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I realise Beyoncé is a great singer and dancer, technically, but I still find her music banal, vacuous and cultural - Grim17 (4 months ago)
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Happy birthday to one of the biggest culture vultures in Hollywood. She\'s only surpassed by Madonna & J - jbirdiaz (4 months ago)
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Our parents witnessed legends like Michael Jackson and Madonna get old throughout the years while growing up and no - IN A DREAM (4 months ago)
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Our parents witnessed legends like Michael Jackson and Madonna get old throughout the years while growing up and no - IN A DREAM ᴺᴹ (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday, Gb\' láhàn!! - FLAVA (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday the guru of classical music in the whole wide world, I - Shadrach (4 months ago)
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The Blessed Madonna
Happy birthday Truly this residency is is turning out to be historic in so many ways, just like every - The Blessed Madonna (4 months ago)
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Happy birthday my ass!!! wake up - Nell (4 months ago)
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Fish Dog Supremacy
do it or i won t wish you happy birthday tomorrow - Fish Dog Supremacy (4 months ago)
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Happy birthday, Madonna! I hope you have an excellent day. - Sally (4 months ago)
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Jack Skywalker
Happy birthday Madonna - Jack Skywalker (4 months ago)
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Aimee Ospiru
Happy Birthday it s my birthday too - Aimee Ospiru (4 months ago)
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President Zaphod Beeblebrox
Mrs. Madonna Louise Ciccone, was not able to die. Virginia Woolf is dead. She will sa - President Zaphod Beeblebrox (4 months ago)
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robert alexander
Danny trejo\" :) :) :) :) :) :) \" r0\"k so is on 3 day hold.. umm just so madonna can really - robert alexander (4 months ago)
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11 #1 hits and 9 #1 albums stan
- 11 #1 hits and 9 #1 albums stan (4 months ago)
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Sure, Chris, sure. If it was just an observation, then you would have said Madonna wishes Michael Ja - CurarAlMundo (4 months ago)
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akira aveleon
Happy birthday Michael Jackson - akira aveleon (4 months ago)
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gabriel Lori
King of POP is Sorely Missed a Happy birthday to him wherever he is? - gabriel Lori (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to the King of the World who really is the greatest Icon in the Universe. Michael Jackson i - [email protected] (4 months ago)
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Wishing Jackson a beautiful beautiful happy birthday my darling hope you are preforming Fiercely for the God s abov - spaceboykiro (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to the one and only............ . - jungkook (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, rest in peace our beautiful angel. - Lina (4 months ago)
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Richard Tocmo
Happy birthday to the \"King of Pop\" Michael Jackson. This is one of my favorite photo of you together with the \"Que - Richard Tocmo (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Madge! Thank you for all you do! And thank you for the music I! - RHP (4 months ago)
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And HAPPY BIRTHDAY M. Jackson... Wherever you are... - downwardtrent (4 months ago)
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Marlon Jimenez
Marlon\'s Blog: Marlon\'s next radio show \"Happy Birthday - Marlon Jimenez (4 months ago)
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Adrian Smith
Happy Birthday! - Adrian Smith (4 months ago)
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I am most def in coco corner, bc i too did not wish you a happy birthday. I apologize. - GalaxyVibe (4 months ago)
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Carol Miller
Happy birthday Madonna, your still amazing. - Carol Miller (4 months ago)
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Robert D
This Coco says Happy Bday M! - Robert D (4 months ago)
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Alejandro Balboa.
Happy birthday - Alejandro Balboa. (4 months ago)
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The Coccos Challenge #FreeBritney
U know madonna is talking about us because we didn\'t send her happy birthday videos - The Coccos Challenge #FreeBritney (4 months ago)
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U know madonna is talking about us because we didn\'t send her happy birthday videos - MADONNA QUEEN OF POP #FreeBritney (4 months ago)
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hava nagila (Hard Candy Remix)
Happy birthday David Fincher, now say thank you Madonna - hava nagila (Hard Candy Remix) (4 months ago)
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J.J. Staton
We appreciate you Happy birthday to ur daughters. Madonna on Instagram: The Birthday Celebration f - J.J. Staton (4 months ago)
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Mark DH
Happy Birthday Yes, he has made some amazing movies but let\'s not forget he also gave us the Vogue vi - Mark DH (4 months ago)
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Amanda Indigo
Smiles, Happy Belated Birthday. I too was born on August 11th :) - Amanda Indigo (4 months ago)
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Sydney Urbanek
Happy Birthday to David Fincher, who boned Madonna - Sydney Urbanek (4 months ago)
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Maryam El Saaby
- Maryam El Saaby (4 months ago)
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Slythwalker #WakandaForever
Happy Birthday to David Fincher, the man behind Se7en, Fight Club, the video of Madonna\'s Vogue and (together with - Slythwalker #WakandaForever (4 months ago)
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Slythwalker (saw TENET)
Happy Birthday to David Fincher, the man behind Se7en, Fight Club, the video of Madonna\'s Vogue and (together with - Slythwalker (saw TENET) (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday, Madonna! Re-Live The Icon s Five Best Music Videos For Her 62nd Birthday! - MaxJawn.com (4 months ago)
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Heather Sconsin
Happy Belated Birthday! - Heather Sconsin (4 months ago)
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Happy birthday special to you both... - md.harun-or-rahman (4 months ago)
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Ali Ali
Happy birthday Stella and Estere, love you - Ali Ali (4 months ago)
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Martin Döringer
Happy on her children\'s birthday - Martin Döringer (4 months ago)
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Stephen Titus
Happy Birthday(s) to legends~most Madonna, David Morales, Junior Vasquez, Christina Visca, and Frankie Knuckles Day - Stephen Titus (4 months ago)
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spacetime traveller
Happy Birthday to your sweet hearts. - spacetime traveller (4 months ago)
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Happy birthday Estere and Stella! - Madonnamemorabileia (4 months ago)
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London Barcelona
Starting 62 on a high note, the Material Girl kicked off her by celebrating in Jamaica with friends, fami - London Barcelona (4 months ago)

62 years old (Born on August 16, 1958)

American musician, singer, songwriter, actress, author

Madonna's Best Moments

Happy birthday
Happy Birthday, Making you laugh meant the world to me. Never, ever stop.
Friends, please help me wish the phenomenal a very happy birthday.
Happy birthday to the one and only,
\"One day my Queen, always my Queen. Happy birthday from your Jean Paul.
\"As women, we have to start appreciating our worth and each other\s worth.\" YES! Happy 60th birthday
Happy birthday
Happy birthday  60 years of style
Happy birthday to the forever iconic
Happy birthday  Which Madonna album changed your life?
Happy birthday, Madonna!  Celebrate with 100 of her greatest songs!
75 years young today!  Happy Birthday to Sycamore team Grandma, Madonna \"Donna\" Bell.
8/16                                61    Happy Birthday
Happy Day four classic albums reviewed in honor of her birthday
Happy birthday Here he is with at awards in 1991!
Happy birthday,  Throwback to your 1984 performance
Happy birthday
Happy birthday David Fincher, now say thank you Madonna
Everyone say happy birthday madonna
My dear dear lovely HAPPY BIRTHDAY  God bless you always!! Love you queen  HAPPY Day
Happy birthday again, (paints on cardboard)
Happy Birthday July 22, 1955. and Willem in directed by Uli Edel (1993)
Happy 61st Birthday Madonna! I love you so much! Xx
Happy Birthday to the beautiful, iconic, forever young Music Legend
Happy Birthday !
Happy birthday,
Happy birthday to our favorite material girl, Madonna!
Happy birthday,
Happy Birthday
Happy 60th birthday, Which of her songs are you playing today to celebrate!?
 is a birthday queen Happy Birthday
Happy 62nd birthday to Madonna and Angela Bassett!
Happy birthday you have many fans in our team xx
Happy birthday to the rule breaker, the artist and the woman who could only be Madonna! -MK  Via
Happy Birthday  We looked back at some of her best style moments...
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to the greatest of all time. The queen of pop turns 62 today.
Happy birthday to my Queen
I adore you
Happy Birthday to the Queen
.Happy birthday the the one and only,
The queen of pop music!
Happy birthday, to the legend, the myth, the one and only Queen of Pop,
  \"Happy Birthday, Madonna !\"
Happy birthday  Check haar 11 beste videoclips om 07:00 uur op MTV!
Happy Birthday Here\s 11 (more) reasons to love her:
Happy birthday to the Queen of Pop! The one and only
A very happy birthday to the one and only   : Daniel Pockett
   Happy Birthday to my beautiful Queen ,       I just love you!
A VERY Happy Birthday to a TRUE ICON Enjoy your day!
Happy Birthday to the one and only Madonna!!
Happy Birthday, Looking forward to watching you play at Madonna this season.
Happy Birthday to the queen of music
Happy birthday Madonna! In honor of you and your awesomeness wearing concert tee to work.
Happy birthday
Happy birthday  |
Happy 60th Birthday Madonna! Absolutely amazing.
 HAPPY BRITISH TIME BIRTHDAY I hired Madonna to sing you a song but she got stuck in the hallway
Happy 62nd birthday Madonna.
Thanks for the great songs that I loved, especially in the 80\s and 90\s
Happy birthday, Madonna! 
Happy 34th Birthday to
Happy Birthday Love you !!!
Happy birthday !
\"The Queen of Pop\" Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday madonna!!
Happy 62nd birthday to Madonna
Happy birthday Queen Madonna!
Happy 62nd birthday Madonna
Happy birthday to THEE one and only madonna herself
Happy Birthday Queen of Pop!!
Happy Bday
Happy 49th Birthday Pretty mama  I know you\ll be doing karaoke singing Madonna & MJ. I love you
     59      Happy Birthday  50          Noone\s gonna stop you  LOVE YOU
Happy Birthday from  May all your wishes come true!
Happy Birthday to everyone\s favorite Lucky Star,   Full gallery here:
Happy birthday, Madonna! We re celebrating with a look back at this 1987 interview.
Happy birthday to who was born in 1958.
Happy Birthday, XOXO
Happy birthday to the queen
Does anyone know why Happy Birthday, Madonna is trending?
Happy birthday to the queen of pop   Have a fantastic birthday in Italy. Love you
 Happy Birthday my queen! God bless you, thank you for your music...love, peace.....Love you forever.
Happy Birthday QUEEN
Happy Birthday, Madonna!!
Feliz Cumple MADONNA        so much
Happy birthday my baby. love you long time
         happy birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Ms you will always have a place in my heart
Happy birthday,  Spin her most iconic tracks here:
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to mah fave Leo,
Wishing a Happy 61st to the Queen of Pop,   What\s your favorite song?
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday in heaven to the master
Happy Birthday Thank you for everything, stay happy, beautiful and blessed always even at 62!
Happy birthday to the greatest
Happy Birthday In honor of her birthday here s a photo of the Queen of Pop, Lady Gaga with her Oscar!
Happy birthday madonna <3
 Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Madonna Crazy for you
Happy birthday
Happy birthday madonna
Happy BDay, Queen!!
Happy birthday
 Look what I found today   Happy Birthday
Who\s that \"Birthday\" Girl? happy birthday to you!
 Happy Birthday!
Few winks away to the long weekend. Happy birthday to the true icon itself,
 wishes Iconic Popstar a very happy Birthday!
Happy birthday Madonna my love
Happy Birthday Madonna 

Madonna - Borderline
HAPPY birthday
  Happy Birthday legend
Happy Birthday M!
Happy Birthday to the one and only MADONNA, the best-selling female artist of all time.
Happy birthday to  : 1990.
Happy birthday to the Queen of Pop,
Happy birthday Here\s our pick of her 10 best singles
Happy birthday to See her best songs from her incredible career:
 Happy Birthday Madonna!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY!!  love youu and hope you had an amazing day!
Happy birthday hope you have a great day you deserve it
Happy birthday fran  hope you have the best day& love you so much
Happy birthday Madonna
  Happy Birthday to you!! (Me and Madonna have the same birthday.)
Happy 61st Birthday to Madonna, born August 16, 1958. ( Mert Alas / Marcus Piggott)
61 is the new 21. Happy birthday
Happy 61st birthday to music icon She portrayed \"All the way\" Mae Mordabito in
Happy 61st Birthday to I made cake.
Happy birthday   Instagram:
Happy Birthday to this queen!
Happy birthday Madonna!
Happy Birthday to one of the greats,  . What\s your favorite track? &  :
 Happy Birthday!
  Happy Birthday, Juano. Que Madonna te bendiga.
 happy birthday to you
Happy Birthday August 10,1959
Happy Birthday to    icon
There\s only one Queen it\s Madonna b**ch Happy birthday
Happy birthday to the indisputable queen of pop
   Happy birthday! Hope you have a fun day celebrating!
Happy 62nd Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to Madonna, one of my longtime heroes whose work still inspires me.
Happy birthday to the one and only Queen
Happy b-day My queen
Happy birthday Madonna
Happy Birthday Madonna
Happy birthday to the REAL Queen Of Pop: MADONNA 

the greatest of all time.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AND I hope you both have a fabulous birthday!
Happy Birthday MADONNA! The ultimate QUEEN OF POP & GAY RIGHTS!
Happy Birthday Bitch
Happy Birthday, Madonna
MEE & Barack wanna wish Madonna a happy 89th birthday!
Honestly-you don t look a day over 75!!!
Happy Birthday my QUEEN!!!
Happy birthday Madonna! Here\s 10 things you didn\t know about the Material Girl...
 Happy Birthday, M! It\s a celebration!
Happy Birthday to this triple Leo  Queen
Happy Birthday to the Queen
Happy birthday to MY madonna
Happy bday a mi adorada
Happy Bday!!
Happy birthday, keep rocking the bangs, can\t wait for the next few years at Madonna with ya
Party girl is ready ! Happy birthday !
Happy birthday madonna 
my idol
  La compie 59 anni
Happy bday
Happy Birthday - Queen of Everything
Hey you bday! Thru thick & thin i u! Enjoy ur day!
Today is the day. Happy birthday queen You are my best inspiration!
Happy Birthday Madonna!
 Happy birthday to our Queen of Pop !!!!!
Happy Birthday to the Queen
Happy Birthday !!!! 
I love you so much!!!!!
Happy Birthday
  God Save The Queen!!! Happy Bday the only girl who rule the world Madonna!
Happy Birthday to the Queen of Pop
 Today is a great day 16th August, Happy birthday Queen Madonna
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday today to the undisputed Queen of Pop Here\s an 80\s megamix
Vega Entertainment wishes a Very Happy Birthday to American Singer
Happy birthday
Nuestra querida reina del Pop hoy cumple años....Happy Bday
Happy Birthday, Madonna! for \Ray of Light\, 1998, Photo by Mario Testino
Happy Birthday Madonna
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to the legendary Madonna
Happy birthday a ko
Happy Birthday Queen  <3
Happy Birthday Madonna...
We\re wishing the Queen of Pop a very happy birthday! What\s your favorite moment? ( : Richard Corman)
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Madonna marriage 3
Madonna sexy 4
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Madonna exclusive hot pic 6
Madonna sexy 7
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