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Happy 28th Birthday - Stephanie (1 week ago)
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Chris Cunningham
Happy Birthday, Kent! - Chris Cunningham (1 week ago)
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Chuck Provost
Happy Birthday! - Chuck Provost (1 week ago)
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Celebrity Born
Happy Birthday to Kent Boyd (American Film Actor) About : - Celebrity Born (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday TV Actor Kent Boyd! Happy Birthday to a great buddy! I hope you have a good one. - AllFamous.org (1 week ago)
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Philip Watling
Happy birthday, Kent! If you like reading, my inspiring book about an animal lover\'s death is brilliant. - Philip Watling (1 week ago)
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Michele Brady Jeffers
HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!! @ Excel in Motion - Michele Brady Jeffers (1 week ago)
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Chrissie Fit
I actually tried it and it came out ok! Ummmmmm! And it was your birthday yesterday!!!! Happy belated - Chrissie Fit (6 days ago)
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Wayne Wodtke
Happy Birthday!! Hope it s been an epically groovey day! - Wayne Wodtke (1 week ago)
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CLI Studios
Always bringing the laughs, fun moves, and smiles! Happy birthday, !! - CLI Studios (1 week ago)
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Tina Lindle
Happy birthday !! Thank you for always working with & inspiring my girl ! - Tina Lindle (1 week ago)
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clarissa ☆
Happy birthday. Loveyou from philippines - clarissa ☆ (5 days ago)
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Andrew ⚜ ⚓
happy birthday! - Andrew ⚜ ⚓ (6 days ago)
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Jessica Aguilera
Sorry I m late, Happy Birthday Kent!! I hope you have a great birthday! You will always be my favorite dancer! - Jessica Aguilera (6 days ago)
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Natasha Pomponio
Happy late birthday to two of the funniest people I know! Hope you guys had a fabulous day!! Luv ya - Natasha Pomponio (6 days ago)
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MIX 957 Toledo
Happy Birthday 46 72 33 54 & 23 enjoy your specia - MIX 957 Toledo (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday Kent Boyd - ATOM RECORDS (1 week ago)
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Cecilia Volk
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENT!! I hope you have the incredible day you deserve! Eat some cake! - Cecilia Volk (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday - itsmanalove3 (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday - Runningwolf (1 week ago)
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Famous Birthdays
Happy Birthday! We hope you have a fantastic day! - Famous Birthdays (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday Kent!! I hope you have a wonderful day. Enjoy!! - Catherine (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday old man, hope your day is awesome - blue (1 week ago)
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Brandon Moore
Happy birthday to one of my favorite dancers EVER. I hope the next year of your life is your best one yet!! - Brandon Moore (1 week ago)
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happy birthday - D.H.A. (1 week ago)
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Catherine Hammet
I know it\'s late but happy belated birthday, Kent - Catherine Hammet (11 months ago)
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Nimrod Silagi
I wish you a very happy birthday. Wishing you every happiness this special day brings. Have a wonderful birthday! :) - Nimrod Silagi (12 months ago)
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Michele Jeffers
Happy belated birthday ! - Michele Jeffers (5 days ago)
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andrea rodriguez
Happy birthday pasala well with your friends and enjoy a lot in your day and Receives many gifts - andrea rodriguez (6 days ago)
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Katie Egbert
Happy Birthday Kent!! - Katie Egbert (6 days ago)
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Wyatt Is Bae
Happy 21st birthday to this handsome guy - Wyatt Is Bae (1 week ago)
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Happy B-Day Peyton
Happy 21st birthday to this handsome guy - Happy B-Day Peyton (1 week ago)
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Steve Johnson
Happy Birthday!!!!! - Steve Johnson (1 week ago)
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Shari Bischoping
Happy birthday You will always be my fav SYTYCD dancer - Shari Bischoping (1 week ago)
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Caroline Larson
Happy birthday I miss your amazing class - Caroline Larson (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday!! Maybe someone will let use the wall outlet to charge your phone if you tell them its your birthday :) - Zee (1 week ago)
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Morgan Larson
Happy Birthday 1% ... What a delight you are. - Morgan Larson (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday !!! - kat (1 week ago)
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Disney Aus Info
Happy Birthday Have a magical day. - Disney Aus Info (1 week ago)
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Marty Kottick
Happy Birthday Have an awesome remainder of your day! - Marty Kottick (1 week ago)
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Aisha Boooo
Happy birthday kent (: - Aisha Boooo (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday to my favorite dancer from Ohio - Bre☀️ (1 week ago)
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Brandon Childers
Happy Birthday !! Hope ur day is awesome!! - Brandon Childers (1 week ago)
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Lando Coffy
Happy happy bday to you - Lando Coffy (1 week ago)
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Chloe Williams
Happy Birthday to the amazing - Chloe Williams (1 week ago)
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Sarah Cone
HAPPY 24TH BIRTHDAY KENT ILY - Sarah Cone (1 week ago)
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George Christian Jr
Happy bday Kent xx 1 of my fav dancers on - George Christian Jr (1 week ago)
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.Kent_Boyd turns 21 today. Happy Birthday! - Happywishesforyou (1 week ago)
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fahma conte
happy birthday - fahma conte (1 week ago)
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Famous Birthdays
. turns 21 today. Happy Birthday! - Famous Birthdays (1 week ago)

29 years old (Born on November 21, 1994)

Dancer who had his first recurring role as Jordan on the ABC Family series, Bunheads.

Kent Boyd's Best Moments

Happy Birthday to
Happy Birthday
. turns 21 today. Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday to two of my favorite people. You guys are the best- love you both!
Happy Birthday
Happy bday from Brazil
Happy birthday kent!!! it was  dream come true taking classes from you!
Happy Birthday! Kent Boyd - TV Actor from United States(Ohio), Birth sign Scorpio
Happy Birthday to my favorite dancer and inspiration, hope its a good one, love you!
Happy birthday I remember your audition and I have loved you ever since! You deserve the best birthday:)
Happy Birthday to our main man !
Happy 21st Birthday Kent Boyd!(21th Nov)
Happy Birthday to   and Have an awesome day!
Happy Birthday hope you have an amazing day!
 Happy Birthday
Happy 21st birthday to this handsome guy
 Happy birthday
Happy birthday !!  Thank you for always working with & inspiring my girl !
 Happy Birthday!! Hope it s been an epically  groovey day!
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