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ha your funny how bout no i will do it later
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Jefferson R. Weekley
Happy birthday Kevin\'s brother! - Jefferson R. Weekley (7 months ago)
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Blue Fight Milk
Happy birthday Kyle! we met at SW Celebration 2013 i think? there was a screenin - Blue Fight Milk (7 months ago)
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Mohammed Ganai Not @ GDC :(
Happy birthday Kyle! Hope you had a great one! - Mohammed Ganai Not @ GDC :( (7 months ago)
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Sirens of the Realms
Happy Birthday from the !!! - Sirens of the Realms (7 months ago)
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The Sirens
Happy Birthday from the !!! - The Sirens (7 months ago)
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Douglas Pasko
Beautiful photos for a pair of beautiful souls. Happy bday again bud! - Douglas Pasko (7 months ago)
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You guys . Happy Birthday, Kyle! - Eden (7 months ago)
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Paul Dee-Pay-Oh-La
Happy birthday! Hope you had a great day! - Paul Dee-Pay-Oh-La (7 months ago)
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MJGA - Moose Jaw Gamer’s Association
Oh, and Happy Birthday from the Great White North. - MJGA - Moose Jaw Gamer’s Association (7 months ago)
birthday balloon

MJGA - Moose Jaw Gamers
Oh, and Happy Birthday from the Great White North. - MJGA - Moose Jaw Gamers (7 months ago)
birthday balloon

We Be Geeks
happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! - We Be Geeks (7 months ago)
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Douglas Eboch
Happy birthday director extraordinaire, master, and swell human being. - Douglas Eboch (7 months ago)
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Fantha Tracks: Star Wars News In A Single File
Never forget Happy birthday - Fantha Tracks: Star Wars News In A Single File (7 months ago)
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Steve Bawbee
Wishing a very happy birthday to a cool dude I\'m glad to have just discovered May all the best days o - Steve Bawbee (7 months ago)
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Ruty @ #ECCC
Happy Birthday You beat me by a day...every year! Hah. - Ruty @ #ECCC (7 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday dad love you - ⚡️ (7 months ago)
birthday balloon

The Highbury Squad
Happy birthday to one of our favourite How can you not love a dude who loves the & - The Highbury Squad (7 months ago)
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Paul Shipper Studio
Happy Birthday Kyle! - Paul Shipper Studio (7 months ago)
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stefan ratcliffe
happy birthday man! - stefan ratcliffe (7 months ago)
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Star Wars Toys Ontario
Happy Birthday! - Star Wars Toys Ontario (1 year ago)
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Danie Fairchild
Well happy birthday to me! - Danie Fairchild (1 year ago)
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shawn swint
Wishing A Happy Belated Birthday to The Coolest Film Director to Ever Hail From Jersey & Downright Wonderful Husban - shawn swint (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Nora Graham
Girl super cute!!! Happy birthday to And wow your bangs grew fast! Love the hair! - Nora Graham (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Jett Lucas
Happy Birthday @ The Highlight Room - Jett Lucas (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Eddie Colón
Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a wonderful day! - Eddie Colón (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday Kyle! - JosephB (1 year ago)
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Drew Thomas
Happy Birthday hope it was a great day! - Drew Thomas (1 year ago)
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Frank Maguire
Happy bday dude ! Love - Frank Maguire (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday, Kyle. I appreciate equally your creativity and your thoughtfulness regarding Star Wars - CJJames (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday my man. Missing you and the garage fire squad! Keep it up and send my love to Jamie and the kids - Raynday (1 year ago)
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Indy Entertainment
Happy Birthday Kyle! - Indy Entertainment (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

LArry Jensen
Happy birthday, May the force be with you!!! - LArry Jensen (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Daniel Logan
Happy birthday to - Daniel Logan (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday!! - Alex (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Lyriq Bent
Happy birthday bro. Looking young - Lyriq Bent (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Jerry Ferrara
Happy bday Kyle - Jerry Ferrara (1 year ago)
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DAD DAD DAD HAPPY BIRTHDAY I love you and so much I genuinely consider you my parents, you - Danielle✨ (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Justin Beard
happy birthday - Justin Beard (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

David Gross
Happy Birthday!!! - David Gross (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Kyle Tonarella
Happy Birthday !!! - Kyle Tonarella (1 year ago)
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Ryan, former Dread Pirate Roberts
happy birthday dude!!! - Ryan, former Dread Pirate Roberts (1 year ago)
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Kaidin Moonwood
Happy Birthday Kyle Newman. Director of Fan Boys, popular RFR guest and massive Star Wars fan. Born 16th March 1976 - Kaidin Moonwood (1 year ago)
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Maudie Garrett
red dragon? Happy birthday by the way!! - Maudie Garrett (2 years ago)
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Jacen Solo
Happy Birthday Mr. Newman. Very best wishes to you. - Jacen Solo (2 years ago)
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Jeff Goldsmith
Happy bday! - Jeff Goldsmith (2 years ago)
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Isabella Newman
Happy birthday to the best uncle and mentor i could ask for Love you with all my heart - Isabella Newman (2 years ago)
birthday balloon

Autumn Dial
Happy birthday !!!! - Autumn Dial (2 years ago)
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happy birthday man! We don\'t know each other, but your enthusiasm for SW is inspiring and I wish you the best!! - Skamdalorian (2 years ago)
birthday balloon

Paul Bateman
happy Birthday superstar, hope finally green light a vintage Tarkin especially for you ;) - Paul Bateman (2 years ago)
birthday balloon

Eric Schendzielos
Happy Birthday man! - Eric Schendzielos (2 years ago)

43 years old (Born on March 16, 1976)

Film producer, director, writer, editor and actor.; He is famous from Fanboys.

Kyle Newman's Best Moments

Happy birthday to
Happy Birthday to Friend of the Legion Kyle Newman ( May The Force Be With You!
 Happy Birthday!!!
 Happy Birthday !!!
Never forget   Happy birthday
   You guys . Happy Birthday, Kyle!
Happy Birthday
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Yoda senses much cake in you!
 Happy Birthday Kyle, same day as my wife\s Birthday today as well :)
 happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!
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kyle newman james knight newman 2
kyle newman young and the restless 4

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