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Aude Yukiko
Happy birthday - Aude Yukiko (1 week ago)
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Happy twin peaks day! Thank you for making my bday special 2 years ago. Meeting Agent Cooper at the Great Northe - whorelore (1 week ago)
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Hi king happy belated birthday - Mad (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday - SCI-FI GUY (1 week ago)
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lynne ♡
happy birthday sir! thank you for all of the iconic characters you ve brought us over the years an - lynne ♡ (1 week ago)
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alannah grace
happy birthday sir! thank you for all of the iconic characters you ve brought us over the years an - alannah grace (1 week ago)
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Jorge Solis
Happy birthday - Jorge Solis (1 week ago)
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Happy belated birthday to Mr FBI - Debora (1 week ago)
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Happy belated birthday to Mr FBI - Ꭰeッ (1 week ago)
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Dayana Marconi
\"Diane, there\'s always music in the air: let\'s play some Barry White here, babe\". Happy birthday to - Dayana Marconi (1 week ago)
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Margo Singer
A very Happy Birthday to ! Have an awesome year! Mr damn finest - Margo Singer (1 week ago)
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Cati84 (catialonsoladibuixantYT)
happy birthday I made a portrait of you - Cati84 (catialonsoladibuixantYT) (1 week ago)
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Valérie Val Gaspar
Happy Birthday Kyle - Dale Cooper - Dougi - Mad Dale !!! - Valérie Val Gaspar (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday, Have an awesome 2021! :) - Vera (1 week ago)
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Wolfgang Vann
Happy Birthday - Wolfgang Vann (1 week ago)
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Brett Plaxton
Happy Birthday Kyle! - Brett Plaxton (1 week ago)
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museum of four in the morning
Happy birthday (b. 1959). This vintage poster for really brings the vibes. - museum of four in the morning (1 week ago)
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North Trenton
And Happy Birthday to Tim Young, Hugh Hewitt, Willie Smits, Dave Spitz, Jiri Cunek, Kyle MacLachlan and Bronwyn Oliver (d. 2006). - North Trenton (1 week ago)
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terd crapley
HAPPY BDAY TWIN - terd crapley (1 week ago)
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Francesco Francavilla
Wishing a very happy birthday to the great - hope you have a wonderful day! - Francesco Francavilla (1 week ago)
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Kyle wasik➡️who tf knows
Happy birthday - Kyle wasik➡️who tf knows (1 week ago)
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D.C. ☮️
Happy birthday to George Washington, Ted Kennedy, Drew Barrymore, Steve Irwin, Sybil Leek, Dichen Lachman, Jeri Rya - D.C. ☮️ (1 week ago)
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Diane, 11:30AM. February 24th. Entering the town of Twin Peaks. (Happy Birthday !! ) - stella (1 week ago)
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John Driftmore
Happy Birthday - John Driftmore (1 week ago)
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Kim Gastler
Happy Birthday! - Kim Gastler (1 week ago)
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Cory Farr
Happy Birthday God bless you - Cory Farr (1 week ago)
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It\'s this legends birthday today! Happy birthday to you you\'re one of the greatest ac - Kevin (1 week ago)
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babe ruthless
Happy birthday to this damn fine individual - babe ruthless (1 week ago)
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Courtenay Stallings
Happy birthday fellow Pisces and one of the nicest celebs around. I hope you enjoyed some damn f - Courtenay Stallings (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday, ! David Lynch\'s Weather Report 2/22/21 I wish I was in - • JENNY JOULE • (1 week ago)
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tadpoles are my money
happy birthday dude - tadpoles are my money (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday - ElanieCardenas (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday to who is out here doing the back-breaking labor of giving Pisceans a good name - alaina (1 week ago)
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Alison Armstrong
Happy birthday, Kyle MacLachlan! Photo from 2017 of Kyle with me and Nicki at wine event in NJ. - Alison Armstrong (1 week ago)
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melvin doo
Happy birthday you cheeky boy - melvin doo (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday to him! I hope Riley\'s dad has been promoted to president of Brang by now . - Ammart (1 week ago)
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Ronnie del Carmen
Happy Birthday Riley\'s dad and appreciator of damn fine cups of coffee. - Ronnie del Carmen (1 week ago)
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Lil Git
Happy Birthday to the eternally fabulous whose talents, charm and humor has been an absolute sourc - Lil Git (1 week ago)
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Briän with an umlaut
Happy birthday ! If you re ever in Denver, I ll buy you a cup of coffee! - Briän with an umlaut (1 week ago)
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Blake Bell
Happy Birthday, Sir. We continue to enjoy your work. Cc: - Blake Bell (1 week ago)
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Ben O\'Connor
Oh happy birthday I still consider the hidden and the Flintstones your greatest works. - Ben O\'Connor (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday - wendysolange10 (1 week ago)
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The Force Is Strong W/ This 1
Happy birthday Orson Hodge!!! - The Force Is Strong W/ This 1 (1 week ago)
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Marcia Cross
Happy Happy Birthday So much !!!!! Marcia Xxoo - Marcia Cross (1 week ago)
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Comic Book Cinephile
Happy birthday to two-time Emmy nominee Kyle MacLachlan, who you may know from \'The Flintstones,\' \'Tales from the C - Comic Book Cinephile (1 week ago)
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かべっち My Favorite Things Only !
2/22 ( ) ... \"HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KEO \" KYLE_MACLACHLAN - かべっち My Favorite Things Only ! (1 week ago)
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Avla Legna
Happy Birthday - Avla Legna (1 week ago)
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Elizabeth Meggs
Happy happy birthday, Kale MacLachlan ( ) !!! Your positive spirit, and kind, thoughtful presence - Elizabeth Meggs (1 week ago)
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bisexual laura palmer
happy birthday bestfriend - bisexual laura palmer (1 week ago)
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Anna Tringali
Happy birthday to my forever favorite hope it s full of coffee black as midnight on a moonless ni - Anna Tringali (1 week ago)

62 years old (Born on February 22, 1959)

Agent Cooper on Twin Peaks

Kyle Maclachlan's Best Moments

Happy birthday to the damn finest!
The one and only!
Happy Birthday Kyle MacLachlan! Under the fan...
Happy Birthday Kale!
Wishing a very happy birthday to the great - hope you have a wonderful day!
Happy birthday Kyle MacLachlan!
62    ...        Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday to man who appreciates a good cup of hot coffee, Kyle MacLachlan!
Happy birthday kyle maclachlan !!
A drawing I did of one of my favorite people, . Happy belated birthday i love you
Happy 62nd Birthday Kyle MacLachlan!
Happy birthday <3 P.S. it is not funny
Wishing a very happy birthday to Kyle MacLachlan! Thank you for all your brilliant work, sir!
Happy birthday to the amazing
Happy Birthday Lovely meeting you that night at my mom, house filming
Happy birthday,
Happy Birthday to our favorite special agent, Kyle Maclachlan!
Happy birthday Kyle Maclachlan!
Happy Birthday to a Special Person, a Special Major and Special Agent! Auguri di cuore!!!
Happy Birthday to Special agent, ear finder, wine connoisseur, and all around nice guy
 Happy Birthday, - here is a photo of me with my brother Special Agent Dale Cooper.
Happy birthday Kyle MacLachlan!
I\m trying to solve a case but will take a break to wish Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday !!!
Happy birthday kyle maclachlan !!
Happy Birthday Thanks for being the greatest.
(p.s. Nobody looks at me the way you do )
Happy 60th birthday to \"Twin Peaks\" star (and dog lover) Kyle MacLachlan!
Happy 62nd birthday to actor Kyle MacLachlan
Happy Birthday to our special agent, Kyle MacLachlan.
Happy birthday Kyle Maclachlan !
Happy Birthday to national treasure & BW/DR hero
         Happy birthday!!                              3%
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Legend
Wishing Kyle MacLachlan a very happy 59th birthday!
Happy Birthday Kyle MacLachlan!

L\un des acteurs fétiches de David Lynch fête ses 58 ans.
Happy birthday kyle maclachlan
It s midnight where I m at, so I would like to wish Kyle MacLachlan a happy birthday
Happy Birthday What s your favorite Dale Cooper moment?
Happy birthday kyle maclachlan
Happy Birthday my favorite long-time professional coffee and wine drinker
Happy 62nd birthday to What is your favorite MacLachlan movie?
Happy Birthday, Kyle MacLachlan!
Happy birthday to the iconic boydyke kyle maclachlan
 2 22  Happy Birthday Agent Cooper!!!!
Happy Birthday All the best
Happy birthday to our favourite Special Agent
Happy Birthday...
 Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday to my guy
 Happy birthday from the all of us at the
Happy birthday
Happy birthday, Kyle MacLachlan!
Happy bday Kyle MacLachlan!!!
Happy birthday to THE king
Happy 62nd birthday to
Happy birthday to this damn fine individual
A Very Happy Birthday to Mr.
Happy Birthday to Kyle MacLachlan who\s now 59 years old. Do you remember this movie? 5 min to answer!
Happy birthday to Dale a.k.a. a.k.a. the master of disguises
Muchas felicidades a nuestro amado Agente Cooper. Happy birthday
Happy Birthday, Paul Muad\dib
Happy birthday to my fav actor     you are the best! Greetings from Poland x
Happy birthday do you never age? 21 right?
Happy Birthday to you, Cheers!
  Happy Birthday!
Happy 60th birthday to the legend that is I bet this was you, waking up this morning:
Happy birthday to our great friend
 Happy Birthday fellow  piscean!
  happy birthday dale!
Born Today, February 22nd!  Happy Birthday to all!
Happy birthday you bundle of sunshine! Thanks for bringing so many wonderful characters to life
             Happy birthday
dear Kyle MacLachlan !! Damn good coffee and hot !!!!
Happy birthday to
 Happy Birthday !
   Happy birthday
Happy birthday
A Monday morning mood...

Happy Birthday to Actor  in 1959
What Year is this? Happy Birthday Sir     Thanks for your wonderful performances!
Happy birthday Have a, excuse me, damn fine day
Happy birthday kyle maclachlan!!!
Happy Birthday kyle MacLachlan
Happy birthday to the living legend that is We love you, special agent.
Happy Birthday to our favorite special agent, Kyle Maclachlan!
 happy birthday we love u
Happy Birthday       Can t wait to order you wine finally
Happy Birthday Agent Cooper!
Happy birthday to our hero,
A very happy birthday to
Happy birthday
Happy birthday Kyle MacLachlan!
Happy birthday to
Happy birthday fantastic Kyle MacLachlan ! (62)
As is tradition, happy birthday to kyle maclachlan
Diane, 11:30AM. February 24th. Entering the town of Twin Peaks. 

(Happy Birthday !!     )
  A very Happy Birthday to ! Have an awesome year! Mr damn finest
 happy birthday I made a portrait of you
Wishing a happy birthday the wine-making, coffee-swigging, and persistently cool Kyle_MacLachlan
Happy Birthday to a Damn Fine Guy!
Wishing a very happy birthday to The Captain,       Oh, he played an FBI agent, too.
 happy birthday! I hope Diane sent you a fabulous cake (with a pie in the middle)
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday send our love to Agent Cooper. Can\t wait to meet again
 eek happy birthday
 Can\t reverse time.. But happy Birthday .. the best I can do is reverse a gif.
Happy Birthday, Kyle MacLachlan!
Happy birthday Kyle MacLachlan !
Happy Birthday to the legend amongs men
It s officially !!!!!!! Happy birthday
Happy birthday ! The internet: is 59 today!

Happy Birthday I love you special agent have a sweet 59. You look amazing anyway.
Happy Birthday to the greatest FBI agent
 happy birthday kyle i love you.
Happy Birthday to Thank you for your amazing characters and stories!
Happy birthday to one of my favorites
 Happy birthday Kyle!
Happy Birthday you can touch the monkey.  Touch him, love him!
  Happy Birthday to youuu!! Hope you have a great day.
Happy Birthday, ! (damn good wine, btw)
 What day is it? Wishing you a yrev Happy Birthday...
 a happy birthday today you played the role of orson hodge in the series desperate housewives
Happy birthday
 happy birthday Mr. Vandercave
 happy bday coop
 Happy Birthday Kyle! Hope you have a damn fine birthday!  xxx
Hoy cumple 59 años Kyle MacLachlan (Dale Cooper en Happy Birthday
   Happy Birthday, Kyle !  \"... Birthday.\" - Dougie Jones
   We wish a very happy birthday to the amazing Kyle MacLachlan! ¡Feliz cumpleaños Sr.
Happy bday
 Happy birthday!! Here s a cherry pie :)
Happy Birthday to !!!! One of the bests. Hope you made a wish ;) Love and donuts
Happy Birthday
   Happy Birthday Kyle!
Happy birthday to Kyle MacLachlan
Happy birthday ! Did you see the Dougie Jones reference from the latest issue of Doctor Strange?
Happy birthday you are the highest standard i have for a man
The Spice Cake must flow!  Happy Birthday
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY This is a present for you
  one last Happy Birthday
Happy belated birthday to the fabulous !
 happy birthday
Happy birthday to my favourite special agent
 Happy birthday!!
 Happy birthday        I\m cheering you up in Japan!! :)
 Happy Birthday, Kyle and many many more - hot coffee (not too hot) included with each
. Happy Birthday And thank you for your service to Earth!
Happy Birthday ... \"every day, once a day, give yourself a present.\"
Happy Birthday may you enjoy all the finest coffee and cherry pie !!!!!!
Happy birthday -
Happy birthday special agent
 Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday !!!!
Happy Birthday Mr Thank you for your greatness.
Let\s rock!!!
Happy birthday I hope you have all the cherry pie and damn good coffee today
Happy birthday Agent Cooper!
Everyone should celebrate and wish Kyle Maclachlan a Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday . Now make a wish!
I do love this fucking man.

happy birthday sweetheart,
Happy birthday !! i hope your day was damn fine:)
Happy Birthday to Kyle MacLachlan. 

If you see him, buy him a
 Happy birthday to you!Thank you for all your awesome work
Happy birthday to the FBI
Happy Birthday,
 Happy birthday!!
Happy Twin Peaks day and Happy birthday to meeee
Happy Birthday Coop!
Coffee. Cherry Pie. \"I am the FBI\". Hellooooo and happy birthday, Special Agent Dale Cooper
  HAPPY BIRTHDAY    Hi  Kyle, Congratulations
Happy Birthday !!!
Happy birthday to the one and only
 Happy Birthday Special Agent.
  Happy birthday Kyle. May you day be filled with as joy and love as you can handle
 Happy birthday, Kyle!
Happy Birthday to the one and only
 Happy Birthday !!!
 Happy birthday to you good sir.
 Happy birthday!!!
 Happy birthday Kyle!!
 Happy birthday! May all your days have coffee and pie!
  Happy birthday!
 Happy birthday super agent cooper ..and have a wonderful life ..we love you
  happy birthday
  Happy birthday to our beloved Special Agent!
Happy Birthday  Kyle Maclachlan
Happy birthday, Kyle san
Omg happy birthday kyle maclachlan
Happy birthday kyle maclachlan
Happy Birthday, Mr. Best wishes! Cheers!!!
Horoscope for Feb. 22, 2021: Happy birthday Kyle MacLachlan; Aquarius, ignore distractions
Happy birthday aka the best damn Mr. Mayor
Happy 62nd Birthday to Kyle MacLachlan! The voice of Riley s dad in Inside Out.
Happy birthday to Kyle MacLachlan!!
Happy Birthday,
Happy birthday
Happy birthday Kyle MacLachlan!!!                                                          the Return
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