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HAppy Birthday! - JoJo (2 weeks ago)
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Jim Bornholdt
A very belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ms. Swit! - Jim Bornholdt (2 weeks ago)
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♥ Classic TV of the 60s/70s ♥
Happy birthday Loretta Swit! Sometimes, there was no holding back Maj. Margaret Houlihan. - ♥ Classic TV of the 60s/70s ♥ (3 weeks ago)
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Wes Wyzykowski
Happy Belated Birthday to you Miss Swit! You\'ve just provided an AMAZING gift idea fo - Wes Wyzykowski (3 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday. Thank you for years of entertainment. You rock! - PameLamela (3 weeks ago)
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Paula Jensen
Happy Belated Birthday to Loretta Swit Here\'s your lousy cup of coffee Enjoy - Paula Jensen (3 weeks ago)
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Happy \"Belated\" Birthday! And many, many more to come! You\'re a phenomenal actress. Hope your day was amazing. - Cyndee (3 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday hot lips! - Tony (3 weeks ago)
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Candy Benzel
Sweet!! We watched MASH a lot too. Happy birthday! - Candy Benzel (3 weeks ago)
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John Peter Guite
Happy Birthday Loretta! - John Peter Guite (3 weeks ago)
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Nancy E. Finn
Happy Birthday - Nancy E. Finn (3 weeks ago)
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Cat Rhoden Goguen
Happy Birthday - Cat Rhoden Goguen (3 weeks ago)
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You look beautiful Happy belated birthday! - Pendergast1 (3 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday - Ford4fun (3 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday, Ms. Swit! Hope you\'re doing well! - PeabodyNobis (3 weeks ago)
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❤️chrissy is enchanted ❤️
Happy belated birthday!! - ❤️chrissy is enchanted ❤️ (3 weeks ago)
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Samantha Ferris
Got my wish. Thanks Happy birthday . You two are looking simply marvellous. - Samantha Ferris (3 weeks ago)
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Sixteen Tons
Happy Birthday Hot Lips - Sixteen Tons (3 weeks ago)
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Dave Thomas
Happy belated birthday. - Dave Thomas (3 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday Major - TeamJoeBLMNO DM=BlockNOJUSTICENOPEACE (3 weeks ago)
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Irving Billy
Belated Happy birthday Loretta - Irving Billy (3 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday Ms Swit from one ER nurse to another you played it well - Yzmababy (3 weeks ago)
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Liliana Radwanski
Happy Birthday Loretta! - Liliana Radwanski (3 weeks ago)
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Richard Linn
Lula says Happy Birthday! I do too! - Richard Linn (3 weeks ago)
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A very happy birthday ma\'am - Woody (3 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday Ms. Swit. Thank you for many hours of laughter and entertainment. - Wowitsgotime (3 weeks ago)
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Michael Shugert
Happy Birthday!! - Michael Shugert (3 weeks ago)
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Mary F.Elliott
Yes, Happy Birthday! - Mary F.Elliott (3 weeks ago)
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Pamela Kay ☮️
Happy Birthday!! - Pamela Kay ☮️ (3 weeks ago)
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CMB Support Mythica 6
Happy birthday!! Loved MASH and loved how much Margaret evolved over the seasons - CMB Support Mythica 6 (3 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday! - Simon (3 weeks ago)
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Anita Seedorff
Happy birthday! - Anita Seedorff (3 weeks ago)
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Supporter of the Constitution
Happy belated birthday! - Supporter of the Constitution (3 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday Loretta and thanks for everything - RugbyOddjob (3 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday! I grew up watching MASH with my Dad and even played with a Margaret Houlihan ac - Pongowongo (3 weeks ago)
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Tracy L.Hamilton
Happy belated Birthday , it s time to PARTY!!! - Tracy L.Hamilton (3 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday. I have seen every episode of M.A.S.H a 100 times at least. Still funny. - Tom (3 weeks ago)
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Roberta Yvette
Happy birthday Ms Loretta - Roberta Yvette (3 weeks ago)
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Robert Lang WBAL
A very happy belated birthday to Was lucky to meet earlier this year - Robert Lang WBAL (3 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday my youngest daughter shares the day with you - Torie (3 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday!! Love u major M*A*S*H inspired me to be a nurse thanks &enjoy yr day - gettinganoldITUnurse (3 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday! - Dean (3 weeks ago)
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Christi Terrana
Happy Birthday Loretta! - Christi Terrana (3 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday! - JetsGirl76 (3 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday Ms. Swit! You are an amazing person and definite role mode - Holly (3 weeks ago)
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Kelly, The Irish Traveler
Happy belated Birthday !! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend celebrating you! - Kelly, The Irish Traveler (3 weeks ago)
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SC Marsiglia
Happy Birthday Loretta!! I was great to meet you and Jamie Farr in Michigan last month. - SC Marsiglia (3 weeks ago)
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Jonathan Bissonnette
The three-day kicked off on Friday with plenty of reasons to celebrate the 10th anniversary of - Jonathan Bissonnette (3 weeks ago)
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David Hartman
Happy birthday! - David Hartman (3 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday - Kris (3 weeks ago)

86 years old (Born on November 04, 1937)


Loretta Swit's Best Moments

Got my wish. Thanks Happy birthday    . You two are looking simply marvellous.
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to the one, the only
Happy 83rd Birthday to
 Happy 85th birthday to Hot Lips, Loretta Swit, who was born on this day in 1937.
Happy Birthday to the wonderful We look forward to talking to you soon.
Happy Birthday LORETTA SWIT
A very happy belated birthday to  Was lucky to meet earlier this year
Happy birthday Loretta Swit!
Happy 84th birthday to Hot Lips , Loretta Swit, who was born on this day in 1937.
Happy Birthday, Loretta Swit!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday Loretta Swit!
Happy Birthday Loretta Swit, aka Major Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan.
Happy Birthday, Margaret Houlihan! M*A*S*H star Loretta Swit turns 77 today!
Happy Birthday, Hot Lips! M*A*S*H star Loretta Swit turns 77 today! via
Happy birthday Loretta Swit! One part of an amazing cast on M*A*S*H.
Happy Birthday to Loretta Swit! Meeting her was one of the great moments of my life.
Happy Birthday to Loretta Swit!
Happy birthday, Loretta Swit
Happy Birthday to Loretta Swit!
Chicago Tribune, 1972 and Chicago Sun-Times, 1980
   Happy Birthday!!
A very Happy 80th Birthday to actress Loretta Swit M.A.S.H.
A Very Happy Birthday to own private nurse ... always taking care of me ... Loretta Swit XOXO
Belated Happy Birthday Loretta Swit 80 yesterday aka Major Margaret Houlihan \"Hot Lips \"
Happy Birthday-Loretta Swit
  Welcome to message Loretta & happy birthday!!
Happy birthday to by far the coolest member of my message fam, Have a great one!
Loretta Swit, inolvidable enfermera Margaret Houlihan en cumple 82 años. Happy birthday!
 Happy birthday
    Happy Birthday Ms. Swit!
Happy birthday to the amazing
Happy birthday !!!!!! Thanks for all the great M*A*S*H memories and I hope you have a great day.
  Happy Birthday Loretta Swit!
  Hot lips.....happy birthday
Happy Birthday (we\re a day ahead here in NZ)
Happy Birthday
Happy 85th Birthday Loretta Swit
Happy birthday to the beautiful
Happy 77th birthday, Major Houlihan oops sorry Loretta Swit, great actress-especially in MASH
Nov 4th - Happy Birthday Loretta Swit! Now who doesnt remember her in M*A*S*H*?
 Happy Birthday Loretta Swit aka Margaret \"Hot Lips\" Houlihan

Today\s Topic: songs that mention lips
Happy Birthday Hot Lips!  Loretta Swit is 78 today!  Can this be true?
11/4: Happy 78th Birthday 2 actress Loretta Swit! TVFave=M*A*S*H+many guest roles+TVMs!
\"Hot Lips Houlihan\" is 80 today. 
Happy Birthday to Loretta Swit.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Loretta Swit who was great in M.A.S.H.!
New happy birthday shot What movie is it? 5 min to answer! (5 points) [Loretta Swit, 80]
Happy Birthday to Loretta Swit aka Major Margaret Houlihan who held her own in the 4077th!
Happy Birthday Loretta Swit
Happy Birthday, Loretta Swit! We have half a bran muffin going cheap!
Happy birthday, Loretta Swit
  Happy Birthday! Enjoy!
 happy birthday
November 4:Happy 82nd birthday to actress,Loretta Swit(\"M*A*S*H\")
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LORETTA SWIT - 04. November 1937.  Passaic, New Jersey, USA
   Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Loretta Swit :)
 Happy birthday, beautiful lady!
 happy birthday hot lips, I hope you have a good one!
 Happy Birthday Hot Lips !
   Happy birthday and
 happy birthday Loretta
Happy Birthday November 4,1937
 Wishing you a very Happy Birthday ...hope you\ve had a lovely day!
Happy Birthday actress Loretta Swit
   Happy Birthday !
I ll join in the chorus of voices-
 Happy belated birthday!!
  Happy Birthday Major Houlihan...!!!
 Happy birthday! All the best and be this day, your best one in whole week:) Thanks for everything
 Happy Birthday!!! Wishing you an amazing day.
Happy birthday Hot Lips
 Happy Happy Birthday!
 Happy Birthday Major...
Happy birthday to Loretta Swit Emmy winning actress and animal rights activist!
   Happy Birthday Loretta!
 A very happy birthday to a lovely lady and terrific actress.
 Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday  hope you have a wonderfully blessed day!!
 Happy Birthday!
 Happy Birthday to you!
Happy birthday to my absolute queen   we love a strong female character
Happy Birthday to the amazing
 what a great tribute from Star Trek to mash. Two classic shows. And happy birthday Loretta!
 happy birthday Loretta,I hope you have an amazing day
 happy birthday Loretta
Loretta Swit turns 83 today! 
Happy Birthday!!  Major Margaret Houlihan \"Hot Lips\" in M.A.S.H.
 Dearest Loretta Happy Belated Birthday..
Happy Birthday Loretta Swit, American actress (Hotlips Houlihan in M*A*S*H), born in Passaic, New Jersey 1937
     Happy birthday!!
 Happy Birthday Loretta! Hope you have a wonderful day
Happy birthday My forever favorite actor! Always loved this picture of you!
A very big Happy Birthday to a wonderful person. May all your Birthday Wishes come true
Happy Happy Birthday to the amazing and incomparable
Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday Major Houlihan!!
 Happy Birthday Lorette. Many more!
Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday   Keep up your amazing working as an animal rights advocate
 Happy Birthday, Major! Hope you re having a terrific day today!
 celebrating you today        Happy birthday much love always
Happy Birthday to the great
 Happy belated Birthday!! Hope you had a fantastic day!!
 happy birthday! Thank you for bringing Margaret to life.
 Happy Belated Birthday to you!
 Happy Birthday Loretta Swit! Wish you many more years of laughter and joy.
Happy 85th Birthday,
Happy Birthday, Loretta Swit!
  Well then , HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Loretta!!!
From all of us here at Past & Future Generations we want to wish A Happy Birthday
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to who I met when I was a little baby
Happy birthday
 happy birthday!
  Happy Birthday Loretta!
  Happy Birthday
     Happy Birthday Margaret Loretta
  Happy Birthday Loretta!! I was great to meet you and Jamie Farr in Michigan last month.
  Happy birthday Ms Loretta
  Happy Birthday Hot Lips
 Lula says Happy Birthday! I do too!
 Happy Birthday!!
   Happy belated Birthday , it s time to PARTY!!!
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