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Happy Birthday, Liv Tyler . I love your Dad - Rosann (10 months ago)
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247 Ink Magazine
Happy Birthday Liv Tyler! all photos Steve Azzara - 247 Ink Magazine (10 months ago)
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You share a birthday with Liv Tyler and a rather fit pornstar...according to who else has shared on - Christian (10 months ago)
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Happy birthday Liv Tyler - s0nnyb3ii (10 months ago)
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Suka Mobil Tua
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Liv Tyler - Suka Mobil Tua (10 months ago)
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Dylan Smith
Happy 44th Birthday Liv Tyler - Dylan Smith (10 months ago)
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Joaquin Gloria IV
Happy birthday Ms. Liv Tyler. I hope you enjoyed your special day! I hope you continue to be a lovely, ta - Joaquin Gloria IV (10 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to American actress, producer, singer and former model Liv Tyler (44). She is best known for her po - gmrjr59 (10 months ago)
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Happy birthday to ms liv tyler - ella (10 months ago)
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Jim Kirkwood Jr
Happy birthday Liv Tyler, born July 1, 1977 - Jim Kirkwood Jr (10 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Liv Tyler - Paul (10 months ago)
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S Ra Pichilingue(monina)
Happy birthday Liv Tyler - S Ra Pichilingue(monina) (10 months ago)
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Master Deven B.
Happy 44th Birthday, Liv Tyler! - Master Deven B. (10 months ago)
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A Double Happy Birthday Darlings to Pam Anderson and Liv Tyler! - theedenstclaire (10 months ago)
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Comic Book Cinephile
Happy birthday to Liv Tyler, who portrayed Betty Ross in the 2008 feature \'The Incredible Hulk.\' - Comic Book Cinephile (10 months ago)
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Happy birthday liv tyler - َ (10 months ago)
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Simply Brad
Throwback to when Liv Tyler accidentally gave away the ending of Ad Astra love her! Happy Birthday Liv! Oh, als - Simply Brad (10 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to Liv Tyler - topstarbirthdays (10 months ago)
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Killer 90s
Happy birthday to American actress, producer, singer and former model Liv Tyler, born July 1, 1977, whose 90s credi - Killer 90s (10 months ago)
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Happy birthday Liv Tyler - ROSE (10 months ago)
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Solo Juan
Happy Birthday Liv Tyler - Solo Juan (10 months ago)
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Norman Charles
Happy birthday to Debbie Harry & Liv Tyler! - Norman Charles (10 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Dad, Kindall, Missy Elliott, Liv Tyler, Debbie Harry, Pamela Anderson, Dan Aykroyd, & rem - CUPCAKESUGARPIE (10 months ago)
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Happy birthday to me, princess diana, debbie harry, pam anderson, lea seydoux, and liv tyler lol not to brag - emma (10 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Liv Tyler ////2020 - Taffy *VACCINATED* (10 months ago)
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Hoy cumple años la actriz Liv Tyler (44). Happy Birthday ! Aquí mi Ranking: - titorube (10 months ago)
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Ellen Karnes
Happy birthday to Esther the Wonder Pig, Diana Spencer, Olivia De Havilland, Debbie Harry, Liv Tyler, - Ellen Karnes (10 months ago)
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Primal Astrology (Official)
Happy Birthday to Liv Tyler whose Primal Astrology sign is the Snail! - Primal Astrology (Official) (10 months ago)
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Happy Birthday, Rick! My older sister\'s G. Fateh 71st today, too. Second half of the year star - LarryM32 (10 months ago)
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Bella Earl!
Happy birthday alla queen Liv Tyler - Bella Earl! (10 months ago)
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Happy birthday Debbie Harry, Liv Tyler and Lady Diana !! - •Lina• (10 months ago)
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The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
Happy Birthday to Liv Tyler, here in THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING! - The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of (10 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Liv Tyler - DavidEvansakaDarthSpiderMaul (10 months ago)
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Scott T. Sterling
Happy birthday to the legends Debbie Harry and Liv Tyler. - Scott T. Sterling (10 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to actress, producer, singer and model Liv Tyler Born: July 1, 1977 (age 44 years), Mount Sinai Ho - Space-reporter-news (10 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Liv Tyler - Patreon.com/Wamtec (10 months ago)
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Shari Conti
I love being in the July 1st birthday club with Debbie Harry, Pamela - Shari Conti (10 months ago)
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Dvd Daddy
Happy Birthday to actress Liv Tyler. Daughter of Steven Tyler, of Aerosmith. Liv Tyler is best known for her portr - Dvd Daddy (10 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Liv Tyler!!! - Jacramcross (10 months ago)
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MyCuzzin Vinni, Esq.
Happy bday Tate McRae, Prince Diana (RIP), Missy Elliot, Chloe Bailey, Pamela Anderson, Liv Tyler, Plies, and Debbie Harry! - MyCuzzin Vinni, Esq. (10 months ago)
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Happy birthday liv tyler - maria (10 months ago)
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Happy birthday to the beautiful Liv Tyler! - Nana (10 months ago)
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Happy Liv Tyler - VIMOOZ (10 months ago)
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Scott Westerman
Happy Birthday to: 1916 Olivia de Havilland 1931 Leslie Caron 1934 Sydney Pollack (d. 2008) 1934 Jamie Farr 1939 Ka - Scott Westerman (10 months ago)
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Russophiles Unite! Movie Podcast
Happy birthday to Liv Tyler, in 1977. Here she is in Onegin (dir. Martha Fiennes; 1999), an adaptation of Ale - Russophiles Unite! Movie Podcast (10 months ago)
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Joe Douglas
Happy birthday to the beautiful, the only Liv Tyler! - Joe Douglas (10 months ago)
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You Know That Film
Happy Birthday Liv Tyler 44 Today! \"Baby, do you think it\'s possible that theres someone doing this very same thin - You Know That Film (10 months ago)
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Good morning. Happy Birthday LIV TYLER - FAMOUS WOMEN (10 months ago)
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Ashley Beasley
Happy Birthday to my Hollywood it girl Liv Tyler! Stunning always. - Ashley Beasley (10 months ago)

44 years old (Born on July 01, 1977)

Actress, model; She is famous from Armageddon, The Lord of The Rings Trilogy.

Dated Joaquin Phoenix [1996-1998]. The decision to cast her in the video for "Crazy" was based on seeing her Pantene commercial, with absolutely no knowledge her father was in the band. Wears a size 10 shoe. During filming for The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001), she left her pair of prosthetic ears on the dashboard of her car. When she returned, they had melted. Ex-sister-in-law of Dave Buckner.

Liv Tyler's Best Moments

Happy birthday to the legends Debbie Harry and Liv Tyler.
Happy 43rd birthday to Liv Tyler
Happy Birthday Liv Tyler.
Happy Liv Tyler
\"If you want him, come and claim him!\"

Happy 40th Birthday to Liv Tyler!
Happy Birthday, Liv Tyler!
Happy Birthday to Liv Tyler who turns 42 today!
Happy 42nd birthday to THE STRANGERS star, Liv Tyler!

I much preferred the original to PREY AT NIGHT. Thoughts?
 Happy Birthday Liv Tyler
Happy 43rd Birthday to the stunning and talented Liv Tyler
Happy Birthday to Liv Tyler, here in THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING!
Happy birthday Liv Tyler
Happy birthday to Liv Tyler, who portrayed Betty Ross in the 2008 feature \The Incredible Hulk.\
Happy 44th Birthday, Liv Tyler!
Happy birthday to ms liv tyler
Happy Birthday Liv Tyler! all photos Steve Azzara
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Fun Facts About Liv Tyler

Liv`s mother named her after Liv Ullmann because she was on the cover of TV Guide the week Liv was born.
Godmother of Marlon Richards`s (Keith Richards`s son) children.
Quit smoking after starting at age 14. [2002]
On a TV documentary about the making of the "Lord of the Rings" movies, she said she really liked delivering her lines when they were in the fictional Elvish language.
Didn`t meet her father until 1988.
Shares a birthday with Pamela Anderson, Dan Aykroyd and Claire Forlani.
Granddaughter of etiquette books author Dorothea Johnson.
Her son Milo was born on the same day as the release of the Platinum Series Special Extended Edition of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (December 14, 2004).
Aerosmith`s video for "Crazy", in which Liv co-starred with Alicia Silverstone, was voted #23 in VH1`s top 100 music videos of all time.
Voted #2 in TheAge.com's Top 100: Natural Beauties of all time. (Audrey Hepburn took the top spot)
She is a spokesperson for Givenchy Perfume and Cosmetics.
Gave birth to an 8-lb. son named Milo William Langdon on December 14, 2004, in Manhattan.
Recorded a song for The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002), but because Peter Jackson didn`t feel the song was right for the intended scene, he put it into the extended edition of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003). Since then, Liv has stated how much she enjoyed singing and recording and how she has always felt a strong relationship towards music.
A cameo role in Everyone Says I Love You (1996), a musical directed by Woody Allen, was cut; Allen was impressed enough by her performance to write a personal letter explaining that her part was cut in editing.
Her half-sister, Mia Tyler, is a fashion model for Lane Bryant.
Is dyslexic.
Voted #2 in TheAge.com`s Top 100: Natural Beauties of all time. (Audrey Hepburn took the top spot).
Has her own magazine called Liv Magazine. The first copy was published in October 2006.
Was nicknamed Liv Taylor by film critics and the media when she first began acting because her dark hair and striking blue eyes reminded them of Elizabeth Taylor.
Hates piercings and tattoos.
Has three half-siblings: Chelsea Tallarico, Taj Tallarico and Mia Tyler.
Was born at 6:08 a.m.
Good friend of Kate Hudson.
She has never taken acting lessons.
Chosen by "People" magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World. [1997]
Measurements: 34B-25-38 (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine).
Voted the 6th Sexiest Female Movie Star in the Australian Empire Magazine (September 2002).
Has a liking for the English food called Yorkshire pudding and apparently makes them herself.
Her name Liv means `life` in Norwegian, Swedish and Danish.
She got married in Barbados.
Her father is of Cherokee Indian, Russian and Italian descent, and her mother is of French descent.
Learned swordfighting for her role as Arwen in the The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001). But the script was changed and she never got to use her skills.
Used to be a vegetarian.
Armageddon (1998/I) opened on her 21st birthday.
Has a dog named NEIL. (lovelylivtyler.com)

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