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Krystyna wilke
It's because her birthday is on April 2 my birthday is on April 3 I am 24years old - Krystyna wilke (2 years ago)
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Dick Reisinhigher
For a minute I thought Linda Hunt got taller! Lol happy birthday!! - Dick Reisinhigher (4 weeks ago)
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Ben hearts Betty White forever
Belated happy birthday to the talented actress Linda Hunt who turned 77 on Apr 2. Always liked her. - Ben hearts Betty White forever (1 month ago)
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Loretta Singleton
Happy birthday, beautiful Enjoy Your Day, Linda Hunt/Henrietta/Hetty We love you and miss you on - Loretta Singleton (1 month ago)
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Happy 77th Birthday to Linda Hunt - TheSeer7 (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday Linda Hunt you are missed. - Kathy (1 month ago)
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Beverly Mills Lowry
Happy Blessed Birthday Miss Linda Hunt you are talented and awesome. - Beverly Mills Lowry (1 month ago)
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Ericka K
Happy Birthday to Linda Hunt! x - Ericka K (1 month ago)
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Today In Nerd History
Happy birthday Linda Hunt, born April 2, 1945 - Today In Nerd History (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday Linda Hunt - Yuki (1 month ago)
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Chris O\'Donnell Fans
Happy birthday to Linda Hunt! Hope she\'s alright and that we get to see these two on-screen soon. : | - Chris O\'Donnell Fans (1 month ago)
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Richard A. Weber
May Say Happy Birthday Great Actress Linda Hunt? Enjoy NCIS LA NCIS & NCIS Hawaii. - Richard A. Weber (1 month ago)
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Happy birthday to Linda Hunt! - pocha-pi555 (1 month ago)
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Lila Interlandi
Simply a Great Queen!!! Happy Birthday Linda Hunt - Lila Interlandi (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday Linda Hunt (Heddy) we miss you. Hope you are well. - TRICIA (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to Alec Guinness, Michael Fassbender, Pamela Reed, Buddy Ebsen, Marvin Gaye, Linda Hunt, and Rodney - Happy Birthday (1 month ago)
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Humberto - NeMeQuittePas
*Mafiosa. Happy birthday to Linda Hunt - Humberto - NeMeQuittePas (1 month ago)
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Happy birthday Linda Hunt! My favorite film with Hunt so far is Prêt-à-Porter (I ve yet to see The year of living d - jhpcine (1 month ago)
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Bonita Franklin
Happy Birthday Linda Hunt - Bonita Franklin (1 month ago)
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Never to be underestimated. Happy birthday to the incredible Linda Hunt! - NCIS: LA (1 month ago)
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Disney Wiki
Happy Birthday, Linda Hunt For Disney, she voiced Grandmother Willow in the 1995 animated feature film, - Disney Wiki (1 month ago)
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Solo Juan
Happy Birthday Linda Hunt - Solo Juan (1 month ago)
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Mrs. Anne
Happy Birthday dear Linda Hunt! - Mrs. Anne (1 month ago)
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Allen Marshall
Happy Birthday to Leon Russell, Whirlaway, Hiroyuki Sakai, Linda Hunt, and Alec Guinness! April 2 birthdays - Allen Marshall (1 month ago)
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Happy birthday to Linda Hunt, born today in 1945. An American actress, she is known in fandom for roles in Popeye, - Vault0 (1 month ago)
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Chris Hadley
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Linda Hunt and Pamela Reed! - Chris Hadley (1 month ago)
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James Kenney
Happy 77th birthday to the incredible Linda Hunt! - James Kenney (1 month ago)
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Happy birthday Movie Actress Linda Hunt! Happy birthday to someone who is forever young! - AllFamous.org (1 month ago)
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Thaurin Philippe
Happy Birthday to Miss Linda Hunt (scène du film \'Un flic à la maternelle\', avec Arnold Schwarzenegger) - Thaurin Philippe (1 month ago)
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Nicole Grant
Happy Birthday Michael Fassbender, Jesse Plemons, Roselyn Sanchez, Bethany Joy Lenz, Christopher Meloni, Clark Greg - Nicole Grant (1 month ago)
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Sith Empire ( souhaite un HAPPY BIRTHDAY à Linda Hunt alias Proxima dans Solo - Elscer (1 month ago)
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Apr 2 Happy Birthday part 1: Sharon Acker, Penelope Keith, Linda Hunt, Sam Anderson, Pamela Reed, - WmsbgNostalgiaFest (1 month ago)
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Andrei Bondoc
Happy birthday to Charlemagne, Hans Christian Andersen, Sir Alec Guinness, Jack Webb, Marvin Gaye (these five all d - Andrei Bondoc (1 year ago)
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Marc A. Mitchell
Happy Belated Birthday to Linda Hunt! She won best actress in a supporting role: A movie t - Marc A. Mitchell (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Linda Hunt Legend - LaurensTweens (1 year ago)
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Linda Weyl Fermions
Happy Birthday Linda Hunt! - Linda Weyl Fermions (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Linda Hunt! Miss seeing you on the show! - Matt (1 year ago)
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North Trenton
Happy Birthday to Linda Hunt, Reggie Smith, Don Sutton, Anne Waldman, Richard Collinge, David Heyes, Sue Townsend ( - North Trenton (1 year ago)
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Jeanette Pruka
Happy Birthday Linda Hunt!!!! Hope you have a Wonderful day!!!!! - Jeanette Pruka (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Linda Hunt!! Been a fan since you played the principal in Kindergarten Cop . - Norio (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Linda Hunt!! Cheers - Shirleysab (1 year ago)
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Phil Dyess-Nugent
Happy birthday, Linda Hunt - Phil Dyess-Nugent (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday Linda Hunt, the fabulous Henrietta you are a joy to watch. Many more to come - Louise (1 year ago)
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Pete Dickson
Happy Birthday, Linda Hunt. - Pete Dickson (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday, Linda Hunt!!! - Ginger (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday Linda Hunt. A nice bottle of bourbon! - LisaCogley (2 years ago)
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YP Yip
Happy Birthday to you Linda Hunt - YP Yip (2 years ago)
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Ines Symm
Happy Birthday Linda Hunt All the best for you and may all your wishes come true - Ines Symm (2 years ago)
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Keith G. Flemming Sr
Happy Birthday Linda Hunt. Enjoy Your Month My Friend - Keith G. Flemming Sr (2 years ago)
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Gwendolyn Duzan-Cox
Happy Birthday Linda Hunt and many more! - Gwendolyn Duzan-Cox (2 years ago)

77 years old (Born on April 02, 1945)

NCIS: Los Angeles

Linda Hunt's Best Moments

Never to be underestimated. Happy birthday to the incredible Linda Hunt!
Happy Birthday to Leon Russell, Whirlaway, Hiroyuki Sakai, Linda Hunt, and Alec Guinness!

April 2 birthdays
Happy 77th birthday to the incredible Linda Hunt!
Linda Hunt is now 73 years old, happy birthday! Do you know this movie? 5 min to answer!
Happy Birthday to Miss Linda Hunt (scène du film \Un flic à la maternelle\, avec Arnold Schwarzenegger)
Happy Birthday dear Linda Hunt!
Happy 77th  Birthday to Linda Hunt
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