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Joe Farrell
Happy Birthday We are fortunate to have you on our leadership team @ AT&T. Thanks for bringing home a w - Joe Farrell (8 months ago)
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Elizabeth Head
Happy birthday from Auntie Liz XOXOOX - Elizabeth Head (8 months ago)
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ISI Alarms
This means Liz and I will be Pops and Mimi Not grandma and grandpa. Lol. For reals. Omg. I can t believe I m wr - ISI Alarms (8 months ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Liz * ( * ) * - ゆしの (8 months ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY love and miss you - BRYSON (8 months ago)
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Juan Avila
Celebrating a great friend!!! Happy Birthday Liz! @ Cafe Orleans - Juan Avila (8 months ago)
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liz mercer
Happy Birthday! - liz mercer (8 months ago)
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Sylvia Soto
Happy birthday Amiga Liz! - Sylvia Soto (8 months ago)
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Elizabeth Rohrbaugh
Happy birthday Lennon!!! - Elizabeth Rohrbaugh (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday, and wth? - Shrimpy (8 months ago)
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Happy 6th Birthday Liz!! - yoshi (8 months ago)
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musical nerd daehyun
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZ!!!!!!!!! namjoonie loves u sosososo n so do i <3 i hope u spend the happiest day with ur loved ones - musical nerd daehyun (8 months ago)
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jessluvs her shining star jimin more than anything
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL ANGEL LIZ I HOPE YOU SMILE A LOT TODAY AND EAT LOTS OF CAKE AND ARE ALWAYS A - jessluvs her shining star jimin more than anything (8 months ago)
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e ♡ liz & win
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happy birthday Liz u truly r a magnificent human being a true woman of god incredible super - EfJay (8 months ago)
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Liz Graham
Happy happy birthday Enjoy the brownie! Xx - Liz Graham (8 months ago)
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Lizbeth Rutecki
Happy Birthday!! Hope your day was filled with love. - Lizbeth Rutecki (8 months ago)
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gabriel burkhart
happy birthday to your show. If there is anything little me can do to help contribute to your show would be happy to do so. - gabriel burkhart (8 months ago)
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Joseph Santiago
Thank you, Vern! No surprise a class act like Liz would pick class acts as guests. Make sure Warner Bros. doesn\'t - Joseph Santiago (8 months ago)
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Tina Oma
Oops I meant Happy Birthday Tipping Point, Love You Liz - Tina Oma (8 months ago)
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Jerry Hughes
Happy birthday, Liz! - Jerry Hughes (8 months ago)
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Mallory Richards
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I was going to write on FB, but then thought \"nah, message or bust for my friend Liz.\" - Mallory Richards (8 months ago)
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Happy happy Birthday Liz!! - PandaR (8 months ago)
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Will Stickney
Omg happy birthday Liz!! (This is from last year when come and had - Will Stickney (8 months ago)
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Stacey Conti
Happy birthday Liz!! - Stacey Conti (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday - Jose (8 months ago)
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kartik rai
Happy Birthday To Suzy Of Sleepless In Seattle, Liz Langston Of Jingle All The Way, Trisha Of It\'s Complicated Thes - kartik rai (8 months ago)
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Liz Trulli
Happy birthday beautiful I hope you have an amazing day! I m going to miss lax with you - Liz Trulli (8 months ago)
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Happy BIRTHDAY - liza (8 months ago)
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alexis gonzalez
Happy Birthday Girl! - alexis gonzalez (8 months ago)
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Liz Fohr
Happy birthday to my favorite, - Liz Fohr (8 months ago)
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Regina M Valdivia
Happy birthday mamma Liz! Feliz cumpleanos!!! - Regina M Valdivia (8 months ago)
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Bull Publishing Co
Happy birthday to our author, Her book Transforming Memories: Sharing Spontaneous Writing Using Loaded - Bull Publishing Co (8 months ago)
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Fátima ✨
Hoy cumple una de las niñas que más quiero y alguien muy especial en mi vida. Happy Bday you know I - Fátima ✨ (8 months ago)
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Waldorf WBB
If you see FR Center Liz Jenkins today... wish her a happy BELATED birthday she celebrated at practice last nig - Waldorf WBB (8 months ago)
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Elizabeth Jenkins
Happy Birthday Lex! I feel so cool having a friend that s 20 :-) love you!! - Elizabeth Jenkins (8 months ago)
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Happy 29th birthday to my baby angel face nataliejg24 I can\'t believe we\'ve know each to the red for 10+ years, I c - Elizabeth_Feeney (8 months ago)
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Jamilex Bernal
Happy birthday to my very first friend, 19 years of friendship and more to come. I love u - Jamilex Bernal (8 months ago)
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Haylie Castor
Happy happy birthday Liz! - Haylie Castor (8 months ago)
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Hugh Bunce
Happy birthday Liz - Hugh Bunce (8 months ago)
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John Hicks
Happy Birthday to one of my longest friends (she is nearly as long as me!). Have a great day Liz Diamond and remem - John Hicks (8 months ago)
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Sarah Forestwood
Thank you so much Liz! She will be thrilled to hear that her first birthday wish came from you, weeks before her bi - Sarah Forestwood (8 months ago)
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Liz Almeida
Happy birthday to meee - Liz Almeida (8 months ago)
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Jeremy Thomson
Happy Birthday from the man that made your toastie at the White Lady when you were with Liz Tann. - Jeremy Thomson (8 months ago)
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dalilah elizabeth ✨
happy birthday beautiful! I hope you had a great day! - dalilah elizabeth ✨ (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday to a beautiful soul!!! i miss u tons liz - maressa (8 months ago)
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Liz J5860
Happy 2nd Bday to this beautiful princess!!! May god bless you with Many more years to come Princess! Matt and I lo - Liz J5860 (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday to the sweetest kid I know, she takes off guards like no other and is beautiful inside and out. Love - ➡️ (8 months ago)
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elizabeth bennetts
Happy Birthday Karen, hope you had a wonderful day, love from Liz.xx - elizabeth bennetts (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday guys! Hope you have a great one miss you - Valerie (8 months ago)

39 years old (Born on September 28, 1979)

Liz's Best Moments

Happy 6th Birthday Liz!!
Happy birthday to this sister who always slays. Happy bday Liz!!
Spartans celebrated our Athletic Trainer, Liz this morning at practice. Happy Birthday Liz!!
Happy Birthday to & girl Elizabeth Dickson who celebrated on 10/14!
Happy birthday, liz! thank you for being the sweetest and most loving person ever! i love you!
HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY LIZ BABE!! Love love love you so much!! Thanks for being such an awesome bff
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hope you have an awesome special day!
Theta would like to wish a very happy 23rd birthday to our sister Liz Anaya Uriostegui. We love you and miss you
Happy birthday to youuuuuu        thank you for bringing me love and light
Happy birthday to our very own beautiful sister & president Liz Starnes
Happy 17th Birthday liz
Happy Wildcat Birthday to our freshman Liz Kenney!!!
Happy Birthday, Liz!
Great win tonight for LF JV dark vb team... And a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Liz Vasquez    Go Falcons Go! 8-0
Be sure to wish our sister, Liz, a very happy birthday!
Happy bday sweet girl!!! Love you so so much liz
Happy birthday to one and only !  Who would Liz and Susie  and anyone we know roast if you weren t there
Happy Birthday Liz! Enjoy today, it\s YOUR day!
Wishing we were all hanging out like this again... happy birthday, Liz!
Happy birthday Liz  -from banana
My buddy is 16 today!!!!!! happy bday to the most happy person all the time, love u most liz
Happy 19th bday to my wonderful girl liz      i am extra gr8ful 4 u
& happy bday to her brother Jett!
Happy 5th BDay to me!  Thanks for all the love  !   and for this cupcake treat
Happy birthday liz !! love you
Happy birthday TJAMS!!!! I miss you and Liz so much!! I hope you have an awesome day!
My sister my mom and my other half, wouldn t have it any other way.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY i love you
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LIZ!! Much love for you and thanks for always being there!!:)))
Happy birthday Liz! We hope you have a wonderful day!
Happy Happy Birthday Liz!
Happy birthday to this crazy love you lots liz
Happy birthday to my favorite piece of pizza, love you!
Happy birthday to my April girl
Happy bday Liz    love you mucho and hope we get the W for you tonight
Happy birthday to senior outfielder Liz Newkirk! Have a great day!
Happy Bday to my sister Liz. Love you!
Happy birthday to my big & best friend, i love you lots don t kill me for this
Happy 8th birthday, Casey!

Photo: GFNJ adopter Liz M.
Happy birthday to my little munchkin! I love you!! Have a fabulous day cutie pie!!
Happy birthday to our sister Liz Birkmann! We\re so happy to have you back! Have an awesome day
Happy birthday liz  thanks for always putting up for me and being a great friend
Happy Birthday Antar! Love ya!
 || Happy Birthday Liz! We love you so much Miss Patty!
Happy muhhfuggin birthday to the raddest twins out there!!!   2  1
Happy birthday to my fellow beaner
HAPPY BDAY LIZ I LOVE YOU, thanks for the endless laughs and great memories
Happy birthday Liz!   This was the only picture I could find  to senior year, see you mañana
Happy birthday to my best friend!!!! I love you so much Liz Anne
HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!  love you so so much have the best day friend
Happy Birthday Liz! Love and miss you!   you re lucky I can only put one video on here
Happy birthday liz, love you lots!!
Finally 21!!! Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to LIZ BURCH
Happy 20th birthday,
Happy birthday bby ily so much and had so much fun on vacay this summer
Happy birthday bby girl love you sooo much
Happy 18th birthday liz!! I can\t believe this was only 2 years ago, time flies. Stay golden, ily
Happy birthday, Liz Torres
Happy birthday Liz!! I wish u and Carl the Best Mrs. Weezer
Happy birthday hope your day has been great
Happy birthday liz nel!!! i\m not sure what cleats & cleavage would do w/out ya. enjoy your day, love u froomie
Happy birthday Liz!!! hope your day is amazing ly
Happy birthday nick make it a good one! (You and liz are my power couple)
Happy birthday, love!! i love yoh and hope you have an amazing day!!
Happy 20th birthday liz! enjoy your special day gorgeous! love you
 is it real unless i wish u birthday on all my accounts? HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZ ILY :D
Happy happy birthday ! love my 3rd mom , is my 2nd !! haha love you Liz !
Happy birthday to one of our sweet freshman, Liz! We love you
Happy birthday Elizabeth
Happy 18th Birthday to my precious twin granddaughters Liz & Hannah!!!! Love y all!!!
Happy mf birthday to my best friend I luv you and hope you had the best day
Happy Birthday !! Hope you have a wonderful day and all of your wishes come true!
Happy birthday lib thanks for letting me still call you liz and for always being my hype woman. love you forevaaa
Happy birthday, my love
Happy Birthday my dear . All the best for you oppa.
Happy Birthday Kevin have a fab day xx
Awesome birthday cake at this morning\s Strategy time out. Well done Liz and happy birthday Brian!
Happy Birthday to our awesome VP Liz Wrisinger!
Happy Birthday to one of my greatest friends at Wesleyan! Love you long long time Liz!!
Happy birthday hope it\s da best one ever
Happy birthday to my queen chicken liz
Happy Birthday to my Sister Liz! Remember, 30 is the new 20 so you\re not \"old\" yet!
Happy Birthday Liz! May this year be as magical, as witty, as kind, and as loving as you are!
Happy birthday Nora    miss you sm  hope you have a great day, I\m high-fiving you from a distance
Happy Birthday to our sister Liz!
Happy birthday liz!!! love and miss you pretty girl
Happy Bday Liz!!!! Miss ya
Happy birthday Liz!!!
Happy birthday Liz!! Hope your day is great  (p.s. told me to post this picture)
Can\t draw but i found this :3 happy birthday Liz <3
Happy birthday !  I hope you are having a very special day.
Happy birthday Liz Khalifa I hope you re day is as young, wild, and free as you are!
Player of the match yesterday for the reserves was  Liz and also happy belated birthday
I LOVE LIZ SO MUCH! Happy birthday, love
  happy birthday Dad!
Happy birthday liz  i hope i have a great day bc u deserve it!!! see u soon hopefully
Happy 20th Birthday to my beautiful daughter, !!!
 Happy birthday Liz  xx
Happy Birthday Liz! have a great day and a crazy time tonight!
Happy birthday liz!!! i love and miss u so much i hope ur having a great day
You never take great pics but happy bday LIZ!
Happy birthday wild one!!! Hope it s as great as you!!!
 happy birthday Liz make this year better than the rest
Happy birthday Liz! Hope you re having a great day you deserve it
Happy birthday to my very first friend, 19 years of friendship and more to come. I love u
Happy birthday to you    And a late happy birthday to too!!!
Happy birthday to my wife and future dancing partner I  you
Happy birthday liz!!! i hope tuscon is lit as anticipated! missing our acnl/dutch/rant/facial meetupz
Happy birthday liz! love and miss you
    Happy Birthday to you Liz....oh!!
Happy birthday best friend love ya
Happy Birthday LIZZY
My Liz is 16!!! Happy birthday crazy girl, thanks for being such a great friend! Love you always!
Happy birthday Liz !! I hope it s the best love and miss u sm
Happy birthday, Liz Haizlip!
Happy birthday to the cutest human to exist. Keep being amazing sweetie
Happy Birthday hope you have an amazing day you deserve it girl
Happy Birthday
  Happy  Birthday Bella!
Happy Birthday to my best friend! Miss you Liz, have a great day
Happy birthday Liz!!!  miss you and hope things are going well at bama
Join us in wishing a Happy Birthday to our man Drew Pallace! Have a good one, brother. Liz Peterson Photography
Happy birthday buddy
Happy birthday!!
Happy birthday Jimin hope you have a great day baby boy
Happy birthday mi liz, pásala bonito
Happy Birthday !! can\t wait for next season, love youu
To the girl who never fails to put a smile on my face, Happy Birthday Liz !!!! ILYSM
Happy birthday buttercup
Happy birthday
 happy birthday baker!!!! wish we were taking sideways pics with Liz rn have a great day
Happy birthday to not only my neighbor but my bff, ly so much liz <3
Happy birthday liz love you long time!!
  Here is another picture of a dog in a hat. Happy Birthday Liz!
HAPPY BDAY LIZ!!!! thanks for always being weird and awkward with me hope you re day is decent
Happy Birthday Liz Wal!!!!!!!   can t wait to watch you dance your heart out tonight
Happy bday liz, love you girl
Screaming HAPPY 18 BIRTHDAY to my best freaking friend and roomie Liz
Happy Birthday Liz Hope you had a great day!!
Happy Birthday Liz!!!!
Happy Birthday Liz  I love you so much and love making memories with you have a great day!!
Happy birthday to our special Liz! Best wishes on your day from the
Happy Birthday to from from all of us at Clearly! Have a great day!
We d like to wish this  a very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We hope you have a great day Liz!
Happy Birthday Liz! Flowers for your 21st
Happy Birthday, Two words: DOUGHNUT CAKE. I hope you have a great one!
Happy birthday Enjoy. Have a great Victory Friday and an even better birthday!
This week was this beauty s birthday! Happy belated birthday, Liz! We love you!
Happy Birthday Lex! I feel so cool having a friend that s 20 :-) love you!!
HAPPY BDAY !!! So glad we became such good friends this year    love ya lots kiddo
Happy 18th Birthday Liz  Hope you have the best bday weekend!!
Happy birthday Liz!!! I love you sm, hope ur day is as great as u
Happy birthday Liz
Not wishing u a happy bday, just reminding u you an ugly ass egg head :)
 happy bday Liz!
Happy bday ! you re finally 16 hope you had a good day
Happy bday liz, you re so beautiful and a joy to be around. hope it was great
Happy bday baby ily
Happy early birthday Liz   !!! 
You deserve it
Happy birthday liz! I love you so much  thanks for all the fun times
Happy Belated Birthday to (whose birthday was yesterday!), who stars as Liz in Role of a Lifetime
Happy birthday to my sweet & now legal liz<33 i love u so much my heart hurts
Happy Birthday Liz!!!! thanks for being the best. love you!
 happy birthday liz  i will always use this picture
I mean it\s technically 12 hdhdh just not am right?? anyway happy birthday liz!!! here\s a thing i wrote for you
Happy 20th birthday to my big Seester!  you\re old now
Happy Birthday Liz! Hope you have a fantastic day!
Liz happy birthday my dood it\s gonna be nice
  Happy Birthday! Bella  wishing you a fab day & weekend so far beautiful
 Happy Birthday!!!
   Happy Birthday!!
 Happy Birthday Liz!
 happy birthday,  Liz!
Happy birthday to this special girl! Get litty for me
Happy Birthday Liz!
 happy bday liz  miss you doing my hair and makeup and hearing about your crazy life, live it up
Happy birthday to my fav, love and miss you!!!
Happy birthday liz! Hope it\s a great one!!!
Happy bday liz u my queen
Happy birthday Liz!!!! Love and miss you!! I hope you had a fabulous day
Happy birthday a la liz de mis ojos
Happy birthday girly    hope you had the best day
Happy birthday bb love you long time
Happy birthday Liz!! Have the best day
Happy bday liz   i miss our fun times ilyy
Oiiiiii, Happy gosh dang Birthday
Sorry I m late but happy birthday lady
Happy birthday to Recruiting Manager, Liz Lightfoot! Help me wish her a happy birthday!
Happy Birthday Liz, from all of Exclusive Links Team.

Enjoy your Birthday!
 happy 21st birthday Liz
Happy Birthday Liz
 Happy birthday Liz!
The day isn t over yet!! happy bday liz!!
Happy Birthday Liz!!! Luv u my guardian sa cdu Hope u ll enjoy ur day
 Happy Birthday. I wish you many more.
Happy birthday hope you have a great day!!  oh, and tell Liz hi for me (she likes me more)
Happy 20th Birthday     I m sorry you re not one year older
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