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ha your funny how bout no i will do it later
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ˣesma trck 5 (+15)on z3
yep happy birthday:) - ˣesma trck 5 (+15)on z3 (11 months ago)
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Talina Shustack Cardona
happy belated birthday - Talina Shustack Cardona (11 months ago)
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happy birthday !!! <3 - pauline²⁸ (11 months ago)
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Sorry Louis for late wish but a very very (belated) happy birthday to you Did you forgive me - Free.Fookat (11 months ago)
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Reshelle Bathan
Happy birthday - Reshelle Bathan (11 months ago)
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happy birthday - wish (11 months ago)
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figlia di ade || anto ama Copy of a copy of a copy
Happy b-day to this little bean. I love you and i hope you pass this day happily. Since i met you (i have to thank - figlia di ade || anto ama Copy of a copy of a copy (11 months ago)
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Happy bday my little sun - venus. (11 months ago)
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Tyla ᴴ ᴸ
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIV! I hope you have the best day ever you deserve it!!! - Tyla ᴴ ᴸ (11 months ago)
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annie ♡’s the sucker babies
happy birthday livvy! <3 - annie ♡’s the sucker babies (11 months ago)
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olivia ♡’s ry, abs & tee²⁸ #TCOE
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! - olivia ♡’s ry, abs & tee²⁸ #TCOE (11 months ago)
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☀︎︎ livvy ☀︎︎
And i ve been pretty bummed ever since. so if you see this, and wish me a happy birthday today would go down in his - ☀︎︎ livvy ☀︎︎ (11 months ago)
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Luna²⁸ ☀︎
SO PRETTY!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY <3 - Luna²⁸ ☀︎ (11 months ago)
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Sandra ☀️
Happy birthday! - Sandra ☀️ (11 months ago)
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Anesha beckford
Happy 29th birthday Louis Tomlinson via - Anesha beckford (11 months ago)
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Sara Bergese
Happy birthday Louis - Sara Bergese (11 months ago)
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Oops tommo i\'m late but happy birthday - نورهن (11 months ago)
birthday balloon

Heather Hear
July 1, 2012. Louis Tomlinson in Adidas. Tumblr kisseslikequeen-deactivated2016: Happy Birthday Up All Night To - Heather Hear (11 months ago)
birthday balloon

Lilly Stobbs
im really sorry this is late i was really busy on your birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY I love you so muc - Lilly Stobbs (11 months ago)
birthday balloon

ran¹ᴰ #TCOE
Larry stylinson louis tomlinson happy birthday harrie harries solo harry one direction gay nsfw porn onlyfans 18+ 2 - ran¹ᴰ #TCOE (11 months ago)
birthday balloon

Hi Lou today is my best friend s birthday and I love her so much, Her name is Varesh can you just say Happy birthda - melina (11 months ago)
birthday balloon

Sangita Sahoo
Happy Birthday. May you\'ll be more successful in your life. - Sangita Sahoo (11 months ago)
birthday balloon

marlene ²⁸
Happy birthday !! - marlene ²⁸ (11 months ago)
birthday balloon

it s a copy of a copy of a copy Hi ! as a present to your birthday i thought i could translate - d • COACOAC SIGN LANGUAGE (11 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy belated birthday - Ellison (11 months ago)
birthday balloon

香月 ジョニー
Happy birthday !!! Please keep doing a good job! - 香月 ジョニー (11 months ago)
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claires #TCOE
really i thought it was like happy birthday louis tomlinson thank you curly - claires #TCOE (11 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday - LeahdeJacob (11 months ago)
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Melody Chan
December 24, 1991 age 29 years oh , happy birthday since two days ago . Harry is such a liar and - Melody Chan (11 months ago)
birthday balloon

I got message just to like this I- anyway happy birthday loulou - softiihazz (11 months ago)
birthday balloon

Shishanna Roberson
Happy Belated Birthday - Shishanna Roberson (11 months ago)
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I drew this for you but didn\'t have time to send it Happy birthday love We\'re proud of you - TeenageDirtbag28 (11 months ago)
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mariane ☀️ bIm
birthday balloon

wish me a happy birthday - lior BIRTHDAY GIRL :) (11 months ago)
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Anam Tanveer
Happy birthday from an another continent - Anam Tanveer (11 months ago)
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hiba ♡\'s ari and ananya | #TCOE
MASSIVE happy birthday MASSIVE thank you MASSIVE good luck bruh what - hiba ♡\'s ari and ananya | #TCOE (11 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday Lou I hope you have a great year - hazuki (11 months ago)
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Carol Diaz
Happy birthday!! Love u so much I relly hope that next year you can do amazing things. C. - Carol Diaz (11 months ago)
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Dee.²⁸ ◟̽◞̽ | ignored era |
DAY 24 Birthday Message for Happy Birthday Louis! May all your wishes come true and hope you - Dee.²⁸ ◟̽◞̽ | ignored era | (11 months ago)
birthday balloon

Haley Weddle
Happy late birthday I love you and hope that your birthday and Christmas eve was amazing like you - Haley Weddle (11 months ago)
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☄︎. *. ⋆ ⋆·˚ ༘ * ☾. °. .
happy belated birthday baby - ☄︎. *. ⋆ ⋆·˚ ༘ * ☾. °. . (11 months ago)
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Happy birthday! - ♡Ellen♡#TCOE (11 months ago)
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EL²⁸ ༉‧₊˚✧
happy birthday hun - EL²⁸ ༉‧₊˚✧ (11 months ago)
birthday balloon

Jason Crawford
Happy belated birthday boo bear. - Jason Crawford (11 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday Louis - Mary.Land982 (11 months ago)
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Fatima alnaas
You always deserve the best. Happy Birthday to you King - Fatima alnaas (11 months ago)
birthday balloon

I love the balloons so much,please message me a happy birthday or follow me please? - IT\'S MY BIRTHDAY -250 (11 months ago)
birthday balloon

Ella Smit
HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Ella Smit (11 months ago)
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kin¹✰ frankenstein!!♡︎
Happy birthday to you - kin¹✰ frankenstein!!♡︎ (11 months ago)
birthday balloon

madi ♡
I m definitely not louis but happy birthday girl - madi ♡ (11 months ago)

29 years old (Born on December 24, 1991)

Soccer player, Musician; He is famous from One Direction.

Louis dislikes cheesy chat up lines & baked beans. (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com) When his mum was pregnant he asked her:"Do you love the baby in your stomach?", she said"Of course I do", he replied" Then why did you eat her?". (facebook.com) Louis spent his first ever paycheck on adopting a chimpanzee called Larry. (facebook.com) "I'd like to think I'm sexy, but i don't really think I am, I'm not sure there's anything about the way I look."-Louis (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com) A good sense of humor gets me going. It's all about "the vibe". That's my catchphrase by the way! And I like a girl who keeps me on my toes. Play hard to get, girls! (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com)

Louis Tomlinson's Best Moments

When its my birthday and still hasn\t wished me happy birthday.
What are he odds that on my countdown for birthday I get an add for   now I am happy
Happy Birthday to the living meme
Happy birthday love you lou hope you have a great and wonderful birthday
Happy birthday to you Louis
Happy birthday Tommo
Happy birthday Lou! Thanks for everything really. Love you so much
Tomorrow is Louis\s birthday  Happy birthday loui
Happy Birthday LOVE AND SUPPOYOU ALWAYS, you cute little carrot!!!
Happy Birthday! Be happy! Try to save you would not be happening.
Happy birthday I love you so much
Happy Bday ILYSM!!! .
Happy birthday ...!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH..!!!
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to my sunshine ! Love you with all my heart
Happy bday my sweet creature
Happy Birthday to the KING
Happy Birthday have a good one and lots of fun with your family and friends. Also Merry Christmas!
 Happy birthday to you
 Happy birthday to the sassiest queen of all
 wishing you a very Happy Birthday, hope you have a fantastic day, enjoy
Happy birthday tommo
Happy Birthday  Hands up if Louis was your favourite judge on this year s
Happy Birthday lad
Happy Birthday to Louis Tomlinson
Happy birthday love!
Happy Birthday my baby
Happy birthday to this pretty boy  27 no son nada baby
One last time happy birthday 27!!!!
Happy Birthday to LOU
 Happy birthday
 Dear Tommo, happy birthday king, you deserve everything
Happy Birthday to me  I m so ready for the livestream tonight!!
Massive Happy Birthday to Louis Tomlinson ;\") Happy birthday lou
Happy birthday
Happy birthday lou
Happy Birthday Lou!! I hope you have the best day every. I love you so so much
Happy 29th bday to a literal angel sent from heaven
Happy birthday Lou! Thank you for everything you do for us
Happy birthday my sunshine
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday Louis
Happy Birthday little ray of sunshine
Happy birthday to my idol I love you forever baby!
Happy birthday love thank you for being you and for making this world so much better. I love you!
 Happy Birthday. May you\ll be more successful in your life.
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louis tomlinson tattoo 2
Louis Tomlinson young 3

Fun Facts About Louis Tomlinson

Louis used to go to the hospital all the time with his mum to help her look after the babies. (facebook.com)
He likes it when girls wear glasses, fake or not. (facebook.com)
In France with his friend, Louis went up to a lady they thought was French and said something rude, and it turned out she was English. (facebook.com)
He finds girls with strong accents attractive. (facebook.com)
After Louis had watched New moon, he spent the rest of the evening pretending to be Edward Cullen. (facebook.com)
Louis was suspended from school for three days after showing his bum in front of the whole school. (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com)

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