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ha your funny how bout no i will do it later
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Happy birthday to you - JEAN MURNIN (6 hours ago)
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Suzanne McDonald
Happy Birthday, Maisie! - Suzanne McDonald (8 hours ago)
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Rᴀᴊᴇɴᴅʀᴀ Rᴀᴜᴛᴇʟᴀ - ᴜᴋ (ɪɴᴅ)
Wish you a very very happy birthday dear.... may this year brings allot of happin - Rᴀᴊᴇɴᴅʀᴀ Rᴀᴜᴛᴇʟᴀ - ᴜᴋ (ɪɴᴅ) (12 hours ago)
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Abhinav Handa
Hey Maisie happy bday dear.... I\'m a huge fan of yours. Seldom do u get great actor - Abhinav Handa (13 hours ago)
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Andrew R Palmer
Happy birthday!!! - Andrew R Palmer (13 hours ago)
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A little bit late but still a very happy birthday to a great actrice - Yori (13 hours ago)
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Kiran Kumar
Belated happy birthday You are an stunning performer of GOT. - Kiran Kumar (13 hours ago)
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no one
happy birthday remember you deserve the best of everything, and i hope you will get all you\'re seeking - no one (15 hours ago)
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Joash Nyambok
My birthday, happy birthday - Joash Nyambok (16 hours ago)
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MaFer Morales
Happy Birthday - MaFer Morales (17 hours ago)
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Diana G Hunt
Happy birthday! - Diana G Hunt (18 hours ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. - Phoebe (18 hours ago)
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carol russell
Happy Happy Birthday - carol russell (19 hours ago)
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marion was @maisiemyqueen
happy birthday - marion was @maisiemyqueen (21 hours ago)
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அஹம் பிரம்மாஸ்மி
Your birthday ? Happy birthday - அஹம் பிரம்மாஸ்மி (1 day ago)
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The New Mutants Rumania
Why Maisie Williams dont spend time together with Sophie Turner? I see when was Sophie Turner Birt - The New Mutants Rumania (1 day ago)
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Shreyas Desai
Being introvert is always best happy birthday in advance I m about 22 days earlier but still I am - Shreyas Desai (5 days ago)
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Angie #FightforWynonna
Seriously? Today? - Angie #FightforWynonna (10 months ago)
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Angie H #FightforWynonna
Seriously? Today? - Angie H #FightforWynonna (10 months ago)
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Achyut gautam (maisie lover)
Happy birthday bae - Achyut gautam (maisie lover) (10 months ago)
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Everyone\'s welcome! Happy birthday - Daisie (10 months ago)
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I\'m hoping we old people get to participate too! Happy 48th birthday to me. - alexcinemagirl (10 months ago)
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Ez Kiel
Sophie Turner on Instagram: Happy Birthday Maisie Williams - Ez Kiel (10 months ago)
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garden of eve book
Sorry I\'m late! Happy birthday you wonderful human being! - garden of eve book (10 months ago)
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I m just trying to get to message me happy birthday. That s it. - Wig (10 months ago)
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coochie police
wished me a happy birthday, sit down peasant - coochie police (10 months ago)
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wished me a happy birthday, sit down peasant - KJ (10 months ago)
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Robert E Yeet
wished me a happy birthday, sit down peasant - Robert E Yeet (10 months ago)
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elvis oko sowah
Belated happy birthday - elvis oko sowah (11 months ago)
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Chowkidar Himanshu RAJ
Happy birthday WHITE KING is here to bring back winter and long night to winterfell - Chowkidar Himanshu RAJ (11 months ago)
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Absolutely Preserves
Happy Birthday via the amazing - Absolutely Preserves (11 months ago)
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Luis Mora
Can I get a happy b day from lady bad ass of game of thrones... today is my bday :D still hyped from Sunday s episode - Luis Mora (11 months ago)
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Thanks man! Happy birthday! - mark (11 months ago)
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nunya damn biz
Happy birthday and yes ARIES rule! - nunya damn biz (11 months ago)
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Paul Arthurs
It\'s a sad day indeed. I watched it for hours. In shock and disbelief. Aslo happy belated birthday - Paul Arthurs (11 months ago)
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ragil susanti
Happy birthday Aries. I am scream because very happy and surprised in every scene you played - ragil susanti (11 months ago)
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Happy birthday and THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK!!!! - jaded (11 months ago)
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Eric Cassidy
happy bday brother - Eric Cassidy (11 months ago)
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David George Coppock
Happy birthday for 14 days ago Maisie. Only 22 years old, wow!! - David George Coppock (11 months ago)
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I turned 22 as well 04/11 happy birthday, Ariesan - *ESHAAA* (11 months ago)
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vittoria bucci
Happy birthday!! But... I\'ve just read a spoiler!! I should rush watching the last - vittoria bucci (11 months ago)
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happy birthday tony ! ilysm - christy (11 months ago)
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DialgonONE saw Endgame x2
Happy birthday and also yeah what a moment - DialgonONE saw Endgame x2 (11 months ago)
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ron f.
Nice! And happy birthday! - ron f. (11 months ago)
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Don\'t Spoil Detective Pikachu
Nice! And happy birthday! - Don\'t Spoil Detective Pikachu (11 months ago)
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ron f. (number 1 wiseau stan)
Nice! And happy birthday! - ron f. (number 1 wiseau stan) (11 months ago)
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arya fucking stark is a queen
Nice! And happy birthday! - arya fucking stark is a queen (11 months ago)
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Raely Ferreira
Happy Birthday but don\'t spoil I\'m watching it right now - Raely Ferreira (11 months ago)
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Happy birthday careful anout yourself and i wish all good things for you. - Mohamadf (11 months ago)
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Aaron J.
Happy Belated Birthday! - Aaron J. (11 months ago)

22 years old (Born on April 15, 1997)

British actor; She is famous from Arya Stark on Game of Thrones.

Maisie Williams's Best Moments

Happy birthday Ashildr aka the Knightmare aka Lady Me aka Mayor Me aka
Happy birthday to our favorite adorable Scottish hacker,
Happy birthday to Maisie Williams, who turns 20 today!
Happy birthday to the fabulous the fearless in
A girl is another year wiser. Happy birthday,
And happy birthday
Happy 21st birthday to maisie williams!
Happy Birthday to Maisie Williams aka Ashildr, daughter of Einarr
Happy 20th birthday maisie williams!!
Happy birthday to this beautiful, talented, adorable lady, - hope you have a great day!
Happy 20th Birthday, Maisie Williams!
 No one is born evil, it s just the choices they make. Happy 21st birthday to the young prodigy
Happy birthday !
Happy birthday Maisie Williams A girl better live
BIRTHDAY TWINS  Happy birthday to the incredibly talented and beautiful and
Happy birthday All X-Fans love u.
Happy Birthday to Who? - 15th April: Maisie Williams
Happy birthday Maisie Williams! 10 pics of her friendship with Sophie Turner
Happy Birthday to Maisie Williams, she turns 21 today
Happy Birthday
It is officially the 15th of April here and I would like to wish Maisie Williams a very happy birthday
Happy Birthday
Nymeria and her siblings know whose birthday it is today. Happy Birthday, m\lady!
Happy birthday to
Happy 20th Birthday!! Maisie Williams
Happy 20th birthday, Maisie Williams!
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to me and the GOAT Ur my hero. Pls don\t die
Happy Birthday to the wonderful   have a good day!
Happy birthday maisie. love you lots.
Happy Birthday Maisie Williams
¡¡ Happy birthday to !!
Happy Birthday Named my wee 4-legged furry grrrrl after Arya
Happy 22nd birthday, maisie williams
 | Happy birthday,
Happy birthday to the one and a-Maisie-ing . She is the Queen !
Happy Birthday Maisie Williams aka
Happy birthday,
Happy birthday
  I love you + happy birthday Pedro
Happy 21st birthday Maisie Williams.
Happy birthday to this talented pretty legend miss maisie williams
                               (         ) . 
Happy birthday
 | Happy Birthday I hope you a wonderful day
  Maisie Williams 
Happy Birthday Sexy
Birthday Wishes to Emma Thompson, Maisie Williams, Emma Watson and Luke Evans. Happy Birthday y\all..
Happy birthday, (Photographed by
Happy birthday Maisie Williams!
Happy 22nd birthday we hope you have a good day as you deserve it!
Happy birthday Lady Stark. Mah queen since episode 1.
Happy Birthday to the mysterious hybrid immortal herself, Have a fantastic day!
Happy Birthday Sis.
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Eliza Doolittle, Tom Heaton, Matt Cardle & James Foster
Damn Arya 20?! A girl has a birthday Happy 20th birthday, Maisie Williams!
Happy birthday, maisie williams.
Happy Birthday to my fav
   Happy birthday to Me!
¡Happy birthday Maisie Williams!
¡Feliz cumpleaños Maisie Williams!
A very happy 21st birthday to Maisie Williams!
 Happy Birthday. Maisie keeps winning
Wish u all the best nd more birthdays to come ..
Happy birthday
Happy birthday   i hope you have an amazing day and i hope you ll have many gifts
Happy birthday, I love you and have a great day!
Happy birthday
How lucky am I that I get to honor two queens in one day?? Happy Birthday and
Happy Birthday to Maisie Williams
   Happy Birthday
 My happy birthday,in 13 April, Cool is my birthday next to a good actress. YOU SUPER!
Happy Birthday . The Watch begins.
Happy Birthday April 15 squad.
Happy Birthday to the itty bitty wonder Maisie Williams!
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday Arya she is
Happy birthday I hope you have a great day. Let s hope Arya doesn t die
Happy Birthday to my girl with no name!!!
From annoying girl to the most dangerous assasin in westeros, happy birthday
  Happy Birthday
Happy birthday  P.S. Ma dad is forcing me to sleep 1:15am IST
Happy birthday , you amazing and inspirational lil bean, ily
Happy birthday ! Enjoy your day and celebrate it with
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday
                     Happy Birthday!!
Happy birthday !!! Wishing you a great year and sending you loads of love from Spain!!!
Happy Birthday Maisie Williams!
And finally, Happy Birthday
Happy 20th Birthday to star !
Happy birthday,
Happy 20th birthday to my favorite dork, I hope you have an amazing day. ily wifey
Happy birthday
Happy birthday my love
A girl is 20 years old. Happy birthday Maisie Williams
Wishing a very happy and blessed 20th Birthday!
Happy Birthday x
Happy Birthday !!
Happy birthday to   ,Have a fantastic day
  Happy birthday
Happy birthday ! I love you with all my heart! You\re a wonderful role model! Have an amazing day!
Happy 20th Birthday,
Happy birthday to
Happy birthday my princess
Happy Birthday Maisie Williams ! Hope u have a great day! Btw I love u in GoT
Happy birthday, !!!! We plan on marathoning in celebration!
Happy Birthday Maisie Williams
 Happy Birthday Maisie!! I love you Queen
 Just want to wish you a very Happy Birthday, Maisie! All the best...
 Happy 20th Birthday have a awesome 20th birthday
Happy birthday
Happy bday Greetings from Ecuador.
Happy happy 20th birthday !!!!!!
Yes, A girl has name. Happy Birthday Arya Stark....!!!
 Happy Belated Birthday
 Happy birthday
Happy 21st Birthday
It\s officially maisies birthday here yay happy birthday goddess
Happy birthday Maisie Love you am addicted
Happy Birthday
  Happy Birthday and have a Great year ahead
 Happy birthday   I lov u so much maisie all my best wishes 4 u
  Happy Birthday Maisie Williams
Happy birthday to this cutie pie
Happy birthday sweetheart
Happy Birthday
 You\re stupid ...  Happy birthday ...
Happy Bday
 Well hey, happy birthday! (& on the off-chance you read this, thanks for all your hard work!)
 Happy birthday Maisie
  Happy birthday
Happy 21st birthday  hope you have a great one, love you.
 Happy Birthday!!!!!
Happy bday to the cutest person on earth!!! hope u have the greatest day
Happy 21st Name day
Happy birthday hope you have a great day
Happy Birthday to no one.
 19? Why is it 21? Also happy birthday!!
No one is celebrating a birthday today. Happy birthday,
Happy bday maisie williams (favorite actress tbh)
 Happy Birthday Maisie!
 Feliz Cumpleaños/Happy Birthday
Happy birthday !
 Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday, Maisie Williams!
Remessageed Doctor Who Official ( Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday Maisie !! Have fun today
Happy birthday
Happy birthday, sister :)
Arya Stark
No one

Happy birthday Maisie Williams
Happy 21st Birthday to Maisie Williams! The voice of Goona in Early Man.
 Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday to me and my birthday Squad.
Happy 21st Birthday to Maisie Williams!
 happy birthday
 Happy birthday babee
 Happy birthday! Have a great one! I love you
 Happy birthday Maisie
Happy 21st birthday, Maisie Williams!
Happy Birthday Maisie Williams
Happy 21st birthday Maisie Williams!!
 Happy 21st Birthday!
Happy birthday luv!
 Happy birthday to Noone
 wird heute 21. Happy birthday!
 Happy birthday!!!
Happy birthday
 happy birthday! Let\s grab a drink soon lol.
Happy Birthday Maisie Williams!
 Happy Birthday
Happy birthday !!!!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday ! You\re a badass on and off the screen! Sending you loads of love, you rock
Happy Birthday to
 Boy wishes faceless girl a very happy birthday ! Big fan of yours
 Happy Birthday No-one , this is a collection of mask for you from my country, Ecuador, Ly
Do um günün kutlu olsun Maisie Williams. Happy Birthday!
The girl\s name is Arya Stark of Winterfell. My best character in Happy birthday
  I wish you a very happy birthday, Miss !!!
Happy Birthday
April 15: Happy 22nd birthday to actress Maisie Williams(\"Game Of Thrones\")
Happy birthday to my sweet heart and badass aka AryaStark aka NoOne
 you\re probably still 21 where you are but, happy birthday!! We love you
 Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to the one Stark that actually matters
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to the goat
Happy Birthday, Maisie Williams 24FUN
 Happy Birthday
Happy birthday !! I hope you have a great day !!
Happy Birthday Maisie Williams
Happy Birthday
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