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David Meeks
My wife & i have been so BLESSED by the Copelands we just LOVE them both & to find out that Kenneth was born 82 Years ago in Dec. blew me away i was born Dec the 15 1958 so a very very HAPPY BIRTH DAY TO YOU MY SPIRITUAL GUIDE. WE LOVE YOU.. - David Meeks (7 months ago)
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Benjamin Anabaraonye
Happy birthday dear Pst. Kenneth Copeland.God bless you richly! - Benjamin Anabaraonye (7 months ago)
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Awoyemi David T.
Happy birthday prophet Kenneth Copeland More Grace sir - Awoyemi David T. (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday papa Kenneth Copeland ! We celebrate Father God for your life ! GLORY ! !! - Fanny KANDUKULU-KUNDJI (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Pastor Kenneth Copeland - KAYEMBA JOSEPH EMMA (7 months ago)
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Kevin Kamenju
Happy Birthday Kenneth Copeland! As your days so shall your strength be!!! - Kevin Kamenju (7 months ago)
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moszell blackmon jr.
Happy Birthday APOSTLE PROPHET MINISTER KENNETH COPELAND. - moszell blackmon jr. (7 months ago)
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Today we are celebrating birthdays of two Generals. Papa Kenneth Copeland and pastor Chris. Help me wish them a hap - Bornnie (7 months ago)
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Tom Bice
Join me as we celebrate Brother Kenneth Copeland on his birthday today. Happy birthday, Brother Kenneth. God bless - Tom Bice (7 months ago)
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North Trenton (Teewhy Nyema)
Happy Birthday to Daniel Lisulo (d. 2000), Zeki Muren (d. 1996), Kamleshwar (d. 2007), Henryk Gorecki (d. 2010), Do - North Trenton (Teewhy Nyema) (7 months ago)
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Ann Spearmon
Happy Birthday Pastor Kenneth Copeland! - Ann Spearmon (7 months ago)
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Margie Hendrick
Happy Birthday Kenneth Copeland - Margie Hendrick (7 months ago)
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Scott Mair
Happy birthday to Kenneth Copeland televangelist and bringer of the prosperity gospel. I hope you - Scott Mair (7 months ago)
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Heather Jaime
Happy Birthday Kenneth Copeland!!! I have learned so much from your teaching - Heather Jaime (7 months ago)
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Joey Roberts
Happy Birthday to Kenneth Copeland today!!! I can t express enough gratitude on behalf of my enti - Joey Roberts (7 months ago)
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StephenandCandy LaFlora
Happy 82nd Birthday Bro. Kenneth Copeland!! One of my father\'s in the faith. Stephen & I love you and are so than - StephenandCandy LaFlora (7 months ago)
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Randy Coggins II
Happy Birthday to this great General of the Faith, Brother Kenneth Copeland! The impact he has had on my personal l - Randy Coggins II (7 months ago)
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Excellence Sambo
Happy 82nd birthday to brother Kenneth Copeland. - Excellence Sambo (7 months ago)
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End Time Tony
Happy Birthday to the Abraham of our time Kenneth Copeland - End Time Tony (7 months ago)
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Chris Walsh
Happy Birthday Kenneth Copeland! ! Thank you for standing boldly in the Word of Faith! - Chris Walsh (7 months ago)
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Coach B.F RamsĀ®
Happy birthday to a man of faith and a lover of God - Kenneth Copeland - WE CELEBRATE YOU! - Coach B.F RamsĀ® (7 months ago)
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Cheryl Ingram
Happy Birthday to our Father in the Faith KENNETH COPELAND! - Cheryl Ingram (7 months ago)
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Olawunmi Abraham
Happy birthday to Rev Kenneth Copeland.. The very first man to teach me righteousness by faith through his book \'Th - Olawunmi Abraham (7 months ago)
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Believers Portal
Happy 82nd birthday Pastor Kenneth Copeland It\'s amazing what things God has wrought through you, - Believers Portal (7 months ago)
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Our Time His World
Happy (very belated) Birthday Kenneth Copeland!! - Our Time His World (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to you Pastor Kenneth Copeland. May God continue to strengthen and keep you in Jesus name Amen - Joan (1 year ago)
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Cheryl Salem
I love you so much! Happy birthday! Thank you for ordaining me with Brother Kenneth Copeland many de - Cheryl Salem (1 year ago)
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Mabel Nabateregga
Happy birthday Kenneth Copeland! - Mabel Nabateregga (1 year ago)
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Albert Kunihira
Happy birthday Kenneth Copeland - Albert Kunihira (1 year ago)
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Abigail Duran
Happy Birthday Pastor Kenneth Copeland!! May God continue to bless you and Gloria and Family!! May - Abigail Duran (1 year ago)
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Gloria Hernandez
Happy birthday kenneth Copeland enjoy your day - Gloria Hernandez (1 year ago)
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Emmanuel Akinlabi
Happy Birthday, Pastor Kenneth Copeland. More of GOD\'s grace upon you and your family in JESUS name. GOD bless - Emmanuel Akinlabi (1 year ago)
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Emmanuel A. Olajitan
Awesome. Happy Birthday Kenneth Copeland , wishing you more years of Grace and fruitful service in - Emmanuel A. Olajitan (1 year ago)
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Letisha Brinkley
Happy birthday to this jewel IN THE EARTH.. @ 7yrs old I received CHRIST watching Kenneth Copeland on tv - Letisha Brinkley (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday Brother Kenneth Copeland - Daniel (1 year ago)
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aimua ogbeide
Happy Birthday Brother Kenneth Copeland. May you continually wax stronger in life and ministry. - aimua ogbeide (1 year ago)
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Lumenchristi Godwin
Happy belated Birthday Brother Kenneth Copeland. You are great gift to humanity. May God bless you - Lumenchristi Godwin (1 year ago)
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Otunba RainMaker Ken
Generals birthdays, back to back. Happy 81 birthday , Kenneth Copeland sir !!! - Otunba RainMaker Ken (1 year ago)
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Mayowa Johnson
Happy birthday papa kenneth Copeland - Mayowa Johnson (1 year ago)
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Carlos Mayorga
Dear Happy Birthday to my dear friend Kenneth Copeland! - Carlos Mayorga (1 year ago)
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North Trenton
Happy Birthday to Daniel Lisulo (d. 2000), Zeki Muren (d. 1996), Kamleshwar (d. 2007), Henryk Gorecki (d. 2010), Do - North Trenton (1 year ago)
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Trudy Chetty
Happy birthday. God bless Kenneth Copeland - Trudy Chetty (1 year ago)
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David A Flores
Happy 81st Birthday to our Father in the faith, Kenneth Copeland!! What an honor to be taught - David A Flores (1 year ago)
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happy Birthday Kenneth Copeland. You have inspired me beyond measure. God bless you richly - Vanessa (1 year ago)
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Femi Lucas
Happy Birthday Papa Kenneth Copeland. I love and appreciate you dearly sir! Thank you for being ob - Femi Lucas (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Anthony Fulgencio
Happy birthday Brother Kenneth Copeland! - Anthony Fulgencio (1 year ago)
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Pastor HPJamison
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dr Kenneth Copeland! God bless you! - Pastor HPJamison (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Distinguished man of God Kenneth Copeland. God will continue to be with you forever. - Bosun (1 year ago)
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Oluseyi B. Adenusi
Happy birthday Brother Kenneth Copeland. - Oluseyi B. Adenusi (1 year ago)
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TEFFANI Deshonda Cle
Happy Birthday Brother Kenneth Copeland may God Bless You with many many more - TEFFANI Deshonda Cle (1 year ago)

82 years old (Born on December 06, 1936)

Televangelist, author, musician, and founder of Kenneth Copeland Ministries.

Kenneth Copeland's Best Moments

Happy 81st Birthday to our Father in the Faith Kenneth Copeland. - Pastors Steve & Cheryl Ingram
HAPPY BIRTHDAY  Dr Kenneth Copeland!  God bless you!
Happy Birthday to our Father in the Faith KENNETH COPELAND!
Happy 80th Birthday Kenneth Copeland. Sir, You have Taught & Blessed Us.
Happy birthday Papa Kenneth Copeland! 
We love and celebrate you sir!
Happy Birthday Kenneth Copeland!
A Great General of Faith in Jesus!
 Happy Birthday Brother Kenneth Copeland may God Bless You with many many more
Generals birthdays, back to back.

Happy 81 birthday , Kenneth Copeland sir !!!
Happy Birthday  Kenneth Copeland! ! Thank you for standing boldly in the Word of Faith!
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