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ha your funny how bout no i will do it later
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Allyson (4 months ago)
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maicol bliss
happy birthday I wish you well with your family and friends doing their best as entrepreneur and hip - maicol bliss (4 months ago)
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italian butt lift
Belated happy birthday to I love you - italian butt lift (5 months ago)
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Y all done said Happy Birthday to everybody from Beyoncé to 2 Chainz to Taraji to Wiz, Ludacris, Nas, Winehouse, Ty - LA JEFÃ (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday and enjoy - Patriciarhames (5 months ago)
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Matt Barker
Lifestyle so rich and famous, Robin Leach will get jealous Happy 13th birthday to The Dutchess - Matt Barker (5 months ago)
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Keeping You Posted
Oh - Ciara ft. Ludacris Happy Birthday, Luda! via - Keeping You Posted (5 months ago)
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John Graham
Just found out you and I have the same birthday. Something told me you were a Vir - John Graham (5 months ago)
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Mandy E
Happy birthday!! - Mandy E (5 months ago)
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DJ Record Pool
HAPPY BIRTHDAY runwayrichy @ Atlanta, Georgia - DJ Record Pool (5 months ago)
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Josie Long
Happy Birthday! - Josie Long (5 months ago)
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Buck Lanford
Please join me in wishing a Happy Birthday! We celebrated with my man & w - Buck Lanford (5 months ago)
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Robert Yopp(Get well soon Mina)
Happy birthday - Robert Yopp(Get well soon Mina) (5 months ago)
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Donald White
Happy Birthday! - Donald White (5 months ago)
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Fast-and-the-furious: Vin Diesel, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson and Ludacris remember and wish the Late Paul Walk - Ciera™ (5 months ago)
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Jarrell Curtis
Happy Belated Birthday . - Jarrell Curtis (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday boss! - Lisa (5 months ago)
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Fast-and-the-furious: Vin Diesel, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson and Ludacris remember and wish the Late Paul Walk - コール (5 months ago)
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God Bless You Man,& Happy Birthday & Wish You Many More.. - BRUCE TODD WAFER (5 months ago)
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my name is POOKIE
happy birthday - my name is POOKIE (5 months ago)
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Glock Topickz
Happy 46th Birthday to both ATL natives Ludacris and 2chainz. The rappers were BOTH born on the same day, in the sa - Glock Topickz (5 months ago)
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michael edwards
happy birthday, have the greatest day - michael edwards (5 months ago)
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B. Waite
Happy Belated Birthday to Chris Luva Luva aka Ludacris!!! - B. Waite (5 months ago)
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O.G Just El♒️
My Favorite rapper Bday... Happy G day - O.G Just El♒️ (5 months ago)
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Voices of the South
Happy Bday. When is any new music coming? - Voices of the South (5 months ago)
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♚ Leya Falcon♠
Happy birthday -from, 13 year old me - ♚ Leya Falcon♠ (5 months ago)
birthday balloon

Angela AKA Spices
Happy Birthday Luda!!! - Angela AKA Spices (5 months ago)
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Olalere Oluwaseun O
The LORD bless you, happy birthday - Olalere Oluwaseun O (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday big boss man. I hope you had a fantastic, blessed day with your beautiful family, and friends. - Panch956 (5 months ago)
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barbara mockler
Happy Birthday - barbara mockler (5 months ago)
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Sandipta Kumar Rana
Happy birthday to you. - Sandipta Kumar Rana (5 months ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY. - 04. (5 months ago)
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Aaron J.
Happy Birthday Luda! - Aaron J. (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday !!! - Tyger (5 months ago)
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J. Seaberry
Happy Birthday, glad you\'re enjoying your trip - J. Seaberry (5 months ago)
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Eric Patrick Thomas
Happy birthday, How did you celebrate your birthday? - Eric Patrick Thomas (5 months ago)
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trimbo ☆彡
I can t believe I woke up today and completely forgot that today is ludacris birthday. happy 42nd birthday luda! - trimbo ☆彡 (5 months ago)
birthday balloon

D.C. Greer
Happy birthday. Almost missed this. Thanks. - D.C. Greer (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Luda - Kenya (5 months ago)
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Raptors in 6
Happy birthday - Raptors in 6 (5 months ago)
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Janet Ramey
Happy birthday! You are blessed - Janet Ramey (5 months ago)
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Gabriel Villalba
Luda! Need to hit the studio big dog. Happy birthday - Gabriel Villalba (5 months ago)
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Curtis Lindholm
Man, we BLASTED you while rollin out to parties. Such good memories. Happy Birthday, and GET OUT THE WAY! - Curtis Lindholm (5 months ago)
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Baby Sista
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG BROTHER..! MANY MANY MORE..! - Baby Sista (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday Luda! - Jessica (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday, be blessed and many more - Ebony (5 months ago)
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Kimberly Graham
Happy Birthday Sir I hope u enjoyed your day - Kimberly Graham (5 months ago)
birthday balloon

Sharron Sanders
Happy Birthday - Sharron Sanders (5 months ago)
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C\'mon Man
Happy birthday, just watched a clip of you at the CC roast and you killed it - C\'mon Man (5 months ago)
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Gabriel Wheeler
Happy birthday SIR. Best of wishes to you and your family, really doing big things in the community - Gabriel Wheeler (5 months ago)

43 years old (Born on September 11, 1976)

Rapper, actor; He is famous from Incognegro.

He is of Native American descent. Still drives his 1992 Acura Legend because it "keeps me grounded." Was dropped as a spokesperson for Pepsi after a protest by Bill O`Reilly. Made Forbes` "Hip Hop Cash Kings" list with $16 million in earnings. [2007] Before becoming a rapper, he worked as an intern (and eventually DJ) for Hot 107.9 FM in Atlanta.

Ludacris's Best Moments

Happy birthday, Luda. And please give my love to your parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cris.
Happy Birthday to Ludacris what s your favorite song from him?
Happy 40th birthday to
XXL \"Happy Birthday, Ludacris! Guess how old one of ATL\s finest turns today?
Wishing a Happy 40th Birthday to
Wishing a very happy birthday!
Happy Birthday
Help us wish Ludacris a happy birthday!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday
Happy 40th Birthday
Happy birthday to my playa Patna Ludacris !
Ludacris, Eudoxie\s Daughter Wins Over Fans for Singing Happy Birthday In Two Languages
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday Watch at
Happy bday  !
 Stand up! And help us wish a happy birthday!
Happy 41st Birthday 2 What s Your Favorite Ludacris Song?
Happy birthday  What s your favorite Luda song?
Happy birthday       x
Happy Birthday,    - Check out some of his greatest moments:
Today marks an historic day in Game history. It\s our man birthday. Happy birthday big ups!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to Play our Luda trivia game now!
2 Chainz\ happy bday insta to Ludacris is a wild ride.
Happy birthday ludacris   hope you and chester had an amazing day i love u!
Happy Birthday to my brother Have a great day homie
Happy birthday bro
Tyler also shares his birthday Ludacris! Happy birthday Tyler from everyone
   happy birthday Luda
Happy Birthday to rap legend who is 42 today!  :
Happy birthday -from, 13 year old me
Belated happy birthday to I love you
Happy early birthday Chris!
 Happy Birthday to you Luda
 Happy Birthday to Wishing him Superb Day
Happy Birthday to legendary rapper & actor He\s 40 today !
Wished & a happy birthday on at Love from Pakistan!
Happy Birthday ! 

Who Remembers the name of this song?
Happy birthday, &
Happy Birthday Woohoo!  It\s YOUR DAY..Thanks for being YOU!
Happy Birthday to my brother Have a great G Day
Happy birthday,  What\s his best hit: \Stand Up\ or \Money Maker\?
Vote now
Happy birthday!!
Happy birthday to
Happy birthday to one of our own, the legendary Our Hip Hop culture is blessed to have you Mr Bridges.
Happy Birthday to !
Happy birthday
LUDA! Happy Birthday to the one and only
Happy Birthday We re discussing the best rappers turned actors next! Who do you think is the best?!
Happy Birthday  What\s your favorite Ludacris record?
Happy birthday
  Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday 2 me 9/13
Ludacris, Eudoxie s Daughter Wins Over Fans for Singing Happy Birthday In Two Languages
Happy 42nd Birthday to Ludacris!
Happy Birthday to own - Ludacris!
 I\m not into rap, but I hope Ludacris has a happy birthday.
  Happy Birthday Luda! Hope it s extraordinary!!
I can t believe I woke up today and completely forgot that today is ludacris birthday. happy 42nd birthday luda!
 Happy Birthday have a awesome and amazing birthday
 Happy bday nw a grown ass man
 Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday to Ludacris who turns 40 today!
 -- Happy Birthday, Ludacris!
\"My work is like my vacation, so in a way everyday is like a saturday\" - Happy Birthday, Ludacris!
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday The rapper photographed in 2007 by Jay Brooks.
Happy Birthday Ludacris ,
Happy birthday ludacris !!
Happy bday You used 2 b & STILL always gone b tha shit homie! Love ya dog! Peace out
Yo happy birthday bro wish you have great years ahead!
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Harry Connick Jr, Ludacris , Catherine Bott, Jon Moss, Richard Ashcroft & Jonny Buckland
Happy 40th Birthday
MOVE B**** - IT\S BIRTHDAY! - happy 40th from Dubai
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Ludacris
The Walker Collective - A Law Firm For Creatives
Happy Birthday Ludacris
Happy Birthday Luda
Team wishes a Very Happy Birthday !!
Happy birthday to the homie
 did Lawrence\s Woop Woop come from get back?? Btw happy birthday Luda!!
Wish a happy birthday to   and more!
Happy birthday Ludacris
Happy birthday to My Greatest Rapper of all Time that N!gga Name
           Happy Birthday  Keep squeezing life. God bless!
Happy 40th Birthday
Happy 40th Birthday 2 Ludacris. What\s Your Favorite Luda Song?
Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday Bro
Happy Birthday
  Happy Birthday Luda!!
Luuuuuda mix coming up at noon w/  Happy birthday
 | Happy Birthday to Ludacris, born September 11, 1977 in Champaign, Illinois!
Happy Birthday to the legend !!! What\s you favorite song??
Happy Birthday Ludacris!!!
Happy Birthday Ludacris (
HAPPY Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday to Ludacris (born September 11, 1977)
Black History Erryday :  Happy 40th Birthday Ludacris
Happy Birthday
Shoutout to Happy Birthday from
Ludacris is 40! Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Luda!
Happy Birthday
Happy BIrthday 47 40 30 & 42!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to ! Today he turns 40!
Happy Birthday, Ludacris! 9 of His Most Genius Lyrics We\ll Always Remember
.  and add my happy birthday to you, Mr. Pres...
 Happy birthday We take great photos together
 Happy Birthday
  Happy Birthday, Ludacris! Greetings from Argentina!
Happy Birthday, Ludacris! 9 of His Most Genius Lyrics We\ll Always Remember
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Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to Ludacris!
Happy bday !
Happy birthday to Ludacris one of my favorites
  Happy belated Birthday
 Happy Early Birthday
Today\s playlist. Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Wishing the Actor, a very happy birthday.
Happy Birthday to rap star and actor from the \"Fast and Furious\" movies
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to rapper & actor, May all his wishes come true.
Happy Birthday, Ludacris!
 Happy Birthday, fellow Virgo!!   &
Happy birthday you\re the best ! I love you and I wish you the best for you and everyone that you love
Happy Birthday to the man that represents Atlanta with his music
Happy Birthday My all time favorite rapper
 Ludacris was born.  Happy 41st birthday
 happy birthday!
Happy birthday,
Happy Birthday Luda!
 Happy Birthday Luda!
Happy birthday Ludacris!
Happy Birthday 76 48 41 39 & Scott Patterson 60 enjoy your day!
Happy Birthday He Is 41 Today!
Happy birthday   Throw dem bows
Happy birthday Another favorite rapper of mine.
Happy Birthday Throwin\ it back to one night in Little Rock!
  Happy Birthday
STAND UP!.. and help us wish Ludacris a Happy 41st birthday
Happy 41st Birthday !
Happy Birthday,
Happy birthday
Wishing a Happy Birthday to Ludacris. He turns 41 today.
Happy birthday LUDACRIS!
Ludacris, Eudoxie s Daughter Wins Over Fans for Singing Happy Birthday In Two Languages
 Happy Birthday Ludacris
September 11:Happy 42nd birthday to rapper,Ludacris (\"Yeah\")
Ludacris = Swag level maximum. We wish you a Happy 41st Birthday.
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to Richard Ashcroft, Moby, Ludacris and Coldplay guitarist Jonny Buckland!
Happy Birthday  Victor Lemonte Wooten
1964 9 11                   55  Ludacris
1977 9 11      ,          42
Happy Birthday to aka Dj Chris Lova Lova
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday! Ludacris
Happy 42nd Birthday Ludacris!
Happy birthday goes out to as he turns 42 today!  What\s your favorite Luda song??
Happy Birthday to Ludacris
Happy Birthday rapper/actor Ludacris
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday We hope you enjoy your day!
Happy Birthday, Ludacris! Check out 6 of the rapper\s biggest hits:
Happy Birthday
STAND UP! It s birthday today! Happy birthday
Happy Birthday To Ludacris ....
Happy Birthday !!
Happy birthday to the
 Happy Birthday, glad you\re enjoying your trip
 Happy Birthday Luda
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Ludacris full body 1
ludacris wallpaper 2
Ludacris exclusive 3

Fun Facts About Ludacris

Attended Benjamin Banneker High in Atlanta, and Georgia State University.
Oftens wears an Afro
He recently cut off his trademark braids.
Cousin of singer Monica.
Has a daughter named Karma.
Katt Williams` cousin.
Is the CEO of Disturbing Tha Peace Records.

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