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patrica plumb
dear ryan peavey hunk of a man Kirsten storms - patrica plumb (3 years ago)
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Happy Birthday to American actress and voice actress. Kirsten Storms (37) - gmrjr59 (3 days ago)
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Primal Astrology (Official)
Happy Birthday to Kirsten Storms whose Primal Astrology sign is the Piranha! - Primal Astrology (Official) (3 days ago)
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Happy birthday to Zenon aka Kirsten Storms - bröokë (3 days ago)
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GH Fan Since 90s
happy birthday Kirsten Storms!!! The best ever! - GH Fan Since 90s (3 days ago)
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Lynda Hughes
Happy Birthday Have a wonderful day. via - Lynda Hughes (3 days ago)
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Roberta C. Gervais
Happy happy Birthday to Kirsten Storms. You wear 37 well. Who knew! - Roberta C. Gervais (3 days ago)
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Happy birthday Kirsten Storms. - ledesmarisa875 (1 year ago)
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Disney Throwback
Happy (belated) Birthday, Kirsten Storms/Zenon Kar! You can catch her on the Soap Opera show General Hospital. The - Disney Throwback (1 year ago)
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Brooke Parker
Happy Birthday, Biz Markie, Taran Noah Smith, Kirsten Storms! - Brooke Parker (1 year ago)
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Sheryl Harms
Happy Birthday Kirsten Storms (Maxi)!! - Sheryl Harms (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Have a wonderful day. via - MaryAnn (1 year ago)
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Steven Kotake
Happy Birthday Have a wonderful day. via Happy Birthday Kirsten - Steven Kotake (1 year ago)
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Scott Mair
Happy birthday to Kirsten Storms soap opera star actress, and great beauty. I hope you have a wonde - Scott Mair (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Kirsten Storms. Thank you for bringing Maxie Jones to - SoapHub (1 year ago)
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Jennifer Long
Happy Birthday to Taylor Kitsch, - Jennifer Long (1 year ago)
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Healthy Celeb
Happy Birthday to Kirsten Storms ( Today she turns 36. - Healthy Celeb (1 year ago)
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Tony Boy Bautista
Happy Birthday Patricia Arquette, Skai Jackson, Taylor Kitsch, Dean Norris, Papa Obet, Marissa Perez, Katee Sackhof - Tony Boy Bautista (1 year ago)
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Eileen Bengelsdorf
From the Official General Hospital Fan Club Please join the in wishing Kirsten Storms - Eileen Bengelsdorf (1 year ago)
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Joe Sinchak
Happy Birthday to the beautiful and very talented Kirsten Storms! Love you on GH! Rock On! - Joe Sinchak (2 years ago)
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Cheryl Schmatt
Happy Birthday Kirsten Storms - Cheryl Schmatt (2 years ago)
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Evelyn Pena
Happy Birthday. Kirsten Storms ! Have a Blessed Day !! - Evelyn Pena (2 years ago)
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Hi Mich eIIe May Happy birthday Kirsten Storms I Iove your pictures Kirsten Storms it is a nice picture of Kirsten - jOY CROSSMAN (2 years ago)
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Marlis Selle
Happy Birthday Have a wonderful day. https://soaphubm/general-hospital/general-hospital-star-kirst - Marlis Selle (2 years ago)
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Max Miller
Happy Birthday To Kirsten Storms! - Soap Opera Digest - Max Miller (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday Kirsten Storms many prosperous blessings for you - Bianca (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday to one of my favorite Disney Channel alumni of all time--and the only reason I watch General Hospita - NeoBlisseyX (2 years ago)
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Makena from Oʻahu
Happy birthday Kirsten Storms! - Makena from Oʻahu (2 years ago)
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Dianne louise Gaud
Happy birthday to you Kirsten storms from Dianne Gaud - Dianne louise Gaud (2 years ago)
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Dana McNair
Happy Birthday to \'s Kirsten Storms! - Dana McNair (2 years ago)
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Kelvin Pullman
Happy Birthday, Kirsten Storms (aka GH\'S Maxie ) and many more!!!! - Kelvin Pullman (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday To Kirsten Storms! - WebsiteofEverything (2 years ago)
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Michelle Mongelli
- Michelle Mongelli (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Have a wonderful day. via - Debbie (2 years ago)
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Pamela Lee Moore
Happy Birthday Kirsten Storms!!! Have a wonderful day!!! - Pamela Lee Moore (2 years ago)
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Soap Opera Digest
Birthday Spotlight: (Maxie, GH) - Soap Opera Digest (2 years ago)
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- Happy Birthday To Kirsten Storms! - SoapCrush (2 years ago)
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Rosa Dinkins
General Hospital Star Kirsten Storms Celebrates AMAZING Milestone Happy Birthday Kirsten - Rosa Dinkins (2 years ago)
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Max Keeble Max Keeble Max Keeble
Happy bday to Kirsten Storms. If the Zenon zilogy isn\'t on your new streaming service what\'s even the point - Max Keeble Max Keeble Max Keeble (2 years ago)
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susan caldwell
Happy Birthday Have a wonderful day. via - susan caldwell (2 years ago)
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Classic Film Hub
BORN ON THIS DAY | Happy Birthday KIRSTEN STORMS (born April 8, 1984). American actress and voice actress. - Classic Film Hub (2 years ago)
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Neil\'s Films and TV
BORN ON THIS DAY | Happy Birthday KIRSTEN STORMS (born April 8, 1984). American actress and voice actress. - Neil\'s Films and TV (2 years ago)
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Mir Najib
I don\'t want to be perceived as someone who has it all figured out. I certainly don\'t feel entitled or like I\'m a s - Mir Najib (2 years ago)
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Raven Thompson
Want to wish a very happy birthday to an amazing woman and actress Kirsten Storms! You are an amazing actress and I - Raven Thompson (3 years ago)
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Sharon Mayer
Happy Birthday to the beautiful and most awesome Kirsten Storms... Sending hugs fr - Sharon Mayer (3 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Kirsten Storms! Love you on - Cassia (3 years ago)
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Soap Dude 2
Happy birthday Kirsten Storms - Soap Dude 2 (3 years ago)
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dessa matos-miller
Happy birthday Kirsten Storms - dessa matos-miller (3 years ago)
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Jolene Chism
Happy Birthday Ms. Kirsten Storms !!! - Jolene Chism (3 years ago)
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Happy birthday to the lovely Kirsten Storms! - DiagnosisDaytime (3 years ago)

37 years old (Born on April 08, 1984)

American actor; She is famous from Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, Clubhouse.

Is good friends with actresses Alexis Thorpe, Farah Fath, Nadia Bjorlin, Heather Lindell, and Lindze Letherman, Julie Berman, and Kelly Monaco. Had three golden retrievers named Shelby, Grayson and Hunter. Has two older brothers: Chris (step-brother; paternal) and Austin. Rescued dogs with her family from the local animal shelters. She and former Days of Our Lives co-star, Jason Cook, presented Shia LaBeouf with a Daytime Emmy in 2003 at Radio City Music Hall.

Kirsten Storms's Best Moments

Happy Birthday to American actress and voice actress. Kirsten Storms (37)
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kirsten storms and brandon barash 1
kirsten storms zenon 2
Kirsten Storms exclusive hot pic 3
kirsten storms and brandon barash 4
kirsten storms zenon 5
Kirsten Storms exclusive hot pic 6
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kirsten storms hair 8
Kirsten Storms full body 9
Kirsten Storms full body 10
kirsten storms hair 11

Fun Facts About Kirsten Storms

Cousin of University of Georgia's quarterback Matthew Stafford.
Storms' on-screen older sister, Alison Sweeney(Samantha Brady on "Days of Our Lives" (1965)), refers to her as her "mini me."
Father was Sports Director of WFTV and WCPX (now WKMG) in Orlando
Older sister of Gretchen Storms
Works with programs supporting American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq as her older brother Austin is currently serving in Iraq

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