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Stephen M
Happy birthday to the 80’s icon and the one and only Madonna. - Stephen M (3 years ago)
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Oh wow Hahahaha I had darcey send a happy birthday to my lady last year and I m pretty sure it mad - phenomenal (5 months ago)
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Madonna Malika
Happy birthday kayode - Madonna Malika (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Madonna! - cherry (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday Madonna.. May it be a prosperous and a blessed year for .. Enjoy it dear - Macarioc (5 months ago)
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Love it! Happy Birthday! - Matt*n*Mike (5 months ago)
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karen circelli
Happy Birthday! I have enjoyed watching you through the years and now envious of your relocatio - karen circelli (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday Madonna Wishing you all the best in your life - Kyrollos (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Madonna - Eslam (5 months ago)
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c\'est pas grave
Happy Birthday Madonna - c\'est pas grave (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Madonna - atefmounir0 (5 months ago)
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Marcel Sargon
Happy birthday madonna god bless u so much Beutiful lady - Marcel Sargon (5 months ago)
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The fact the half of them were already legal adults is and in some cases just four or less years that i rea - Leonie (5 months ago)
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alexᴴ (follow and like limit)
It s amazing queen can you wish me a happy bday pls ily queen - alexᴴ (follow and like limit) (5 months ago)
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It s amazing queen can you wish me a happy bday pls ily queen - alexᴴ (5 months ago)
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Mrs. Trill
Happy birthday to my sexy sister I love you!!! - Mrs. Trill (5 months ago)
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Treta Maria da Silva
pra lembrar o dia em que eu ganhei um ingresso com tudo pago (inclusive hotel) para assistir um show de - Treta Maria da Silva (5 months ago)
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Event Magazine
Happy birthday The Hertfordshire-born director of Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels was married - Event Magazine (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday starting off my playlist with a song for you! B-Day Song by - Lucky13 (5 months ago)
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Madonna ebooks
Kiss my ass all day long, bitch! Happy birthday aka Jeder Day 2016 . - Madonna ebooks (5 months ago)
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India Wants To Know - Panel Quiz Show
Musical legend, Queen of Pop, Golden Globe and Grammy award winning superstar Madonna\'s second ex-husband, - India Wants To Know - Panel Quiz Show (5 months ago)
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✰ ᴺᴹ
can you wish me a happy birthday queen? - ✰ ᴺᴹ (5 months ago)
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can you wish me a happy birthday queen? - ✰ᴺᴹ (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday Rick!! - abby (5 months ago)
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Every Day Counts
Happy 33rd Martian Birthday Madonna! Remessage - Every Day Counts (5 months ago)
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Michele Raphael
I ll add - Michele Raphael (5 months ago)
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Jean Albano
super iconic lovely \"Pink\" whose music has matured.America can see you being an America idol judge.Madonna ha - Jean Albano (5 months ago)
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Joe Hollies
Happy Birthday. (Image credit: \'The Madonna in Sorrow\' (Giovanni Battista Salvi da Sassoferrato, 17th century) - Joe Hollies (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday! Wish you nothing but the best. - Roy (5 months ago)
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happy birthday - わいど (5 months ago)
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Alfonso Delgado
Happy birthday to the Blessed Virgin Mary - Alfonso Delgado (5 months ago)
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chai barcinas
On this day, O beautiful Mother, On this day we give thee our love. Near the, Madonna, fondly we hover, Trusting t - chai barcinas (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday to me & Holiday - Marek (5 months ago)
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Brian Lewis
Since Madonna took down my Vogue video for this message, I ll leave you with this video of Skye admonishing me in a - Brian Lewis (5 months ago)
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Legion of Mary T.O.
On this day, O beautiful Mother On this day we give thee our love Near thee, Madonna, fondly we hover Trusting t - Legion of Mary T.O. (5 months ago)
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✨ jana ✨
all of you who made hate comments - you can fucking stuff it! happy birthday michael wherever you are. - ✨ jana ✨ (5 months ago)
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love Sebastian
Happy Birthday Madonna - love Sebastian (5 months ago)
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vic :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADONNA WTF - vic :) (5 months ago)
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santiago (Virgo in Moon Remix)
Loving this fantasy with Madonna in the back playing! Happy birthday!!!! - santiago (Virgo in Moon Remix) (5 months ago)
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pedro*+ | Dystopia OUT NOW!
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suspended pain
happy birthday Madonna and also i have feelings for you danni - suspended pain (5 months ago)
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War Criminal Respecter
Happy birthday Madonna! - War Criminal Respecter (5 months ago)
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danni devito
Everyone say happy birthday madonna - danni devito (5 months ago)
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happy birthday fave hoe congrats on being as old as Madonna. I love you - Suleiman (5 months ago)
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Johnny \"Ballpark\" Franks
Happy Birthday, Raquel! Think Beyonce, Madonna, Whitney, Farrah, Marilyn. - Johnny \"Ballpark\" Franks (5 months ago)
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andrew mitchell.
Happy birthday to a very special girl We celebrated at this week - what a special place! @ Madonna I - andrew mitchell. (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Perfect Madonna - TriniDD (5 months ago)
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Andreas Pavli
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADONNA ON YOUR 62 BIRTHDAY 16.8.1958.16.8.2020. - Andreas Pavli (5 months ago)
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I realise Beyoncé is a great singer and dancer, technically, but I still find her music banal, vacuous and cultural - Grim17 (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday to one of the biggest culture vultures in Hollywood. She\'s only surpassed by Madonna & J - jbirdiaz (5 months ago)

62 years old (Born on August 16, 1958)

Like a Virgin

Madonna's Best Moments

Happy Birthday There is no one on this planet like you!!! Love you!!!
Happy birthday
The singer Madonna celebrates her birthday today. Happy Birthday to
Happy birthday to the one and only,
\"One day my Queen, always my Queen. Happy birthday from your Jean Paul.
Happy birthday
Happy 60th birthday Madonna!
Happy birthday  Which Madonna album changed your life?
Happy birthday to the forever iconic
Happy birthday, Madonna!  Celebrate with 100 of her greatest songs!
75 years young today!  Happy Birthday to Sycamore team Grandma, Madonna \"Donna\" Bell.
Happy Day four classic albums reviewed in honor of her birthday
Happy birthday,  Throwback to your 1984 performance
Happy Birthday July 22, 1955. and Willem in directed by Uli Edel (1993)
Happy Birthday in heaven to the master
Happy birthday
Happy birthday David Fincher, now say thank you Madonna
61 is the new 21. Happy birthday
My dear dear lovely HAPPY BIRTHDAY  God bless you always!! Love you queen  HAPPY Day
Happy birthday again, (paints on cardboard)
Happy birthday to the Queen of Pop! The one and only
Happy Birthday to the beautiful, iconic, forever young Music Legend
Happy 60th birthday, Which of her songs are you playing today to celebrate!?
Happy birthday to our favorite material girl, Madonna!
Happy birthday to the rule breaker, the artist and the woman who could only be Madonna! -MK  Via
Happy birthday you have many fans in our team xx
Happy 61st Birthday Madonna! I love you so much! Xx
2018.09.08. Happy Birthday.
Madonna della misericordia.-                -                      2
8/16                                61    Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to my Queen
I adore you
Happy birthday madonna !!! we love u
Happy Birthday to the Queen
Happy birthday  Check haar 11 beste videoclips om 07:00 uur op MTV!
Happy Birthday to the one and only Madonna!!
Happy Birthday, Looking forward to watching you play at Madonna this season.
Happy Birthday to the queen of music
Happy birthday !
Happy birthday Madonna! In honor of you and your awesomeness wearing concert tee to work.
Happy birthday madonna!!
Happy 62nd birthday Madonna.
Thanks for the great songs that I loved, especially in the 80\s and 90\s
Happy Bday
\"The Queen of Pop\" Happy birthday to you
Happy Birthday to everyone\s favorite Lucky Star,   Full gallery here:
Happy   Birthday  16th   August  2020

Madonna - 21 Music - DWT Live 2001
Happy birthday Queen Madonna!
Happy Birthday Queen of Pop!!
Happy birthday to MY madonna
   Happy birthday Rocco!
Happy Birthday from  May all your wishes come true!
Happy Birthday, Madonna!!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday, Madonna! We re celebrating with a look back at this 1987 interview.
Happy birthday, Madonna  of India.
Happy birthday to who was born in 1958.
Happy birthday to the queen
Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday!! Love to send you out our CQ line to try out. Let us know!!
 Happy Birthday my queen! God bless you, thank you for your music...love, peace.....Love you forever.
Happy Birthday Madonna 

Madonna - Borderline
Happy Birthday QUEEN
Happy birthday Here\s our pick of her 10 best singles
 Happy Birthday Madonna!!!
Feliz Cumple MADONNA        so much
Happy birthday girl I hope u have a good day can\t wait for this school year with ya!
         happy birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday Madonna
Happy birthday to mah fave Leo,
 Happy birthday!
Happy birthday madonna
Madonna has wished her second eldest child Rocco Ritchie a happy 17th birthday.
I\m going to take this happy birthday message from Madonna personally seeing as it is my birthday today and all
Who\s that \"Birthday\" Girl? happy birthday to you!
 Happy Birthday!
Few winks away to the long weekend. Happy birthday to the true icon itself,
 wishes Iconic Popstar a very happy Birthday!
Happy birthday Madonna my love
HAPPY birthday
  Happy birthday,
  Happy Birthday legend
Happy Birthday M!
The world keeps spinning, but let us pause for a moment to wish a huge happy 59th birthday to
Happy Birthday to the one and only MADONNA, the best-selling female artist of all time.
Happy birthday to  : 1990.
Happy birthday to the Queen of Pop,
Happy Birthday we need your voice now more than ever.
Happy birthday to See her best songs from her incredible career:
Happy birthday fran  hope you have the best day& love you so much
Happy birthday
Happy 61st Birthday to Madonna, born August 16, 1958. ( Mert Alas / Marcus Piggott)
Happy 61st birthday to music icon She portrayed \"All the way\" Mae Mordabito in
Happy birthday Still in love after 35 years. It\s a long way
Happy Birthday to this queen!
Happy birthday Madonna!
Happy birthday to superstar and icon who was born
Happy Birthday to one of the greats,  . What\s your favorite track? &  :
 Happy Birthday my queen ! Forever u inspired my life , your voice is a freedom
Happy birthday to the one and only queen,
Happy Birthday to Madonna, one of my longtime heroes whose work still inspires me.
Happy b-day My queen
Happy birthday Madonna
Happy birthday to the REAL Queen Of Pop: MADONNA 

the greatest of all time.
Happy Birthday Bitch
Happy birthday Madonna! Here\s 10 things you didn\t know about the Material Girl...
Happy Birthday to the Queen
Happy Birthday !!!! 
I love you so much!!!!!
 Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
  God Save The Queen!!! Happy Bday the only girl who rule the world Madonna!
Happy Birthday to the Queen of Pop
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday today to the undisputed Queen of Pop Here\s an 80\s megamix
Happy birthday
Nuestra querida reina del Pop hoy cumple años....Happy Bday
Happy Birthday, Madonna! for \Ray of Light\, 1998, Photo by Mario Testino
Happy Birthday Madonna
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to the legendary Madonna
Happy Birthday 59
Happy birthday a ko
Happy Birthday Queen  <3
Happy Birthday Madonna...
We\re wishing the Queen of Pop a very happy birthday! What\s your favorite moment? ( : Richard Corman)
Happy Birthday Queen  Madonna !!! Love u girl !!
Happy Birthday to the ultimate queen
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to Madonna
Happy birthday to the Queen of Pop,
Happy Bday In We Trust! We   you!   new CD please! This 2018
  Happy birthday
Happy Birthday   u 4 life girl
Happy birthday to the QUEEN and living legend
Happy birthday
     HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Great Performance! Everybody! 1982
Front row fan always. HAPPY BIRTHDAY
 su majestad la Reyna del Pop Happy Birthday
Happy 59th Birthday with her six kids!
Happy birthday hope you have a great day you deserve it
Happy birthday fran, hope you have a good day!
Happy Birthday I you 
Sketched using
Pop-Ikone, Skandal-Frau, Sex-Symbol  wird 60!  Happy Birthday!
 happy birthday Madonna!
 turns sexy 60; Happy your
Happy birthday to the Queen
Ok, ladies. Where\s that duet? pays tribute to on her 60th birthday:
For the Queen of pop a tribute  from the living room of my house.
Happy birthday from Mexico City!
 Happy birthday to your daughter,and many too come!
Happy Birthday Madonna x
Happy 61st Birthday to the Queen, the Icon, the Legend...Madonna!!
Happy Birthday Madonna God Bless and thank you for leading the way..
Happy Birthday to Madonna.
 Happy birthday to  What\s your favourite Madge album???
 Happy Birthday to a true ninja .      EEEKKK!!!
Happy Birthday to Born August 16, 1958
Bay City, Michigan
Happy birthday to madonna\s old creeky ass
Happy Birthday to the
We just keep pushing our love for over the borderline. So we can\t help but wish her a happy birthday!
 happy birthday legend
Happy Birthday Mom You taught me a lot. Thanks for always being there.
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Madonna.
Happy 62nd birthday my Queen
Happy Birthday Queen
You keep levitating me  I love you  Happy Birthday
¡Happy birthday Madonna! Indiscutible reina del pop.
Happy birthday, queen!
Happy 62nd birthday
Happy Birthday to the almighty the undisputed Queen Of Pop
Happy Birthday Madonna
Happy 62nd Birthday to Madonna.
Happy birthday ;)
Happy 62nd Birthday to the Queen of Pop- Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone
Happy Birthday Madonna   We love you
Happy Birthday to
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to the queen of fucking everything
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to Taika Waititi, Angela Bassett, James Cameron, Madonna, and Bob Balaban!
Happy bday   you\re the fucking great artist and deserve the better of this world, love u
Deus salve a rainha! // God save the Queen! Happy birthday thks for existing
Happy Birthday . A true trailblazer.
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to MADONNA !
Happy Birthday Madonna! She turns 62 today! 

Do you have a favorite song or moment from the pop icon?
Happy Birthday to the one and only!!
Wishing a very Happy Birthday to a living legend
Happy birthday MY beautiful precious
Happy Birthday Thanks for all your inspiration. I wish You the BEST. For real. XOXO
Happy birthday to my queen,
  Happy Birthday Madonna!
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