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Jim Crabb
Happy Birthday to Mackenzie Phillips. - Jim Crabb (4 months ago)
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Al Neri
November 10 It\'s their birthday (pretend I\'m at the International Date Line West), Happy Birthday to them! - Al Neri (4 months ago)
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Marilyn King Nowak
Did not realize Julie was my age. I thought Valerie Bertinelli was my age. Mackenzie Phillips was in - Marilyn King Nowak (4 months ago)
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Christopher Bligh
Happy birthday to the most excellent on the left, MACKENZIE PHILLIPS! - Christopher Bligh (4 months ago)
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Disney Wiki
Happy Birthday, Mackenzie Phillips For Disney, she portrayed Molly Phillips in the Disney Channel sci-fi series, - Disney Wiki (4 months ago)
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Robert P Coronado
Happy Birthday to Mackenzie Phillips .One Day At A Time - Robert P Coronado (4 months ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOVEMBER 10th; Voice Actor George Lowe(Space Ghost Coast to Ghost),63; Actress MacKenzie Phillips Ju - BRONX POET (1 year ago)
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Gadget Meistress
Today In History, November 10 - Happy bday: (happiest girl in the whole USA) Donna Fargo 76, (mamas and papas) Mac - Gadget Meistress (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Mackenzie Phillips - News c/o - Wamtec.com (1 year ago)
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Sam Bradley
Happy Birthday (Laura) Mackenzie Phillips!!! - Sam Bradley (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday to Mackenzie Phillips - topstarbirthdays (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday Movie Actress Mackenzie Phillips! Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year - AllFamous.org (1 year ago)
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HAPPY 61st BIRTHDAY to MACKENZIE PHILLIPS!! Career years: 1972 - present Born Laura Mackenzie Phillips, American ac - Space-reporter-news (2 years ago)
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HAPPY 61st BIRTHDAY to MACKENZIE PHILLIPS!! Career years: 1972 - present Born Laura Mackenzie Phillips, American ac - Spacereporternews (2 years ago)
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Joe Arce
Happy Birthday Mackenzie Phillips! Photographed 9/8/2013 Chicago - Joe Arce (2 years ago)
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Frank James
Happy birthday Mackenzie Phillips ! - Frank James (2 years ago)
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Norman Charles
Happy Birthday, Mackenzie Phillips! After seeing \"American Graffiti\" in 1973, I had a huge crush on her! - Norman Charles (2 years ago)
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This Month
\"Forgiveness is not to give the other person peace. is for you. Take that opportunity.\" -Mackenzie Phi - This Month (2 years ago)
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Prayer List For Rock stars
Happy birthday - Prayer List For Rock stars (2 years ago)
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The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
Happy Birthday to Mackenzie Phillips, here with Paul LeMat in AMERICAN GRAFFITI! - The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of (2 years ago)
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Happy 61st birthday to actress MacKenzie Phillips! Remember her as Julie on One Day at a Time? - DoYouRemember? (2 years ago)
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George Schmidt (G)
Happy 61st Birthday to MACKENZIE PHILLIPS - George Schmidt (G) (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday to Mackenzie Phillips who turns 60 today! Pictured here with Bonnie Franklin and Valerie Bertinelli - SYED AMMAR ALAVI (3 years ago)
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Suzanne Noa
Happy Birthday actress Mackenzie Phillips - Suzanne Noa (3 years ago)
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Be Happy
Happy Birthday to Mackenzie Phillips! She is celebrating her 60th birthday today!!! - Be Happy (3 years ago)
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Teewhy Nyema
And Happy Birthday to Mackenzie Phillips and Michael Schroder. - Teewhy Nyema (3 years ago)
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Groovy History
Happy 60th Birthday goes out to MacKenzie Phillips born today back in 1959. She acted on the television show \"One - Groovy History (3 years ago)
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Happy 60th Birthday! Laura Mackenzie Phillips (born November 10, 1959) - the80srule.com (3 years ago)
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Al Sussman
Happy 60th Birthday to Mackenzie Phillips, here profiled on Australia s Studio 10: - Al Sussman (3 years ago)
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JC Allen
Happy 60th Birthday Mackenzie Phillips~~~Mackenzie Phillips\' Road To Recovery | Studio 10 via - JC Allen (3 years ago)
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Happy 60th Birthday Mackenzie Phillips! Love the 1980s? OF COURSE YOU DO! Now Visit The 80s Website Today: - 80sThen80sNow (3 years ago)
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Happy Birthday to Taron Egerton, Eve, Mackenzie Phillips, Ann Reinking, and more! - Dlisted (3 years ago)
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Tony Garcia
Happy Birthday to you Miss. Mackenzie Phillips! I hope all of your B\'Day Wishes come true today! :-) - Tony Garcia (3 years ago)
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Kracker Jones
Happy birthday Miranda Lambert(36)Richard Burton(1925-1984)Tracy Morgan(51)Sinbad(63)Brittany Murphy(1977-2009)Jack - Kracker Jones (3 years ago)
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Robert Smith
Happy Birthday to Martin Luther(1483) Richard Burton (1925) Sinbad (1956) MacKenzie Phillips(1959) Ellen Pompeo (1 - Robert Smith (3 years ago)
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Barry Kowal
November 10:Happy 60th birthday to actress,Mackenzie Phillips(\"One Day At A Time\") - Barry Kowal (3 years ago)
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spacewoman reporter
HAPPY 59th BIRTHDAY to MACKENZIE PHILLIPS!! American actress and singer best known for her roles in American Gr - spacewoman reporter (4 years ago)
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Scott Mair
Happy birthday to Mackenzie Phillips who has overcome hell and high-water to become a respected and b - Scott Mair (4 years ago)
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Alan Mercer
Happy Birthday to the beautiful and talented Miss Mackenzie Phillips! I took this portrait of the actress in Los An - Alan Mercer (4 years ago)
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Ocean 100
Happy Birthday to Mackenzie Phillips(59), AlleeWillis (71), director Michael Schultz(80), sinbadbad (62), Vane - Ocean 100 (4 years ago)
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Dominic Andrade
Happy birthday greetings today go to actresses Mackenzie Phillips & comedians - Dominic Andrade (4 years ago)
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Happy 59th Birthday to Mackenzie Phillips! Best known as Julie Cooper on \'One Day at a Time\', Phillips gained stard - FETV (4 years ago)
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Free TV Fresno
Happy birthday to Mackenzie Phillips!! - Free TV Fresno (5 years ago)
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Guiding Light
Happy Birthday Mackenzie Phillips! (Rachel ) 11/10 - Guiding Light (5 years ago)
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David Roberson
Happy birthday 11. 10. Tim Rice 73, Frank Maudsley (A Flock of Seagulls) 58, Mackenzie Phillips 58, Eve 39. - David Roberson (5 years ago)
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Laura Kimmick
Happy 58th birthday, Mackenzie Phillips! - Laura Kimmick (5 years ago)
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Jennifer Long
Happy Birthday to Tim Rice, Mackenzie Phillips, and - Jennifer Long (5 years ago)
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Derrek Brooks
Happy Birthday, Mackenzie Phillips!! - Derrek Brooks (5 years ago)
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North Trenton
And Happy Birthday to Mackenzie Phillips and Michael Schroder. - North Trenton (5 years ago)
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Eric Is Tired of the Nazis on Here
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Mackenzie Phillips (1959) Steven Geray (1904 1973) François Périer (1919 2002) Esther Dale (188 - Eric Is Tired of the Nazis on Here (5 years ago)

63 years old (Born on November 10, 1959)

One Day at a Time

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Happy Birthday to Mackenzie Phillips.
Happy Birthday to Mackenzie Phillips .One Day At A Time
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