Lynch. She appeared in many TV/Film roles but her breakout was in - Dvd Daddy (1 year ago)
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The 80its
Happy Birthday Kelly Lynch! You probably remember her as the hot chick from \"Road House\" and \"Cocktail.\" - The 80its (1 year ago)
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TV and Film Stars
Happy Birthday Kelly Lynch, now 62-y-o. Kerry Coughlin in Cocktail 1988 with Bryan Brown/Tom Cruise. Dr. Elizabeth - TV and Film Stars (1 year ago)
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Old School 80s
Happy Birthday to Kelly Lynch(62), Whitesnake\'s Adrian Vandenberg(67), \'Johnny Rotten\' John Lydon(65), Phil Ma - Old School 80s (1 year ago)
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George Schmidt (G)
Happy 62nd Birthday to KELLY LYNCH - George Schmidt (G) (1 year ago)
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Groovy History
Happy Birthday goes out to Kelly Lynch who turns 62 today. - Groovy History (1 year ago)
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Suzanne Noa
Happy Birthday /Birthday Remembrances: Kelly Lynch Anthony LaPaglia Minnie Driver Jessica Wal - Suzanne Noa (2 years ago)
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Teewhy Nyema
Happy Birthday to Denise Fleming, Alexander Korzhakov, Janice Rebibo (d. 2015), Harry Wayne Casey, Phil Manzanera, - Teewhy Nyema (2 years ago)
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Phil Dyess-Nugent
Her husband won t fuck her, and she always has to drive. Happy birthday, Kelly Lynch - Phil Dyess-Nugent (2 years ago)
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Gabriel Cash
Road House (1989) Happy Birthday, Kelly Lynch! - Gabriel Cash (2 years ago)
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Hansom Ransom
Happy birthday Kelly Lynch. - Hansom Ransom (2 years ago)
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Happy 60th Birthday! Kelly Lynch (born January 31, 1959) is an American actress and model. - the80srule.com (2 years ago)
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What the Shot?
Happy Birthday to Kelly Lynch who turns 61 today! Name the movie of this shot. 5 min to answer! - What the Shot? (2 years ago)
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HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY to KELLY LYNCH!! American actress and model who Lynch was cast in her breakthrough role in the - Madhotcomicsplus (3 years ago)
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Scott Mair
Happy birthday to Kelly Lynch classic actress extraordinaire. I hope you have a wonderful day and many - Scott Mair (3 years ago)
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Terry “the MINI GUY”
Happy 60th Birthday to Anthony LaPaglia, Australian actor (Criminal Justice, Without a Trace); Kelly Lynch, America - Terry “the MINI GUY” (3 years ago)
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Classicman Film
\'Road House\' (1989) A tough bouncer (Patrick Swayze) is hired to tame a dirty bar. Dir. by Rowdy Herrington, with - Classicman Film (3 years ago)
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Derek Godin
Happy 60th birthday to Kelly Lynch, let\'s all celebrate by watching Road House - Derek Godin (3 years ago)
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\'Radical\' Russ Belville
Happy Birthday, Jackie Robinson, Justin Timberlake, Minnie Driver, Kerry Washington, Carol Channing, Johnny Rotten, - \'Radical\' Russ Belville (3 years ago)
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Happy 60th birthday to the lovely and talented Kelly Lynch ( I\'ve been meaning to watch THE JACKET (20 - PopHorror (3 years ago)
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Film Builder
Happy Birthday: Kelly Lynch - Film Builder (3 years ago)
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Female Film Festival
Happy Birthday: Kelly Lynch - Female Film Festival (3 years ago)
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Sexy Pix Glamour Models
Happy birthday to actress Kelly Lynch who turns 60 today - Sexy Pix Glamour Models (3 years ago)
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NUDE celebs & porn
Happy 60th birthday Kelly Lynch - NUDE celebs & porn (3 years ago)
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Happy Birthday, Kelly Lynch! - RACC (3 years ago)
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- WhiskeyorWhisky (3 years ago)
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North Trenton (Teewhy Nyema)
Happy Birthday to Denise Fleming, Alexander Korzhakov, Janice Rebibo (d. 2015), Harry Wayne Casey, Phil Manzanera, - North Trenton (Teewhy Nyema) (4 years ago)
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Cinema Parrot Disco
Happy 59th Birthday To Kelly Lynch, star of the absolute fucking BEST goodbad movie EVER Here\'s my Road House (1 - Cinema Parrot Disco (4 years ago)
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Miramar Playa
Today is an incredibly special day... today we wish a beautiful and magical birthday to the one and only Kelly Lync - Miramar Playa (4 years ago)
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Happy birthday Kerry Washington, Portia de Rossi, Kelly Lynch, Jonathan Banks, Justin Timberlake, Minnie Driver, Pa - Rinsessa (4 years ago)
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Back to 80s
Happy Birthday to Kelly Lynch (59) - Back to 80s (4 years ago)
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Happy Birthday: Kelly Lynch - Popculturemadness (4 years ago)
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WILDsound Review
Happy Birthday: Kelly Lynch - WILDsound Review (4 years ago)
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Today In History
Happy bday: Carol Channing 97, Nolan Ryan 71, Johnny Rotten 62, Kelly Lynch 59, Minnie Driver 48, Portia de Rossi 45, Justin Timberlake 37 - Today In History (4 years ago)
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Mike Lynch
Happy 35th Birthday Kelly Lynch! - Mike Lynch (4 years ago)
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Happy birthday nicholas anthony hope u had a great bday - kelly (5 years ago)

63 years old (Born on January 31, 1959)

Drugstore Cowboy, Cocktail and Road House.

Kelly Lynch's Best Moments

Happy Birthday to Kelly Lynch who turns 61 today! Name the movie of this shot. 5 min to answer!
kelly lynch roadhouse 0
kelly lynch cocktail 1
kelly lynch 2013 2
Kelly Lynch full body 3
Kelly Lynch dating 5
kelly lynch 2013 6
kelly lynch 2013 7
kelly lynch cocktail 8
Kelly Lynch new pic 9
kelly lynch cocktail 10
kelly lynch 2013 11

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