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ha your funny how bout no i will do it later
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Monica Cates
Lisa Vanderpump Shares a Peek Inside Her \"Magical\" Birthday Dinner - Bravo -Happy Birthday to the Queen - Monica Cates (4 days ago)
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Teresa Keenan
Happy Birthday Lisa Vanderpump - Teresa Keenan (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday to me, Jenna marbles, Marco polo and Lisa vanderpump only - kelso (1 week ago)
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girth brooks
Happy birthday to my twins Marco Polo and also Lisa Vanderpump - girth brooks (1 week ago)
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Dushawn Henry
Happy birthday Lisa vanderpump hope you have a great day - Dushawn Henry (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday to Lisa Vanderpump - topstarbirthdays (1 week ago)
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house wives stan
Happy Birthday to the queen herself Lisa Vanderpump!! Stay elegant - house wives stan (1 week ago)
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Hi there lisa vanderpump happy birthday too you I hope you have a wonderful day bye Mary polley - MaryLP (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday to Lisa Vanderpump, Bbymutha, Jenna Marbles,Prince Harry, William Taft and of course me - kara (1 week ago)
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103.9 Proud FM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY TO- Reality Star Lisa Vanderpump & Prince Harry! Have an awesome day! - 103.9 Proud FM (1 week ago)
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Joe Piccardo
Happy Birthday Lisa Vanderpump!! - Joe Piccardo (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday~~ I share a birthday with Lisa Vanderpump - Spica (1 week ago)
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franca de rose
That was the universe wishing Lisa vanderpump happy birthday. - franca de rose (1 year ago)
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TEAMMATE Liz Dennington
Happy Birthday Gleb! Sexy dancer on DWTS, who was partner to our Qu - TEAMMATE Liz Dennington (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday Lisa Vanderpump I wish you nothing but love and happiness. Your brother will always be with you x x - s0nnyb3ii (1 year ago)
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Happy 60th Birthday to Lisa Vanderpump! Did you know she is one of the most famous female reality TV stars? - Promipool.com (1 year ago)
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Lisa Vanderpump: She s 29 and Lookin Fine!!! Miss you on RHofBH. But glad you are looki - AndysCandy8 (1 year ago)
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Lisa Vanderpump: She s 29 and Lookin Fine!!! Miss you on RHofBH. But glad you are looki - GoneVoting8 (1 year ago)
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Kyle, my love, instead of messageing hatred and negative ener - maha (1 year ago)
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Wishing a Happy Birthday to TV star, restauranteur, and puppy-lover Consider making a donatio - YOUNG HOLLYWOOD (1 year ago)
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The Inquisitr
Happy birthday, - The Inquisitr (1 year ago)
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Anastasia Svoboda
Lisa Vanderpump quelle classe ! Happy Bday ! - Anastasia Svoboda (1 year ago)
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Oh my gosh!!! I have the same birthday as Lisa Vanderpump!!! Happy Birthday Somebody catch me if I faint! - scateoYES (1 year ago)
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jocelyn burrell
Happy Birthday to my inspiration . Lisa Vanderpump - jocelyn burrell (1 year ago)
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Happy 8th Birthday to my granddog Wolfgang (who happens to share it with Lisa Vanderpump) we love you, big boy! - Serabbi (1 year ago)
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Terrie B
Happy birthday Lisa Vanderpump hope u have an awesome day - Terrie B (1 year ago)
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Carolyn Vetsch
Lisa Vanderpump shops at Chanel in Beverly Hills ahead of birthday ito=amp_message_share-b - Carolyn Vetsch (1 year ago)
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happy birth jae
happy birthday lisa vanderpump you re my birthday neighbor! - happy birth jae (1 year ago)
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happy birthday lisa vanderpump you re my birthday neighbor! - birth (1 year ago)
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Love all of her loving playful dogs and Lisa Vanderpump U do whatever you want and ha - Simone (1 year ago)
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Melissa Sarah Hazel
Happy Birthday Queen Lisa Vanderpump - Melissa Sarah Hazel (2 years ago)
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Celebrity Living
Lisa Vanderpump Reflects on \'Tough Year\' While Celebrating 59th Birthday - Vanderpump Refle - Celebrity Living (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Lisa Vanderpump. - LaurieH. (2 years ago)
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Aloha Jackie Hester
- Aloha Jackie Hester (2 years ago)
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Master Blaster
Happy birthday Lisa Vanderpump! - Master Blaster (2 years ago)
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debbie adler
Happy Birthday Lisa Vanderpump!!!!!! - debbie adler (2 years ago)
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Christopher Reed
Happy Birthday Lisa Vanderpump - Christopher Reed (2 years ago)
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Did wish Lisa Vanderpump a happy birthday? I must have missed it. - Kenon (2 years ago)
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lisa cuthrell
Happy birthday Lisa Vanderpump - lisa cuthrell (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday, You are one of the coolest chicks on the internet and in the world, and it\'s no su - Psybrchick (2 years ago)
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Julie Davis
Happy birthday Lisa vanderpump - Julie Davis (2 years ago)
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Real Housewives
Happy birthday to the Queen of Lisa Vanderpump, she turns 59 today - Real Housewives (2 years ago)
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Donna Shifflett
Happy Birthday Lisa Vanderpump - Donna Shifflett (2 years ago)
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Don\'t forget to vote for Lisa Vanderpump for THE REALITY TV STAR OF 2019! Happy Birthday Lisa - Brightly (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Lisa Vanderpump - BravoSnarkSide (2 years ago)
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Lisa Vanderpump happy Birthday super model beautiful butt n a thong best looking toes - TP (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Lisa Vanderpump! - Oldflowergirl (2 years ago)
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Carol Goldie
Happy 58th Birthday. Mush love coming your way From Lisa Vanderpump Fans - Carol Goldie (2 years ago)
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LVP United
Happy Birthday to the queen! All hail Lisa Vanderpump - LVP United (2 years ago)

61 years old (Born on September 15, 1960)

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Lisa Vanderpump's Best Moments

 Happy Birthday to my inspiration    . Lisa Vanderpump
Happy Birthday~~ I share a birthday with Lisa Vanderpump
Lisa Vanderpump & Prince Harry!  Have an awesome day!
Happy Birthday to the queen herself Lisa Vanderpump!! Stay elegant
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