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- WatchYourRepsSC (6 days ago)
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drew (cancer)
Happy Birthday to Tom Hanks, mxmtoon, Chris Cooper, Mitchel Musso and a big fuck you to Lindsey Graham - drew (cancer) (6 days ago)
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Today is the birthday of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R) from SC. Happy birthday! - Quail (6 days ago)
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Happy birthday Politician Lindsey Graham! Wow, it s the 67th anniversary of your birth. How does it feel to be old - AllFamous.org (1 week ago)
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Terms Of Life
Happy Birthday Lindsey Graham - Terms Of Life (1 week ago)
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Celebrity Born
Happy Birthday to Lindsey Graham (American Politician, Senator, Chairperson of the Senate Committee on the Judiciar - Celebrity Born (1 week ago)
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- happy early birthday. Truth is you might just be guilt of this \"Trump\" - yaya (1 week ago)
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Ana Fuentes
Roh-roh July 5, 2022: the Court finds that Lindsey Olin Graham, born July 9, 1955,(hereinafter, the Witness ) is - Ana Fuentes (1 week ago)
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Kamila Kennedy
Happy birthday Trump. I hope your tiny mushroom will be chopped and cooked before being eaten in a ragu consumed by - Kamila Kennedy (1 month ago)
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John Arnold
It\'s not going to be MTG, it\'s going to be Lindsey Graham wearing a gown. Singing \"Happy Birthday Mr. President.\" - John Arnold (1 month ago)
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Lori Andresen
Happy Birthday Lindsey Graham. - Lori Andresen (6 days ago)
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Happy Birthday OJ, did you know Amanda Knox, Steven Avery, Jodi Arias, Romeo Killer Chris Porko are al - dogloverhere (6 days ago)
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Happy Birthday Lindsey Graham! He s a former Democrat who was a plaintiff s torts lawyer at the beginning of his legal career. - SusanMcDonaldGaddy (6 days ago)
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Happy Birthday to Sen. Lindsey Graham (South Carolina). - congress_birthday_bot (6 days ago)
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Brenda Riley Seymore AKA [email protected]
Happy Birthday America -,We survived Trump, Moscow Mitch McConnell, Gaetz, Jordan, Lindsey Graham, proud Boys, Janu - Brenda Riley Seymore AKA [email protected] (1 week ago)
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Lynnez ❤️
Ohhh that makes sense. I thought it was Lindsey Graham wishing Chump a happy birthday. - Lynnez ❤️ (1 month ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Birthday wish: Crush Lindsey Graham! - Sven (11 months ago)
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Mary Testa
Happy birthday to your mom. I hope her son wins the election over Lindsey Graham. - Mary Testa (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to Jaime Harrison s mom. The best present to her is for SC to kick Lindsey Graham s a - RF (11 months ago)
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C Meyer
Happy birthday! We love your son!! He will be elected senator of SC in November purging Lindsey Graham. - C Meyer (11 months ago)
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Breaking News ( I Am Khashoggi)
Happy birthday mom, and thank you for raising a honorable, ethical son. Lindsey Graham should learn - Breaking News ( I Am Khashoggi) (11 months ago)
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Cat Escalera
Happy birthday, and THANK YOU for bringing the man that will rid us of Lindsey Graham into the world. - Cat Escalera (11 months ago)
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Dr.Grace Patricia B.Dijkhuyzen
Soon a historical son will remove Lindsey Graham! Happy Happy Birthday to you Maám!From a DEMOCRAT in Monaco. - Dr.Grace Patricia B.Dijkhuyzen (11 months ago)
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Trudy Bozzuto
Happy birthday! We are all rooting for your son s win against Lindsey Graham. We need this turncoat Senator GONE! - Trudy Bozzuto (11 months ago)
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Carole Klein
Barr\'s judicial misconduct has already been exposed! It\'s the corrupt GOP Senate--- specifically Linds - Carole Klein (11 months ago)
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Virginia Barnhill
Happy Birthday No more Donald Trump! No more Lindsey Graham! No more Mitch McConnell! No more Kevin McC - Virginia Barnhill (12 months ago)
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Angel szturmay
Happy birthday Lindsey Graham God bless you and your family - Angel szturmay (1 year ago)
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Indivisible Midlands
We\'re sending Lindsey Graham home in November. But in the meantime, our friends at SONG want to wish him a Happy *l - Indivisible Midlands (5 days ago)
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Happy Birthday Senatorette Lindsey Graham! via - Zenman1550 (5 days ago)
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Kimberly Rhodes
I don t live in SC but felt it was important to give Lindsey Graham a birthday present! Thanks for the birthday rem - Kimberly Rhodes (5 days ago)
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North Trenton
Happy Birthday to Amal Ibn Idris Al-Alami, Gwen Guthrie (d. 1999), Adriano Panatta, Viktor Yanukovych, Chris Cooper - North Trenton (6 days ago)
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Happy Birthday Lindsey Graham! - Voter (6 days ago)
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Fantastic! Did you wish Lindsey Graham a Happy Birthday yet? Wildly appropriate that he just hit - DystopianGiantsFan (6 days ago)
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The shade !!! I love it Happy Birthday Lindsey Graham.. - TashaNash (6 days ago)
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robert tomb
oh, happy to share a birthday with you!!! it offsets the darkness of sharing a bday with jerks like OJ and lindsey graham. - robert tomb (6 days ago)
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Bye bye Little Lindsey Graham. Happy birthday. What will you be doing next year. Ma - Khoneycutt (6 days ago)
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Kit Springs
Happy Birthday! It is mine too! And I was all happy because it is Tom Hanks as well. Burt then I fou - Kit Springs (6 days ago)
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Tengrain ✂️ 6-feet-away-or-6-feet-under
Happy Birthday Senatorette Lindsey Graham! - Tengrain ✂️ 6-feet-away-or-6-feet-under (6 days ago)
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Senator Lindsey Graham turns 65 today. Happy Birthday, Senator! - Trinity (6 days ago)
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Treason Seeker Apparel
Happy Birthday Senator Lindsey Graham! - Treason Seeker Apparel (6 days ago)
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Rabbi Altshuler
Happy birthday to our dear Senator Lindsey Graham! We need you and stand behind you! Rabbi Stuart Altshuler - Rabbi Altshuler (6 days ago)
birthday balloon

Rob E
F\' Lindsey Graham with a stick and light a bonfire. Happy Birthday you lousy two faced slug.... - Rob E (6 days ago)
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claudia fernandez
Why is no one wishing a Happy Birthday to Lady G today? Lindsey Graham turns 65 today. Happy Birthday - claudia fernandez (6 days ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday to my bosom buddy Little known fact: I, Sexy Lindsey Graham, played Wilson in the film ve - SexyLindseyGraham (6 days ago)
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That\'s nice of you to wish him a happy birthday but I hope Lindsey Graham has a miserable birthday. - hurricane (6 days ago)
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A. Chanel
We re sending Lindsey Graham home. But in the meantime, we want to wish him a Happy *last* Birthday in office! Si - A. Chanel (6 days ago)
birthday balloon

We re sending Lindsey Graham home. But in the meantime, we want to wish him a Happy *last* Birthda - songpowerc4 (6 days ago)
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beth #BlackLivesMatter
SC friends!!! This was a fun petition to sign. Happy *LAST* Birthday *In Office* Lindsey Graham! - beth #BlackLivesMatter (6 days ago)
birthday balloon

stirrup trouble
Thank you for wishing Lindsey Graham a Happy *LAST* Birthday in office!! | Southerners On New G - stirrup trouble (6 days ago)
birthday balloon

My Name Is Carlos
A happy happy birthday to all my fellow July 9th babies. but not you - My Name Is Carlos (6 days ago)

69 years old (Born on July 09, 1955)

South Carolina US Senator

Lindsey Graham's Best Moments

Happy birthday, Sen. Lindsey Graham!
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our great SC Senator Lindsey Graham.  THANK YOU for your dedication and long service.
 Senator Lindsey Graham turns 65 today.  Happy Birthday, Senator!
Happy Birthday Senator Lindsey Graham!
Happy Birthday Lindsey Graham
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