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Your Home Sold Guaranteed Florida - RedmanPG
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KEVIN! Happy birthday to our operations And Marketing Manager, Kevin Smith! Thank you for all y - Your Home Sold Guaranteed Florida - RedmanPG (9 months ago)
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Ewan Gotfryd
This was the first time I met el grande Batman, in September 2017. We mostly talked abo - Ewan Gotfryd (10 months ago)
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dennis stampley
Happy Belated Birthday Kevin Smith - dennis stampley (10 months ago)
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Happy 50th birthday Kevin Smith ! - J S (10 months ago)
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Mike Jakubow
Happy 50th bday, Kevin Smith! Fun night at the drive in. Congrats ! - Mike Jakubow (10 months ago)
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Happy 50th Birthday Kevin Smith!!! - xZombieCat621x (10 months ago)
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Rudy Felix
Happy birthday Kevin Smith - Rudy Felix (10 months ago)
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Nayyara Alam
Happy 50th Birthday Kevin Smith!!!! Have a wonderful birthday filled with lots of love, happiness, - Nayyara Alam (10 months ago)
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stephen Nepa
Kevin Smith s Birthday Is This Weekend Happy 50th and 1 day old birthday day. Hope you hav - stephen Nepa (10 months ago)
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Red Bank Pulse
Remember that time when was in town for Here\'s a look back to how this guy really appr - Red Bank Pulse (10 months ago)
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Happy 50th Now let\'s get a north east coast open casting call for some extras so my currently non - jughead (10 months ago)
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Ben Kenber
A very Happy Birthday to you Kevin Smith! - Ben Kenber (10 months ago)
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Omg happy belated birthday kevin smith I almost missed it well I technically did but still omg - SAVERS♥️PRINCESS (10 months ago)
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Scott Morgan
My first date, with my soon to be my wife -scene set in a diner, two nervous a - Scott Morgan (10 months ago)
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Sothia Chhoeum
Happy Birthday Kevin Smith - Sothia Chhoeum (10 months ago)
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Film at Fifty
Happy 50th birthday, Kevin Smith! These are my favorite films of his. What are yours? - Film at Fifty (10 months ago)
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Neo (Marxist)
Happy birthday to my close friend Kevin Smith - Neo (Marxist) (10 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Kevin Smith! - TechnicolorDreams (10 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Kevin Smith, please stop making shitty movies. - richard (10 months ago)
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Kevin Smith, Happy birthday you beautiful mother fucker! - iMdmfc (10 months ago)
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Zach briones
Happy birthday to the great Kevin Smith!They say don t meet your hero but if your hero is then you - Zach briones (10 months ago)
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HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY to KEVIN SMITH!! Career years: 1992 present American filmmaker, actor, comedian, public speaker - Spacereporternews (10 months ago)
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Chad Blakely
Happy 50th birthday to ! Kevin Smith had such a huge impact on my life as an artist. From first see - Chad Blakely (10 months ago)
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Jacob Bryant
Happy birthday Kevin Smith, you comedy genius. - Jacob Bryant (10 months ago)
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The Duke
Happy Birthday, Kevin Smith!!! - The Duke (10 months ago)
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Christian Ascencio
Happy 50th Birthday to one of my favorite filmmakers Kevin Smith - Christian Ascencio (10 months ago)
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Christian Gabino
Never TRUST anybody when they tell you how your story goes. you know your story. you write your own story. -Kevin S - Christian Gabino (10 months ago)
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Ryan Gleason
Happy Birthday to Kevin Smith! - Ryan Gleason (10 months ago)
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Indra Diamandis
Happy birthday thank you for wonderful movies giving me happy memories of my youth and thank you - Indra Diamandis (10 months ago)
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Ming Chen
I m pretty sure that everyone reading this is thankful that Kevin Smith was born 50 years ago today. I am thankful - Ming Chen (10 months ago)
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Lee Hoffman
Happy Birthday Kevin Smith!!! Do yourself a favor and buy yourself this present. I\'m not a parrot h - Lee Hoffman (10 months ago)
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Jimmy Kalaitzis
Happy birthday to Kevin Smith - Jimmy Kalaitzis (10 months ago)
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Carmen H.
Happy birthday to Who knowingly or not was a source of paternal guidance and an inspiration since I - Carmen H. (10 months ago)
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Father Hood, get it?
Happy birthday to Who knowingly or not was a source of paternal guidance and an inspiration since I - Father Hood, get it? (10 months ago)
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Scott Sutherland
Happy 50th Birthday, Kevin Smith! - Scott Sutherland (10 months ago)
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Clare BK
Happy 50th birthday to the legend that is Kevin Smith. We re all very lucky to have you. - Clare BK (10 months ago)
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Golden Apple Comics
Happy BDay plus Summer EVERYDAY and Much More - Golden Apple Comics (10 months ago)
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Geek Bomb
Happy Birthday to Kevin Smith! What was the first View Askewniverse movie you watched? - Geek Bomb (10 months ago)
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Pittsburgh Film Office
Where s the only place you can go for good tequila? According to Metatron in DOGMA (1999) it s the Franklin Inn Mex - Pittsburgh Film Office (10 months ago)
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Black Wax Cafe
Happy 50th birthday to Kevin Smith, aka Silent Bob. - Black Wax Cafe (10 months ago)
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Boom 101.9
Happy Birthday Actor/Director Kevin Smith! Born on this day in 1970! The BIG 5-0! - Boom 101.9 (10 months ago)
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Heather Dawn Chapman (Hogan)
Happy Birthday Kevin Smith (Silent Bob) - Heather Dawn Chapman (Hogan) (10 months ago)
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Timothy Woodward
Happy Bday to film-maker Kevin Smith. Did ye know the late Prince asked him to film a documentary on his conversion - Timothy Woodward (10 months ago)
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Happy 50th Birthday, Kevin Smith! - ComicBook.com (10 months ago)
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Ongoing Comicbook Discussion Podcast
Happy Birthday In honor of this awesome dude, the BFOP network is doing a Kevin Smith movie marat - Ongoing Comicbook Discussion Podcast (10 months ago)
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When I was about 15 I discovered the movie clerks and it changed my life forever For a brief second the bs at schoo - goblinbl00d (10 months ago)
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Kenny Leask
Happy Birthday hope you get really baked today! I ll be lighting one up for you! Keep on doing awes - Kenny Leask (10 months ago)
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Mark and Me Podcast
Happy 50th birthday to one of my favourite film makers ever Kevin Smith was the first ever guest on the podcast an - Mark and Me Podcast (10 months ago)
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Happy 50th birthday to Kevin Smith! Being employees at a video store back in the day, we could totally relate to Cl - twodollarlatefee (10 months ago)
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Catherine Fischer
Happy Bday Kevin Smith! Glad to see you\'re taking better care of yourself and can\'t wait to see your next film project. - Catherine Fischer (10 months ago)

50 years old (Born on August 02, 1970)

Screenwriter, Film director, Film producer, Actor, Comic book writer; He is famous from Mallrats.

As a teenager his girlfriend's mother wrote "Kevin Smith will never be a famous writer." on a sheet of paper and told him that if he ever proved it wrong that she would eat the paper. He still has the sheet of paper, and considers the mother a close friend. However he does not speak with the former girlfriend anymore. Was at one point attached to write the script for Scary Movie 3 (2003). Is an AMPAS member. Because so many people asked him what happened to the characters Jay and Silent Bob between the films Chasing Amy (1997) and Dogma (1999), Smith wrote a graphic novel detailing their (mis)adventures between the two films. The book is entitled "Chasing Dogma". Spouse: Jennifer Schwalbach Smith (25 April 1999 - present) 1 child

Kevin Smith's Best Moments

Happy 50th Birthday, Kevin Smith!
Happy Birthday, Kevin Smith!
Happy Birthday Kevin Smith
The Docs wanna wish a happy birthday to 1 of Tony\s personal heroes, the iconic Kevin Smith.
Happy bday to my main dude kevin smith
Happy birthday to Kevin Smith! Pleasure to meet him also at (the conversation wasn\t as serious as it looks!)
Happy birthday Kevin Smith.
Happy birthday to a Red band hero. Kevin Smith is 48 years old today.
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! Charli XCX  and  (silent bob) Kevin Smith
  Happy Birthday Kevin Smith, You rock!
Happy Birthday Kevin Smith (Silent Bob)
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Fun Facts About Kevin Smith

Frequently casts Brian O`Halloran, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Jason Lee, Jason Mewes, and Scott Mosier.
Had a long running feud with Jeff Anderson shortly after Clerks. (1994) was released and ended just before production began on Dogma (1999). This explains Anderson's absence in Mallrats (1995) and Chasing Amy (1997).
Has maintained that had he not had the success with Clerks. (1994), he would still be a clerk at the Quick Stop and RST Video in Leonardo, New Jersey.
In high school, he video taped his school`s sporting events and town meetings for the local cable access station.
Pitched a superhero movie to Miramax in 1999 and Miramax chairman Harvey Weinstein loved it. It was described as a "Justice League" type of superhero team that has to disband because of the government. Once on their own, the film would follow the same type of format used in Pulp Fiction which would be stories inter connected. In the end the team would have to unite to defeat one of their own, turned villainous. Smith just never got around to writing a full script. It was also pitched to HBO as a possible series.
In a review of Clerks. (1994), one critic described his writing style as "David Mamet meets Howard Stern."
Runs a production company in New Jersey called ViewAskew.
He is a New Jersey Devils fan.
Appeared in the video for "Because I Got High" by Afroman with Jason Mewes.
Directed the Pilot of Reaper (2007) just to prove to himself that he could direct a script that he did not write.
Wrote a short story in his college creative writing course about a serial killer, who also happened to be a priest. He received the best grade in the class.
The reason why there hasn't been a Jay and Silent Bob video game yet, is because Smith wants to be fully involved in the game's creation and he simply does not have the time. He does insist there will one day exist a Jay and Silent Bob video game.
Has three favorite horror movies: "A Nightmare On Elm Street" "C.H.U.D." and "The Evil Dead". He also loves "Halloween".
Graduated from Henry Hudson Regional in Highlands, New Jersey in 1988.
Received an honorary degree (Doctor of Humane Letters) from Illinois Wesleyan University on May 7, 2000.
His all-time top 5 favorite movies (in no particular order) are: JFK (1991), A Man for All Seasons (1966), Jaws (1975), The Last Temptation of Christ (1988), and Do the Right Thing (1989).
Has considered making a Green Arrow film with Jason Mewes as the lead.
Wrote and produced with Jason Lee, a pilot for a sitcom, to star Lee, called "Hiatus". The premise had Lee's character coming back home to open up a comic book store after living in California for a few years, trying to make it as a struggling actor. Unknown to his family and friends, he was actually a porno star for a while,when he didn't land any "legitimate" work.
Once considered buying a local movie theater in Red Bank New Jersey and showing all kinds of movies. He said one week could be Scorsese themed with Taxi Driver and Mean Streets, then the next week could be superhero themed,like the original Batman and Superman movies.
Attended Vancouver Film School but dropped out halfway through.
Wrote all of his own dialog for the five episodes of "Degrassi: The Next Generation" (2001) that he appeared on.
Has said that after his career is over he`d like to teach film and creative writing courses at a college.
Was approached by Dimension chairman Bob Weinstein to do a Jay and Silent Bob/Hellraiser crossover movie in the same vein as the old Abbott and Costello meets the Wolfman type crossovers. Smith declined.
Biography/bibliography in: "Contemporary Authors". New Revision Series, Vol. 131, pages 408-413. Farmington Hills, MI: Thomson Gale, 2005.
References in every movie to Julie Dwyer dying in the YMCA pool.
Harley Quinn, Kevin`s daughter`s name, may also be a play on the Harlequin character from the Italian commedia dell`arte, the same reference that the creators of the Batman character were making.
Shortly after Clerks was released theatrically, Smith taught an acting class at his old high school, Henry Hudson Regional.
At one point or another, he was set to write (and in some cases direct) the big- screen versions of Scooby-Doo (2002), Alien Love Triangle (2002), Daredevil (2003), and "The Six-Million-Dollar Man".
He is Youtube member Blunty3000. (youtube.com)
Sold his comic book collection for money to film Clerks. (1994) and after the film was a success he bought the collection back.
Shot a pictorial of his wife, Jennifer Schwalbach Smith, for Playboy Magazine.
Said in his DVD commentary of Dogma (1999) that actress Linda Fiorentino was very difficult to work with, even to the point that she wouldn't speak to him some days. In retrospect he says he wishes he had cast Janeane Garofalo as Bethany instead (Garofalo appears in Dogma as Liz at the abortion clinic).
Was member of the dramatic jury at the Sundance Film Festival in 2000.
Was a guest critic for Ebert & Roeper while Roger Ebert was recovering from throat surgery. He reviewed the films for the weekend of August 12-13, 2006. He gave thumbs-up to World Trade Center (2006), Step Up (2006), and Half Nelson (2006). He gave thumbs-down to Scoop (2006).
Won a Harvey Award, given for achievement in comic books, in 1999 for Best New Talent based on his work with Marvel's Daredevil as well as his comic book series "Clerks" and "Jay & Silent Bob" for Oni.
Wrote the first eight issues of the Marvel Knights series of Daredevil. In the graphic novel edition of all eight issues, the introduction was written by Ben Affleck. Kevin began writing the Green Arrow comics for DC.
Smith`s daughter, Harley Quinn Smith was born. She is named after the character, Harley Quinn, in the "Batman" (1992)(The animated series). [26 June 1999]
He loves Wes Craven's A Nightmare On Elm Street and New Nightmare. Has stated he is a big fan of Freddy Krueger and Robert Englund.
Wrote a script called "Busing" in 1994 for Hollywood Pictures. It was described as "Clerks in a restaurant". Parts of this script became Clerks II (2006).
After Mallrats, pitched an idea he had for a Jaws 5 to Universal. They gave him the go ahead to write a treatment, but he had other projects to work on.
His daughter plays his character, Silent Bob, as a small child in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001).
Is a fan of actor/stuntman Kane Hodder and has stated a desire to work with him one day.
Had an idea for an science fiction alien themed story that was to be a part of the film anthology called "Alien Love Triangle" but his idea was never used. He has stated an interest in turning his idea into a feature one day.
In the fall of 2002, the town of Paulsboro in New Jersey named a street after him: Kevin Smith Way. This was in response to Smith using the town to film in.
Was hired to write the script for "Superman Lives" (2000). The script was rejected and Tim Burton elected to personally rewrite it.
Is an avid fan of the rock bands Soul Asylum, Alice In Chains, Metallica, Rob Zombie, Pantera, Sevendust, Nirvana, and Godsmack.
Every one of his View Askewniverse movies happens to feature either one of Smith's ex-girlfriends or his wife: - Kimberly Laughran appeared in Clerks. as Heather Jones and in Dogma as the woman in the elevator. - Joey Lauren Adams appeared in Mallrats as Gwen Turner and in Chasing Amy as Alyssa Jones. - Smith's wife Jennifer Schwalbach Smith appeared in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back as Missy and in Clerks II as Emma Bunting.
He is contemplating opening a real Mooby's fast food restaurant.
One of his life long dreams is to host "Saturday Night Live" (1975).
Frequently casts himself, Brian O`Halloran, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Jason Lee, Jason Mewes, and Scott Mosier.
Cast Alan Rickman as Metatron in Dogma (1999) after learning Rickman was a fan of Chasing Amy (1997).
Once tried to buy a warehouse near his View Askew production office in Red Bank, New Jersey, to convert into sound stages for independent films. He even approached Miramax president Harvey Weinstein to split the bill. However, the warehouse owner wanted too much money.
Tried to produce remakes for C.H.U.D. (1984) and Race with the Devil (1975).
Made a bet with Ethan Suplee (Willam in Mallrats, also in other Kevin Smith films) after filming Mallrats that he could lose more weight in 10 years than Ethan. Ethan won the bet.
Once wrote and produced two pilots for sitcoms. One was called, "Hating Hal" and the other one was "Hiatus".
Wrote and acted in comedy sketches in the town's annual talent show. His comedic writing even made the local papers.
Suspects that he was hired to write the doomed "Superman Lives" script after someone at Warner Brothes saw the exchange in Mallrats between TS and Brodie involving Superman's reproductive habits. Warner executives told Smith to cut a romantic scene between Superman and Lois on Mt. Rushmore. Kevin complained said, "This has the best dialog in the script." Executives responded, "This is a toy movie. People don't care how good the dialog is.".
Played goalie during games of street hockey with his friends Bryan Johnson, Walter Flanagan, and Brian O'Halloran.
While filming Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001), accidentally mispronounced Eliza Dushku's last name, and subsequently simply called her "Duck Shoot."
Will not use the opening credit "A Kevin Smith Film" because he believes a film is the work of ALL the people involved, not just the director.
He was the first and only guest on Michael Moore's Fox pilot "Michael Moore Show, The" (1997)_.
Frequently refers to characters from his own movies. Ex: In Chasing Amy, Alyssa (Joey Lauren Adams) tells Holden (Ben Affleck) that she slept with Shannon Hamilton. Shannon Hamilton was the character Ben Affleck played in Mallrats.
Has stated that he had an idea for a children's book and that he'd like to write it before his little girl reaches her teens.
Always refers to comic books in his films.
Wanted to write and direct a big screen adaptation of the book "Sex and Rockets".
Brother of v*rginia Smith.
Owns a comic book store, Jay and Silent Bob`s Secret Stash in Red Bank, New Jersey.
Insists on editing all of his films.
Has two dogs named "Mulder" and "Scully".
In 2005, he appeared as himself in several episodes of the Canadian TV series teen drama, "Degrassi: The Next Generation" (2001). Although he is married in real life, for his appearances on this show, Smith (as a character in the show) is said to be single, in order to allow him to make out with one of the main (adult) characters in the series.
Turned down offers to write and/or direct: "The Hulk", "Iron Man", "The Punisher", "Fantastic Four", "Green Lantern" and "Madman".
Favorite bands: The Police, Talking Heads, Run DMC, Public Enemy, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, The Cure.
During his childhood he was a big fan of Tom Savini`s special effects work.
Did some rewrites for Coyote Ugly (2000).
Godfather of his daughter Harley is Jason Lee.

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